F1® 2020 Track Guide: Russia

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    The site of Daniil Kvyat's home race, the Sochi Autodrom has a number of challenges nestled between its walls. Get a handle on them with this beginner's guide 👍🏻

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    1. Orhan Efe Ünal

      Codemasters are going to own the motorstorm or make series like that

    2. Cesar Sampaolesi

      Agregar los circuitos nuevos

    3. raikkusaatana

      I simply can't understand where these trials/tests what ever they are, are in F1 2020? Or is it so that Xbox One version doesn't have them? Manual or anything doesn't say a word about them, so they are total mystery.

      1. Makgopelo Mkhwanazi

        raikkusaatana career mode

      2. Federico MARCHETTI

        They are in FP1/FP2/FP3 you should find them

    4. mia ria

      F1 2020 launches Fans: so what's new Codemasters: trees

      1. mia ria

        @a human with purpose I think some sense came into you

      2. mia ria

        No @a human with purpose I am Purposely not talking about my team and the battle pass if you look at the 2019 game and compare it to this years game you will see that on almost all the tracks have more trees like alot more trees

      3. a human with purpose

        @mia ria so why are you saying they have hardly added anything

      4. mia ria

        @a human with purpose what do you mean I have the game

      5. a human with purpose

        You don't know at all about this game.

    5. Piero Tansini

      I have problems with F1-2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition on my computer.Why if F1-2019 no problems with identic configuration?

    6. Brucie

      My quickest is a 1:32.374 with a spectacular ending -> trlocal.info/u/video/n42ln9HMqKbRj4w

    7. FeRiTY

      Please help: In career-mode and "myTeam" I have the following issue: in both modes my game just starts endless loading after finishing the race in Monaco. Its really frustrating. I raced 2 times there now in "myTeam" and every time the podium celebration is done, it starts endless loading. I raced 2 times (25%) which is a total of 40 laps. In Career-Mode I got the same issue. I've done a 50% race there in Monaco (39Laps if I am remembering correctly) and... it just doesn't save the progress. So, I have driven about 80 laps for nothing. Please fix it Sorry for my English if there are any mistakes :c

    8. Giovanni Santorsola

      Honda engine sound is still far from real life unfortunately

    9. Jonah Hosein

      Are we going to get a update to give us the new mclaren nose at some point in the future, along with fixing the graphic and playability glitch that happens when you rejoin a lobby?

    10. Jolzruen

      sochi more like big crash BIG

    11. Артём Герасимов

      Please give us these programs in GP mode

    12. divebomb Fun4U

      Don't think I never noticed those greens🧐

      1. Federico MARCHETTI

        Once in Spain guide I think

    13. President of Bobonia

      my record is 1:36

      1. Sebas64


      2. Gaming With Nicko


    14. Wades

      Add the possibility that we can put the same track twice in career/myteam mode. For example : Austria, Austria, Hungary. Add the fisheye effect option on T cam, please.

    15. AS19

      I actually quite like the track

      1. Carlo Lo Presti

        Actually me too

      2. a human with purpose

        @Gaming With Nicko people have opinions.

      3. Allan Cameron

        You're weird

      4. mia ria

        @B3TM Russia is boring yes but it is very easy

      5. Tristan van Heest

        Monaco and Baku are a joke of a track. Guess you kids just need to get good lmao.