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    Renault F1 Team's Daniel Ricciardo takes us on a lap of the Circuit Paul Ricard in F1 2019.
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    1. KirstenS.

      Can someone please tell me what “flat out” means?

    2. Iceman

      “Then you’ve got this straight that kinda isn’t straight” Daniel Ricciardo

    3. Sindhu Sojan

      No wonder he felt tired

    4. 2704obiwan

      The most boring race track. I fell asleep last year.

    5. McDonald’s chicken nugget

      Imagine if they did the whole f1 season on this game due to the corona virus 😂

    6. SydneyPhotography2019

      “Aw drift city, get it girl” 😂

    7. Fabio Contier

      Codemaster F1 is expensive, it is full of errors and the company does not fix anything, enters the forum and nobody serves you. bad company. To get the rights to Formula 1, it would have to be a big company, not a mobile gaming company. F1 2019 I regret buying it.

    8. Justin M.

      Sometimes I wish the F1 drivers an Online Esports series (with the F1 games) for the winter break 😜😜

    9. Nathan Forrest

      Is this the only camera view?

    10. Kim Jen Zo

      Nobody: Ricciardo: the long straight kills the front tyres

    11. omu Channel


    12. ToNy 5eNnA

      Codemasters did a reaaly good job... this game is really good

    13. Gas Masky01

      was he even using ers?

    14. Steijn van Kuijk

      Paul ricardo

    15. Thijs InderMaurvlogs

      Waarom heb jij al formule 1 2019

    16. Kevin Van Der Velde

      Where is the demo

    17. Sikandar Mungalee

      Hi, what steering wheel is used in the video and is it a available for purchase

    18. DS3


    19. PANTA

      With hindsight, unbelievable why they only placed the heads of Hamilton and Vettel on the cover, like the season is all about these 2. So far it's only about Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen as they are the only race winners so far. They should gone for a huge Mercedes Logo as cover picture, that would be enough and realistic.

    20. makkai zsombor

      My carrer ricardo is toro rosso

    21. Garski

      "Straight that isnt straight" -Avocado 2k19.

    22. Mladen Cabraja


    23. PDUK 69

      F1 driver not driving cockpit view??

    24. felix nrg

      Why not for switch?

    25. David Edwards

      It's a pity he didn't learn that in the real cars, under race conditions, you have to stay on the track! Then he has the nerve to blame the stewards. I would give him the penalty for the 4 wheels off the track stunt, but I would add a position penalty at the next race, for swearing about the stewards. That has to be bad sportsmanship.

    26. OP466_Gaming

      How much does a steering wheel cost

    27. kimevo6

      What set up are they using for the sim?? Looks nice..

    28. Giovanni Molinaro

      M so accatt o preorder, fatemi giocare stronzi

    29. NormalUserName1

      When pewdiepie has meme review f1 has race review

    30. Josh Dunstan

      What have we taken from this? Paul Ricard, hard on the fronts.

    31. John Doe

      Those are some clicky shifters 😅

    32. Kazuyo Asari

      That good looking guy from Australia

    33. Xer0195

      At least he managed to stay on the track though

    34. MaZx Gabriel


    35. F_L_R

      A riccià te dico solo questo : 10 secondi di penalità

    36. Matthew Thompson

      Would love to see the full uncut session and Dan's times.

    37. Luke Wood

      It's official: Daniel Riccardo is the coolest f1 driver in the late 10s

    38. Hana Lee

      I love you happy pace

    39. Sigma Integrale

      just incredible graphics and sounds. Well done Codies!

    40. hydra

      Anyone know which racing wheel he's using?

    41. Jon 309

      @ 1:05 his thoughts during the last lap of the actual race. haha

    42. killersaurier

      where is the 10 sec penalty

    43. Lowry

      Ricchi talks about tyres like they have feelings

    44. Wrter

      The honey badger himself Daniel rickyairdo

    45. Eduardo Santos

      Need be simuletor 'cause is game arquede coodmaster use tecnol.. Of aceto corsa. Sorry my Englis. Peace player

    46. Daniel Williams

      1:09 Danny boy cut the chicane and nearly shunted Lando Norris = first of two 5 second penalties.

    47. Macho Fantastico

      On the box - Daniel Ricciardo "It's pretty good" Sold!

    48. B. A

      "pretty good" dont cut it for a game that's 70 bucks

      1. aimannorzahariwod

        Ay peasant get a job

    49. Clemens Wenners Music

      More exciting than the actual Grand Prix

    50. Lord Dervish

      Would you like Russian commentators .. Alexey Popov? Will be added?

    51. Gwehona Makindu

      I hope you have added the new pitlane in Paul Riccard

    52. reon barrett

      this guy going backward he has his fans world champ never and his tream no were best been and gone

    53. LauGatinho

      What is tbe force feedback used for F1 cars?

    54. BradyPollock 037

      Codemasters please extend the f2 career please😭

    55. I commented therefore I have the big gay

      How did I get a faster lap time in game?

    56. I commented therefore I have the big gay

      They actually turned the game into an actual sport, amazing what gaming can do

    57. Jota Soares

      Avocado doing go! :D

    58. RandomGuy69

      it’s not even him driving during the hotlap lol

    59. Arthur Moura

      The tires are gonna look shiny the whole race, aren’t they?

    60. Izaias Souza33

      TRlocalrs playing Free the game and we pay for waiting! Sorry,more respect with the players

    61. Nick Name

      I wanna buy the game just to see if I can beat Daniel's time.

    62. FætterGuf

      Codemasters, the paul ricard curcuit has got a new pit entry for 2019, please update it !!!

    63. Святослав Кривоносов

      Wrong pit enter and exit

    64. Reggie doing stuff

      Daniel you sound a bit Down☹️

    65. Asta

      Why do I feel like Gasly or Grojean would be a better fit for this? Oh yeah, cause they are french

    66. SuBruoNL

      This track guide is way better than f1 official's one with Romain. Looking forward to this game

    67. borisfnbr

      @Codemaster the pit-(box) entry from French is not right its before the last corner, watch F1 fp2 now

    68. James Rigby

      "More fun to make it all straight" Oh yeah and make it more boring for the spectators more than what's already

    69. A A

      Daniel can become E-gamer.

    70. heredownunder

      Killing it!

    71. OverClock 998

      F1 2019 will arrive for xbox game pass?

      1. Turbo Music


    72. MonkeyKing Music

      "You got straight that isn't straight" Daniel Ricciardo 2019

    73. wahed koprol

      Hope those shiney tyres will go away in de race

    74. Imad Tannouch


    75. 雪ディアナ

      I just got word from a youtuber that you can't play the full F2 season which of course means you can't play all FP, Q, FR, and SR, why is that codemasters?

    76. Jay Iglesias

      Got this pre ordered... cant wait

    77. Gastroman

      I want this background music in the Main Menu pleeaaaase!

    78. LuizAbruz

      At the end he says "Track accuracy, I'm not gonna lie (...) but it's pretty good". I wonder what they cut out before the "but".

      1. Orchidahus

        I thought he said "it lacks accuracy"

    79. Daniel Rodriguez

      Yellow and black just doesn’t fit right on Ric. Red Bull needs him back.

    80. Feli DLR

      Out in USA?

    81. Roland Lee

      So thats a 1:42.1

    82. Zackstaa

      When are they going to stop putting the shift indicator lights on 8th gear. What am I gonna do, shift into 9th?

    83. Zero

      yo Codies i really hope you change that spot in the middle of the tires..i mean what were you thinking ? its a pure slick tire and you put this small ring on it and this outwashed texture around it.. looks so stupid for me..and it looks like you have 3 tire textures on it (outside,middle and inside)..come on codies you can do better than that and i also hope that we are able to drive with the 2019 helmets and not the 2018 ones.. if these 2 things aren't out/fixed when the game gets released i dont want to buy this game then..

    84. Alexander Fan

      the front wing vibrates on the kerbs! 😍

    85. 2ndLastJedi

      Man , could have got a rig that didnt move so much ! I mean its only a CSL base ! How is the FFB now compared to 2018 ?

    86. Roddy Garcia

      Pegi 18

    87. Barters81

      Every time one of these guys is asked about the track accuracy they can’t answer with a straight face. Come on Codies, give us scanned tracks already!!!

    88. MrDragonfly

      Daniel Avocado 😆

    89. NorgzF1

      It's unfair how big youtubers get to play the career mode a week before the general public can. It ruins the hype. I'm not sure if I want to buy this game at all :(

    90. TENIENTE 983

      "Then you got this kind of straight that isn't straight" 😂 Daniel Ricciardo 2019

    91. SportsGamingCubing

      "Straight that isn't straight" Danny Ric are you trying to come out of the closet? 😂😂😂

    92. Blackout76

      that last sentence was DEFINELTY cutted together. especially after what lando said about how bad canada actually is in the game

    93. Lev Karpish

      Where is new pit entry???

    94. Wolfgang Maurer

      I Like Riccardo and i'am hypet from the game

    95. Akif Güçyener

      "Let's get out of this goddamn hellhole!!!"

    96. Harry White

      You got the best guy to do it as well

    97. Finnbar Aardenburg

      100 upvotes and I'll buy F1 2019

    98. Akis_ Mikon

      You can't hate this man 😍😍 Ricciardo 🔝🔝 Hope you to recover in the whole season with Renault

    99. Rodrigo Merlone

      1:10 we hear you, Ricc... summarizing everyone's feelings there

    100. Osospardos