F1® 2020 Track Guide: Spain

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    Spain's Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the most used track on the entire calendar as teams spend several days testing their cars there every year.
    Learn your way around the course with the help of Carlos Sainz's McLaren MCL35 in this Track Guide.
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      What corner are you struggling with around here? 🤔 ⭐ More guides: trlocal.info/white/PLdeld3cKzBQ-wspvATMdM7w0wTVfABJ2v

      1. CMJ-59

        All of them 😂😂

      2. SebiX

        @Ivan Macias but the best think, the Turn 11 Kerb in any other racing game containing Catalunya is completely flat

      3. Ivan Macias

        @SebiX I thought I was the only one to struggle with Turn 11 and it made me feel stupid. For me it's either lift while not taking the curb or taking the curb flat-out like it's supposed to be done, lose grip and waste tyres at best or have the inside curb throw me off the track at worst.

      4. Giorgos Apostolou

        This video came out 4 hours ago and this comment is from a week ago. What?🤔

      5. mariano ramirez

        Almost each one of them XD

    2. mfgIcarlos

      the practice programs should be possible in online training sessions

    3. Jake plays Roblox


    4. bruno rojas

      I would like to have the master code make the f2 drivers who promote such an academy as from the academy from ferrari to alfa romeo, or I would like to see that they have as a valuation they have more provalidity of ascending to F1, since in the game ascend drivers who in my view have very little provality, I would like to see schumacher asen a alfa romeo , and the other thing that they like alpha romeo a ferrari or from william to mercedes, alpha tauri to redbull, and that they assault the new F2 drivers would be a game if they do that, I hope they add one of these things that I said.

    5. Samuel

      Turn 10 best overtaking spot MyTeam mode

    6. MellleM 2.0

      geforce now, plssssssss

    7. tony kollberg

      It would be great if Codemasters could do so that you can choose to see what each curve is called, that feature is in Assetto Corsa :)

    8. Skylon The Dragon

      Codemasters, can you update the sound of the renault engines? I want the e-tech whining ( I think ) from the real life car to be in the game to make it sound 100x better.

    9. Moses Ade

      That kerb at the end is awful now

    10. Kieran Cliffe

      Turn 1 not real

    11. LE 11

      After a couple of 2013 races back to 2020

    12. Vanilla

      'hotspots for over takes' _I love your sense of humour_

    13. DanielTheFreak

      Hamilton was braking way behind the 50m board for T1 if the audio was synced up correctly

    14. MellleM 2.0

      Adiciona todos os jogos de f1 no geforce now, vc não vai perder nada com isso

    15. MellleM 2.0

      Geforce now 😀 😀😀

    16. MellleM 2.0

      Geforce now 😀😀😀😀😀

    17. MellleM 2.0

      Add to geforce now plsssssss

    18. MellleM 2.0

      Geforce now is very nice

    19. MellleM 2.0

      Geforce now

    20. MellleM 2.0

      Add f1 to geforce now

    21. Luca R

      Text over the car 👏👏👏 great gameplay

    22. Naza Bresks


    23. MardukLegionBR

      Este circuito tem muitas particularidades, e eu o acho muito desafiador...

    24. mattw404

      Stop watching this video and go watch Nico Rosberg’s instead

    25. FeRiTY

      I don't know why but these track guides look slow... there's so much time lost At least it looks like that from my point of view

    26. Leonardo Lieto

      My next buy F1 2020

    27. Gaetano Branciforti

      Why did u guys drop the guy that explains the lap like u guys had in f1 2013...that was great with helping u understand the track...its way better then this(although is still awesome)

    28. mariano ramirez

      The thumbs down came from ROMAN GROSJEAN, the smooth criminal (search for de version of smooth criminal by Michael Jackson feat GROSJEAN if you didn't heard yet, and if it that the case, you are welcome).

    29. Paolo Pio Campagnuolo

      More please!

    30. Victor Elias


    31. Spidey


    32. J-Taylzy

      1:05 Press and hold Overtake for 5 seconds

    33. Nikola Gajic

      Interesting that this year the best line to take at turn two is to attack the curb

    34. Bosco24

      Yes Carlos!

    35. John Street

      If that chicane at the end wasn't there this track would be good

    36. Inspecteur Noob 974

      Can you please for every track, say the braking zones a little more precisely, sometimes, it’s not write where to brake. Thank you.

    37. No One

      no rainbow on the mclaren halo?

      1. an internet stranger

        @Kieran Cliffe how

      2. Kieran Cliffe


      3. Jonathan Yu

        Wades you do it then...

      4. an internet stranger

        @Wades how?

      5. Wades

        They are so lazy..

    38. TNT star

      Why The Start is witch Emirates and no aramco?

      1. TNT star

        @shenba rajasekar surely

      2. TNT star

        @shenba rajasekar certamente

      3. shenba rajasekar

        Looks like they didn't update it

    39. Gasgas0608

      Fantastic game!

    40. YesImKazuma

      A great guide! Maybe move the text though so can see the steering and turn ins a little better

    41. Wades


      1. Kieran Cliffe

        @Edward Smith It not Ferrari it Mesecdes

      2. an internet stranger

        PlittHD I think he means car performance...

      3. Edward Smith

        PlittHD he means car performance. For example the Ferrari is to quick.

      4. PlittHD

        Wades Get better Hardware