F1® 2020 | Deluxe Schumacher Edition Trailer

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    Michael Schumacher: the GOAT.
    We’re celebrating the greatest F1® driver of all time with our brand new in-game trailer. Using a mix of archive photography and F1® 2020 gameplay, we’re taking a look at the four iconic cars included in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition.
    • 1991: Jordan 191 - Launched Michael's career. One of the most beautiful F1® cars ever. (Seriously, find us a better looking F1® car. We’ll wait).
    • 1994: Benetton B194 - Michael’s first World Championship.
    • 1995: Benetton B195 - Gave Benetton its first, and only, Constructors’ Championship.
    • 2000: Ferrari F1-2000 - Scored Michael his first driver’s title with Ferrari, with a phenomenal 10 pole positions and 10 race victories.

    It’s not just these amazing cars that are included in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ll also get three days early access, and exclusive themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration.
    We’re not finished quite yet - if you get the F1® 2020 Seventy or Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ll have access to the Ferrari F2004: the one that brought Michael his record-breaking seventh World Championship. We’ve updated it, adding a #1 to the nosecone and embossing his name on the headrest.
    Check out more on these incredible F1® cars right here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F1-2020-schumacher-deluxe-edition
    Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder

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    1. Zamzam Nurjaman

      You should add 2006-2009 Toyota 2008 honda And bmw too Don't forget cosworth

    2. what will happen?

      Me that I can't afford the game: :( 5000₱

    3. José Antônio Rocha carvalho


    4. BloodShedda

      Senna is the true goat, don’t lie now.

    5. pink guy

      1000 comment

    6. Real_Niclashell

      And now.. Michael's record will be beaten by Lewis

    7. André Hansen


    8. Hamdi Kahraman

      These helmets looking different in the actual game.

    9. Cocoy Florin

      the f2004 is THE F1 car

    10. toni m.

      someone knows what the music in the trailer is? it is astonishingly great!!

    11. Bing Yiu

      I'm getting the game because of this edition, which MSC can recover soon

    12. Drilld

      I preordered the schumacher edition and i still havnt got my pitcoin im on the xbox one can someone help me please??

    13. Nergal

      Love these cars without the ridiculous flip flop guard

    14. The9der

      Glad to see that Ferrari have been having a championship drought from 1979 to 2000

    15. Jerome Ferns

      The Greatest F1 Driver Of All Time. I Really Wish He Can See This.

    16. The Panzerknacker Panzerfaust

      trying not to cry

    17. taheen 2008

      lol trailer for vegetarians

    18. Tuyen Vo

      this is cool but wheres the special covid-19 edition?

    19. Luca luca

      does the 1994 benetton come with launch control?

    20. Y S

      1000コメ 偉大なる"皇帝"👑

    21. XvanGamer

      I wish he's on f1 again

    22. George NoX

      i grew up on watching F1 and chirring for Michael until the end of his career so this is going to be a must buy for me

    23. Niwko

      I think I cried.

    24. cursed video

      Why is no one talking about how you can see schumacher through the visor?

    25. Gaming With Nicko

      Aight who wants to go skiing with me


      Am I missing something-The F2002 was the car that gave Schumacher podiums in every single race in the 2002 season not the F2004.

    27. Claudio Giagoni

      Which helmet are there in this edition?

      1. Claudio Giagoni

        @STEEEEEEEE_1 now i know, because i bought the deluxe edition

      2. STEEEEEEEE_1

        1991, 1994, 1995 and 2000

    28. Azure


    29. wasteman murderer

      I pre ordered Schumacher edition on ps4

    30. Code Hugo yt

      Schumacher its BEST driver on F1 Hamilton no

    31. Karol Zdańkowski

      1:47 I think that Romain Grosejan's car is more CRUSHingly fast 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    32. Sein_Cousin

      Bring the V12s back

    33. Rene

      The sound and physics of these games is just not good enough for the year 2020. I could deal with a little less graphics in replacement of more realistic handling, especially over the curbs.

    34. Adam GamesHD

      I like him, but 1994 was for Damon Hill. But this is exciting. For the game and pass.

    35. Anthony Robitaille

      Hope this game will run at 60 fps even on console, not like ACC.

    36. juanonymus luis Gonzalez Alvarez

      Y después la edición hakkinen

    37. lk25 gaming

      I will wait for you.. haha

    38. formulafan

      Just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better. Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    39. Nicholas Richman

      I wish we could get coloured visors that we can customize and wear. That would look really cool.

    40. toni m.

      He was 7th on the grid on his F1 debut, and ended up with 7 championships. Coincidence?

    41. Danny M

      Could have also mentioned the F2002. The car Schumacher made history by finishing on the podium every race in the 2002 season, and won the championship in record time securing the title on the 11th race out of the 17 that year.

    42. Habor92

      I’m excited to see if they can fix the wheel animation in box for this year

    43. The real Slim Shady

      What i dont understand with Formula racing games: Why dont you just release multiple, if not all seasons of F1 in a single game? If you go major years since the beginning, you could skip 3-4 years between the individual seasons (which would also make the handling differences more obvious) But instead we get one season only, and next year we buy the next game. Why not release one game somewhere early with the console releases and continue upgrading it until the next console comes out? Or maybe two games? If the Updates are free nobody would mind if you kept the price high until the end of the runtime. Im just thinking with Gran Turismo and the other racing games offering hundreds of cars, youre kinda lacking behind.

    44. Gabe Campa

      I have to ask because I’m a new f1 fan and game player. Is the Michael Schumacher edition worth it? I have no idea so I’m asking

      1. is3939

        It’s worth the money, I preordered this edition! Four of Michael’s classic cars with his in-game character model, authentic helmets, racing overalls etc. Means a lot to me because i’ve dreamed about driving '94 and '95 Benetton cars for 11 years. Michael is my biggest sporting idol🇩🇪

    45. Sunny Poptart

      Its a pity that Modern F1 has such a gormless huge difference in cars that there's not much competition apart from really good pit stop strategies and maybe hoping the top team bombs out or has engine problem >_> I really don't want Schumi's legacy taken over.

    46. Chubski

      The Hamilton edition will be bland😂

      1. a human with purpose

        New features, complain to your team and give up!

      2. Chubski

        Kanga Banga just 2 car liveries

    47. Toby Hofmans

      Where’s the Mercedes he drove in

    48. Hayden Spiers

      This video gives me chills, absolutely amazing

    49. Happilyinsane 88

      No VR no buy

    50. Michael Lusmöller

      MSC the greatest of all time!!!

    51. Messi The goat

      0:19 might not be after this season.

    52. soinu foig

      up and down, left and right... It was not that smooth...

    53. Little Marge

      What would have been great it to add the 1996 Ferrari, 2006 Ferrari and 2012 Mercedes

      1. soinu foig

        Schumacher helmets and suits for every one of his car like in trailer into the game pls

    54. Florian Schmitz

      Which music track runs in the background?

    55. StarBus

      Waitin' for Hamilton and Mercedes delux edition please !

    56. Alfredo Jerez

      Lie down, try not to cry, cry a lot.

    57. Andy Vecchiarelli

      looks good

      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    58. Loczek Gaming

      sorry but where is the mercedes car

    59. Tácio Caldas

      Why wasn't the pre-order released on PlayStation Store?!

    60. PePpA cApI

      1:07 why is there a F1 2019 screenlayout on that small screen on the wheel.

    61. Jonathan Beckett

      I wonder if the Benetton has the launch control easter egg ? :)

    62. Piotr Animations

      This Game Will Be Amazing. Great Thanks To Codemasters For This.

    63. Charming nowhere to hide

      We want classic track.

    64. Will Goodsell

      Release early please!

      1. Charming nowhere to hide


    65. KEVO

      Will the Benetton have drive assists like in 94? Lol

    66. ObviousNova

      I preordered the Deluxe Schumacher Edition! Will not regret one bit.

      1. is3939

        Same here!

    67. Kamil Klimek

      Marlboro censored? Are you serious?

    68. tolis tolis

      I hope in the new game to se 99 jordan with hhf, a winning car, boring every game 5-6 ferarri,4-5 williams,5-6 mclarens ,and 2-3 lotus,boring everytime

    69. Emanuel Galvan

      I wish we could do career mode in 2000’s era Career mode with v8’s, 10’s and 12’s

    70. Matias Ponce

      De que sirve si son los mismo circuitos de 2020 seguro que ni en eso se esforzarán en meter

    71. SPR: Single Player Racing

      Can't wait, but it's definitely a shame that we've lost the C3 class 1970s and early 1980s cars.

    72. Shadow Racing

      will there be a standard edition so we don't need to waste money on add ons we don't really need?

    73. niduoe stre

      We want classic track.

    74. Elliot Walker

      These games need the option to toggle historic TV overlays as the UI (e.g. the Yellow and Blue of the late 90s and early 2000s). Maybe a low-rez fuzz too to add to the TV camera effect.

      1. niduoe stre


    75. Kamil Chrzanowski

      I wish that we got Kubica edition

    76. Lucas

      The Marlboro Ads on the car really are missing

    77. Mac

      It's so strange to think that Schumacher is still alive today, yet not able to speak and barely move.

    78. WacKEDmaN

      ugly... washed out colors...are crap... just like any codemasters racing "game"

    79. Zero

      Please Codemasters, i saw the Ferrari helmet. Don't you dare let us drive with the old helmets and not with the 2019/now versions.

    80. Dimitri Moreira

      I hope there are more classic cars than these. Also Schumacher Edition coming after Senna&Prost is kind of a giveaway, but I'll take it. Just put more classic cars and classic tracks.

    81. Cammie Racing

      Does the Benetton have traction control you activate with a cheat code?

    82. EthanPimz

      Schumacher 🙏❤️😢😭

    83. Masked Warrior

      That jordan 1 is sick

    84. Gordon Ramsay

      We need Deluxe Senna Edition next year's F1 game...

    85. Matthew Sinclair

      F1-2000, my favorite Ferrari

    86. Christian

      I don't buy the deluxe version! Why!? The team and he cheating , with his car and so on very often. I don't like cheater and liar. But I hope he gets well. But what's going on here? What's about Damon hill or senna or Nigel? Nikki Lauda?

      1. Yasuho Hirose

        I agree, Schumacher was a cheater same with the team; and why didn't they choose a driver Like Lauda etc, obviously senna had been done in 2019 With prost, but i think they chose him as even without cheating he is still one of the best drivers to ever sit in an f1 car. And, of course he won 7 Titles

    87. Daniel Souza


    88. Footycardstuff

      This is probably my favourite looking car ever

    89. Steven Bouderbala

      We miss you Mickael

    90. Geert Matthys

      That game engine is garbage, not paying to have Marlboro removed either

      1. Yasuho Hirose

        Marlboro isnt allowed otherwise the game would Be rated 18 in most countries for Cigarette Advertising.

    91. Volkantic


    92. THE Riften Guard


    93. Lanza _

      Fangio is better

    94. Jack Byrne

      Interestingly TicTac is on the Ferrari but blanked out on the Jordan overalls and not present on the Jordan car.

    95. Sean Paul Johnston

      Imagine Schumacher as Hamiltons teammate for 2021.

      1. Darth Revan

        Schumacher in his prime would destroy Hamilton

    96. Michael Barry


    97. Bruno Carfagno

      Plss add pre order for ps4

    98. hey

      am i the only one that would love to see the 2012 mercedes? :(

    99. 4zap7

      As much as I want to I can’t accept the liveries stripped of all their original sponsors looks so fake , why peggi

    100. deathgang12

      Bring F1 06 back