F1® 2020 Track Guide - Canada

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    Are you ready to take on the Wall of Champions? You will be, along with every other corner with our beginner's guide to Canada!
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    1. Dont Bother

      Don’t let EA take you!

    2. Mareli1983

      Scum community and poorest sanction system of racing, sorry if I confused you with word racing, trash who play this game don't understand concept of racing and what racing means (yes trash, this is for you, little explanation, but I know, moron like you wouldn't understand anyway), and those who made the game seems to struggle with that concept to, penalty for those who got rear ended flying across the track while rammer get position free, customer service is way to awesome to contact, a lot of fun, same like sending email to the brick wall 👍👌🙌

    3. sz.attila

      Is that really Litifi's Williams?! If so, he'd just dream about a lap like this. 😁

    4. Hunter Cihal

      Super fun and flowing track



    6. Tristan van Heest

      We say no to EA. Dont let EA take codemasters !

      1. Anto Ruiz

        It's not gonna be as bad as you think

    7. Damos Gaming

      I had my fist and only red flag there in f1 2012 because of rain and a 3 car crash on the start/finish straight Hope you'll bring back red flags and that ea won't mean something bad for the f1 and dirt rally franchise Oh and project cars now that you bought slightlymad

      1. Dont Bother

        Spend £500 to enter Q2

    8. Akshith Pillari

      ******************************* idots code master

    9. DaniMacYo

      One of my personal favourites. I always do well here and I aim to win all the time hehe. Such a great circuit I love it.

    10. Panos GP

      We cant await for EA !!👌👌👌

    11. PlayStation Network

      I’m worried about you, I think EA will end all the excellent progress you’ve made in the game!

      1. Steven Luzifer Belsebub

        You call Spa's Busstop excellent? Are you OK?

      2. Abdul Muhaimin

        Don't said it was leak or rumors

      3. Rodrigo Bedin

        @HUNBenjamin don't doubt EA.

      4. HUNBenjamin

        it can't be worse than it is

    12. Blitzo


    13. Hero Game

      Haha nice! NOW RELEASE F1 2021 BEFORE WE HIT 2022 🔫

      1. Hero Game

        @Tim yeah, they always release it between June

      2. Tim

        have you ever looked at the time, past games were released?

    14. Pete Villager

      F1 2021 game release date ?

      1. Pete Villager

        @Anthos Lykos Yeah and i hope will be drive for 2021 or not i end with Formula one a i not watching ever again i need Lewis

      2. Anthos Lykos

        @Pete Villager right? He's pretty much accomplished everything but I just wanna hear " *SIR* LEWIS HAMILTON WINS THE GRAND PRIX!!"

      3. Pete Villager

        @Panda 007 Maybe yes :) but Lewis Hamilton still not signed i Hope will signed on Mercedes it's great driver,knight and record-man

      4. Panda 007

        I think it will be relesed after the season starts

    15. rogerrzzz

      Most fun to drive, after interlagos

      1. Chris Andresen

        @Raphael Lippi i love the races ifl but the track it self is not that big of a deal

      2. Raphael Lippi

        @Chris Andresen I'm Brazilian and I don't really like the track lol.

      3. Chris Andresen

        @Raphael Lippi true but it's all around the track. I just think it's so unsatisfying for me to drive

      4. Raphael Lippi

        @Chris Andresen hard second sector.

      5. sz.attila

        Interlagos is the best for me! Love that track.


      OMg ThiS cOMmenT haS MoRE ThAn 100 lIkEs LoL

    17. Flagler America

      Oh yeah it’s happening

    18. rogerrzzz