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    Pierre Gasly previews the Austrian Grand Prix in F1 2019.
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    1. ItsRudyJ

      At least you can’t get lapped on time trial

    2. Iceman

      Did u guys change Red Bull’s engine to Honda I saw in the coding it’s still Renault

    3. Alannah's creative world

      I want that monitor stand xonnected to the fanatec wheelbase. Wer can i get that? Anyone?

    4. NotSerban

      Nice(sorry for bad english)

    5. Giannis F.

      Check Clean & Fair for league races!!!

    6. Ethan Roberts

      It is the spec car

    7. Ethan Roberts

      1:03 clutch going down not on the screen

    8. Bisikletli Genç

      Im. Yeah. Tyres are square.

    9. テレワークきよちゃんー働き方改革中

      ガスリーうまいなw ガスリーより速いフェルスタッペンってバケモンやなww

    10. ゆーゆー

      当たり前だけど上手すぎだろ! レッドブルーホンダ今期も頑張って‼️

    11. Visvesh Narayan

      Post-view: Gasly: *uses some sort of excuse Internet: Basically finished a lap down on his teammate.

    12. Kirill Sucre

      Can you do Daniil Kvyat for Sochi?

    13. Eazy_Stark

      Gasly tu est français, alors parle en français

    14. aceman42

      This has got to be the laziest virtual lap. Lol

    15. alexandre Hamel

      Too much bug in this game (PC)

      1. alexandre Hamel

        It’isnt finished

    16. Gaspar

      Gasly was actually faster in the game than in real life

    17. Farox

      I really like him, wish him best of luck don't give up Pierre!

    18. Martín García

      At least gasly sometimes win in f1 2019 Ty Codemasters

      1. Staitz

        And now he wins in real life

    19. Комаров Валерий

      Так и будет скоро ездить, перед телеком)

    20. KuchingKing VideoGamer


    21. Lanor04

      Why does it say f1 2013 in the game section of the description

    22. FiFo Da Bahia

      Esse aí é fraco de mais !!!!!!!!!

    23. Elias Hrebik

      P9 in Quali is wayyyy too bad for RedBull, he should get kicked out...

      1. Staitz

        Heh he did. But now he became a grand prix winner

      2. Alex Ferdean

        Sadly, Gasly is not recognisable. He was way better last year!


        I agree it's poor but Gasly is where he needs to be in the Driver's Championship and is doing the bare minimum, which I feel is just about good enough.

      4. ItsDrazzy

        AngryCookie completely agree with you ! It’s just not good enough..

    24. Hardware Mentor PK

      Its an AI u can see the shaky steering wheel as seen on previous F1 AI

    25. Galactic_Nerd-sk

      Insert demotion joke here

    26. Sindar Malefor Kagamine

      Oh man everytime i misread Austrian with australia. i was wonderring, " wait is this a late upload".

      1. AH- -Vendel

        Nobody cares mate


      Sadly this is an AI driving.

      1. Aajoks AJ

        THE SUPERNOOB i have played over 200h

      2. 张力山

        @Adam Vlogs Do you know there's a app called PR

      3. Adam Vlogs

        ​@THE SUPERNOOB bruv are u dumb or what look at 1:37 And 1:33


        @Kyrylo Look at the steeringwheel in-game and where he is driving. Also I alte played this game over 50 hours and the 2018 for 500, so you could say I can see an AI-line and an player-line.(sry for the bad English)

      5. Kyrylo

        How do you know that?

    28. Liith

      max turned pierre’s difficultly down to 0% and gasly can’t figure out how to turn it back up

    29. kristianj99


    30. Krisito


      1. Alonso gaming

        IA not AI

      2. Jordi Avz

        Nice pic

      3. Ethan Dean

        Nah, the AI's wheel movement is a lot more jittery. Like, rapid jittering. Parkinson's tier.

      4. XpoZedBeatz

        Pierre would have crashed

      5. GiorGiiTV

        It's not

    31. Dani Alcalde

      And Carlos could have been in your seat...

    32. Takx

      Sunday: Pierre Gasly's final laps in redbull in Austria

      1. Iceman


      2. Kushothe

        you thought i wouldnt notice uh

    33. Jacob Jones

      Can you do Lando Norris for Silverstone?

      1. Iceman

        Jacob Jones George Russell

      2. Ethan Roberts

        Lewis Hamilton

      3. Thessa Blom-Holst


    34. Bart_nugteren_ 16


    35. Ferrari F1 fans

      Still faster than a williams

      1. SirFabsi

        And faster than Manor Racing