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    Earlier than ever before. Rise up against your rivals in F1 2019 - early access Legends Edition OUT NOW!
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    1. Kln Wg

      On sale at fanatical now for like $5 for a limited time guys.

    2. Celene P

      john wolfe

    3. Snake

      0:53 Cem Bölükbaşı 👑🇹🇷

    4. Egemen Racing

      0:53 0:54 Cem Bölükbaşı

    5. Russell Liban

      Im here after f1 2020 trailer dropped

    6. Takina

      Suka The Prodigy!!!!!

    7. Александр Цёлко

      The Prodigy - Light Up the Sky

    8. Original A

      Can i use this in my channel? i will have the link in the description.

    9. Moses Ade

      Can we have sponsers on our helmets

    10. Cameron Gemmell

      Add a Team Director mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like if u agree

      1. Matthew Wood

        Cameron Gemmell they are for f1 2020

    11. Nikiforos Megalakakis

      Sorry but why my race starts is so slow 🤔😤😡 . Amazing work

    12. wakar jaffri

      I just watched the trailer on TRlocal and the add for the trailer played like.......WOW!!!

    13. TheWesKid.

      I play with a playseat ... no grip at all Total difference as with 2018 Senna does not look like Senna at all . And I only can play Senna missions not just normal race ! Cars does not follow the FIA rules But If you don't You'll get a penalty So sorry not worth it ,

    14. blau 13775

      Music title pls

      1. NTC one

        @blau 13775 You're welcome 😂😂

      2. blau 13775

        @NTC one thanks but there was a comment already below wich gave me the answer. Yours faithfully thanks

      3. NTC one

        Light up the sky, I think...

    15. Blou_33

      There is a fault Ferrari on the back tail misses misson winnow fumbles it

    16. Giacomo Gussetti

      Nice "plug" at 0:38 🤣😅

    17. NEOREV

      R.I.P. Keith Flint of The Prodigy

    18. Pacers YT

      It looks soo realistic 🤩

    19. DaniMacYo

      Light Up The Sky Illuminate! When that’s exactly what Codematers did 👍

    20. Zerosku

      VR support??

    21. LOCO

      just like last year... no VR, no buy. I'll just wait for the crack.

    22. Fkez05

      can't wait for tomorrow!!!!!

    23. Robert Thornton

      Now that's how you get someone hyped for a game

    24. Darth Vader

      Yay ur releasing tomarrow

    25. Godzilla

      But why cant I get the Legends edition early even though I pre-ordered it in the US?

    26. Jamie Plays A Gamie

      What time on Friday will the game release and will this be available in my local GAME store on the same day?

    27. Mr Zedi

      2 days to go till f1

    28. TAN

      PS VR ?

    29. Vampy Peanut

      Great job!! Very few bugs so far and was doing quite a few online races: 2019 cars handle beautifully. F2 can use some tweaking but is also very challenging and fun. Amazing work Codies 👏👏👏. Please let us change to colors of the gear though. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee😩

    30. Iain *GBMtv* Gibson

      Looks good, but not worth the price as it is basically F1 2018 with minimal tweaks and an F2 DLC. I've seen bigger/better mods from independent creators.. I don't understand why the historical cars/drivers exist in these games, not interested in nostalgic gaming unless you give us previous tracks and splitscreen multiplayer as well/instead. Not everyone who plays these games is stupid enough to pay AAA prices and then pay again to play online.. Don't get me started on competition points, are you attempting to jump on the EA customer rape bangwagon while it's still legal? You are already copying the likes of Bethesda and releasing unfinished games at full price then taking months/years to fix bugs etc via updates (which not all customers can access). Despite the rant, I will still buy it once the price drops as I have been an F1 fan for 27 years and a gamer for 30 so this ticks both boxes😂 Just do better.


      Can I change the language ?

    32. Delta_Fox

      Career mode is a joke!

    33. Human Being

      expiry date: Jun 25, 2020

    34. Olegovi4

      where mode of virtual reality?

    35. JayBee Smooth

      My ad for this video was an ad on this game 😂

    36. Russ Greeno

      Looking better than ever, my only complaint is that the cars still look glued to the track. Wish there was more visual representation of the constant bumps and movement of a real F1 car. They could do be forgiving from a control point of view, but it would look much more realistic if they could add this.

    37. bart vd valk

      Nobody: TRlocal ads: f1 2019 ad before the trailer 😅

      1. Fkez05

        i got that too XD

    38. Ruptured

      Wheres the mission winnow?

    39. Aidan R

      Directx12 is very buggy hopefully a fix on Friday...

    40. Knight Owl

      Is early access for digital only???

      1. Its Yaboi

        Knight Owl well its not even raket acces its just the release date of the legend edition

      2. Knight Owl

        @Its Yaboi well apparently gamestop isnt doin early access. And is holdin til world release no matter what edition

      3. Its Yaboi

        no you have early acces on the legends edition could be a disc

    41. Miguel Ruiz Martínez

      No Alonso, no game

      1. GreekGamer Obiora

        Renault 2005-6

    42. Poyraz

      Cem Bölükbasi fan was here

    43. FireStormHR

      This is the best game trailer I habe seen in 15 years. Not because it is looking cool or whatever, but because it mentions all the new features (something nobody does anymore because it must look cool) and does only show in game footage

    44. Emir Alp Arpacıoğulları

      i buy OWO

    45. Simone Minini


    46. Jonathan Jansen

      Why is the Ferrari 2002 car removed?

      1. Jonathan Jansen

        @meloce. yeah

      2. meloce.

        Its removed?

    47. A random muffin

      3rd trailer this must be a good game :D

    48. Tomcat4888

      Already got the game

    49. NGWT

      I don't want to blame you dear Codemasters team, but did the Guy in the Song just say "I'm cumming" 0:18

      1. Bellox

        well its the prodigy...

      2. Tonycristohawk TV

        He says: I'm coming Jesus Christ guys

      3. Rosevelt

        Almost, it's *They're coming 🎵 The Prodigy - Light Up the Sky

      4. Mr Guest

        ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      5. Galactic_Nerd-sk

        'I'm coming in' I believe. Wait, what about 'Cumming in' 🤔

    50. Jukka Päiviö

      I can't wait to perform some of that Maldonado magic on Devon Butler

      1. Tofuboi 86

        Jukka Päiviö F Devon

    51. dylanward316

      Does this game have split screen

      1. Lost Boy

        @dylanward316 no problem

      2. dylanward316


      3. Lost Boy


    52. Tehnub33

      R.I.P. Keith Flint

    53. FXXF 1359

      Take my money , now!

    54. Denallo

      - how many trailers do you need for F1 2019 ? Codemasters : "yes"

      1. samir 777


    55. Leon _2

      it comes out on my birthday 😂 what a nice present

      1. Tomás Silva

        It comes out 4 days before my birthday, so it's safe to say I'll get a nice present.

    56. Igor Kmn

      VR compatible?

    57. fdias vieira

      This Senna is ridiculous. Is not him! We want VR Mode!

    58. Rauph Lemos

      I play formula 1 only in physical media! I'm waiting for him to arrive at the store where I ordered here in Brazil! I hope it does not take long!

    59. Zielony

      Xbox controller should be enough for play this game on PC? Wheel is recommended, but I don't have space on my desk for it. 😒

      1. Michael Rose

        I’d definitely recommend a wheel though, if it’s just casual then sure but driving with a wheel feels so rewarding

    60. AllroundSimRacer

      Cant wait to race against 97% of assist drivers online 😂

    61. Aidan Kreltszheim

      Rumour has it that the stewards are giving this a 5 second penalty because they misunderstood early release

    62. v tec

      Can we use motion control with dual shock 4?

    63. idiotic crusader

      Codemasters finally put Vettel on 2nd place cause he still got that 5 second time penalty

    64. Rinaldi Gunawan

      I wish you can play split screen tho I don’t want to do online 😔😔☹️☹️

    65. Kağan SÜLEYMANOĞLU

      I saw Cem Bölükbaşı 🇹🇷 😅😅

    66. ContendedRacer5

      f1 2019, the game where you can have races more exciting than the 2019 season

      1. Explo2224

        Germany grand prix: Hold my beer...

    67. Jackson G

      Song Plz

    68. AndrewDoesNothing


    69. Jeffery Lentz

      I hope this music will be the intro

    70. Hugo Correia

      Lol. I have gone to a store to buy it.,i picked the game to pay then the workers said the game was not active already. He tell me to give my number for calling me to get the game today or tomorrow.

    71. mev202

      Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, oh why not have another cut scene. Way to hard to watch this clip.

    72. matze

      When will the release the patch?

    73. FætterGuf

      If it just woulnd't crash every 30 minutes :)

      1. FætterGuf

        @Cuauhti i did and it worked

      2. Cuauhti

        @FætterGuf Try dx 11

      3. FætterGuf

        @Robert Godlewski A beast of an PC

      4. Robert Godlewski

        What system are you playing on?

    74. Pandof

      I legit started playing the game yesterday

    75. Nibz

      Okay okay! Who is going to pre order this🙋‍♂️

    76. Benedek Buda


    77. nemon lud

      They are proud of only changing a few things and releasing it a way to early.

    78. Luke Webber

      F1 2019 game the legends edition is out 3 days earlier than the anniversary edition.The legends edition is out today

    79. RealLonelyGuy

      Can i play the classic cars in anniversary edition...

      1. Ahmad Danish Aqeef

        Haris Khan oh yeah right ....

      2. Ahmad Danish Aqeef

        of course

      3. Haris Khan

        Yes but not the senna and Prost cars :)

    80. Deniz

      We need crossplay. PLEASE I BEG YOU

    81. Dorben

      The Ferrarri looks stupid without his livery...

      1. Buzz

        Not Codemasters' fault.

      2. LimeCake

        Jordan Steinert oh well

    82. Dorben

      Why is there no SF90 or MissionWinnow livery fir Ferrari?

      1. Amnz Ash

        Because they have a missionspinnow in their driver overall this year?

      2. Buzz

        @Chris Drew That's right. And for the other one "90th Ferrari" it's due to Ferrari. Car manufacturer tell them how to design the livery. Fun fact: In the application menu on PS4 and also in the main menu I think you see a Ferrari with the 90th Anniversary livery.

      3. Chris Drew

        MissionWinnow is associated with tobbaco mainly, same company that owns Marlboro, Ferrari can't even use it IRL in every country, didn't used that in France now for example, soo I think in game it's just unavailable because of this

      4. Ahmad Danish Aqeef

        Jordan Steinert There is no missionwinnow because it’s tobacco related There is no SF90 for no reason,IDK why they didn’t do it lol

    83. Yさん

      japan version ???

    84. Gijs

      This looks totally unrealistic, way to much action compared to real f1

      1. Galactic_Nerd-sk

        @ZACK THE NOOB I am and agree

      2. ZACK THE NOOB

        @KIA-Orange i am a Lewis fan to but it's getting boring

      3. KIA-Orange

        Im finding this season great so far.(admitedly im a lewis fan)

      4. Ítalo Grimaldi

        I thought the same. The game may be cooler than real F1. This season is a disgrace.

      5. ZACK THE NOOB


    85. Ollie Waite

      Got it

    86. ヘリオスドーム


    87. SPR: Single Player Racing

      Going to have to wait until next weekend to play my pre-ordered Legends Edition when I'm back from holiday, but can't wait, F1 2018 was a fantastic game and with the inclusion of F2 this year, you guys really seem to have knocked it out of the park once again, all the best!

    88. Eymen Aslan

      cem 0:53 de gençler

    89. ACEECARI

      I can't wait for more daniil kvyat crashes wooohooooo

    90. Donovan

      Do you need to buy legends edition to play with senna and prost?

      1. Eminem


      2. Jonah_Veck

        ShadowFreaker14 idk but if you buy legends edition online you can play it now

    91. Tanush Guha

      What's the music?

      1. Eminem

        The Prodigy - Light Up The Sky

    92. Rafał Łukaszewski

      Let us change the engine in multi..

    93. FMZak

      I got the legends edition on preorder about a month ago. Just need to survive today at school and I’m jumping into the game.

      1. Buzz

        @Its Yaboi Correct but I saw a huge divebomb from Albon in my second F1 career race. That looked so cool.

      2. Its Yaboi

        @Dardox Music i played it today aswell, its way better then 2018. The AI are really challenging and you can'y just divebomb 5/6 cars on the first lap, at least on high AI level( I played on 99 today). and the gameplay has improved imo

      3. Nihal M

        Tell us how it goes

    94. Jerry 11o8

      That dislike is from devon butler

    95. bax miaggi

      Could’ve at least had a different song for this trailer

    96. Pewdiepie Sucks

      Devon Butler >>> Lewis Hamilton

    97. Adam Thompson

      I still don’t understand how each year, GETS SOOOO BETTER, how codemasters lol, anyway I have Xbox one version for X and downloading update while I was at gym, hoping finished I can’t wait. Amazing job team :)

    98. Brendon Becka

      Fantasticcc 😍😍😍

    99. paige barella

      there's also driver transfers in career mode, not just the f2 characters devon and lukas but every driver

      1. Ricey

        I just played f1 and ricciardo is in racing point Sainz and räikkonen is in williams but williams is in 5th car perfomance

      2. Frestea Apel

        Fckin finally

      3. Ricey

        Verstapoen and albon in red bull

      4. Josher997

        I know right? Imagine seeing someone like Hamilton at Williams lol

    100. kasimier kars

      This trailer shud been droped 6 weeks ago to show of the game

      1. Mr cool Man

        This is the third trailer you idiot