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    Join us as we discuss the customisable HUD on PC, trophies, and how to get the 'NEEEUM' car in F1 2019!
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    1. seek

      want to change my osd but when i go setting the osd customise is greyed out cant click on it any ideas im on pc ?

    2. Adam's SimPorium

      16:00 starts here

    3. Mr Serrano

      15:27 is the layout feature

    4. Jannik Gaming- DJ Jaster

      Song Name at the Start of the Video?

    5. Brooo Mago 666

      where customizable hud starts?

    6. Sick Ismael

      Why there is that on ps4???

    7. Rocky712 - Let´s Plays

      Really disappointed that there are dlc liveries you have to buy for 2 euros each....especially as an legends edition buyer it makes it even more ridicilous. Sorry codies, but this is absolutely unacceptable.

    8. AD O6

      My trophies aren’t showing up

    9. SvenZerx


    10. Carl TV

      Coughing like that on camera, sack him

    11. Simon Ashley

      Xbox pay twice the price get half the game.

      1. Carl TV

        And save hundreds on a gaming computer that lags and crashes all the time, sure

    12. Simon Ashley

      How can this not be added to xbox what a joke.

    13. jan h

      The exit out of the garage is horrible! Other than that it’s a great game with awesome graphics :)

    14. FireStormHR

      I dont really need the customizable hud, but I really DO need a virtual mirror on the hud when in F1 car cockpits

      1. pooni

        You wish is their command

    15. Finn M.

      Why this is Not for PS4 ???? We payed the same Money like PC Gamer. Please fix it. 😕

      1. Brooo Mago 666

        not the same money. In a store at PS4 and XBox like 80€ and at PC 50€

    16. marko atf

      Any possibility of classic cars dlc later in the game?? Would be nice to get some special cars from 2005...maybe mclaren or william which had crazy top speeds around 372-375 kmh Or maybe turbo era cars with 1300 hp Or maybe a Brabham fan car or 3 axe tyrell

    17. SolidusSn8

      This will never be in any game but i would like a option to adjust the opacity of the track line.

    18. Theminigamer

      Can you look into mclaren engine upgrades because I’m at monza an I’m getting mugged in straight line by Toro rosso Honda

    19. Alexandre Ungaro

      Great! Customisable HUD is a feature that they developed thinking about implementing it on the PC platform, yet you can't customize it with keyboard and mouse... And the menus still don't have mouse support. I love your games, btw.

    20. - Strahinja -

      How amazing is this! Customising HUD in a video game. Milestone made the ugliest HUD ever for MotoGP game, MotoGP 19. How I wish Codemasters to work on MotoGP game! 😔

    21. Prime Option

      Can you custom the radio message too? Because i want to put 'SHUT UP JEFF' on first tab on the first line

      1. Brooo Mago 666


      2. OhMyGoat

        @Prime Option :D

      3. Prime Option

        @OhMyGoat ah yess. I forgot about that feature. 👍

      4. OhMyGoat

        just use a mic. easy is that

    22. cheytacsnipes

      Nice! About 5 years later than most other racing games. Much slower than before. So... VR support in F1 2067?

    23. Thxnder

      Even tho nobody uses the classic cars did you guys know that they removed the Ferrari 2002

    24. NoSquidSid

      Gav! Our lord saviour

    25. Jorge Hidalgo

      This option Will be un PS4 guys???? How knows when update the performance??

    26. SHZ RAinBoW

      Yay! Gav is back!

    27. Owen Bromage

      I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow

      1. Owen Bromage

        @Tim King because you got lucky and got the game early how do you do that

      2. Tim King

        Owen Bromage have fun mate ! I have it since 5 days and i am already at sochi 😂

    28. Txbi Performance

      Why Not on PS4 HUD ?

    29. Molda22

      customizable HUD is huge step forward. great. i wish we could also set more drivers to be displayed on the left hand timing tower to be more like real life timing tower and not only three drivers

      1. Brooo Mago 666

        Have the 20 drivers list will be very big, in the game you only want to know who is behind and front you

    30. Alexandre Wettstein


    31. Buzz

      Please bring the customizable HUD to consoles. Thank you very much!

      1. Daniel Skuse

        El_muncho_sr Oh yeah I didn’t see that.

      2. El_muncho_jr

        Daniel Skuse using xbox controller... they said its only on pc in the title

      3. Daniel Skuse

        BuzzRaceWars It is on consoles because he was on Xbox.

    32. BradyPollock 037


    33. BradyPollock 037

      Hi codemasters please change french pitlanr

      1. Josemi29

        @Justin Podeszwa Have they? I haven't seen it...

      2. Justin Podeszwa

        @Josemi29 Yes they have confirmed it on twitter

      3. Josemi29

        @sportscars_no Have they confirmed it? I highly doubt they can change it as it needs not only to make the track entry on the 3d modelling but also make the AI for the specific route...

      4. BradyPollock 037

        Ok cool

      5. sportscars_no

        It will be changed in one of the first patches, along with the unbalanced performance

    34. Daniel Morgan

      The trophy to win 10 online races is glitched!

    35. formulagamer playz

      On the multiplayer screen right bottom hand corner Lan game where is it I have senna and prost

    36. Dave Beaumont

      Can’t wait for Xbox one copy of the game out tomorrow

      1. Andre Hipp

        @Veeti Pyöriä the anniversary edition is stupid because you have he game and the two 2010 cars. In the legends edition you have the two 2010 cars, the 8 senna-prost events, the 1990 McLaren and the 1990 ferrari and senna and prost's race suits, helmets and gloves

      2. Veeti Pyöriä

        Umm i preordered anniversaty edition on pc and i were able to play it 4 hours ago already wtf?

      3. JP01

        same here

      4. Andre Hipp

        The legends edition is since Tuesday out

    37. Evan Dacco

      You could have added Mansel and Berger to race against with in senna Vs Prost challenges. Cars are already there. Just needed different numbers and helmets.

      1. Malte Clausen

        Brooo Mago 666 ohh yeah u right

      2. Brooo Mago 666

        @Malte Clausen they have licenses, if you go to showroom mode go to classic cars and you push "more information" you will see the 2 drivers of the car licensed

      3. OhMyGoat

        for me this option doesn't work. i just can't click on the OSD Customisation ...

      4. Malte Clausen

        Yeah, and they Would be needing licensing to

      5. OTBC

        The mode is only a gimmick for them to help sell the game. As much as I wished they'd do that.

    38. Matthew Stephens

      Before everyone else asks, is there plans to bring the customisable HUD options to console as well later on? Much like the Photo Mode that started off on PC and then was made available on consoles later.

      1. Buzz

        @Matthew Stephens Yeah, that sounds logical and I can agree with. Especially the starting grid and before is still not entirely correct. I like it that they use the official font though, you know? Lets see if they will improve it. For example they added a timer for Practice and Qualifying in the Beta and changed the "DRS enabled" which didn't have the right symbol to the correct symbol and with "RACE CONTROL" in front.

      2. Matthew Stephens

        BuzzRaceWars I don’t necessarily think it’s the hud layout itself that people complain about, it’s more that it’s not 100% official to the tv graphics and the way they’ve used the font everywhere in the game. It’s grown on me a bit more now though. I think it’s about 90% there, just needs a little fine tuning. ie having yellow sectors instead of red shown plus some where the parts of the hud are vs tv.

      3. Buzz

        @Matthew Stephens Personally I can't understand. The New HUD is so much better, sleak and more TV-like.

      4. Nexus

        Matthew Stephens Hopefully its gonna be soon.

      5. Matthew Stephens

        Alistair Wall Yup, sounds like we just got an answer. It wasn’t definitive but definitely sounds promising that they could bring it to consoles too later down the line 😁