F1 2019 | The Experts' Guide to F2 | RIVALRIES

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    Last month, we gave F1 2019 a free update that adds the full 2019 F2 season. Hear all about the rivalries that dominate the series from those who experienced it the most.
    Dedicated to Anthoine Hubert.
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    1. CosareNL

      F1 Mobile Racing...Wherever…..Whenever….Official F1 game....If you love racing and F1 you will love this game as well...Play it on your Phone...Free to play….Race you laterrrr!!!!!

    2. Simboo05

      Please bring cross play

    3. Chino Hernández

      F2 Cars in F1 mobile racing

    4. GEP Tiozao

      Show upgrade de Ai please.

    5. George Russell fan 63

      My F1 2020 ideas •Red flags •Team Orders in F1 career not just F2


      I wish in the next Formula 1 game we could like after a season choose to stay in Formula 1 or go to F2 or F3. That would be great!

    7. Craft Racer

      Why is the game full of bugs and glitches that you aren’t fixing? Why don’t u listen to the community much? Also nice vid! Plz take intro consideration my comments thanks and cool Halloween stuff

    8. Yakup Turan

      Does anybody know why I can’t change the weather in career mode

      1. Dawood Albekeri

        Yakup Turan you can't change it

    9. Mr ProFire552494


    10. Mr ProFire552494


    11. Ace Hardy


    12. Sir Ski ilYes


    13. Jelwin G

      2:26 de Vries: "Sorry?!"

      1. JianHui Liao

        this was probably was recorded earlier

    14. Max Pfennings

      Rest in peace Anthoine❤

    15. The Slam Slider

      Imagine F1 2020 having F3 and Porsche SuperCup? That would be dope. On the career mode I think we need full seasons on the fedder series before getting into F1 .

      1. Felice Battello Casillo

        Hopefully next year 🤞🤞

      2. A fish out of water

        Or we should at least have a choice between scenarios or a season

      3. Romyone20

        that will be great 🤩

    16. The Zeon5

      R.I.P Anthoine Hubert ❤️

    17. bananajosh

      RIP Anthoine we’ll never forget you

    18. Tyler MacDonald

      RIP Anthoine taking way too soon