F1® 2020 Hot Lap: Spain

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    Join us in saying "Hola España!" as we head to the fiery Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the latest hot lap from the upcoming F1® 2020 game. Ride on-board with Carlos Sainz in his McLaren as he takes on this classic high-speed track ahead of the weekend's Spanish Virtual Grand Prix.
    Eagle-eyed fans of the previous game will notice the subtle changes in the elevation between turns 13 and 14, with particular care taken on tweaking the final sector.
    Whilst we can't be at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in person, we've lined up a stellar roster for the Spanish Virtual Grand Prix this Sunday, May 10th. From 6pm BST on Sunday, Sergio Aguero, Thibaut Courtois and Arthur Melo will be racing on the virtual Spanish circuit. As for the pros, you can expect fierce competition between Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, George Russell, Nicolas Latifi, Antonio Giovinazzi, and Alex Albon - fresh from his maiden Virtual Grand Prix victory in Brazil.
    Find out more here: bit.ly/F12020-Spain-Hot-Lap
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
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    1. LE 11

      Add the rainbow on McLaren . Update the livery.

    2. F1Boy

      Can i get 60fps on GTX 1060 6gb ?

    3. RJKuker

      I think codemasters should fix the car behaviour at turn 11, it keeps me thrown away from the track. Or maybee just too bad to turn

    4. Αλέξης Λαλιώτης

      When is the release date of the demo?

    5. Stephen Crompton

      I can't be the only person who thinks the start and end of each season in career mode are both very underwhelming, the lack of content during and between both events over the winter is extremely jarring. You finish the season in Abu Dhabi and time travel to the Australian GP and immediately race in what is essentially the same car with a couple of new upgrades. This may be all okay for casual players, but the obvious development seems to me to add an "inter-season" development of the car, which would actually give the team a new car (like in real life, granted the car models wouldn't change from the previous cars) and the performance characteristics of the car would be significantly changed. Pre-season testing should be included to make some final upgrades before the first race in Australia, which would make finishing a season and starting a new season a whole lot more interesting and satisfying, rather than just a continuation of the previous season. Hopefully someone from Codemasters sees this comment, and if these ideas haven't already been considered, they get taken on board for discussion within the team.

    6. Giovanni Calcagno

      please guys add the green triangles outside the kerbs

    7. Kimi Raikkonen

      The video is so white, I'd like to see more colors... Colors alive

    8. Amko Sofic

      Add safety car in F1 2020 game PLEASE!

    9. Fernandino Alonsini

      F1 2018 3.0

    10. Klinsmann Barros

      Lap in Vietnam.

    11. Gael Budjak

      Can you put the realistics settings please

    12. Breno Costa15


      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        No VR no buy...

    13. Gonzalo Sariego Castro

      Finally a really decent sound for the renault engine

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Don t buy this game for multiplayer, it s for years crapy system

    14. hen ko

      The nose is generic. Probably will be updated when the game is out.

    15. Hero Game

      The new F1 2019 v2 looks good

      1. hen ko

        No VR no buy...

    16. SH21uk

      Problem for the cockpit view lol

    17. Jake

      I know this is very small but I think codemasters should really work on the engine sounds to make them sound better/more realistic.

      1. hen ko

        gearbox. At least the rear end should lose more grip if the engine overreved because of downshifting.

    18. Justin Odhiambo

      You should create endurance games which include the calender of WEC

    19. Felix Salcher

      don't do this stupid carrer mode with Lukas Weber and Devon Butler, it isn't so good as you think

    20. Dylan Aarts

      Based on what will they scale performance of the cars? Do the teams supply information now that there are no races to fall back on?

    21. Henry Beaumont Racing

      Please say that this game will actually be realistic

    22. Black hammer

      Is this game play from xbox one x or pc please let me know!!!

    23. Da Guys

      I have to say the third sector looks really good on this game! Not like on previous ones, where you have to force the car through every turn. Happy that the insane hump after the hairpin is gone, it's insane how many races this 0 traction corner has cost me.

    24. mikin lirou

      0:37 It's quite hard to see the road even if it is more realistic

    25. Flip Flipflap

      Don t buy this game for multiplayer, it s for years crapy system

    26. HanspeeD87

      No VR no buy...

    27. 0ut2ide_pocket_qb

      Carlos ❤️

      1. mikin lirou



      just looks good for trailer not a representation for the final product

    29. Ask to seduce Miss


    30. YKS Game

      The engine still sounds bad. Assetto Corsa sounds much better. And they should do something about the overrev while downshifting without damage to the engine or the gearbox. At least the rear end should lose more grip if the engine overreved because of downshifting.

    31. MB Devil

      Codmasters please bring in Crossplay in F1 2020. It only brings advantages for you to make more sales and it also appeals to a larger crowd. You can only make a profit.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        This doesn't sound like a Mercedes-Benz power unit!

    32. Pascal Bodynek

      We just want PsVR support

    33. Ricard Rodriguez

      lol 2020 still no curbs update on turn 9

    34. BryceEvolution

      Please make a better replay system for multiplayer.

    35. fouoii gyhh

      the case in the game as well. 2020 cars need to have lots of downforce and grip, these are the fastest cars in F1 history after all, especially in the corners.

    36. Proxo20

      replay sucks and always did suck...u should let the programmers from Polyphony Digital to show u how its done..even first gran turismo had better replays than any codemasters game till today

    37. jperezhaan

      Not impressed with it...they say, it's the best looking f1 game...but that ps5 version next year,will jawdropping 😉

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Is RT coming to F1?

    38. bduddy55555

      1:20.94, a reasonable lap on Mediums by testing standards. Good work!

    39. txetxu 800

      Crossplay please!!!!!

    40. Wrap Wiggle

      I want to see a lap at Monza

    41. Alessio Bazzarelli


    42. Joe Yip

      Is turn 9 full throttle now?

    43. Leon TheProfessional

      Simcade at it’s finest! 😂

    44. Erik Ask

      The beats at the start is the soundtrack right

    45. Hipo R.

      I just bought F1 2019 and now a new one, I wonder what am I going to miss if I don't get this 2020 version, is there a person that owns each year version of this game o.0

      1. Hipo R.

        @Prathamesh Sai Tangeti Gotcha, good for you then, glad you enjoy them all, but I like the competition but not as a big fan as you, but I was used to play the 2015 version, and I said to myself is too much time with that already, and the new Grid car racing game review didn't hit me hard so I picked F1 2019 after so many good reviews, tho I need to learn to manage the interface while racing and improve my ERS management nad I'm playing all tracks in Standard car setup and will try to learn more because I know I can squeeze more seconds in speed.

      2. Prathamesh Sai Tangeti

        Tbh its really not worth buying it every single year if your not a big f1 fan but I really enjoy the sport so I appreciate all the tiny differences but I do it play the games I have around 300h on each of the games

      3. Hipo R.

        @Prathamesh Sai Tangeti hahahahahahahaha Lol, and you really play them all, appreciate all the differences, I mean, is really worth it ? Or is just a collectors tick in your brain ?

      4. Prathamesh Sai Tangeti

        Yes me I have 2017 , 2018, 2019, Just about to preorder 2020😂

    46. Anthony McLaren

      This doesn't sound like a Mercedes-Benz power unit!

    47. GO7DENB00T

      no one mention that the graphics are worst than F1 2019

    48. Edinaldo Ferreira

      Cel shaded graphics

    49. GR Okay

      Just before writing this I was playing F1 2018 ... and I saw that the haas team in the Halo ... had their abbreviated names (8 GRO, 20 MAG) and in trajectory mode you cannot put your three initials of the last name in the Halo ... for F1 2020 it would be good ... it is an option right? that is my opinion that the name of the player can be recorded in the Halo of the teams that have the names of their pilots there... But the game is amazing! I like it! :D

    50. Iron Mechanic7110

      It's not the true front wing.

      1. Pascal Leidenberger

        not the final car model

    51. elite Gaming

      When is the f1 mobile racing update?

    52. DominixTV

      Is RT coming to F1?

    53. minus randloev

      Vr please :(

    54. Mark Kelly

      They still can’t get the sound right.

    55. Beto Beto

      Do you know something called "laser scanned tracks" hehe

      1. Beto Beto

        @LcKy EnoXezz I mean, they have the license for the game, they should be allowed to scan the tracks. And also, maybe they could pay a bit more, don you think? Games like Assetto Corsa didnt have all that money, and almost all their tracks are laser scanned

      2. LcKy EnoXezz

        They dont have the license to do this

    56. Minotaur Manu Racing


    57. Ginger Knight

      It's 2020, where's the VR Support? DiRT Rally already has it!

      1. FTO

        Its 2021

      2. Mr. Birne

        my thoughts exactly, dont see a reason to buy tbh.

    58. Victory Ragdolls

      still no virtual mirrors? pull ur heads out ur butt

    59. Drew Duncan

      No VR No buy.

    60. zetto156

      OK but VR?

    61. Anfrisio Junior Aj

      ps4/ps5 xbox one/xbox series x steam (pc) & switch too

    62. Maruju

      Please update the curbs on the exit of many corners.. look different compared to real life but it is so important to make your game feel real.. that's missing for years

    63. dommyitalia

      the turn 9 was full throttle ?

    64. Diego Amorim

      This is a proper year to release a F1 Classics Edition with some complete seasons of the 90's and 00's.

    65. Jack Bauer


    66. Tsepo Kotelo

      What a crap-lap

    67. Tiago Fontes

      Another ripoff from Codemasters

    68. momo

      Does your force-feedback still suck?

    69. Gamer F1

      Codemaster can you make a formula e game

    70. formula news 23


    71. Diego Gamboa

      Podrían enseñar el circuito de vietnam con el racing point de Sergio Pérez 👍🏆

    72. yunico

      it would be really cool to see the throttle and brake input!

    73. Familie D.

      Please make sure that multiplayer is playable, not a crash every 3 races.

      1. Flip Flipflap

        Indeed .......... the multiplayer is real crap system, for years!!

    74. PixelMeister

      when are you going to put the real car models in the game

    75. Frank

      Let us pre-order the deluxe edition for Playstation in USA!!!

    76. Eureka Films

      If we gat VR this year I will buy this

    77. Marco Funaro

      That tyrewear doesn't seem that correct imo

    78. Matej Korošec

      No tarmac/road in cockpit view. Useless view?

    79. Kacper

      Please fix the kerb at Chapel curve at Silverstone

    80. GOnary

      Sound should change???

    81. La Zona Dei Players

      Ma perchè fa sempre schifo e fanno copia e incolla. I dissuasori che limitano a tqgliare non ci sono. MERDA

    82. I ///M POWERED

      Can't help but feel that they should add more reflections...🤔

    83. Alex B

      Hola España!

    84. Guillermo Rois

      Show us Hanoi

    85. Tim Buktu

      Why do the tyres stay shiny as if they remain new ?

    86. Jeremy Taylor

      Spain is by far my favourite track. I play with a controller and assists (yeah yeah) but i find myself constantly 5 seconds off the pace of the leaders on nearly all tracks, need to learn to drive without the assists and with manual gears, either that or i can't drive!!!

    87. Michele Marobbio

      Il suono il suono dei motori, ma porco giuda come mai non riuscite a riprodurre fedelmente i suoni?

      1. MattZaba03

        É un work in progress

    88. Muhammad Nur Akbar

      Hope the actual season starts before this game released

    89. Ervin Begic

      Hello I think the wheels should be narrower like in a real car and introduce comments like in a real race it would be better hello everyone

    90. Tibor Máté

      Hy! The down shift sound very bad!

    91. GamingLive HD The Main Channel

      Carlos: -That was a SMOOOOOOOOTH OPERATOOOOOOOOR- Whoever the guy during Hot Lap Development stage: I IIiiii c-ccccan do dis

    92. THUND3R

      Have you finally got laser scanned tracks yet?

    93. THUND3R

      Why can they not get the sounds of the cars right from external views. Its rubbish.

    94. Zuch Ocampo

      Hey code masters can you put the replay like its an actual cam at the f1 mobile racing plz to see who did you crashed into k thx if you do it

    95. Maddison60

      At this point, they must be trying to make the sounds poor, the downshifts especially sound woeful...

    96. tony kollberg

      Would be nice with co-op career mode and more save slots :)

    97. exendar

      It's sad that this game is now more exciting than the actual sport itself

    98. drew871105 Disciple

      Same shitty cartoony graphics and sound like the past 6 years. About time a new company takes over! Look how lame the people in the crowd are! The track doesnt look alive at all!

    99. Claudio Barbosa Passos Barbosa

      codemasters I have a very good idea but it’s difficult to do, and the idea is to have team members celebrate near the track just like real life instead of just passing by the wall with the car and there’s no one celebrating with the pilot. is also to have the option of putting the view of who is watching just to get a sense of what the view of the race is like with the angle of the virtual person who is watching. I know there are other camera modes but include this new mode because it will be new for racing games with a different view of the camera.

    100. Connor Rennie

      I might be a slight bit optimistic but I hope this game comes with cross play. I’ll love it regardless but I’d like to see the competitive barrier lifted with each console against each other in races.