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    Join us as we take a very brief look at F2 in F1 2019.
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    1. XiaoSheng Drive

      how to save highlight?someone know tell me plz

    2. Acemeistre

      You've got classic cars, are classic tracks possible in the future?

    3. Jeffrey Corrie

      I heard the previous season is in the game , is that gonna change ? Im sorry i didnt watch the video i just wanna know haha

      1. FrezZyK1nG

        It's the 2018 F2 Season that's in the game, but it will change a bit down the road from the release to the 2019 f2 season with an update

    4. UnknownPotatoe

      I preordered the legendery edition how do i play 3 days earlier? Like prees play and it will work ? Im on pc . Good gameplay btw

      1. UnknownPotatoe

        @FrezZyK1nG thanks. It got released on 24th at like 21:00

      2. FrezZyK1nG

        If you bought it on steam you wait until it's released, probably at 00:00 GMT on june 25th then you download it and play it

    5. Der Kläüs

      Will they add the Mission Winnow symbols on the ferrari? The car looks too empty without it imo :/

      1. FrezZyK1nG

        No, because "Mission Winnou" has links with tabacco and it's illegal to advertise it in europe

    6. Lęgø

      From what I can tell, and with how far I've gone into the game so far, Once you leave F2 and progress to F1.... there are no more cut scenes with Bulter or Weber. 2017 still remains my favourite, as all the characters are alive, your R&D Engineer actually talked to you about failed/passed developments, and commenting on your development pace. Emma, confronts you if you're driving poorly, telling you that she is "Doing all she can to keep you in the team" And talks to you when it comes to contract offers. once 2018 hit.... it appears that aside from the Claire interviews, and the 20 second interaction with the new (and personally inferior to 2016-2017) engineer, there really isn't any more character interaction. Good/Poor race? Email Passed/Failed development? Email Performing poorly? Email and 2019 feels the same, except, honestly....I feel lied to, about this years' game. the F2 career mode is just 3 races, if you could even call them races. The F2 career mode feels like a hype to the F1 career, every race, there was a cutscene with your rival and team-mate, and honestly gave me a similar feeling to the TOCA/V8 Supercars games that Codemasters made. In the F1 career mode, it is very similar to 2018. Aside from real-world drivers and potentially F2 drivers, switching teams, it is almost identical. From what I can tell, there aren't any more cutscenes with Butler or Weber after the F2 career. And the micro-transactions.... God why the micro-transactions? Its a step in the right direction, but please sort yourselves out, Codemasters..

      1. FrezZyK1nG

        You can still get fired in F1 2018 :)). Yeah, I agree 100% with what you said, i wish there would be something more than just driving and upgrading the cars. One thing that the game needs is practice starts, i suck at starting and i need some practice, the only way to start with clutch is the race start, in practice you can't use the clutch, at least when i am in first gear let me use my clutch and let me stop after the pit exit so i can practice my start.

    7. Rodrigo Merlone

      12:20 _"I always go Renault"_ ikr

    8. Rodrigo Merlone

      Hint for F1 2020: F2 full season and no option when choosing the F1 team. It felt a little weird having to perform to achieve a seat in F1, but when you get there you literally can choose whatever team you want. Since _I_ go for realism, I chose a low-tier team related to my driver academy. But I believe you could change that to something like the old F1 2005-06 games, when you had to do trials and perform well and get some reserve driver seats and stuff. Idk, just my thoughts on it, these old games were fantastic and I really loved the challenge of the trials.

    9. Rodrigo Merlone

      Williams need an urgent nerf.

      1. TheVeyron623

        There's a performance patch coming soon.

    10. Brendan McCallion

      You guys should have added more cut scenes with your rivals post F2. For a game that took 2 years to make that's not very good.

    11. CuzImL30N

      can you please patch the right pit entry of the french circuit?

    12. Philipp Kapeller

      Can you bring old Tracks back for F1 2020? Like old Silverston ore old Hockenheim?😁👍

    13. Nick Harper

      Can i turn off driver transfer

      1. Giorgos Papadopoulos

        Why would you do that? It's gonna make the career mode soo much crazier and more entertaining. Just imagine Verstappen in Mercedes or Lewis in Ferrari. Anyway, I think you can't turn it off.

    14. NoSquidSid


      1. NoSquidSid


    15. R Melv

      If you don’t wanna give too much away, don’t give it to you tubers early ffs!

    16. andrea piras

      In the game there is the F2 season 2018 so the pit entrance is right....


      We want to another games like formula e, formula 2 and superformula that could be so cool

    18. ZZBossGaming

      Why is Amazon delivering my legends edition on the 28th, I’m supposed to have early access aka the 25th. Wtf Jeff Bezos

      1. ZZBossGaming

        FrezZyK1nG I’m not on PC, I’m on Xbox

      2. FrezZyK1nG

        because you choose to get it delivered instead of buying it on steam.

      3. ZZBossGaming

        odeepaanh I wanted to get the digital but Amazon didn’t have it. I wanted to get it from amazon because it was on sale :(

      4. odeepaanh

        ZZBossGaming exception being if you bought it digitally you get it early even in us and Canada, but physical copies aren't released early in us and canada

      5. ZZBossGaming

        odeepaanh oh, darn it

    19. Michael Rogers

      Will F2 be full games in series to come? Just wondering on that. Like on the NASCAR games they have 4 series on their games.

      1. c__j_r

        but then it would be like another F1 game though...


      The pit lane entry isn’t right

      1. Buzz

        Will be updated.

    21. Carlos F

      Hey Jenny I am just wondering will you eventually update the F2 to the 2019 version

      1. Buzz

        @Carlos F you too

      2. Carlos F

        Ok thanks have a great day

      3. Buzz

        Yes, they will. You can change the season in a post-launch update.

    22. Blairs video Channel

      so excited

    23. Sophie F1

      So in career mode will more F2 drivers join F1 in future seasons, replacing current drivers? So maybe Mick Schumacher or Nyck de Vries enter F1 a few seasons in??

      1. c__j_r

        i guess only driver swap in f1...

      2. Blairs video Channel

        don't think so but hopefully next year but i'm not to sure

    24. Mike Hunt

      Add F3 Post Season pre season and Mid Season testing and make the driver academies more realistic so drivers can learn their trade in a team like Williams Alfa and Toro Rossi before moving on to contending teans

      1. Mike Hunt

        Also add Pit Lane starts and new cutscences before each session because they are getting quite stale tbh

    25. Florian 2711

      Why no Red Flag ? ??

    26. BradyPollock 037

      Can you please change the french pitlane like 2019

    27. sastn

      Hey codemasters do people that pre ordered get it earlier ?

      1. Demshiro San

        If u pre ordered deluxe edition yes

    28. Timour Ozdemir

      You are doing just a terrible job in PR.

    29. Schneemann 92

      Best F1

    30. 27_Rafif Bani Sandya_XII MIPA 5

      Seems like Lee's brake pedal wasn't calibrated

      1. S3B Gaming

        Neither was his throttle pedal. Obviously

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Lol Tiametmarduk is already being memed

    31. HYPER_F1_BOY YT

      When will you include the red flag

      1. HYPER_F1_BOY YT

        @Carlos F fingers crossed 😂

      2. Carlos F

        Go kart racer 44 idk but I hope soon

    32. Ilovesoaring

      The tyre sound during a lock-up seems too loud and sounds a bit generic

      1. Vincent Brocker

        Jeb it sounds cheap, if you watch an onboard when a f1 or f2 driber locks op, it sounds nothing like it. It was better last year

    33. Jack Bauer

      Why isn't there a full F2 season in the career mode? You're wasting an enormous opportunity here.

    34. yrek150

      We need full F2 season in career mode!

      1. BloxburgBuilds

        Just do the f2 championship bro

    35. Nasom

      To be honest the only thing I dream off is an F1 Challenge game. F1 2009 - F1 2020 Career Mode. The best thing ever.

      1. c__j_r

        @Joaquín Tch bwoah

      2. Joaquín Tch

        Trust me, you should go to Red Bull and then Mercedes. Your debut should be in that strange new team called Brawn btw... You're welcome

    36. ラント


    37. MIster TOU

      would there be a full season for the f2 and not 3 events to come?

      1. Daniel Shakesheff

        yes there is a full f2 season but not in career mode

    38. TheSand0r

      No VR --> no money from me this year

    39. Morbid Lust

      Virtual Mirror.

    40. Jens Leck

      Please give us FULL Mirrors in Cockpitview on F1 Cockpits like F2 Cockpits😢

    41. John Street

      Next year f3

    42. CRT I Collin

      Upp Max performance nerf gasly's performance

    43. Dawid

      Wheres the EEMMMMMMMMM Guy? Hahahaha

      1. odeepaanh


      2. VQS Lorenzxy

        Its called NEEEEEEEOOOOWWWW

    44. Sun Levi

      Game is looking great guys!

    45. Cliff Booth

      Can we do full F2 season in career mode?

      1. Buzz

        Yes and No. It's a bit of a missed Chance but I liked the three challenges and the cutscenes to be honest.

      2. The Arsenal legend

        Barnabás Molnár yeah but if you had a full F2 career mode season it would’ve added so much to the career mode itself than just a small storyline which doesn’t carry forward into F1

      3. Barnabás Molnár

        No but yes. You can start a full F2 championship separetly.

      4. The Arsenal legend

        skells22 it’s not even three races. Just small scenarios missed chance by codies.

      5. Cliff Booth

        @skells22 Then it is really a missed chance by Codies.

    46. Britten Somerville

      Is it seriously that hard to make a full f2 season? You guys copy + paste 95% of the content from the previous games anyway.

      1. Buzz

        It is a design decision, I guess. It is tied to three short races and after the race there is an unique cutscene.

      2. Britten Somerville

        @Its Yaboi sooo... that still means about 80% of the game is just stuff from last year.

      3. Its Yaboi

        @Britten Somerville 2016 - 2017 was not the same at all, they improved the R&D massively. 2017 was when they introduced the r&d tree. And this year they implemented the new f2 cars wichh they had to modell from scratch, and there actually is a full f2 season, but just not in career mode

      4. croga

        ​@Partypaddo 2015 was the only one written completely from scratch. It had a completely new engine

      5. Partypaddo

        @Britten Somerville 2014-2015 Was even worse

    47. Dilara Karaören Aybek

      New French pit entry ??

      1. Partypaddo

        It will be on a patch post-release

    48. Mika Abrahams

      Because on @Tiametmarduk video they had the old French pitlane

      1. Mika Abrahams

        @Colin Fletcher OK thanks

      2. Colin Fletcher

        Mika Abrahams they’re adding it post-launch

    49. Mika Abrahams

      The new one

    50. Raul Rashdan

      One question for the future games, will we get F3 anytime soon now that we have F2 this year?

      1. Buzz

        Sure it will be added in 2020.

      2. Thomas Hill

        I hope so

      3. skells22

        maybe next year?

    51. Mika Abrahams

      Plz add the pit lane to france

    52. Mika Abrahams


      1. John Street

        You can't @ people you dumbass

    53. jeff ツ

      lmao i already have the game since yesterday

      1. John Street

        @jeff ツ good for you

      2. jeff ツ

        John Street this is hilarious

      3. John Street

        @jeff ツ and we also know you have the full game no need to repeat you knob

      4. John Street

        @jeff ツ we are letting you know no one cares and you just sound like your showing off we don't need to commemorate that you have a bloody game

      5. Buzz

        Day 1 Patch is already available.

    54. Atlas

      It wouldve been nice if u impemented the whole f2 season in the carrer mode

      1. kacchan k

        Yh i felt bit let down by that

      2. Luka

        Yeah, I would have much preferred that to their feeder series

      3. andrea piras

        @Felice Battello Casillo we hope so...

      4. Felice Battello Casillo

        Next year bro !

    55. N3WT0N

      F2 Multiplayer Leagues :(

      1. Yeet Schmeet

        They mentioned it will be possible to use the F2 in multiplayer so who knows it might be possible

    56. Auryel27

      Please update the car performances before the release (25th)

      1. Madlek13

        @thanoscar Yeah, around £10 more if you're from the UK

      2. thanoscar

        Does the legend edition cost more than the normal?

      3. FBLP | Max

        @Cristian24 It will be Post Launch Lee Mather confirmed it on Twitter

      4. Cristian24

        Auryel27 they will when the normal version is released but in the legend edition it will be the pre-season testing performance

    57. Giacomo Ruggeri

      But, with f2 cars is possible to race, for example in Australia, China or other circuit where f2 cars did't race?

      1. peter lamprou

        @skells22 i already knew from a press confrence i went

      2. skells22

        @peter lamprou that was answered in a FAQ

      3. peter lamprou

        @Giacomo Ruggeri u welcome

      4. Giacomo Ruggeri

        peter lamprou thank you!

      5. peter lamprou


    58. Lukas 3434

      ​Will the performace and pit enty get in to an existing carrer mode or is a new carrer nessesary to get the updates?

      1. Lukas 3434

        @Krzysztof Wojewoda ok thanks that is good

      2. Krzysztof Wojewoda

        The permormance and any other changes will just be put into your career.

    59. Sick Ismael

      You didn't change the pit entrance of the French gp

      1. Billy TV Gaming

        Oh noooooooooo

      2. Sick Ismael

        Thanks to all of you who replied to me👍👍👍

      3. Colin Fletcher

        Sick Ismael oh yeah they haven’t said yet

      4. Sick Ismael

        @Colin Fletcher about the logo which they removed

      5. Bhutt Boi Faart

        Funds be lost paunch Brody

    60. Ivan Porras

      Up carrer mode introduction plis

      1. Daniel Shakesheff

        watch the career mode via a youtuber know as Tiametmarduk

    61. Rafał C.