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    Earlier than ever before. Rise up against your rivals in F1 2019 - early access Legends Edition OUT NOW!
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    1. Rob James Blockley

      Anyone else realise that the trailer in the game when you load the game up that the Mercedes has a different nose? Looks more like the ferrari nose on it 🤔

    2. Rosen Dimitrov

      New classic!

    3. Jensen Anderson

      So they listened to the fans an put F2 and other improvements in and we love it. Wish EA would do that with NHL and Be a Pro

    4. zheng kuyf

      Iedereen wilt die game.

    5. terrible1fi

      Such a big leap forward. This years version is head and shoulders above last years version and is a must buy for any f1 or racing fan

    6. LOCO

      just like last year... no VR, no buy. I'll just wait for the crack.

    7. LOCO

      just like last year... no VR, no buy. I'll just wait for the crack.

    8. gorNegatiF

      I wonder how feedback feels comparing to rf2 for example, few years ago codemasters f1 feedback was empty as my head, is it still same?

    9. CurtisBooksMusic

      Now with F2 cut scenes. Senna and Prost but no classic circuits. Pay to customise your car!

    10. gbudisp


    11. ZZBossGaming

      Why is the hard version of the legends edition coming out on the 28th in the US and Canada? I payed the extra for the early access. Smh

      1. Average Hummer

        @ZZBossGaming I could, but I think I'll just stick it out for now

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Average Hummer hmmm, can u cancel ur order? If u could u should

      3. Average Hummer

        @ZZBossGaming I was hoping to get the steelbook from Gamestop, but it seems like I wont. I pre-ordered F1 2018 from them and didn't get it. So, who knows.

      4. Average Hummer

        @ZZBossGaming I didn't order mine on Amazon, I pre-ordered it at gamestop just because I wanted the steelbook, but I'm just gonna keep it for the case.

      5. ZZBossGaming

        Average Hummer yea, it’s just ridiculous. I cancelled my amazon order and bought it on Xbox. They’re both $69.99 and I get to play it today because it’s a digital copy. I recommend u do the same before amazon ships the order.

    12. Mike Danielz

      I bought the anniversary edition then i bought the DLC for legends.. Does that mean i cant play today?

      1. Remi Rms

        No it does not include.the legend pack and you only get to play the game on the 28th

    13. LeRoi

      F1 2017 was good... F1 2018 was amazing... F1 2019 is a masterpiece! - it just feels so awesome to drive the cars, great job, I did not expect such good quality *-*

    14. Aloter

      Next step : old tracks

      1. Rob James Blockley

        The could add adds and more cards as dlc if the wanted too

      2. Jensen Anderson

        Next step F3 and F4

      3. FrezZyK1nG

        @CurtisBooksMusic every year the game is $60

      4. CurtisBooksMusic

        I guess $60 wasn't enough to give us classic tracks. /s

    15. Snake Gaming Fr

      Cant wait to come home for play

    16. Random Guy37

      Earliest ever release, but after playing it for some time I haven't run across a single bug or glitch

      1. Die Gaming Bros

        Only that Dx12 seams broken on PC any only runs on the newest Nvidia GPUs (2000 series) seams fine so far must confirm

      2. AngryGamerVN

        Keep playing it and report back in a month.

    17. Silvan Jordens

      I was just able to play it and its amazing!!

    18. Togan döngör

      Cemi arayanlar hemen şurayı alayim sizi 0:53 :D

    19. aPx-

      Good trailer I ordered the legends edition but it doesn't come till tomorrow😠

    20. Toyeeta Prius

      Everywhere i go. I heard this song

      1. domxa

        SCPFLAGS song?

    21. William Rodwell