F1® 2020 ERS Guide

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    F1® 2020 features an updated Energy Recovery System. How well you use it plays a big role in your success.
    In this guide we'll explain how it works, and show you how to get the most out of it in your next race.
    00:00 - Intro
    00:21 - What is ERS?
    01:13 - Reading your Display
    02:25 - How to use ERS
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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      What would you like to learn in a future video? 🤔 🎓 Set the right AI difficulty with this guide: trlocal.info/u/video/ZYaarKnNkmfWl2c

      1. Designer

        Pit lane entry

      2. Gamer Flexx

        Can you please bring in the watcher mode an option that you can see the MFA menu of the driver (tire temprature...)

      3. Samuel


      4. Gamer Flexx

        Can you please bring an Option that you can refule your car during the race in 50% Races or so. That would be awsome It would be a very enjoyable options what would make the game more interesting

      5. Gamer Flexx

        can you please bring a Virtuel Safty Car Help I hate the VSC but i will not drive without the normal Safty Car

    2. szewei85

      Haha cool

    3. David Montahuano

      saving tyres

    4. I am potato

      Sooo confusing

    5. HeroSpiderman

      What does the '60' mean left of 'Overtake' and 'Disable'? Is that like a button mapping unique to a steering-wheel of sorts?

    6. Jalan Jauh

      Hi codemaster, could you bring back all helmets in f1 2019 to f1 2020 game and also the helmet details? And all car liveries in f1 2019. It will be cool i think. Thankyou codemaster

    7. hallo Hallo HALLO

      Niko hulkenberg and red flag please

    8. Terminus

      How will v4 sound?

    9. Thomas Fumagalli

      Grandi avete creato il gioco meno realista che io conosca chiamatemi quando farete un gioco serio

    10. marcos lemes

      Gameplay got so much fun since the introduction of manual ERS!

    11. GuiPro YT

      Porra codemasters o seu dano simulação é muito irreal

    12. Gamer Flexx

      I know that new tracks are a problem because you need the licenses but what if you make own custom fantasy tracks like in GT Sport

    13. Gamer Flexx

      Can you please bring an Option that you can refule your car during the race in 50% Races or so. That would be awsome It would be a very enjoyable options what would make the game more interesting

      1. Giorgos Apostolou

        In real life reffuling is banned.

      2. gonira

        There is no refuel in Formula 1 in real life currently, it wouldn't make sense to have it on the game.

      3. Kronos F1

        Toiletten Ninja Not realistic though. It wouldn’t really be that useful since AI and players wouldn’t opt to refuel.

    14. Gamer Flexx

      can you please bring a Virtuel Safty Car Help I hate the VSC but i will not drive without the normal Safty Car

      1. Kronos F1

        Toiletten Ninja You can’t get help because it’s that simple. It literally does what it says on the tin. What do you even need help with? What’s hard about it?

      2. Gamer Flexx

        @Kronos F1 yes i know how its done and I can do that when I like but it is so annoying that i would make the help on

      3. Kronos F1

        Toiletten Ninja For the VSC all you have to do is keep the delta in the green until you restart, whilst keeping it as close to 0 as possible.

    15. buddeeeeeeee

      Will you add mercedes DAS system

    16. ESM GAMING

      Are you gonna had the new track on f1 2020?

    17. WassapDude94

      A look at the assists and the differences between driving with and without them?

    18. Lucas Pires de Campos Vendramini

      I miss the cars of the 1980s

    19. Struggle Gaming

      How to tune a car

    20. Andika Tansir

      2:29 - 3:56 Is it Hanoi Street Circuit?

      1. Kronos F1

        Andika Tansir Yes.

    21. Shreyas SM

      Fuel Management and Tyre management

      1. Kronos F1

        Shreyas SM Anytime. 🙂

      2. Shreyas SM

        @Kronos F1 Cheers Mate

      3. Kronos F1

        Shreyas SM To manage you’re fuel, if you’re trying to save it, you should shift up through gears early, and coast into corners by releasing the throttle 50 or so meters before the corner. Tyre management is all about being smooth when you steer and trying not to spin the rear tyres.

    22. Mert Keser

      Making a good setup

      1. Kronos F1

        Mert Keser Sure man.

      2. Mert Keser

        @Kronos F1 ok thanks 👍

      3. Kronos F1

        Mert Keser Check out Tom97. I use his all the time.

    23. Issa musharbash

      Wow that was a great video.. Do up shifting and down shifting next, and how it affects your gearbox wear and how to minimize it.

    24. LikeWildFire

      In the wet, Overtake becomes Wheelspin mode

    25. Frank Brunner

      Vielleicht auch auf Deutsch das wäre ganz toll

    26. Sitra

      I liked the old system better

      1. Kronos F1

        Sitra It wasn’t realistic and could be abused way too easily.

    27. Dario Licciardello

      Does the ERS mode have any effect under the braking phase?

      1. Kronos F1

        Dario Licciardello It won’t affect braking etc but it’ll be useless and a waste of your energy.

    28. Naud Boertjes

      The meta is: drive liker ur drunk

    29. oo7mech

      thank you for this. I was wondering why 0 and 2 weren’t available during a race. Next I would like an explanation on the Radio. Or Car Setup

      1. Kronos F1

        oo7mech TBH, the radio’s pretty useless if you have the HUD on because you get all the info you need. I wouldn’t recommend using it because stops will be the same time. In terms of set up, if you’re new, I’d recommend watching Tom97s videos because they’re really good. Then, once you learn about oversteer (when the car loses rear traction, turns too much and spins) and understeer (car not turning as much as you’d want) then you can add wing, soften springs etc. The easiest way to counter oversteer is to lower the differential honestly.

      2. oo7mech

        Kronos F1 what is the radio really used for? If i come in without notifying the team, does the stop take longer? What are all the different options and how should new players use the radio? Are there any gains the Esports guys use for radio? Regarding Car Setup, I’m learning all the tracks brand new so my lap times are inconsistent for testing the minor suspension geometry and springs. What should new players be looking for when driving? As in how do i know I’m not getting enough rear traction and need to soften the springs? Things like that.

      3. Kronos F1

        oo7mech What do you need explained about both and I’ll try to help.

    30. an internet stranger

      Why can't you turn ERS off during the race?

    31. PH

      These videos and the hotlap ones should be in the paddock screen, it is usefull in the practice session like back in 2013. I realy cant use ERS while driving I ve tried in 2019 but it was really too hard, and I couldnt concentrate in driving fast, the ERS auto mode is ok for us or it can make us slower in higher difficulty like 100 and up?

    32. Kruno Lovrich

      I would like to learn how the f. the game punish AI when players on AI crush onto me or another car and why just i go for punishment from officials in career mode or any other mode except multiplayer ... And why we dont have some option for multiplayer mode for kicking out idiots which purpose is only to drive straight and crushing into other drivers ... Multiplayer doesnt have a sense ...

    33. Angela Hawkins

      fix the alternate pit strategy so there is actually a strategy to change to, as there is only the original strategy

    34. Malcolm Seaboyer

      I'd like to learn about track limits at Eau Rouge, because wow what a line at the intro ;) lol

    35. Stephen Cruse

      Why do I have flashing red lights while other teams do not in dry weather?

      1. Kronos F1

        Stephen Cruse It’s recharge lights, it just means you’re not using you’re ERS.

    36. Phil Amant

      Please add a video on fuel usage

    37. Gladyston Farias

      Performance patch. Please.

    38. Thanasis Georgiadis

      R&D tips

    39. Kavin Arivan

      Can you talk about the fuel modes and how to correctly use it?

      1. LikeWildFire

        Simple. Rich on the straights, Lean when braking and cornering. Lean mix helps reduce your braking distance, allowing you to brake a bit later and also reduces wheelspin when accelerating at the exit of the corner. Once you've shifted up a gear or two, switch back to Rich for the little extra acceleration, then back to Lean again just before the next braking point. And so on and so forth. Takes a lot of micro-management, but in the long run, it will give you a faster pace overall

      2. Cali Steezy

        Mainly use it on straights in the race. While turning or twisty sections you should do more lean and standard mix. With 50% races, I do something like 1.25 lap extra fuel. Depends on circuit as well. In Monaco you can under fuel it quit a lot.

    40. мяαуσυв

      We need kers in f1 2021

    41. Felipe Silva

      I'd love to know how to have a good feel for the differential/front brake bias settings on each track! (instead of a blind trial and error). What features of a track should I watch for to increase/decrease my differential/front brake bias?

      1. Thom Peterse

        @Kronos F1 I definitely agree, altough I found that I generally like my brake bias between 56% and 58%. It really helps me with trailbraking into the corner and balancing the car during corner entry. When my brakebias is between 50% and 55% I regularly lock my rear tires when I approach the apex. But I also change it during quali for heavy braking zones and off course when it starts to rain :)

      2. Kronos F1

        Felipe Silva Brake bias really depends on the types of corners in a track. Heavy braking zones, you’d usually want higher bias (the opposite applies too). I’d never go above 56% but it also depends on the brake pressure. What works for me is using 95% pressure and 50% BB. For the differential, you don’t really want to go above 65% but that usually depends on elevation change and kerbs. However, it’s never blind or track dependant. You can change both on the fly so you can adapt to how you’re doing. It’s not something that changes between tracks TBH. It’s more personal preference and you tend to keep the same or extremely similar for both on all of the tracks.

    42. Alexandre Augusto

      I think someone in Codemasters likes AlphaTauri a lot, huh? Every video it is used as example, haha

    43. Denzel Clarkson

      An episode about how the setups work in the game and what each parameter like the suspension geometry does

      1. Eduard Grebe

        yes do it please

      2. Luke

        Denzel Clarkson agreed

    44. ahmad aliwildan muhammad

      DRS system please. 😢

      1. Fkez05

        What? That's easy, all you do is press a button when you pass the DRS line

    45. 9NinetySix6

      The old ERS in F1 2019 was better. More options for harvesting and deploying. I know F1 2020-ERS is more realistic concerning real F1. Both systems (the F1 2019 and the F1 2020) would be great in F1 2020.

      1. 9NinetySix6

        But more options for players more satisfied players.

      2. lil pns

        I think this is better, but everyone can have their opinion

    46. Hi

      I wanna see tips on manual gears

      1. FranciscoFJM

        Shift up only when the last of the blue lights is lit on your hud, dont wait until the rev limiter kicks in

      2. Fkez05

        Start with using the suggested gear option to help you downshifting into corners All that's left is to get into a flow of pressing upshift before you reach max revs whilst accelerating and pressing downshift whilst braking, it'll be odd to do at first but with enough practice you'll get the hang of it and you won't have to think about it as it will be natural by then

    47. Timothy Murauzi

      Can someone explain why on a controller in higher gears the car turns slower and less sharp than in Lowe gears. Eg: Melbourne T3 in 5th gear is impossible, you need at least 3 to not understeer

      1. Timothy Murauzi

        @Kronos F1 Okay thanks mate✌

      2. Kronos F1

        Timothy Murauzi No, that’s wrong. If you use gears that are too high for the corner, you’ll get understeer. You need to shift to lower gears to not get understeer. It won’t matter if you’re on a wheel or not, you always need to be in the right gear. If you struggle for traction try to short shift by shifting up through the gears before you rev too high.

      3. Timothy Murauzi

        @Fkez05 So on a wheel you can take any turn in any gear you want provided you're not going too fast to have understeer?

      4. Fkez05

        It's just how the controller works I'm afraid :/ It can only do so much with an analog stick

    48. Mikhael Inferrera

      I can't understand why I can use OVERTAKE button only for the left green line even if I have 60% energy left in the battery but 0 for the lap..

      1. Fkez05

        What don't you understand? It makes sense You can only use a certain amount of battery during a lap, it's kinda like how KERS was The battery recharges over a race distance but you only have a limited amount of Overtake each lap. You need to find a balance between making sure you have enough battery and using Overtake Say if you have 10% battery then you're not gonna use Overtake too much until you have enough battery

    49. monica andrea garcia

      Yeah i need a ERS guide!!!!

    50. JP01

      Time Trial OST is amazing!

    51. Spider_Goat084

      I would like to learn to drive without ABS

      1. Spider_Goat084

        G750 thanks you

      2. G750

        Without abs the braking and turning zone are seperated, but with it enabled, they are together. This means that with abs on you can turn while braking, since no lock ups will happen (the opposite for abs off)

    52. Kieran Cliffe

      Performance patch plz Mesecdes needs to be nerved McLaren Tacing point needs to be proved Next plz do up and downshifts

      1. Alex Beri

        Didn't know there were new teams this year, Mesecdes and Tacing point

      2. Fkez05

        The Merc does not need to be nerfed 😂

      3. egg lord

        Spelling got away from you then...

      4. JP01

        Mercedes nerfed? Or you mean Ferrari?

    53. Jen Exopie

      Still waiting for the bew tracks to be added

      1. Fkez05

        They've said before that they're only going to use to original 2020 calendar

      2. a human with purpose

        They are not adding them, and so you know how long it takes to make a new track?

      3. JP01

        They won't add them

    54. Mirko F20

      Would it not be smart getting a pro driver/Esports driver to do these guides because this guy that raced just used unnecessary ers and didn't even done it with what the text was saying at 2:59 for example 😅😂

    55. Sam Ellis

      I know this is not relevant but any chance you guys know how to fix my inverted brake pedal on the logitech g920, rn I can’t play because of this issue, anyone know any fix?

    56. Matei Blaga

      Driving without racing line

      1. David Hytha

        @an internet stranger what do you mean lol

      2. JensonPlays

        Go around a track you want to learn in time trial, loads and loads of laps to get the muscle memory. Turn off racing line, and repeat until you get comfortable at that track.

      3. an internet stranger

        @Fkez05 brake marker boards don't tell what the proper racing ls

      4. Fkez05

        That's not difficult, you just look at the brake marker boards

      5. Juho Naapuri

        Here is my tip for you: Go to watch the *Veloce Esports* channel there is good tips

    57. Shashanka RS

      I can't change my ers settings to manual

      1. FeRiTY

        "Maybe you have a virus on your computer 🖥"

      2. Thatdutchguy

        What do you mean, can you push the overtake button in the race?

    58. Wades

      Dont care ! I want the performance patch

      1. Fkez05

        It's not about you

    59. Marcelo Yoshio Higashi

      I want to learn about the downshifts and its effect on braking the car... for EXTRA ROTATIONNN

      1. Nate Franco

        @cheemssamurai bro same😂

      2. Alexandre Queiroz


      3. cheemssamurai

        I have trouble rotating the car around the Lesmos at Monza

      4. Afi Ihsanul Arief

        JD Line! 🤣

      5. ytikcauQ


    60. Vishothan Prasad

      Idea Drive with out traction control

      1. Authentic

        Hopefully they make a detailed video on this but I can give you some tips. Out of hairpins, press the throttle about 20% and increase it slowly until you reach 4th gear. I think that’s a good starting point

    61. Gagun

      Please allow all the ERS modes in the race.

      1. Fkez05

        No, it's not realistic, that's why they changed it

    62. madotter

      You could have mentioned it's also very important when defending from a faster car behind. Using ERS at certain points of a track (especially when the chasing car has DRS) can be key to defending and forces you to change your strategy when using it.

      1. Abdul Muhaimin

        That's why we call Pro Tip.

      2. F1® Games From Codemasters

        Very good point. If you have the energy/fuel, turning everything up can help defend from a car that has DRS 👍🏻

    63. Wagner Zulu

      PT-BR legend next videos

    64. zynx

      A Williams overtook a racing point. Wait that’s illegal!

      1. Jordi Avz

        LMAOOOOOOOO 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    65. Vicardi

      Very cheeky upload, considering I’ve had overtake stuck on for an entire league race 🙂.

    66. knockmz

      moin Servus Moin