F1® 2020 First Look | Hanoi Circuit

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    It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to take a tour of one of the brand new circuits in F1® 2020, and if you haven’t guessed it already, we’re taking the covers off Hanoi Circuit. And we’re grabbing a ride on-board Charles Leclerc’s Scuderia Ferrari.
    Designed by the legendary circuit architects Tilke, Hanoi Circuit takes inspiration from iconic tracks such as Suzuka, Monaco and Nürburgring. Not only that, it’s designed to encourage plenty of overtaking and racing action, and we can’t wait to get on it virtually.
    Get more information here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/revealing-hanoi-circuit-in-f1-2020
    You’ll be able to race on Hanoi Circuit, along with the other 21 tracks in the original F1® calendar, in F1® 2020, which releases 10th July. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder

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    1. nydilakinz p2000

      Imagine this track + light rain

    2. Varoken_Gamer


    3. Andorch

      Such a terrible track is this

    4. Thuận Bật Nơ

      Vinfast Vietnam car company has brought the tournament for the first time to Hanoi bringing Vietnamese birds to the world. You come to this channel to see vinfast cars ❤️❤️❤️

    5. Jesus Clemente

      Anyone knows if codemasters will have the option to remove the steering wheel as they do in Dirt rally 2.0?

    6. Watermelon Banana

      I anyone else getting Valencia vibes?

    7. Nguyễn Tiến Anh

      As a person who live HERE, I can say the track is incredibly detailed. I can literally see my apartment in 0:42 (the blue skyscraper in the left). Massive kudos to Codemasters, I have pre-ordered the game.

    8. niduoe stre

      2:04 AIR HORNS IS BACK!! Massive early 2000's vibes in here bois

    9. mikin lirou

      The last sector looks very technical and interesting and fun to drive.

      1. niduoe stre

        designer, developer and as an advisor. Manager even. Anyway, I could go on but I'll save that for another day and on different sites.

    10. fouoii gyhh

      Imagine this circuit in a My Driver episode...

      1. mikin lirou

        Those concrete barriers ruin it. We need circuits with grass for run off.

    11. Rob Davies

      Looks nice, although sadly in real life the runoff areas are much bigger in the final sector from looking at drone footage on TRlocal. The final corner also has a runoff area, whereas on the game it will just be a wall. Should still be fun.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        What is a music plz ?

    12. hen ko

      The last sector looks very technical and interesting and fun to drive.

    13. Revanth

      You should have a mode in which we can drive and take the safety car driver job.

      1. hen ko

        forcing them to reduce the damage to almost zero.

    14. Stefan Oliwa

      Sorry for what recommended rx590 or 1060ti. This graphics looks like shite. Only shadow maps, some basic sso, perhaps need 4-5gb vram for texture (not really see reason why). Looks like dx9. Perhaps only at this video at 2k monitor. One big no no for me

    15. soinu foig

      I want the floor and wings to break if ride a yellow curve stone.

    16. Vuckoland Vučko

      cockpit view sucks

      1. soinu foig

        bottom left and when they want to edit the helmet but the same wont be plain when they pick there helmet but they dont want to be change put a of there picture helmet when i

    17. Fausto Rodrigues Neto

      @F1GamesFromCodemasters Can you explain to me why when I play F1 2019 on the xbox one controller. No cars that I select for the right lane? And doesn't it make the curve too? Use your default setup.

    18. mrShazam

      looks and feels the same as 2019 or is my idea?

    19. Milton Fridman

      I Love how formula E-ish this is

    20. linterni Gamer

      Codemasters, before release the game, there is a little mistake in japan circuit, in the sector 2, during the turn 12, there is one problem with the big walls that are in the right, one of them is like unfinished. This mistake has been in the game since so many years and, well, it would be good to fix it.

    21. Starstreak

      Awful track

    22. Mr. Mosso

      A ferrari dream

    23. Gary Scott

      Sochi without the charm. LOL

    24. steve a brooks

      someone else had same idea Baku lot like narrow ,fast , concrete walls,should be fun f14life🤙😎👊

    25. Jr H

      Lol. Judge dredd not judge dress, that would be a site to behold, sly Stallone in a dress saying ' I am the law'.'

    26. Jr H

      Out of all the takes they had to make this track look brilliant they chose one where who ever or whatever was driving messed up the beginning of the 1st sector, missing very 1st apex and fluffing the next couple as a result. Lol I miss F1 like crazy, been watching since I was 4 years old in 1976. Oh how times, drivers, cars, teams and regulations have changed. One thing that is constant though is Ferrari and their capabilities to perform miracles when it comes to getting away with anything and everything when it comes to the FIA's rules and regulations. I think, and this is my personal opinion, due to the fact they've been there since the dawn of F1 they feel they are F1. A bit of 'judge dress - I am the law' syndrome. Roll on July. Let's have it. Lewis is going to equal Schumacher's 7 drivers championships. Racing point will shine for 3 races then fall away as it's one thing copying performance but it's another sustaining it. Leclerc and bottas will be forces to be reckoned with but Mr vettel will show us a masterclass as he says farewell at the end of this year. In that year off he'll be a wonderful father and an amazingly fun dad. He'll then make the decision, I think, to remain a family man. Giving his infinite wisdom as a designer, developer and as an advisor. Manager even. Anyway, I could go on but I'll save that for another day and on different sites.

    27. moogleslam

      Those concrete barriers ruin it. We need circuits with grass for run off.

    28. Marckalea

      Please, turn 2 more aproximated to the wall on the right

    29. ILL LaRd0n

      What is a music plz ?

      1. Jonas van Gelder

        Music: waves of air. Your ear translates it into sound. Edit:typo

    30. Flame Bot

      I would pay 100€ for a F1 game with real damage models and but not for such an arcade one like 25 years. I hate codemasters so much because the automotive industry is forcing them to reduce the damage to almost zero.

    31. BigChungus

      có ae nào Việt Nam ko nhỉ ?

    32. RAY M

      1:37 one looks difficulty but looks like fun

    33. HipZ

      Tự Hào Việt Nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 👇👇👇

    34. Zuch Ocampo

      Hey codemasters can you put a helmet editor at the mobile game if they want to edit put a helmet logo from the top of the helmet section if they want to be plain put an x at the bottom left and when they want to edit the helmet but the same wont be plain when they pick there helmet but they dont want to be change put a of there picture helmet when if they want to edit the helmet put put stickers and can you put unlimited stickers and that can paint the stickers and put a color changer kile the material if they want like granite shiny and put classic stickers if they want michael schumachers iconic 7 star and the vodaphone stickers put all the stickers in the formula 1 universe

    35. Nori Mizoguchi

      こんなに縁石跨いで良いんですね😅 参考になります。 楽しみだなぁ❤️

    36. JoyBarnBlitz

      I’m going to get it!!!!!

    37. Dean FPV

      this game has the looks but for me it's more about the feel. I hope this feels right.

    38. Leon TheProfessional

      Love you long time...

    39. David RJ RC

      i don't like it... without taste for me.... old tracks back in the days are more attractive!

    40. PH

      It's only me, but this formula e tracks is horrible.

    41. Brown 266

      Looks like this track will produce the most boring races of the year

    42. Leonardo Groeneveld

      watch out for the trees

    43. Jcaz94

      Is this a mobile game? graphics are very underwhelming.

    44. Abdul Muhaimin

      That the Esses is very scare than I thought.

    45. gregorio cinti

      Why they build these f***ing walls all around the track. No more open spaces, grass and sand. It's a Russian gp and Baku mix. Btw the corners are incredible, very good track

    46. JanaBella8 Schneider

      This track liked by George Russell, if i didn't mistaken


      Sería genial que sacarán una edición de alguna temporada de los 50...

    48. Al

      amazing track layout. whoever created it threw everything in we know to be amazing from established circuits. Feels like a mixture of Valencia,Mexico, Monza, Austin. Montreal(wall of champs)

    49. MFT MFT

      unrealistic disgusting graphics physics Disgrace is a complete kids game DİSK LİKE

    50. Hoop

      F1 2020......where everyone stays at home in locked down!!!

    51. Thijmen De Jong

      Looks like Valencia

    52. Bora Çetin

      Track looks like its designed for showcases

    53. Steven Hilton

      Is this F1 2020 Covid-19 edition with half the tracks missing :)

    54. wilson is gaming


    55. Weir Racing

      Looks like a nightmare for online lobbies

    56. Joel Bates

      Ive built better Scalextric tracks. Appalling.

    57. Mike Borgböhmer

      This reminds me a bit of Valencia

    58. Ve83dyshdg3 a

      I hoped this track was a Baku with more excitement but I am not thinking that anymore

    59. Beautiful Scenery For You


    60. Paul Bowler

      This track looks really good!

    61. Yutube User

      Idk abt anyone else but this reminds me of long beach street circuit on other racing games

    62. Luis Guerrero

      I Just can predict this race is gonna be boooooorrreedd !!! as hell !!!! Valencia street circuit had similar straights and corners .... Which is the great thing ??? long races .... turbulence aeros, and no overtaking ... !!!

    63. Nico C

      I want an option that allows the game to cancel the first 10 races of the season, i need realism.

    64. Alejandro Cañas

      I'll buy it for my ps4 and I's really exited to see how it goes

    65. mfgIcarlos

      Please add a raceline without brake/throttledisplay just the raceline please!

    66. Zed 96

      The onboard engine sound has improved a lot but the off board sounds are absolutely horrendous. Especially the downshifts, almost laughable

    67. CJ Fedora

      Baku, Monte Carlo and Marina Bay already make me anxious and angry! F1, why are you so cruel?!

    68. David Kearns

      Nothing to do with the game, but track looks boring

    69. ermito

      Invalidated corner cutting starting in 3... 2... 1...

    70. EverythingTech

      I hope they will change this intro music with the F1 original music in the final game.

    71. OBW8 Rdm

      Please please bring us some classic circuits as DLC

    72. white ttlove

      what the same graphic 2019. please upgrade game engine codemaster.

    73. Aditya Bedi

      it's literally like baku and sochi had a kid

    74. Ivan Macias

      Both Williams are gonna get lapped so many times on here lmao

    75. Kevin Klühspies

      Valencia 2.0

    76. Esternocleido Mastoideo

      Se ve prometedor el circuito, pero el motor del ferrari parece el del honda.

    77. SportsGamingCubing

      Lol imagine if yall got a good driver to showcase the potential of the track

    78. Marc Ozor

      Valencia 2.0

    79. Imran Mohsin

      no one told the crowd social distancing ...

    80. Andrea Accarigi

      Veramente bello anche se mi sembra un circuito molto pericoloso con la quasi totale assenza di vie di fuga di sicuro è un percorso safety car 🤣✌

    81. Driver Scottie-C

      I like the flow of this track. It really allows you to stay at the top of the powerband. Also, the risk - reward on corner exits. "How close do you dare to get to the wall to shave that extra tenth off?"

    82. Heavy T

      Don’t want to be negative but this is 100% the most boring track I’ve ever seen

    83. Diego Alvarez

      I am the only one that thinks that hanoi looks like sochi?

    84. Jonas Junior

      Man, I saw a little bit of Avus (an old Berlin circuit, used once by F1) in this track...

    85. DirtyBlastard

      I wonder how long it'll take FIA to add chicanes all over those long straights.

    86. VitinhoVMM

      Another boring circuit looks like Russia😴

    87. Lauren

      As boring, bland and forgetful as Sochi

    88. hugo sigala portillo

      Sochi 2.0

    89. Sergio Junior

      Good Job...

    90. Ahmet Özdemir

      Engine sounds so much different, nearly like a mix of renault and honda

    91. Perspii

      Korea vibes

    92. Cyber Games


    93. Ferrari Fan

      Get in there Codemasters! You are always delivering us with the most amazing stuff!

    94. JianHui Liao


    95. Nhất Vương Nguyễn

      Hello F1. Wellcome to HaNoi VietNam. Coming soon

    96. peter hardy

      No hate on codemasters but this circuit is literally everything wrong with f1 nowadays, no excitement anymore just a flat straight with the occasional chicane every now and again

    97. Andrew Elliott

      Great detailed render of the track but I think the Hanoi street circuit looks rubbish. Boring layout with no character just a concrete walled mess like Valencia street circuit. I don't like these long bendy straights with dull off cambered corners with no nice views of the city. I think this should have been more like Singapore or Monaco, a tight twisty challenge through awesome buildings not just a drag race down highways. I would prefer it not to be a street race at all but there you go. Baku has Monaco parts which gives it some character it's alright, remember every race at Baku hasn't been good but this track has no soul, even less than Valencia. I'm getting bored of street circuits and F1 just following the money. F1 should cut a deal with the Thailand Chang Circuit and have a race there instead or cut a deal with Korea so F1 could race again on the awesome Korea International circuit. F1 needs more race tracks for better racing not dull street circuits.

    98. Kevin Jimenez

      Is it just me or does this look a bit boring like Sochi. So flat and many high ugly walls.

    99. Tegar Satriyo

      Is it just me or sf1000 looks really different in real life

    100. Chris Wyett

      This isn't the first look. I saw this months ago.