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    It's here, and earlier than ever before - F1 2019 is OUT NOW!
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    “Light Up The Sky”
    Performed by The Prodigy
    Written by Liam Paul Paris Howlett; Oliver Rhys Burden; Keith Andrew Palmer; Jiri Schelinger
    Courtesy of BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Under licence from BMG Rights Management Ltd.
    Published by BMG Rights Management Ltd. (PRS / MCPS), Just Isn't Music Limited (PRS / MCPS), Stellar Songs Limited/EMI (NS) and Supraphon A S (OSA)
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    1. Lostin TheRace

      If FORZA 7 can have 700 plus cars I’m pretty sure you can have way more than 20 classic cars for next years game. We need at least 5 top 5 cars from the most popular years like 78,79, 82, 85, 88, 90,91,92,93 ,95 ,97, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004. Codemasters you can do more than just 1 classic car per popular year of f1. PLEASE SOME OF US ARE DIE HARD CLASSIC F1 FANS!!!

    2. Manfred Foissner

      Kauft euch ja nicht dieses behinderte Spiel es hat 0% Fahrgefühl und ist einfach nur Geldverschwendung.

    3. J SM

      Please white skin for mercedes

    4. Saroja Krishnasamy


    5. Ray Daher

      Is the anniversary edition the regular f1 2019? And if not, does it contain career mode?

    6. BradyPollock 037

      Codemasters i love your games so much next year for f1 2020 please may you add the 1950 f1 cars in the classic car section and maybe some classic tracks thank you i hope you will take this into consideration 🤗

    7. Sim Racing Veteran

      @ Codemasters I play on Ps4 and I can’t get the in game messages. Error code 500:H comes up. Anyone else having this problem??

    8. AltRaG

      Fix your game

    9. Iceman

      @F1 Games From Codemasters Can you fix the A.I. starts, and fix the grid performance in the next update please? It will make the game a lot better, and much more enjoyable for me, and other players from around the globe if you guys can pull that off. Thanks from the U.S.

    10. Stefano Ruggieri

      Can we make a patch with better car's sounds please? The sound of f1 2018 was really better and most addictive

    11. Márk Hegedus

      Kedves Codemasters szeretnénk már valami újitást a játékra

    12. Steffen Schyroky

      Please make the ai in wet conditions much stronger

    13. Cian In 't Holt

      The screenshots arent even in the game great job

    14. G O Z A L I

      I prefer f1 2019 on ps4 before update, after update feels more heavy.

      1. G O Z A L I

        @Max I think performance down maybe because graphic upgrade, but rain effect looks better after update. I played on ps4 slim.

      2. Max

        Z GAMING you mean the force feedback that’s heavier?

    15. Kevin Levito

      Codemasters always uses annoying music in their F1 game trailers

    16. Max Hancox

      F1 2020 with F3 and Go karting please codemasters?? 😂

      1. Galactic_Nerd-sk

        Go karting would just turn it into Project Cars 😂

    17. Uncle Peter

      meh I'm gonna pass this years f1 game. maybe next year.

    18. Freesouls'z

      Name of the music , someone? Please

      1. Jamie Stokes

        The Prodigy - Light Up The Sky

    19. stevenhw

      Can't wait untill my birthday to get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. louis dejonghe

      I miss something, The thing is I would like you could do a time trial with your custom car, so maybe you could put it in the next update🙏🙏🙏

    21. eka prasetya

      Cmon man, I think every gamer accros the world understand basic english, we dont need multi language trailer tho.

    22. gianideamg

      Plz make the car from niki lauda 1975💪💪


      In India ????

    24. Adam Thompson

      F1 is amazing 2019 is by far the best I’m having a great time with Alfa Romeo trying to get them on top with kimi,

      1. Max Hancox

        Same bro I'm doing a Alfa Romeo career so have a rivalry with Kimi, it's class 🤲

    25. aviceconti

      Please let us invite friends into ranked lobbys again!!!

    26. Ariff Azmi

      why can't I get this on the playstation store in malaysia?

    27. Finerz

      Got mine on Wednesday is amazing

    28. Kelvin Wood

      Wow at first I Thought it was real! Amazing work with the animation and graphics to make it look real!

    29. ZZ9 Productions

      this trailer should be the one in the game, not the first one with the unfinished car models

      1. SilentNinja939

        Jacob Jones They have the license for the song so they are allowed to use it however they want. Developers can easily put copyrighted material in their games with permission.

      2. ZZ9 Productions

        @Jacob Jones well they will need to update or make a new one for the game that uses the final models

      3. Jacob Jones

        If they put this one in the game they will get done due to copyright restrictions.

    30. Rusyan Van Den Berg

      It looks like they polished the graphics a bit more then the last trailer. They heard our calls! Nice job Codemasters i mean it.

    31. Exit The Game

      Why can’t I buy this in my country PlayStation Store?

      1. GreekGamer Obiora

        If you are in China sorry

    32. Stadia Global

      Oh no don't forgot bring the Philippines flag with 3 Stars, Sun with Rays with White triangle, blue stripe and red stripe!

      1. ThatOneCarGuyDirk

        Another Filipino F1 fan who has my same problem so I had to use the others flag

    33. Charl Lombard 226

      Got my game today , really impressed🙌🏻

    34. potat0

      *no stop, don't give me the hope*

    35. Shane Lawler

      Bring full f2 season to career mode!

    36. Iain *GBMtv* Gibson

      So disappointed. Basically F1 2018 with a few modifications and an F2 DLC yet sold as an all new triple A title. Being so desperate to tap into the summer market and get some of those dopamine enduced purchases that you release an unfinished game (this is apparently the done thing because some players have an internet connection), what a joke!! Is the F1 licensing that expensive that you have to blantantly hoodwink your customers/fans? Even the streamers/content creators you give the game early and for free are expressing disappointment. Do better or you will lose fans faster than F1 is. As a long time F1 fan and gamer (25-30 years) it pains me to say these things, but the possibilities with todays consoles, PCs,TVs versus what we actually get is a joke. Lazy, cheap and proof that developers are being buttfucked by executives.

      1. David Young

        Clearly you haven't even played the game

      2. peter lamprou

        @Iain *GBMtv* Gibson you are mindless cause u dont appriciate the stunning graphics the league racing the driver transfers new physics etc.and u just cry like a shithole man up and appriciate what is being given

      3. Iain *GBMtv* Gibson

        @peter lamprou At least I'm not resorting to childishly insulting strangers on youtube. Are you a mindless fanboy or just a clueless troll?

      4. Iain *GBMtv* Gibson

        @Shane Lawler Why not? Are you saying I should just gladly pay for a bad product or not play a game I have already paid for? I am a real F1 fan and 30 year gamer, I have justifiable expectations that have not been met and as a consequence have a right to voice my opinions. I appreciate your loyalty to codemasters Shane as I have purchased every F1 game they have released and consider myself pretty loyal. But I am not happy with the current trend of releasing unfinished games, the micro transaction disease or codemasters dishonest marketing. Would you just eat or throw away a spoiled/mouldy piece of food that had been sold to you as fresh?? Personally I would return it and ask for an exchange or refund as I know my rights as a consumer.

      5. Shane Lawler

        If u got a problem with the game then simply don’t play it

    37. tuplajuusto22

      Cant wait until it comes to me

    38. Zieke Snuifduif

      Haha I got the legends edition already so I could play it already for 3 days earlier

      1. Galactic_Nerd-sk

        @Zieke Snuifduif It should be: Haha, I got the Legends Edition so I could play it 3 days earlier

      2. Zieke Snuifduif

        @Joel Bates 1. I'm not English, and 2. Whats wrong with it then?

      3. GreekGamer Obiora

        I Buyed Legends Edition Too

      4. Joel Bates

        Shame your grammar is about as consistent as the FIA

    39. Lau Samuel

      We need that Day one Patch...Please

    40. danort17

      Still wondering, when they get that it's stupid to put the country tag at the END of the title so tou have to click through all videos to get the right one...

      1. Kakashi

        Billy Jov because they always think seb will be in it for the title

      2. Harry Redshaw

        Look at the one with the most views lol thats normally the UK one

      3. Darnswim

        @Billy Jov Yes, that was bizarre to me as well. They definetely could've had Lando or George, but I guess Seb is more of an attraction to the British public.

      4. Billy Jov

        @Darnswim I wonder why the British cover doesn't have Hamilton and either Norris or Russell

      5. Darnswim

        Because different countries have different cover arts. In France, it's Gasly and Leclerc, while in the UK it's Vettel and Hamilton...

    41. ToastmitSchoko


    42. Diego Lam TF


      1. Gastom Motsag

        @Sunando Kundu Wrong One,Perez Crash.. Not L.Stroll

      2. AddictedToSpeed

        Sunando Kundu That was Perez

      3. Shane Lawler

        Something that happens alot

      4. Sunando Kundu

        Stroll crashing !! ?

    43. Alan Yammine

      I can't spend a lot of money on video games so I wish that there would be some free giveaways, would be so cool

      1. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

        @Alan Yammine No problem mate, wish you luck

      2. Alan Yammine

        @Nico Rosberg F1 Fan Ah thanks mate🤘🏼, good I follow Aarava, thanks a lot!

      3. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

        Some TRlocalrs did that in the past, so follow the bigger F1 channels like Aarava and Tiametmarduk and maybe you'll be lucky

    44. SmithsRus

      Might have to go and buy this in a minute.

    45. Frosty- Moisty

      i would love this game if you fix AI consistency

      1. Tim K.

        What is wrong with the AI? From TRlocal videos I saw that the AI has been made more aggressive but I haven’t bought the game yet.

      2. Audaz

        There's gonna be a day one patch in the next few hours unless that's already out.