F1 2020 - out NOW on PS4, Xbox One, PC \u0026 Google Stadia. Official F1 game. ESRB: E for Everyone

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  1. Satvik Krishna

    It's gonna be helpful for real Racing 3 because it also has the same

    1. Satvik Krishna

      @GP_N_Memes TRlocal agree with ya

    2. GP_N_Memes Youtube

      won’t be the same due to the different handling models

  2. Shaqattack29

    Where’s f1 2013 guy?

  3. Stijn Nijhof

    Why has the intro been cut out?

  4. Lee Hae Soo

    codemaster can u add damage and pitstop system at f1 racing android i rlly appreciate it if u add damage system and pitstop system to f1 racing android

  5. adam harcup

    When will F1 2021 come out ?

  6. nydilakinz p2000

    Imagine this track + light rain

  7. Jordan Melton

    Worst track on the calendar, looks more like a parking lot

  8. Yuvraj Singh

    These guides are really helping me

  9. Arav Jain

    Where can i find this music?

  10. mfgIcarlos

    Please add a racing line without tips on braking. Just a white line. (like in GrandPrix 1,2,3,4)

  11. blanton69

    The AI in the rain don't run this track well .. seen Hamilton wreck out the entire front field in the rain in the game .. so I don't like the rain but here I don't mind it as I usually get a podium.. but yes this is a good general way to run this track .. but I still screw up 5-6-7.. all the darn time

  12. Ben Stych

    This is not the way i do the french track ;)

  13. BlackSky 37

    Even though the real life counterpart fails to give us good races, in game this track is so nice to drive in.

  14. Racengineer Live Streams

    This comes during the fact that there is a Weekly event at France. huh. cool but paul ricard is dead so it is nice

  15. OJDK

    underrated track!!

  16. Fast Lap Games

    Nice... Perfect

  17. Мартин Стефанов

    Where is trailer for f1 2021

    1. Abdul Muhaimin

      Just wait until June or July announcement

    2. Zaine Patel

      @Мартин Стефанов This isn't fifa where the game is released before the year the 2021 season hasn't started so why would they release the game now

    3. Мартин Стефанов

      @Zaine Patel what

    4. Zaine Patel

      this isn't fifa

    5. Sil Bakker

      That will take at least until the end of march/start of april

  18. A.David

    Even them missed some purple corners haha nice lap!!

    1. Tristan van Heest

      Its actually very difficult to get purple on some corners.

  19. Adam

    I dont like This track so much

  20. Michael casey Playz

    BTW love your game

  21. Middle Finger Hin

    Race guide: Forget there is no racing

  22. Michael casey Playz

    Thank you I am learning this track

  23. Kln Wg

    On sale at fanatical now for like $5 for a limited time guys.

  24. Raghavendra Padmanabha Rao

    C'mon James c'mon bottas let's goooooo 😂

  25. リhir

    This course is more difficult than Monaco

  26. mfgIcarlos

    the practice programs should be possible in online training sessions

  27. Dangraal

    Yeah yeah, I wont play it, i dont have money to get it, why it isn't free? F1 have many fans. Does somebody know how to get it for free on ps4??

  28. Omar Abbas

    Better start on doing the F1 2021 game

  29. Taylor Yeah that's it

    Idea Lauda and Hunt

  30. Danang R

    This game looks like Assetto Corsa

  31. RedlineShadow29

    One question. We can choose any circuit in the demo or we only have Melbourne???

  32. haha

    Are there also mobile tournaments or only ps4

  33. Jordan Melton

    Would be an interesting race if it ever happens

  34. Dev Akyuz

    There's nothing nice about this track. Turns2/3, 8 and the 13+ complex; all horrible. Good riddance.

  35. blanton69

    I'm not incredibly find of this track .. the hairpin I can not get any fluidity in brake on throttle and exit .. sector 3 .. Ho Chi Minh grandma passed me carrying a rickshaw loaded with old iron

  36. AFRO DOG

    Does anyone know how to improve on a controller without a wheel I’m already on manual gears and medium traction control But I still have a racing line

  37. Seshvir Seodutt

    Please patch the Ai around here they are to fast for the final few corners

  38. Sl0wITツ

    codemasters please we have demo please 1 season in my team PLEASEE 🤞

  39. George Russell Fan 63

    Codemasters I'm so annoyed with the glitch I just had at monza I was winning the whole race final corner I go over the part imbertween the track and pitlane bit on the right and cross the line to be told I finished p19 a lap down can you please fix this as this has cost me 26 points and It has also cost my team (red bull) 26 points in our fight to beat mercedes i have just been robbed so badly of a win and I hate it

  40. Amber Cilan

    Man I can't wait to watch this race live! Oh wait...

  41. Pete Villager

    Australia GP was postponed i hope will be in the 2021 game :)

  42. Akshith Pillari

    Yo wtf *******************

  43. F1Adam8

    thankfully i won't have to drive this track on F1 2021

  44. JustinsWorld4U

    Am I the only one that actually enjoys racing this track? xd

    1. リhir


    2. Big C


    3. Polish Motorsport


  45. KaironFXI

    In every corner they used to less curbs and it makes me very uncomfortable

  46. Aa aaa

    literally the worst track imo, will be never in my season list

  47. Antonio Nisidi

    This track is the worst ever, fortunatelly it will never be part of f1.

  48. Dont Bother

    Don’t let EA take you!

  49. OperationFoxley19441

    The AI is OP on this track.

  50. Gordonk

    Crap track

  51. TAXISTA F1 G27

    The best

  52. Jimmy James

    Nice video team, would have liked this at launch, considering it is a new track to the game lol. Nevertheless, better late than never!

    1. Jimmy James

      @Gordonk all good mate. It's probably a deal to have the early access peeps do that while they crack on with updates / bugs. Still would like to see developers promote their game more at launch though

    2. Gordonk

      @Jimmy James Ah, the video, sorry for the misunderstanding

    3. Jimmy James

      @Gordonk this video champion

    4. Gordonk

      Uhh it was in the game at launch

  53. Felice Battello Casillo

    The worst track ever !

  54. Ling Endrawati


  55. szewei85

    Haha the first track ever in game that does not exist in real life deng yo. Even more shame than Buddh and the Korean circuit.

  56. Raphael Lippi

    The ai has perfect throtle control on turn 3, it makes overtake nearly impossible on the next straight.

  57. Kiwi_91

    my Vietnam track guide: quit the game and do another track instead

  58. AS19

    I really really like the track, don’t get why it’s received so much hate

  59. Astro Sleep

    At 0:48 I brake later and take a lot more kerb thus gaining a fair few tenths

  60. Pete Villager

    Vietnam grand prix was dropped from 2021 Formula one season but still not have replacement :(

  61. Panda 007

    I can't wait for next year because of jeddah street circuit

    1. Panda 007

      @Sbinotto07 just watch formula e

    2. Panda 007

      @Sbinotto07 i don't think so

    3. Sbinotto07

      it will be boring

    4. عبدالله 3X

      Im too 😁

  62. Senior Dipshitter

    Question is: Why did you make a guide on a track that F1 wont even race on xd

    1. Bram Beekes

      I know it a joke but I am to serious. He was original on the calander but because the covid-19 it was canceled and sector 3 is one of the hardest sectors in the game

  63. Christ -Valdwin-

    Shame F1 will never drive at this circuit with everything going on, but even then I feel like the race would be boring with the tightness of the circuit and barely any places to overtake as most of the circuit is tight and the flow of driving is broken with tight cornering and close walls

    1. Random Guy37

      At least it would've had that long straight. And Baku factor. Basically it would've most likely been chaos with long straights and tight corners.

  64. Demetre Jincharadze

    Cheers Codemasters for you’re content and great games =3

  65. Mj 701

    This track is so bad...

    1. Mr Storm

      I enjoy it so much, the racing is fantastic

  66. Notux

    Thanks for these videos! They’re really helpful.

  67. zmugen


  68. Mareli1983

    Scum community and poorest sanction system of racing, sorry if I confused you with word racing, trash who play this game don't understand concept of racing and what racing means (yes trash, this is for you, little explanation, but I know, moron like you wouldn't understand anyway), and those who made the game seems to struggle with that concept to, penalty for those who got rear ended flying across the track while rammer get position free, customer service is way to awesome to contact, a lot of fun, same like sending email to the brick wall 👍👌🙌

  69. Lepiigor TV

    First i think you need fix Some issues like on forum you Say revert drivers to 446.14 , tou need revert also Windows version because its not compatible with thé New and people playing cyberpunk wow etc you cant each Time revert. Second fix thé audio issue.... I bought 4 Codemasters Games and each one has a problem , sincerly and i am Sorry but thé pirates version has 0 issue just not multiplayer. Thé games issues are, grid stuttering audio , liké F1 17,18 , F1 19 ego dumper crash at start, sort rally if youoi fall, all châssis if thé car ils invisible you see 2 idiots sit with 4 wheels. I understand people leaving to Forza games....me to.

  70. sz.attila

    Is that really Litifi's Williams?! If so, he'd just dream about a lap like this. 😁

  71. Hunter Cihal

    Super fun and flowing track



  73. Tristan van Heest

    We say no to EA. Dont let EA take codemasters !

    1. Anto Ruiz

      It's not gonna be as bad as you think

  74. Damos Gaming

    I had my fist and only red flag there in f1 2012 because of rain and a 3 car crash on the start/finish straight Hope you'll bring back red flags and that ea won't mean something bad for the f1 and dirt rally franchise Oh and project cars now that you bought slightlymad

    1. Dont Bother

      Spend £500 to enter Q2

  75. Akshith Pillari

    ******************************* idots code master

  76. DaniMacYo

    One of my personal favourites. I always do well here and I aim to win all the time hehe. Such a great circuit I love it.

  77. Panos GP

    We cant await for EA !!👌👌👌

  78. PlayStation Network

    I’m worried about you, I think EA will end all the excellent progress you’ve made in the game!

    1. Steven Luzifer Belsebub

      You call Spa's Busstop excellent? Are you OK?

    2. Abdul Muhaimin

      Don't said it was leak or rumors

    3. Rodrigo Bedin

      @HUNBenjamin don't doubt EA.

    4. HUNBenjamin

      it can't be worse than it is

  79. Blitzo


  80. Hero Game

    Haha nice! NOW RELEASE F1 2021 BEFORE WE HIT 2022 🔫

    1. Hero Game

      @Tim yeah, they always release it between June

    2. Tim

      have you ever looked at the time, past games were released?