F1® 2020 | Accolades Trailer

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    It’s pole position for F1® 2020! Don’t just take our word for it - this is what the critics said

    My Team. Split-screen. Shorter season options. Accessible handling. The original 22 circuits. Michael Schumacher DLC.

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    1. Chaika Stein

      Hate to ask, but when is the performance patch coming?

    2. Ioannis Tsiligiannis

      Which is the song?

    3. Bosco26726

      "as good as it gets...4/5" uhhh wut? either it has room to get better or you dont understand how ratings work monkaHmm

    4. Taylan Aplar

      Please add the new tracks in

    5. Rohan Prakash

      I really this game this year but please fix the bugs.The game is really unstable

    6. Santi_ 2

      Mercedes nega come on

    7. Frank

      Broken game, many features don’t work, still no pitcoins, quit patting yourselves on the back and fix this mess you’ve made

    8. Rafi

      Can you fix Mercedes OFFICIAL LIVERY

    9. Epic Franek

      Ditch Forza Horizon. I already got my f1 deluxe

    10. Peter Weer

      Nice video

    11. Josu Vazquez

      And mugello?

    12. Tombz


    13. ark13700

      It's a re[COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES]ally good game, really enjoy the motorsport manager elements and the satisfact[COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES]ion of earning sponsor money between races. Now if only I can play online without [COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES] popping up every other second.

    14. brian martin lopez

      F1 2019 is better than f1 2020

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        @brian martin lopez what changes? You didn't explain anything.

      2. brian martin lopez

        @Rafa Firdaus because it, s the f1 2019 but with some changes for worst

      3. Rafa Firdaus

        How? Explain.

    15. FeRiTY

      This Trailer is pure epicness If you ask me

    16. Rafmgmt

      That ego engine reached his top since 2014 it has to go when the ps5 arrives, hopefully they use unreal engine 5 like pro evolution soccer is doing for next year's game 🤞

    17. Rafmgmt

      Hope we get the real hud from tv broadcast showing all the drivers timings , someone even did that mod for 2019...

    18. BrenoSoldier Z

      What abou f2 2020? we Will have ?

      1. Jeffrey ten thije

        As in 2019, that'll take some time probaly

    19. Elison Nilson Coelho

      can't wait for this on PS5

      1. cringe furry man

        it won't release on ps5

    20. Fernando Mogrovejo

      when libery black of mercedes ?

    21. MacAce2010

      Know this. It's not perfect; yet.

    22. MrTimmsy1986

      My team is just career mode with some extra bits, it's pretty boring needs more gameplay that differs from a normal career. Driver walks out, there are no crashes and scripted parts failures in career so it gets really boring. I bought F1 2019 when on sale, loved it so bought 2020 and find it pretty much exactly the same, thought my team would have been so much better. Also I play it in full race mode with manual controls and AI on max with custom pit strategies and still on my first career on my team and I am getting 5-7th place pretty easily with a basic first season car with no upgrades. Game needs major nerfing or it will get put down quick, too easy!

    23. Wesley A. Machado

      Cars are a hell of a lot faster, now I'm able to beat some actual track records using the controller. Had to raise the difficulty level to 90 (master) and I loved it 😁

    24. Ahmet Faruk Kurtkadiroğlu

      The Best Formula 1 Game.

    25. Darrell

      game crashes 24/7 on pc, just like 2019 did. Who tests your games? monkey or?

    26. cristhian sevillano

      Y la actualización de la libery de Mercedes

    27. Le Maniatico

      Okayy but fix the problem when i brake,the rear view its on,unplayable in xbox

    28. Domin6121

      When new Black mercedes?

    29. Adam Thomas Thorne

      “F1 2020 is as good as it gets” - Hardcore Gamer..... 4/5. Clearly it can get better then otherwise you would have scored it 5/5!

    30. Zireael

      The game is amazing but still lacks sense of speed in one monitor. I'm driving at 300km+ and feel nothing. It's worse on lower speeds, corners at 100km/h feel like 20. Don't know if you can do something about it.

    31. Cyber Games


    32. Rich

      Oi Codies, please spend some serious time improving AI for your next title. Put an end to humans being able to make 10 positions at turn 1 because AI are too stupid to use the entire width of the track. This is the best F1 title in years but AI from GP4 in 2001 is still better in many areas.

    33. szewei85

      Haha wonderful

    34. Nicky Wong

      when Mugello n new liveries update?

      1. FRR Official Channel

        They said New Tracks aren’t coming to the game and Black Mercedes is coming mate it’s just matter of time

    35. Uncle Niels

      The 2020 cars drive way to easy compared to the classic 2006-2010 cars. They are even harder to drive🤣 wat i also found strange is that 2010 redbull is as fast as the 2004 ferarri on a monza lap..

    36. Ariff

      rip australian jesus

    37. Mr Nefta

      Music plis

    38. Joy Manoppo

      Why in the game doesn't have a black mercedes?

      1. FRR Official Channel

        Calm down it will come, it just takes time to change a whole car livery.

    39. Frisky Binsky

      Just need more vibrant liveries for my team

    40. Maurício portuga

      Bugs bugs I more bugs

    41. vitor manoel leite

      Where is Black Mercedes

    42. Dragon IX90

      Please make a f1 mobile game with a career mode for both the driver and the team.

    43. Vins

      so pissed that the liveries are not updated yet we still receive useless trailer videos

      1. Maddin Pictures

        stop crying, they made the liveries but they wait for permission of FOM, its a license thing

    44. Diogo Alexandre

      How about fixing multiplayer? Connecting to online services? Migrating host?

    45. LSR Norris

      Hey guys! I’ve started my very own F1 TRlocal channel as a pad driver. Come support me and subscribe for future tips and tricks videos to make you faster as a controller driver! Much love ❤️

    46. i, Lewis Giovanna

      Why Ferrari have the best engine ??????

      1. FRR Official Channel

        A perfomance patch will come don’t worry

      2. shenba rajasekar

        It was based on the engine performance from last year

    47. Ali Raza

      Codies have absolutely nailed it with F1 2020. Amazing job

    48. Thomas_sears_

      I used to play fifa and get really annoyed at it and it was not fun my parents were annoyed at me for getting annoyed at it. I brought this hoping it would stop me and I would actually have fun and it has I have got annoyed at this game once coz it’s not like fifa where you have to grind u can just have fun

    49. Zachary burrage

      When's the black livery coming for the Mercedes


      When the patch of the multiples Bugs ?


      When the patch of the multiples Bugs ?

    52. Matheus Montalvão

      We want to pick different nose/front wings to our car on Myteam! Give us that tool!

      1. Cali Steezy

        Just design and costumize your car/livery in general. Should be in next gen.

    53. Tim van der Heijden

      I cant play because CE-34878-0

    54. MingHao

      so buggy

    55. The Manu ́s Crack

      Ojala entiendan mi español: ¿Cuando sería la actualización para ver al Mercedes en negro?

    56. Tibor Máté

      Very good very nice beauty game! But Sc rules? Joke !!!! Joke!!!!

    57. Kieran Cliffe

      Very realistic but one thing missing (Not Ferrari being at the back) Where are sc and vsc i have not had one in my team for 1/2 of a season

      1. FRR Official Channel

        Kieran Cliffe Just go into “Grand Prix Format” then “Preferences”, then “Game settings” then activate the SC there.

      2. Kieran Cliffe

        @FRR Official Channel Do you know how?

      3. Jeffrey ten thije

        I've had 5 of em or so, and I just arrived at Spain.

      4. FRR Official Channel

        Kieran Cliffe Do u even have it activated to deploy lol

      5. Nico 85

        @Kieran Cliffe That's really odd... and disappointing. It seems like it is triggered by smaller things rather than bigger things, as I got it from an engine failure from Gio and a spin from Seb. I hope Codies fix it.

    58. Georgios Iatrou

      @Codemasters when comes the new f2 Cars ?

      1. cringe furry man

        probably in september/october

    59. harvey ormsby

      when are you going to add the black mercedes

    60. #SHANK

      10/10 :: '' cuz atleast in the game u get to see ferrari actually competing merc. '' - FERRARI

    61. Mustafa

      Please MacOs

    62. Armand34


    63. Pedro Ferreira †

      Where is the black Mercedes?????

      1. Pete Villager

        @FRR Official Channel in 28 july ?

      2. FRR Official Channel

        They will have it, it just takes time, but don’t worry it will 100% come.

      3. Pete Villager

        i still not have patch :(

    64. Ivan

      Make it it an out & out sim with a casual arcade mode but now there's that casual arcade mode on an arcade game seems a bit silly True triple screen support VR Ray Tracing

    65. {Mateusz.Matti.4658} The Dark Night

      Poor car damage in F1 2020, which is a big downside to F1 2020 from Codemasters.

      1. {Mateusz.Matti.4658} The Dark Night

        @Zireael There are more technical failures, but the damage model is very average.

      2. Zireael

        Still better than last year though, now more parts break.

    66. Radek Čuhel

      It would be so cool if Codemasters created their own soundtrack that would play in the menu just like in FIFA games.

      1. ark13700

        2010 menus intensifies

    67. K Rut14

      It's such a good game

    68. Margiu.

      F1 2020 ps5???

    69. Gustavo França

      BLACK MERCEDES?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      1. Pete Villager

        @FRR Official Channel ok in 26 july ok let's see what about that

      2. FRR Official Channel

        GHOST HUNTER Yes, idk the date exactly but I can assure you it’s coming these days

      3. Pete Villager

        @FRR Official Channel ok 22 july it's first week 23 july second 24 july third 25 july fourth and 26 july fifth black mercedes is coming yeah

      4. FRR Official Channel

        It’s coming on a future patch, probably in few months/weeks just wait.

      5. Pete Villager

        Worst game ever and i definitive end this game and i will not play this game never turn on ever

    70. Jesse James

      Cadê meus 15000 Pitcoins?

    71. Izaias Souza33

      Career mode with real driver licensed please

    72. Matt Prior

      this game is a buggy mess at launch ... just wait a few months before buying

    73. Lexus

      Hey codemasters. Tv style leaderboards please

    74. Reinaldo fernandes

      I want one

    75. ZZBossGaming

      0:45 how do I get that race suit? I can’t find it anywhere and I bought the Schumacher edition

      1. Calvin Bakkum

        that suit is bound to his ferrari cars so you can only select it when you drive his car

      2. Alief Fauzan thecat


    76. Emanuel Nagima

      Black Mercedes?????????

    77. JustinsWorld4U

      Great game, just Multiplayer that's very buggy :(

    78. Simo Beaugosse

      Please when are Xbox players going to have the new Mercedes mclaren liveries

    79. Blairs video Channel

      this is officially the 793rd trailer for this game

    80. Kalmár Ákos

      Okay, okay... the press loves the game, everything's fine... BUT where is the black Mercedes!?

      1. Pete Villager

        @FRR Official Channel ok

      2. FRR Official Channel

        Farkas Péter Because codemasters have other games and things to develop and research, so yeah.

      3. Pete Villager

        @FRR Official Channel 5 weeks ? in 26 or 27 july ???? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i'm happy bwoah

      4. FRR Official Channel

        GHOST HUNTER Calm down lol do you even realize how many time it would take to make a whole livery for a car and make it fit with everything? It’s coming this year probably in a month or few weeks just wait lol.

      5. Pete Villager

        @Mário Lopes what future? I don't want to wait until 2021, I need that black Mercedes right now what are you kidding codemasters I cough it up and that's it I'm done with this game I will never turn it on again and I won't play it anymore

    81. SweetFlexZ

      Just need to improve replay sound or the sound from the exterior and GOTY

    82. Lmp1Robi

      Only muggelo would need to be in f1 because of a good track and measured can't hang up a realistic 2020s championship next to the game

    83. Stru Bew

      Codemasters could we have a online mode whare everyone makes thare own team and compete in f1

      1. Stru Bew

        thare would be no F1 teams cuz Everyone would have there own team and would sign a F2 Teammate and it would be leagues only

      2. Stru Bew

        It could be like F1 2012 when u could do LAN Career Mode

      3. Jeffrey ten thije

        I don't know if it is how it works, but like, be able to have your 11th team in splitscreen

      4. Advance Galaxy

        @Carl Johonsson or u know, do it like league racing?

      5. Stru Bew

        Ok :)

    84. Ps4games

      Best game ever

    85. Rozitos

      Fantastic 🔥🇧🇷

    86. Kees van Leeuwen

      Fix your issues please!

    87. All Of Chris

      But will Mugello be added to the game??? 23 Race Season...

      1. Zireael

        No, they said that new circuits will not be added. Have you seen how much time they take to release a black Mercedes livery? Lmao

      2. DWK Khan

        No it won't, only the oridgnally planned season tracks are going to be in the game

    88. AtiveGamers

      O melhor até agora, mas precisa arrumar o multiplayer!!! =D

    89. Giovanni Keppler

      Black Mercedes ?

      1. Pete Villager

        This game is worst still no update maybe next day 22 july

    90. channetr

      Ferrari and Merc wheels to Wheels !? ... oh I get it, They on different lap. XD

    91. lnko

      How much more till the Ferrari nerf and black Mercedes codies?

      1. Jasper Herridge

        @Key 20 I agree that they probably won't make it optional, but the Williams had a change in title sponsor (they don't want to give Rokit free advertising) while the Mercedes only changed the colour, there are no sponsorship cnanges

      2. FiKra

        @Key 20 damn :/

      3. Key 20

        @FiKra they didn't let us choose the Williams so we probably are going to be limited to the black Mercedes

      4. FiKra

        @D i know but still, what harm does making it optional cause? it let's people chose wheter they want it or not.

      5. D

        @FiKra yh buts that's not how it looks in the 2020 season

    92. The name is Wolfff

      Will you update the pace of Ferrari?

      1. FRR Official Channel

        i, Lewis Giovanna No lol they are doing this year in few days/weeks with a Perfomance Patch

      2. i, Lewis Giovanna

        Next year maybe

    93. JP01

      I'MMA CHAMPION!!!!!!!!

    94. Leonidas Potsis

      0:24 so realistic, the haas spinning and taking out multiple cars

      1. General Grievous

        "I think Ericsson hit us"

      2. Memento Mori

        Ha will not make it to turn 3.... Directed by robert b. Weide

    95. An Avgeeks passion

      These trailers won't stop dropping will they? Keep em coming life is boring now

    96. Aloter

      0:22 Wow ! The famous splitscreen in 240p where you can't desactivate the ERS overtake mode... Superb ! 🙄 And this famous game with more loading time than Gta5...

      1. Aloter

        @ZZBossGaming yeah I know

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Aloter huh that’s weird

      3. Aloter

        @ZZBossGaming on Ps4, it starts on overtake and you can't desactivate it

      4. ZZBossGaming

        Aloter what did you mean u can’t deactivate it? It doesn’t automatically start on overtake it starts on medium

      5. Aloter

        @ZZBossGaming yes but you can't change it during the race... you can only activate the "Overtaking" mode of the ERS and desactivate it... And in splitscreen, you can't desactivate it so you loose a lot of time because you don't have any ERS left after 1 lap

    97. Trymacs Fails

      👍🏼I already have the game

    98. Matteo Noventa

      F1 2021 ps5?

      1. Rafa Firdaus

        @comedypur no atari 2600

      2. comedypur

        no snes

      3. Niklas Stenzel

        @CrYoTiX S no gameboy

      4. CrYoTiX S

        No Nintendo ds🤦🏼‍♂️

    99. ferdzso

      very realistic. at the end of the trailer they even show a Mercedes lapping a Ferrari

      1. Maks’s channel


      2. luk_testa49

        Where do you want the statue?

      3. Veljko Dubicanin

        Pretty sure wheel to wheel is not lapping, don't you think 😏😏😏

      4. Jovan P

        ferdzso best comment ever! 😹😂👌🥳🥳😎🏎🏁

      5. Gianvito Mancini

        Possiamo pure fare schifo adesso ma non ti permetto di dire queste cose #forzaferrari

    100. Spidey

      we did it bois, we Beated FIFA

      1. Mr Storm

        @Rafa Firdaus I pledge myself to your teachings

      2. Rafa Firdaus

        Not very difficult is it?

      3. Spidey

        @Mr Storm lol

      4. Mr Storm

        @santi that's literally what I said

      5. santi

        Since 2016