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    We're celebrating F1 2019 with this amazing accolades trailer.
    Buy F1 2019 here: www.formula1game.com
    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    katma Yıl önce


    1. Gael Bass Band

      Pls Codemasters put a Port of F1 2019 or 2020 in Switch pls there is a TRlocalr (gramtech) that has more than 1000 subs because he want F1 in switch and he subbed a video of F1 2020 coming in switch? ( he is doing this since 2017 ) plz Codemasters.

    2. Mo Glo

      When will Andreas Seidl be integrated into the game?

    3. Jorge 1974

      Arreglen el online y ya

    4. franc esco

      as no the best ever !!! but it is the exact same game of 2018, only the grand prix changes at night and the f2 then not even this year but 2018 bah

    5. Adrian Escobedo

      y que onda con el online?? xDDD

    6. Charlie O'Halloran

      dont mind me, just trying to find the english version

    7. Pau Vallespir Mas

      @javift14 ven a ver esto por dios 😂😂😂

      1. Jorge 1974

        Si xD

      2. Adrian Escobedo

        pringao (nota el sarcasmo por favooor xDD)

      3. Ivanuchii