F1® 2020 Track Guide: Azerbaijan

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    Well Done Baku! You've given us an exciting and challenging circuit to race on!
    Here's our beginner's guide for the high-speed street circuit 👍🏻
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    1. x,cb,x

      codemasters why dont you do the hybrid sound

    2. TomásVieira _TSR

      Anyone wanna league race :) (on PS4) DM me - dex410v3 U can use abs and medium traction and line only in corners for entering u need to do a 1. 05 to 1.07 at austria time trial

    3. frank jones

      When comes the f2 2020 season into the game?

    4. Franwl96

      Upgrade sound

    5. Mertay Alaca

      We need Turkish Grandprix !!

    6. wiktorz

      I kinda want historic tracks to be in F1 2021

    7. McPlayer8t

      Can I ask when the 2020 F2 cars are coming? I really love the F2 cars.

    8. .

      Baku welcomed all of us

    9. 황태웅

      Could you update the honda engine sound? I really want to listen honda's downshifting sound....please

    10. Hallison Michel

      Codemasters predicted a pole for stroll.

    11. tasos alexopoulos

      20 hours later: codemasters did a aarava and stroll got pole

    12. Cillian Kavanagh

      This is the worst game for quality and build structure I have ever owned.

      1. McPlayer8t

        Well if THIS is the worst quality game you have ever owned, you’ve done pretty well, and clearly avoided FM7.

    13. Aske Lyngvig

      When dos F2 2020 come to the game?

      1. McPlayer8t

        I second that question. They may be waiting until the end of the season to get the driver ratings right, but honestly, the sooner the better in my opinion.

    14. Emka953

      This is like spit in the face for Armenians

    15. Andrew Raynes

      Definitely had to use a few flashbacks on turn 8 before getting the hang of it

      1. McPlayer8t

        I know the feeling, but for me, the hardest part is the last s bend, I just can’t get the line right.

    16. Erva Daninha

      A codemasters vacilou muito nesse último título, um desrespeito total com os fãs que pagam todo ano por uma novidade. O que poderia ter sido o melhor jogo de F1 de todos os tempos, foi um F1 2019 2.0. Ano de corridas em pistas clássicas e a codemasters não correu atrás de licenciar nenhuma para o F1 2020. A preguiça de quem lança o mesmo jogo desde 2017 e cobra 100 reais por isso, é enorme. F1 2020 é o último que compro. Vocês merecem falir.

    17. Charles Hollinshead

      Not useful now I crashed in thursday

    18. FNA miki07

      Just In time for my league race in Baku

    19. 28November

      please do better performence update and mercedes livery update.

    20. Bay Sea

      I hate people who just close the door at the Castle Section

      1. McPlayer8t

        It’s not really a door, more like a cat flap.

    21. Dr Coomer

      To win races here, drive faster

    22. Giorgos Apostolou

      Thank you for releasing great games and videos!

    23. TSR Racix

      Will F1 2021 come for Xbox One X/S and PS4 two or only for next gen

      1. Pole Position

        @Tyler Boiston who said it???

      2. Tyler Boiston

        Unfortunately no, 2020 is the last hurrah for the current gen consoles, 2021 will be next gen exclusive.

    24. MehmetXz

      We need turkish grandprix

      1. Sbinotto07

        Yeni pistleri yapmıyacaklar.

    25. ElvinK


    26. DaniMacYo

      2:18 Yo... JD here TRL Limitless.

      1. FNA miki07

        @DaniMacYo hehe

      2. DaniMacYo

        @FNA miki07 Yeah sh** I was half asleep lol fixed

      3. FNA miki07

        It's JD not DJ

      4. F1-AMG44

        That guy is so annoying

    27. Qubex Production®

      Everyone: enjoying Turkish GP weekend Codemasters: Let's drop some hotlaps of Baku

      1. Giorgos Apostolou

        Well, they can't make Turkish GP guide because they don't have Turkey in the game.

    28. Ferrari Fan

      I wish take two did not acquire you. You guys make amazing F1 games.

      1. McPlayer8t

        Stop with the wills and won’ts, we just have to wait and see. If Take Two have more than 7 brain cells, they won’t change a thing. Codemasters are doing things exactly right as far as I’m concerned.

      2. Ferrari Fan

        @D Thacker No I have played multiplayer. At least I did not experience any issues.

      3. Diego De La Cruz

        @Darwin i've played nba my player and yes you can pay money but you can also play for 1 full nba season and be 99 overall, so idk, i don't think 2k will do that to f1 games, i'm positive XD

      4. D Thacker

        You seemed to have never played Multiplayer 😂😂😂😂😂

      5. Darwin

        @Diego De La Cruz I've heard that in order to rank up your player's skill in the NBA games, you have to grind for endless hours OR pay money.

    29. Hashimoto Hato Mato

      Nooo where's Turkey? 🥶🥵🥵😔😪🤤🤤😵😵🤯🤠😰😰🥺🥺🤓🤢🤢🤢😎🥸🥸😲😲

    30. The Zeon5

      I knew you guys post a random track from the original calendar, when a grand prix season is going on from the updated 2020 calendar. 😂

    31. BaconBear48

      I can’t see any comments, oh well TRlocal is always like this