F1 2019 | The Experts' Guide to F2

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    Buy F1 2019 here: www.formula1game.com
    For the first time in the official videogame’s history, players are able to race in F1 and F2 cars in F1 2019, out now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC!
    Ahead of an update that gives players access to the full 2019 season, check out this preview of what F2 is all about, featuring insight from drivers and commentators from the series.
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    1. Willi Bellic

      Add also formula 3 to the game

    2. mia ria

      So basically f2 uses the option and prime tire system

    3. isarhochufertrainz

      And for F1 2020... include The F3 cars for having more racing experience

    4. Lostin TheRace

      If FORZA 7 can have 700 plus cars I’m pretty sure you can have way more than 20 classic cars for next years game. We need at least 5 top 5 cars from the most popular years like 78,79, 82, 85, 88, 90,91,92,93 ,95 ,97, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004. Codemasters you can do more than just 1 classic car per popular year of f1. PLEASE SOME OF US ARE DIE HARD CLASSIC F1 FANS!!!

    5. Visan Georgian

      “They are not famous and they are all equal, makes the racing very exciting!” Excellent video, thank you!

    6. Nic Lazzari

      Imagine if they had F2, F3, F4 (all the major ones), Formula E, Formula 3.5 Renault, and Super Formula.

      1. Nic Lazzari

        @Jacob CT I know but it would still be fun

      2. Jacob CT

        The last 3 aren't officially related to f1

      3. Stryking Embryo-09

        I love Formula E


      666 subs to 100k😎😎

    8. Poetr.

      Almost There for 100 000! You can do it!

    9. Fra Dms

      Valsecchi haha

    10. Olivier Piatek

      i would be happy to see hubert in the game

    11. Alnitak

      fuckin deadly apparently

    12. rowen

      Davide speaking English with an Italian accent is more Italian than the Italian language itself

      1. Fizzcode

        You are spitting straight facts

    13. rowen

      F3 for F1 2020

    14. DMT Donuts

      But your game doesn't drive like an f2 car hahahahahahahahhahahahahaa

    15. Steinyy

      Put gyro steering in for PS4 players please. It gives us a better feel for what the car is doing and it allows us to be faster

    16. iamshaky

      Norris looks like, he just woke up XD

    17. James Clarke

      Anybody else think Valsecchi looks like Ed Norton in Fight Club?

    18. xd TJV

      Formula E in f1 2019??¿¿

      1. xd TJV

        @Jamie Stokes it's still Formula

      2. xd TJV

        @Jamie Stokes I know, but it's way Different racing then f1 Cars and I think it be awesome

      3. Jamie Stokes

        Formula E has nothing to do with F1. They'd have their own game

    19. Clumpy Woods

      Who’s playing as Tatiana Calderon? She’s chronically underrated

      1. willcity 111

        No she's really not that good

    20. Sunki HD

      Albon still at toro Rosse lol

    21. Shimeih

      After I heard them say that they deliberately make the car hard to drive, I truly respect f2 drivers even more. R.i.P Antoine

    22. Aykut Aykın

      David valsecchi how he didnt end up with F1 ? It is not competetive that days 🤔

      1. KuchingKing VideoGamer

        He was just a reserve driver for Lotus F1 Team back then..Grosjean and Crashtor are in that team.

    23. Finn Griggs

      But this is f1

    24. Rafael Henrique

      Formula 3 in F1 2020, with 2019 season. If it happen, will be best game of all times Formula 3 no F1 2020, com a temporada 2019. Se isso acontecer, vai ser o melhor jogo de todos os tempos.

      1. Guilherme Souza

        Sem duvidas

    25. Paul Foxie GT

      Antonio Giovinazzi and Davide Valsecchi!! 👍👍

    26. theotreez

      rip hubert

    27. Iceman

      Why’s George Russell’s A.I. trash in the game?

      1. Iceman

        Brodie Silvo40 when he’s not anyone’s teammate he’s sh*t, and in F2 he gets 6th

      2. the gamer guy 14

        In my career he has 10 points in the first 9 races, and Kubica has none

      3. NSA Pyramids

        Iceman its not In career mode I am his teammate and I’m still in s1 and he gets top 13 nearly every race

    28. Null

      3:30 Interviewer: Is F2 similar to F1? Giovinazzi: Well yes but actually no. RIP Antoine Hubert 1996-2019

    29. Hatin China

      Will F2 2019 be in F1 2020 after Hubert?

      1. Alex

        It f2 2019 will come with an update in f1 2019 in a few weeks

    30. L W

      I hope you can also choose to play as Anthoine Hubert.

    31. Rundii

      Would love to see Hubert in the game purely because he “is” one of my favourite drivers and I would I love to see him in the game. Obviously it’s something that needs to be done with respect

      1. Daniel Farmer

        Your wish was granted

      2. Pim Prijs

        F2 2019 cars would be added to the game later they said

    32. leoleopold

      when will be the 2019 f2 season in f1 2019

      1. Joseph Johnson

        L W it’s now late September and no news lmao

      2. L W

        krakozilla Mid-September.

    33. Hugo Pineda Campos

      Formula 3🙏🙏

    34. Piotr Klemioux


      1. Alnitak

        @Mike Witte how

      2. Mike Witte

        Bagging for likes

    35. Muhammad Arekat

      RIP Antoine Hubert

    36. Iceman

      Don’t release the update out of respect to Antoine Hubert. R.I.P. Antoine Hubert

      1. Iceman

        Edward Hunter exactly. Thank you Edward, I’m a fan of your channel by the way

      2. Edward Hunter

        TBF the video game that came out of the 1994 season in 1996 (Grand Prix 2) had David Coulthard in place of Senna, and Jean Marc Gounon in place of Roland Ratzenberger, as it was based off of that year's German Grand Prix.

      3. Iceman

        Kopite TV ok. Sorry for wasting you time

      4. Carl TV

        Let’s agree to disagree then.

      5. Iceman

        Kopite TV it crying just saying my opinion, it’s Codemasters choice what they do, and it is what it is like what you’re trying to say right?


      Is it possible to see Anthoine Hubert in the F1 2019 game?

      1. Samu

        I'll be honest, I don't think it would be disrespectful to keep Anthoine in the game

      2. PebbleYT

        I recon they should add him because they haven’t removed jules bianchi from f1 2015 so they should add him

      3. GreatGamerKZ

        After the crash, a tribute to Anthoine, I won the F2 championship using him

      4. Victor E

        @Luis MIGUEL CARDOSO The trouble is, though, that there is not a replacement pilot yet. And judging by what happened last time something like this happened in F1, I wouldn't think that they would want to replace Hubert.

      5. Iceman

        Luis MIGUEL CARDOSO also the last NASCAR death was the NASCAR Mexico Series in 2009

    38. JedgamesGUY

      Jacques and Crofty both have voices that don't match their bodies

      1. Huey Benning

        Илья Борсинский ha ha

      2. JedgamesGUY

        @Gee Gee Just an observation after seeing Jacques in the flesh.

      3. Huey Benning

        JedgamesGUY Anyway... yes that’s exactly what I thought, maybe someone punches Crofty in the nuts whenever he is about to talk? That could be what’s bringing it up a few notes

      4. Huey Benning

        Gee Gee Find the comment rude then, you’re probably that petty, easily offended person who is just not worth talking to

    39. Erik Ask

      In your next uptade pls take albon to red bull and gasly to torro Rosso, fix the halo off alfa Romeo and torro Rosso .and fix the sportpesa on the racing point cars....pls make this happen

      1. Erik Ask

        @_Tobias_ yeah but when

      2. Jake Dillon 510

        @_Tobias_ how can FIFA have SportPesa on the Everton kits?

      3. _Tobias_

        They will change Gasly and Albon but they wont fix the sportpesa cause its not legal because of the age restriction.

    40. HierisMilan

      I want F2 2019 in this game!

      1. _Tobias_

        Its comming later this year.

    41. Richard Quinn


    42. Álvaro B

      F3 in 2020 pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Rafael Henrique

        I want see this season (2019) in F1 2020 game. The grid today is very competitive.

    43. The Slam Slider

      I wish F3 for F1 2020

      1. I commented therefore I have the big gay

        Marcelo Hernandez just get project cars then plus much more series

      2. Samu

        @Yazeed Subaheen there are other games for that though

      3. Yazeed Subaheen

        @Marce Hernandez Would be a dream come true my friend , imagine all Fia categories in one racing sim. Unfortunately will never happen :(

      4. Marce Hernandez

        @Sesti But with licences, drivers, tracks... Like fifa but in motorsports. "FIA 2021" XD. With manager mode incluited. (Sorry for my english)

      5. Sesti

        @Marce Hernandez Project Cars 😂

    44. Rosco Dodger

      Did they pour a bucket of slime on Lando but then dried him but kept his hair the way it was before interviewing him?

    45. Pepijn Beek

      You gotta love David, how can somebody hate him

    46. Carlos F

      No power steering wow ok then

    47. Dennis Lim

      Can we have cars on varying strategies for the feature race please? It's pretty dull when everyone starts on the same compound.

    48. realpa14

      What happens to lando's hair Lol

      1. erikrost22

        Already showered 👀👀

    49. KanoLightRacer 5

      Oversteer is when you hear the tree, Understeer is when you see the tree!


        @BAU BAU And how is it dumb, may I ask?

      2. BAU BAU

        @Eruptic I didn't say it's wrong. Just dumb. A good day to you.

      3. Eruptic

        @BAU BAU When you see the tree means that the car doesnt turn as much due to lack of downforce. When you hear the tree means that you ve made the corner but the car doesnt have optimal traction coming out of the corner. You re just dumb.

      4. Nico

        @BAU BAU youre dumb, Walter Röhrl made that explanation, he is probably better than you in Motorsport

      5. Moritz Angstenberger

        BAU BAU do some research and reconsider your stupid comment

    50. SlimeKing SKG19

      99k subscribers 👏🏻

    51. Mika

      When 2019 f2 version comes?

      1. Dion Ftw

        F2 update is out now, they tweeted it

      2. Dion Ftw

        It's out now only for pc

      3. frenchplan12 fr

        Kanucho no you will have the possibility two chose

      4. Hugo Correia

        @EW Car Racing they will not add Hubert in this game. Probably they will put the new driver.

      5. EW Car Racing

        Ennis Parachki I’d imagine they’ll keep him in the game and put the Racing For Anthoine sticker on his car (maybe even all of them) but with Arden not yet having a replacement driver, he’ll probably be in the game

    52. Rachid Senna

      track classic

    53. Mateus X

      New achievements?

    54. Julian#14