F1® 2020 AI Difficulty Guide

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    F1® 2020 is at its best when you're having great races with your competitors, battling wheel-to-wheel. Today we’ll show you how to have these great races, by setting the perfect difficulty level for the AI.
    00:00 - Intro
    00:21 - Creating an AI Test
    01:03 - Qualifying Pace Test
    02:15 - Further Tweaking
    03:08 - Time to Race
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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      What skill would you like help with next? 🤔 Watch our Beginner's Guide for more tips: trlocal.info/u/video/f4JnqqXVqIuon5Y

      1. mia ria

        Can you end the pitcoins It works for a free game like fortnite but not for a fully priced game like this one Codemasters you have been making amazing games but you are starting to take the EA route so for f1 2021 can you keep the podium pass but you need to play the game to get the VIP side The podium pass doesn't effect PC players but us console players have to pay up EA levels of money to get good looking liveries

      2. Mohamed Ali

        My problems is that im bad a quali so does that effect cous I'm much better in races than in quali

      3. Fernando Angelico

        How to spin like a true vettel

      4. Keenan's clips

        @Gerard Shadiow it's still to easy

      5. Gerard Shadiow

        Is 100 AI similar to real-life performance, or would that be 110?

    2. yannara

      Does this apply also to 2019 game?

    3. Megawave79

      I feel like 95 is too easy I just went from 20 to first in 7 laps. I will use this to help thank you

    4. IA32

      AI is brutally fast in qualifying but noticeably slower in races

    5. ThreeGhost

      came back to this guide after craving some racing since months and i am glad you guys did this guide how to find the perfect difficulty 🙏

    6. Riko van der Helm

      I have driver assist on because I am really new to F1, however I am always way faster than the other at the start. How can I solve this?

    7. Charley Mclean

      can someone please tell me how to just do a normal single player race against the computer. Can’t find it anywhere

    8. bruh

      I’m just chilling on free trial at 30% difficulty 😂

    9. Dannie Christian

      Just tried this and settled at 90... 🤞🏽 it makes me competitive as well as being a challenge but fun

    10. Noah Janinda

      my problem is that ai have better straight line speed then i do. i’m good in the corners against them but even my own teammate has better straight line speed

    11. RMISMSN

      Started at 70. Slowly increasing to 80 at the moment. Great experience.

    12. ItsRudyJ

      Do you have to use default set up?

    13. Matthew Krummen

      I feel as if i am really fast in quali like getting p5 then in the race i just drop so many positions and i rather be in the midfield because i find it a lot more fun than in the very front trying to defend on in the back slow as a mug

    14. Noname

      Instead of make guide video for difficulty setting, how about just put 'Difficulty Test' feature on game?

    15. Chris Pace

      I did this but it told me 80 was my AI level. It did not seem right so I did an 80 AI level at Singapore test and got pole by 1.762 seconds

    16. Aiden Romine

      I set mine to 82, and JESUS CHRIST! This is the best AI on a racing game I have experienced! Thank you for this video 👍🏻

    17. Vi Tang

      I matched the teammate lap time with AI 11%, I think I am driving very fast! lol

    18. Zztuf

      Ai is very inconsistent in this game. With the exact same difficulty settings; AI sometimes 1 second slower on one race, and then suyddendly 1 sec faster than me on the next race. Also, they move under braking to defend.

    19. Vale07

      I play with an Xbox control and with 80% Ai

    20. Vale07

      2:50 lance stroll with Daddy's cash

    21. Dr. Adamsen

      I did exactly as it said in the video, but it still doesn't feel right. I played as Bottas and after the quali session I managed to get 2 tenths ahead of Lewis. That was 70% difficulty. So I set it to 70 and went into the driver career, beginning with Formula 2. I qualified third, but then in the feature race I easily overtook the leaders and finished with a gap of 46 seconds. But that's not all! In the sprint race I overtook everyone from P8 and was leading by 5 seconds, then I pitted for new tyres after 5 laps (I didn't know you don't have to pit at all), and ended up in P20. But then I overtook everyone AGAIN and still won! I don't know if I would be able to do that if it wasn't for the safety car, BUT STILL! Far too easy. Should I raise the difficulty by, like, 20 points? Or is the AI inherently slower in Formula 2 or something?

    22. Anksiboi

      Went from 75 to 90 with this. I thought I was around the 70s, but NOPE!

    23. TheKenji2221

      You should implement the pre season event in Barcelona

    24. JCTiggs

      So overall how is the AI?

    25. OscarM452

      Im constantly top 5 in quali but bottom 5 in the race in my career mode. Can’t find a good difficulty

    26. Phil

      I have to do at least 1 season with 50% races in career and write down the Q and R difficulty settings because the AI is trash on some tracks and OP on others.

    27. ThreeGhost

      Now the thing is for myteam or drivercarrer the practice programs are way to hard on my race difficulty, specially the qualifying program. So during race i usually have like 100-105 and during practice 90-95. Am i the only one having the same issue?

    28. Dav L

      does this apply to older titles like 18 and 19?

      1. F1® Games From Codemasters

        Yes, in fact that's where players first came up with the idea 🙂

    29. BrechtXT

      And don’t forget to set your difficulty 10 clicks lower for Monaco

    30. yaya_delta

      If you have more time, test yourself on EVERY track because the AI differs in pace even with the same difficulty setting. For example, I can win in Austria at 95% but can only win in Singapore at around 75%

    31. Lewis Smith

      I've started 2020 playing on 90. Im up to 96 and now that I have started to move up and ive noticed the more I get close to 100 the more fun and tense its getting AI seems to have improved massively now (pad with all assists off apart from medium traction control) don't judge 👀😂

    32. LCFC_ Dylan

      What does everyone race on ? I'll start : 80

      1. Lucas Medon

        88 season 1, 90 season 2, 91 season 3.

    33. #1 Steelers Fan

      I am at first race of my second season I have Verstappen all ratings are at least 90 I play at 50 percent AI difficulty and do short qualifying and 25 percent race length why am i qualifying 2nd and he qualified 15th

    34. Fettah Eker

      But if I use personal setup on career mode I will be faster then default setup... Does that matter or not?

    35. Unthinkable Fate

      This is really good. For F1 2021 you should put this tutorial in the game. Ive never played an F1 game before 2020 and had no idea where the AI should be.

    36. Giordy webb

      Default setup I can't go above 103...

    37. Waste Disposal Unit

      Wouldn’t it be best to use alpha tauri since gasly and kvyat are literally the same rating as each other?

    38. waterbah

      I have my difficulty on 100 and it’s relatively easy but I go to 101 and It becomes extremely hard

    39. Maddo03

      This doesn’t seem right to me, I can’t imagine getting close to 110 times with the default setup.

    40. dia98

      RaceRoom has great adaptive AI, think you could do something like that for beginners

    41. Timshi

      2:09 "You'll have great racing against the AI drivers on most circuits" Except Silverstone, Monza, Monaco, Suzuka, Austria :D

      1. Raphael Lippi

        @Timshi if you use all the track and the outside line of the kerbs you can pretty much outclas the ai.

      2. Timshi

        @Raphael Lippi Now I would agree. I'm not sure but I have the feeling that Codemaster nerfed the bots a bit on this tracks

      3. Raphael Lippi

        I think Austria is easy.

    42. Joshua Fancher

      This helps so much!

    43. Hloni M

      from what i've seen, the ai is too tentative, especially when attacking down the inside of another car. it seems too easy to overtake them around the outside. this seems to make it less enjoyable for regular players, and makes battles drag on while they lose seconds of time. this needs fixing in a game that is great

      1. Hloni M

        @dia98 fair enough. Sorry man, I'm just basing it on the videos I watch, which is wrong of me to do. I watch Tiametmarduk (who plays on 110 AI) and from the videos and his comments, he finds it too easy to overtake around the outside or hold position when on the outside. As if the AI are a bit too respectful almost all the time when going down the inside, when sometimes they have the opportunity to close the inside and sometimes squeeze you off in a corner. It seems like this year's AI is the best of the Codies F1 Era (or even ever) but there's still room to make them even better in the future :) I can't wait to get my copy of the game soon though

      2. dia98

        if you think it's too easy, set up the difficulty. Guess on 110, it won't be easy anymore.

    44. Prophet Ascending

      The A.I vary greatly from track to track, so the difficulty setting will never be perfect across a whole 22 race season. I usually race at 85 to 90, but will push it up a bit on tracks where the A.I seem weak (Singapore, China, France) and leave it at 90 for those where they are very strong (Silverstone, Spa, Australia). I don't have a wheel so it suits me to have that approach.

    45. Seán O'Neill

      First of all I appreciate the test, but I did it and it said my ai level should be 70 but 80 is my sweet spot

    46. Spud

      A very nice guide, if the difficulty was a stable factor, this guide is totally useless in My Team mode. Please fix the AI difficulty!

    47. Gerard Shadiow

      So is 100 AI level similar to real-life driver speed, or is 110?

    48. Zoomgle

      thats actually really helpfull thank you :D

    49. FIREDELL10

      This is actually such a great method to figure out a difficulty setting. Kind of surprised i never thought of anything like it.

    50. JaNnIKO_o 720s

      Hey Codies in Bahrain is the lap record 1.30.252 from 2004 M.Schumacher Not De la Rosa 2005 😉'

    51. FireLynx

      will mugello, imola, nurburgring, and algarve be in f1 2020 at any point?

    52. Kieran Cliffe

      Next update but more Liverys different design helmets gloves suits and nerve the Mesecdes as well plz

    53. Zerkath

      Tuned the difficulty like in the video, after that I started a one shot qualifying 5 race season. While the discrepancy between me and the teammate in Spain was about +0.075s the ai being slightly faster, overall average on all tracks was -0.439 to me being faster. On some tracks I was as much as 1 second faster even though I am not especcially proficient with them. Race pace was on average during the 5 lap distance about 3.5s faster while the worst case scenario was 9.5s faster. Codemasters can you show that youve worked on making the AI balanced on all tracks, because fiddling around with the difficulty settings between sessions is annoying and this has been a issue since atleast 2016 my first entry to the series.

    54. Dominic Viner

      Whatever my score is I'm a lower the difficulty by 5 because im.the best driver ever:D

    55. szewei85

      Haha cool

    56. Andru McDrive27

      When will you add Mugello, Imola, Portimao and Nurburgring?

      1. Andru McDrive27

        @Kieran Cliffe at du maro It's romagnolo from Italy

      2. Kieran Cliffe

        They won't

    57. SnO Ikaros

      In the last few years, I always played at 102 and started to struggle in later seasons. This time I started playing at 100 and in my 1st season I constantly outperform my teammate.

    58. Jalan Jauh

      Hopefully will be any update cool helmet, and players can change sponsor colours on the helmet in the next update

      1. Jalan Jauh

        And also new liveries and real sponsors

    59. Mo Rainey

      Slightly different topic but in the update is there anything you can do for us with excess cash. Im in season 4 my team career, all the facilities are maxed out, theres NOTHING to spend the money on anymore !!! Maybe when theres reg changes we have to upgrade the factory aswell or something like that ??

    60. Hugues B

      I'm skeptical... F1 2019 was plagued by a major difference of AI pace between qualifying and race. And, from what I experience in my new F1 2020 career, it still seem to apply, though I admit the problem doesn't seem as bad as F1 2019. I manage to qualify where I think I should (close to my teammate and for example, with Williams, I don't expect to be better than a 15th place). But then, the race starts and as the laps go by, I can often go up the pack by at least 5 positions. I wish Codemasters would comment on that...

    61. Lil Cykelhjelm

      I have a problem, cause I normally race on 50% and I think it’s fine but when I put it on 0% it feels like it’s on 75% AI

    62. Optikk Magnum

      Next Podium pass there should be a Car livery/Suit/Gloves combination similar to the «United» livery based on the nordic flags, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Island, England etc. With 3 colours so you have the abilty to make the Norwegian, Islandic etc flags that have 3 colors but also the option to just make 2 of the colors the same to make the Swedish, English, Danish flags. A name for the livery could perhaps be «Nordic» or «Cross» or something

    63. Gust Van Oost

      Thanks! Really helpfully!

    64. Tango Zs

      Please make harder AI Codies. Honestly its not difficult to do last to first with 110 AI

    65. cej82

      Are you guys gonna add Nurburgring to the game since F1 is gonna be on it this season?

    66. Flexi

      Where can I report Bugs?

    67. Moses Ade

      I play 100 and the ai are so aggressive but i enjoy it

    68. thunder2.0

      but what if your on 110 ai and still a SECOND faster

    69. EsKamilio

      thank you for this guide! Please help me with driving help on gamepad

    70. Alexis Mignon

      For tracks like suzuka interLagos put the difficulty down (90->87 for example)

    71. V

      Got the new update today. The BLM Merc is here but when I browse the store, Im unable to find the looting option to bypass the grind to high tier items. I thought the 2 would be released together. Will there be an option to still use the non-racial, historical Silver Arrow? FIX THE GAME! FIX THE CORE ISSUES WITH THE GAME, FYCK! DELUXE EDITION and I STILL CANT JOIN MP LOBBIES!

    72. Chaika Stein

      Are you guys gonna update the engine/car stats?

    73. Ata Aydoğan

      101 is for me *

    74. Laxkal T

      If you play on controller, go for 101. It suits the best for me and I had some great racing. Just my opinion

    75. Nicola Aledda

      Im playing on 105, feel good

    76. Joy Manoppo

      They need add imola, portimão, mugello and nürburgring on f1 2020 games.


        And remove the crowd from the crowd stands. And add masks to all employees on the paddock.

    77. Eru Ilúvatar

      If you drive Perez and Stroll is 2 seconds behind, that sound legit to me, you should not change AI level any further :)

    78. Aviroy Virdi

      Thanks guys I went from 55 to 85

    79. John Brondum

      Now how about Codemasters tweak the artificial controller traction, so it's no so OP The progression should be Keyboard, Controller, Wheel

    80. Tommy

      Is that with a standard or custom setup up

    81. Zack Stout

      I play on 85 with a controller & am still able to be competitive

    82. Carlos Guzman

      Codies you guys have to fix the huge pace difference of the AI in Qualy and Race, it feels like the AI drops like 20 points of difficulty in the Race.

    83. tiger saux

      As a new comer to the Formula 1 games, this video was extremely helpful! I'm either several seconds off the pace or ahead of the field

    84. Pete Villager

      I want the release date of the black Mercedes

    85. Pete Villager

      people why you all have a black mercedes in this game and I'm not you hackers you cheat jesus people you should get it ban in this game for cheating on xbox one and playstation 4

    86. Pete Villager

      still no black mercedes so I thought this day would be July 26th and still nothing what kind of developers are you why didn't you keep the black mercedes until the game came out on july 7th and july 10th?

    87. julien laloye

      It's a good idea but in the game AIs dont have the same driving ability and same for us as plauers so it takes time to know appropriate AI levels per track. As I play with the controller, there is a huge spread of AI level for me, such as 98 for Australia, Austria or Russia but 88 for Hanoi, Spain, Monaco, Baku. Then I use 93 for all others

    88. LeonardoChemin

      AI in México needs buffing, im playing at 100 and usually and up on the back of the grid. At México i quali até P3 and won the Race there with the secont worst car on the grid (my team). Also, Brazil AI at curves 1 and 2 is to much OP.

    89. Play TG

      never played a f1 game with so many buggs. patch didn't change anything in multiplayer. it makes league racing very difficult. my team modus is very great but the multplaye... no words.

    90. Henrique Pereira

      100 is the max I can go ;-;

    91. Alihan Şimşek

      I can be the champion for the season and then AI can mop the floor with me on some tracks. and my teammate is nowhere near me. I can't imagine increasing the AI difficulty for a more challenging championship race bc then I will definitely get wrecked on certain tracks. one day I am 15th and the other I got pole and win the race. this inconsistency got me bored of it in the 2nd season of my career.

    92. 4zap7

      AI at suzuka has entered the chat

    93. Joan Lahoz

      Honestly, codemaster is really killing this

    94. Albert KC

      Mate when will the performance patch come out? It's heartbreaking to see Ferrari getting podiums in this game

    95. Broken Refrigerator

      101 is perfect. For some reason, 100 was too easy but the jump to 101 made it a fun, difficult but fair challenge.

    96. Felipe Oliveira

      Very useful, I used to play F1 2019 at around 80% difficulty, but 2020 cars are so much faster and better that is going to make it much more competitive.

    97. Le Bre

      When I played with assists on a controller, I used 99 IA. Now that I have a G29 and currently playing with brakes off, I set the difficulty to 93, and it's kinda balanced.

    98. Full Throttle Gaming


    99. deagleoneone

      Codemasters, pls add Nurburg in a Patch, PLSSS. (if it's even possible lol)

    100. GIN

      Below 90 their strategy is trash. Like they don't know how to use the tires or pitstop... Sooo yeah