F1 2019 | The Experts' Guide to F2 | THE PATH TO F1

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    Earlier this year, we gave F1 2019 a free update that adds the full F2 2019 season to the game - the final step on the path to F1 for many past and present F1 drivers.
    Hear from the drivers and figures that know F2 best about what it takes to carve that path to the pinnacle of motorsport.
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    1. hgt 27

      R.I.P Anthoine :(

    2. Alexey Sherstnev

      1. the Italian commentator is terrible. his accent is very annoying. 2. in the game there is no way to introduce a young pilot from Formula 2 into Formula 1. The game improved significantly if the old pilots retired during the season and the young pilots took out of place. 3. It is necessary to release the manager of the manager of the F1 team. (Team principal)

    3. George Russell fan 63

      Pls add 2014 marussia for 2020 classic cars

    4. Fabio Contier

      Codemaster F1 is expensive, it is full of errors and the company does not fix anything, enters the forum and nobody serves you. bad company. To get the rights to Formula 1, it would have to be a big company, not a mobile gaming company. F1 2019 I regret buying it.

    5. Stulch Mulch

      You have to feel sorry for Davide. He won the thing and still couldn’t get an F1 seat

      1. VRL_Notix

        I feel like he’s okay with it he knew he didn’t have the raw pace I’m sure he’s happy with his life

    6. Faisal 1998

      Can you Bring back a Classic Circuit Old Hockenheimring..

    7. Gamer Flexx

      can you please bring in F1 2020 a DLC Pack with old tracks such as Imola or Brands Hatch as in F1 2013 it was so nice i would by it becouse after a half year you have fun to drive other tracks as the 22 of the calender that would be nice im looking forward to f1 2020 to zandvort

    8. CRT I Collin

      Apperantly not for nyck


      Nice video! 👍

    10. SlimeKing SKG19

      will f1 2020 have f3 cars to play? I would like to see the Macau track

      1. MaccaPulse

        Maria Patricia Alvarez222 bruh

      2. Maria Patricia Alvarez222


    11. Alan Yammine

      Love from Lebanon🇱🇧❤️

    12. Jordan Symons

      Wasn’t going to watch this until i saw “in memory of Anthoine Hubert”

    13. Remco Vengeance Gaming

      06:24 The Irony!

    14. SKYDRAKE Cris

      at 4:59 minutes when giovinazzi is talking it sounds like he says "hey Siri" if you have an iPhone watch what happens 🤣