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    Join us as we take a deep dive into the league system of F1 2019 with Chief Games Designer Gav Cooper.
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    1. KingJ270

      Take a shot every time he goes "Earrrrmmmmmmmm"

    2. Santana PT

      Works play PC players with PS4 players?

    3. Bubble Smasher

      How do you use f1 cars in it

    4. Stevie Mac 247

      Along with the league owner how many admistrators can you have

    5. dean lawrence

      No classic car league?

    6. Sick Ismael

      I lost vibration on my controller when turning, so I can't know whether I'm overheating my tyres when turning. What I have to do???

    7. LauOuw 015

      If you create a private league in F1 2019, can you also add computer players to the race there? Or are you just competing against each other, 1 to 1?

    8. MaxGamerz_

      How can I switch the car Engine of the F1 2019 cars from Same to Realistic

    9. DarkMatta84

      When looking back at previous seasons in a league or looking at your own previous seasons in general - do they have a break down of those season's races, such as with results, fastest laps, who was pole, etc? Also, is there a basic way to look at your race record in terms of total amount of races competed in, wins, poles, podiums etc without going through each league and counting them yourself?

    10. Dylan

      Does anyone know how much the premium livery’s cost?

    11. Przemysław Pizza

      Can i add ai to private league?

    12. Przemysław Pizza

      Is this similar to co-op championship?

    13. Connor J

      Classic and F2?

    14. NesQuick360


    15. seVen

      I dont see any reason why you shouldnt be able to use the official cars in public leagues or why you shouldnt be able to edit results in public leagues. We're a professional league, that's always looking for new drivers, so the public league setting is perfect for that, but we can't apply time penalties, that change the results and it forces us to play with the mp car for no real reason.

    16. Alwyn Malan

      Love how on their streams they say stuff as if they've been putting out the best games imaginable always giving their fanbase what they want whilst in the meantime they keep on ignoring stuff their fanbase has requested for years now. Always the same issues, always the same lack of passion and effort.

    17. Jose J. Ramos

      i see microtransactions lol

    18. Rodney McGruder

      I’m more a AHHHHHHHHHHHH guy what about you ?

    19. WolfWolfZ


    20. JMarsh29

      Can I make my ai substitute a different difficulty to someone else's

    21. JMarsh29

      Can I make my ai substitute a different difficulty to someone else's

    22. raZZorAM

      talk about safety cars at online evens, i have an online championship with my friend and the car doesn't show up unless one of us both crash, i've seen mechanical failures in the middle of a turn and the safety car won't show up... it really gives dramatism to the race and that feeling about "not knowing what will happen" just like in real life. great job on multiplayer area.

    23. Bsc boyzz

      Dont scream: (uhm) so loud please damn

    24. Geoff Tate

      Can you late join a scheduled league? Like mid-way through practice, or start from the back of the grid if you miss the start of qualifying for example?

    25. Acemeistre

      EEERRRRMMMM!!! good gravy man, never heard such a loud 'erm', kinda distracting :/

    26. Robin d'Hondt

      where is online championship?

    27. Extra

      A Ferrari leading a Race.......... 5 Second Penalty

    28. S u m m ツ

      These videos are so cringe. She sits there looking mental and all he says is "uhhmmmm" Seems like they have no clue about the game 🙄🙄

      1. Acemeistre

        Wtf, he's head designer and she's head of social media. You couldn't be more wrong.

    29. PirateCarry

      There are two very big things that need to be added in order for serious leagues to use this feature. Let us add add any amoung of drivers to the league as we want. Let us add post-race penaltys which affect the race/quali results.

    30. Krzysztof Wojewoda

      The Ross Brawn/Pat Simonds/Codemasters car is probably faster than the Williams

    31. mat gof

      Uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm all the f*cking time!🤬

    32. Harrison Sakavaras

      Is it possible to have qualifying and the race on different days?

    33. Liam Connor

      Is she mental, she talks to him by lookin past him, wot a freak

    34. Slizk Old Channel

      Don’t see the point of leagues unable to put 2 spectators in for leagues that have been around for ages. Honestly code masters don’t think about the game at all. Plz read this and change this!

      1. Slizk Old Channel

        Acemeistre agreed

      2. Acemeistre

        If you go to a website that hosts leagues (like AOR) they often use these spectator slots to either modulate the race or commentate from it, so to say codies don't consider these things is a poor misjudgement

    35. Heavy Machinary101202

      It better have the full list of drivers down the left hand side

    36. Morturiom

      8:04 as if you need too explain these people all these things "Who are that good". they don't need this system because well there is a thing called google and steam. it always looks like codemasters never seem too know there own game or players...

    37. scuderiaguti 14

      Can you drive with AI

    38. frn

      The way the leagues will be set up could possibly change the rules and regulations that were going to be enrolled for the f1 2019 game season. They have trapped some of the freedom on the leagues that attempt to venture away and other things. Many leagues also have a custom logo that they use. But with the icons you have for the leagues to use, it is only patterns and colours. Maybe people should be able to add custom images for the logo? My league has 2 divisions; F2 and F1 divisions and we were planning to use the Formula 2 cars for the F2 division but it sounds like we can’t. I do not own the league, it is just the one i’m in.

    39. Fifi

      The intro glory to Arstotzka

    40. Rhamaditya Oktaviano

      Why does the Mercedes's nose look alike Ferrari?

    41. Dimi Fisher

      I ll take the legends edition anytime over the new f1

      1. Degea10 Unitedfan

        Me too.. getting it next Tuesday

    42. mark haddad

      i hope that you can create a mobile app companion so that we can schedule our leagues and like manage them!

    43. Cherry2pie

      Can you use F2 cars online and in league play? Also any idea when the new F2 cars will be added?

    44. NoSquidSid

      Free AHMS: 5:02, 5:45, 6:18, 6:36, 8:21, 8:36, 8:49, 8:53, 11:34, 13:04, 13:13, 13:48, 14:20, 16:02, 16:10, 17:10, 19:46, 20:56, 21:40, 22:27, 22:54, 24:06, 24:09, 24:36, 25:32, 27:40, 27:57, 28:42, 29:47, 29:51, 32:10, 33:25, 35:38, 36:07, 36:31, 38:03, Cough: 30:37, 37:18

      1. The F1 Channel

        Sorry for but that'isnt 33:25 but AHHHHHHHMMMM I UAHHHHMMM THINK UUUHHHM THAT ERRRMMM WAS IN 33:35

      2. The F1 Channel


    45. Molda22

      Even though career is main thing for me, i really love this league system. Its much better and much more detailed then i thought it would be. But as others said there have to be a way to implement reserve drivers, which is very important thing most leagues use. Also does anyone know if you choose real F1 2019 cars, will they have real performance? Because they introduced the spec multiplayer car so that it is truly 100% identical and thus fair for multiplayer. So does it mean that the real cars will have different performance in the league as you choose them? I didnt see any option to set equal or realistic there.

    46. F1X SerraIVI47

      Podremos juagar las ligas con nuestros amigos, ya sea uno de pley station y el otro de Xbox one??

    47. Joanimater

      I don't have a question for leagues, but a question for career mode, the two fantasy rivals you made, just like F2, are going to replace drivers in F1?

      1. Wizzkidwas

        Yes, and they'll move around teams too

    48. JackG2207


    49. HardCorePaul

      Nobody: Gav Cooper: UUHHHMMMM 😆😆😂

    50. Max Jutten

      At 0:50 , why does the mercedes have a ferrari like front wing?🤔

    51. Vampy Peanut

      The fact that u need stewards for your league because the game is unreliable when it comes to serving penalized is sad and they say it like it’s nothing. 🤦‍♂️

    52. Francois Bertrand

      This looks really nice!!! Thank you!!!

    53. CharizZ TV

      We need F2 league !

    54. jumpjet115

      Are F2 cars available in leagues??

      1. jumpjet115

        alancavy thanks, but I’m in the same situation I’m supposed to hold a f2 league on Xbox called WUR F2

      2. alancavy

        If your interested in an F2 league, I run a legaue called CRC on PS4, attempting an F2 league, if we can't use the league feature we'll still do the F2 league as that would be our main open wheel series

    55. Yeet Schmeet

      The audio was really not that great in this one

    56. Barters81

      Does the game link in with your console messaging system? As in, can the game send msgs externally to players within a league? If not, Discord will remain the communication tool of choice for most leagues I'd imagine. If a race changes for whatever reason, using Discord sends a notification to player's phones. Using this inbox means players would have to open the game to get any message from the league. Is there an incident review/posting section? On that last point......is there an ability to save the replay of the race itself? For the love of Christ, this is what leagues need over and above this 'League' functionality. We should be able to save a replay of the race, so it can be commentated over later for instance......or used as a incident review tool. While all the stuff shown in here looks great for casual leagues and will certainly help players find a better online racing experience. I'd imagine that established private leagues will continue to run things the way they always have.

    57. Jens Leck

      Cockpitsview of F2 are so Beautiful, because they have FULL mirrors😍, much better F1 Cockpits, without (full)Mirrors😭i hate the new F1 Cockpits(Titles after 2016) WITHOUT Full Mirrors on COCKPITVIEW. I hope Codemasters go back to roots(like old Titles before 2017 with Full mirrors on 100%FOV)or give us a option to set a mirror in Middle, like Project Cars& other Sims. Because 'Arrows'&'Buttons' to lock back are sooo unrealistic and kills the Athmosphare...i want to watch allways in every Situation back, like real, where Pilots allways look in left/right Mirrors to react on attack from behind(& to avoid collision left/right)🏎zzZZzz PLEASE TELL CODEMASTERS🤗 &thanx for Video👌

      1. Jens Leck

        Yes that is maybe true, who has VR, especially on Console! Old Titles(before 2017)have the Perfect balance: Mirrors/Wheel with Infopanal/FoV was perfect and you must look right/left in Mirrows ON COCKPIT too. A Solution for me is maybe Option to integrate Mirror in Middle, & People can turn on/off👌 But when you look F2 Cars it is with Mirrows& perfect FOV🤔 Greetings from Gernany🤗

      2. Degea10 Unitedfan

        I agree but in real life you can only see the mirrors if real drivers turn their head in these cars now. VR is only way to go

    58. Nexxus CaTz

      I might just do leagues in normal closed onlien lobbies

    59. Kevin Harrison

      So far what I can see is that we can't have any reserves in the league as there is no space and instead full drivers will be replaced by ai which is going against how most leagues are run. Pretty much every league ive seen replace real drivers with real reserves. Another thing that I can't see from this live stream is space for stewards. It is a fact that leagues have stewards. There should be an extra 4 spots for stewards so they can be present at the race. For example, 20 competitors/2 spectators(commentators)/4 stewards. Stewards should be able to remove undeserved penalties as they happen because when penalties are removed after the race drivers always say things like,"I was sticking behind him because I knew I'd beat him on penalties and didn't want to risk anything, if I knew he was going to get his penalty removed, I would have tried to pass him". If a penalty is removed from a driver in front of you Jeff could tell you over the radio. Another thing to do with people joining a league Is that it seems that you have to trust their super licence. How people actually join a league Is through a test so you know how fast and clean they are. One final point is about restarts. It doesn't seem like you have the option of a restart at the moment. Restarts do happen and there should be a way that the owner or admin can restart the race if something happens. I really hope these issues are addressed because right now it seems they don't understand how a normal league is run

      1. skells22

        Did you NOT see the 2 spots extra, that is your steward bit as the stewards also have to watch the race 20 drivers and 2 that can watch then can tell the league owner if there is any penalty needed

    60. odeepaanh


    61. Dawid


    62. FireStormHR

      Does this mean the custom championship gets replaced by this?

    63. Bjørnar Iversen

      AAAHHHHM!!!!!!! (proceeds to mumble and whisper the remaining sentence..)

    64. Vincent Kieffer

      will these league servers be cross platform? This is a really important detail especially on PC we don't have many players so it may help having a proper experience

    65. bax miaggi

      Bad game

    66. Billy TV Gaming

      We need carerre's gameplay please codemasters 🙏😭😭

    67. Riccardo Bortolameotti

      I hope leagues history can be ported to the next f1 2020. A league should go beyond a one year game :) . It should become like a fantasy football league between friends.

    68. MoreIsland64947

      If u were late would u be able to join mate or what?

    69. MoreIsland64947

      Will we have f2 leagues?

    70. Andre Wietstock


    71. king vidz

      Looks and sound Good but can we see career mode now because we heard more then enough about online features. 😷

    72. Justin Byers

      Can you use the F2 cars as a 2nd tear? Most leagues have 2 or more tears so it would be nice to use the 2019 F1 cars for tear 1 and the 2018/2019 F2 cars for all of the lower tears.

      1. Rundii

        Justin 484805 I have tears running down my face because of your spelling of tiers

    73. DanyKun10

      0:50 - 0:51 1:23 - 1:24 A Mercedes with Ferrari`s or "standar" NOSE?

    74. Hostile


    75. Al Pha

      Anyone knows what it means for the description of the categories by "multiplayer car (including customisation)" does this mean just visual or also mechanical like in career mode?

      1. racing Man

        Visual for sure. Mechanical maybe In the future

    76. NoSquidSid

      5:45 audio recorded from the stewards

    77. CrackJamTex

      the engine sounds are horrible, fix it ffs

    78. SovellisLive

      If i play on PC and my friend on PS4, can we join into the same leauge and play together ?

    79. Owen Bromage

      this is so much better than f1 2018

    80. Beasts And Dragons

      We still need split screen 😰

    81. mfgIcarlos

      Is it possible to set practice / quali / race to own date/day like real f1 friday practice, saturday quali, sunday race ?

    82. Gauthier Moreels

      Career mode??

    83. WinkyBen

      Jumpscare after 5:42

    84. Tomos Williams

      How will Leagues manage Multiple Tiers? Because most Leagues have more than one tier, so will there have to be separate leagues for each tier???

    85. Lietuvis Gaming

      Can you upgrade competitors from 20 drivers to 30 drivers the most of professional leagues has more then 20 competitors

    86. Tallyarr

      You can create a league. ERRRRMMMM. And you can join a league. ERRRMMMMMM. And ERRRRMMMMM, you can ERRRMMMM have a schedule for this league. EEERRRRRRMMMMMMM

    87. Tallyarr


    88. Tallyarr


    89. Tallyarr


    90. BKV


    91. Louis Salvador

      I thought the guy at the right is Lee Mather because he has no hair and has glasses

    92. Fly2

      And if I got this right when you choose the official F1 2019 cars they have the realstic performance but if you want to race with the official cars but also want it to be fair for all thats not possible then

      1. Fly2

        dunno dunno Yeah hopefully

      2. Yeet Schmeet

        Ig that's gonna be possible once you launch the first event cause u also didn't choose a team to drive for yet as the owner so i guess those settings will be done then

    93. Mr Swagtastic

      This poor man does not need to be on camera anymore this repeated ummmm is so annoying and distracting

    94. Williams Gaming

      Will the F2 cars be available to use in the Leagues feature or is it just Multiplayer and F1 cars

      1. Sophie F1

        Hope F2 and classic cars are available for leagues

    95. Raafi Adinegoro

      Is this f1 2019 uhmm edition?

      1. Morturiom

        uhmmm i uhmmm think so

    96. Jochen DRS

      What about engine or gearbox restrictions in leagues? Will it finally happen??? Would be so cool!

    97. USS Disappointment

      I don’t care about leagues. Give us split screen

      1. Justin Byers

        Some people do

    98. TomGorian

      Can we use Custom liverys for Leagues? I don't think he talked about that in this stream

      1. TomGorian


      2. racing Man

        I think yes, there was a option to choose multiplayer car or f1 2019 cars if i saw correctly.

    99. Howsemany

      That’s a lot of information you need to know! That’s going to go take a while for everyone to get the hand of it!

    100. AB

      Someone needs to contact Lee Mather and tell him that they need to create an option for leagues to put in reserves instead of AI! This is a big thing for most leagues, and needs to be implemented ASAP!

      1. SN13K3R

        Samuel Brandt 👋

      2. Samuel Brandt