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    It's here, and earlier than ever before - F1 2019 is OUT NOW!
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    1. Gaetano Branciforti

      The game is amazing, but jeff has to smarten up!!!! He sucks as ur engineer, hes basically non existent...please next year, make him smarter so its more realistic

    2. Luca Heckwolf

      Please bring out the Formula E

    3. Kakashi

      I have it and its the best

    4. David Young

      Really enjoyed it one of the best F1 games ever codemaster please let F1 2013 be backwards compatible on Xbox One


      Well I wish Ben's brakepedal was calibrated so that he could experience this awesome game

    6. Menzo

      This year everything is good the game the trailer and the trailer song

    7. Gwehona Makindu

      The new pit stop on paul ricard is not there

      1. Billy Jov

        They will release a patch which fixes that

    8. Basses Mehdi

      I hate this music ! Bring some cool musics rap rock dance funk ! But the GAME IS ON FIIIIREEE !!!

    9. xLimit 230

      I was about to buy it today but went for another game instead.

      1. Ettore

        @andy lai why tho

      2. Ettore


      3. Jakub Krajewski

        What were you thinking

    10. Thunder DragonGT

      Please fix the engine sounds. They are too low. And a bit of looping too. Everything is fine apart from that. I paid awful amount of money on this and I just don't feel the realism in terms of audio perspective. Even 2018 sounds were better. Especially Ferrari engines.

      1. KurisuTina_46

        icecreamsandwich well I got 2018, and just got 2019, and I agree, the whole 2018 engine pitch was better in that ga,me

      2. icecreamsandwich

        when was the last time you watched F1? 2008?

    11. Mobius headHunter

      ебаная бука

    12. BKV

      I got it 😏

    13. Epicon 6

      It’s funny that amost everyone plays the game from the viewpoint of sitting on top of the F1 car. Or even better flying behind it. It does make it easier to hit the kerb but i just find it embarassing. I have only ever played racing games from the helmet view starting with Aerton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II on the Mega Drive

      1. Kreye ACC

        To be honest I think that the cockpit view should be mandatory for the bigger leagues and for sure for e-sports.

      2. sam

        Wow aren't u a special little boy

      3. Sky Zii

        @Epicon 6 no,most players are hardcore players,f1 isnt a sport for casuals

      4. Zireael

        I use the shoulder cam, I can see the helmet, steering wheel and the track. It's the best suitable for my needs.

      5. Epicon 6

        Sky Zii Most players are casuals so it makes sense.

    14. idiotic crusader

      Who needs 2019 when I can still use mods on 2018?

      1. idiotic crusader

        I don't really care about f2 that much I'm still getting f1 2019 too

      2. Jacob CT

        ZiriteX you need 2019 for f2 cars and a better experience

    15. skdkskdj skjdjsd

      Game copying is so fcking loooooong

    16. Alan Walshe

      Best F1 game ever. Is it perfect? No but neither were the other bests F1 Career Challenge and F1 Championship Edition but They were still great fun and so is F1 2019 which has driver transfers which is a game changer :) PS: Super Monaco GP is still my all time favourite for the moment but loving F1 2019 so far :)

      1. Alan Walshe

        @andy lai Yeah its not even close. On the surface it might seem that way but that isn't the case at all. Like I can't speak for the online part though that seems much improved with whole sections dedicated to just the online and e-sports stuff. Like just all the customisation elements make huge differences to people. Single player wise everything just feels a lot better as far as racing goes, and the fact that the game has Driver Transfers is huge and cannot be understated. It is a complete game changer. Also there is the full 2018 F2 Season with the full 2019 F2 season coming later for free and yeah this game is much better than 2018.

      2. Alan Walshe

        @andy lai Yeah not all games need VR Support plus those that have it don't cost extra because of it. The game is well worth the price, There is more content than ever plus one can always wait for the price to drop before they buy it. Hell I bought the legends Edition just to get the game early and I have no regrets, the game is awesome :)


      When is it released in India

    18. NooitThomas


    19. Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9

      Getting the game today it’ll be hot

    20. Vekz • JJ

      Why it is not for Asia

    21. Madlek13

      I won't buy it until they patch Ferrari's and Williams' performance

      1. Mj

        @Dauntless look up f1 2019 day one update. Seen someone got replied too on Twitter

      2. JubJub


      3. DedStriker

        Also Gasly's performance

      4. Dauntless

        Michael Decker how delayed exactly cuz it’ll just waiting now at this point

      5. Mj

        But they also said it will be Delayed

    22. theGenericEric

      Game is still broken... Ben’s brake is still not working

      1. Victor Nag


    23. FrezZyK1nG

      come on release the patch

    24. Rey Adam


    25. amaan

      Yayyyyy finally

    26. Julian Brouwer