F1® 2020 | Hot Lap: Great Britain

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    It’s a hot lap on home soil for George Russell. Step into his Williams as we send it around Silverstone in F1® 2020!
    This weekend it’s the start of a Silverstone double-header, and what better way to get started than with a virtual tour of where it all began. Beginning as an airfield in WW2, Silverstone found a new lease of life as a circuit after the war. Over the years the track has evolved to the 5.891km layout we see today, with new additions like the Silverstone Wing paying a nod to the circuit’s long and glorious past.
    As the lights go out, it’s a relatively short 296m before the cars hurtle flat-out into Abbey. There are plenty of iconic corners to keep drivers on their toes, from the right-hand hairpin of Luffield, to the Maggots, Becketts, Chapel section and the final Club complex.
    You can race on Silverstone Circuit, and all the original 2020 season circuits in F1® 2020 - out NOW on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Windows PC (DVD and via Steam), and Google Stadia.
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    1. Thunder DragonGT

      8th gear is a bit tall.

    2. Leart Selmani

      Tools a Williams so you can have the time to look at the track and the landscape too

    3. Mattia Casarotto

      Come fa ad essere un hot lap se l'auto è una Williams 🤦🏻‍♂️😁

    4. Frank

      Fix the suggested pit strategy glitch and quit making fluff pieces

    5. Elias Hrebik

      Wrong line into the 2nd corner from the 2nd sector!

    6. Sami Breitler

      I hate this track

    7. Pete Villager

      Sergio Pérez have COVID-19 😭😷😞

      1. Pete Villager

        But Niko Hůlkenberg strikes back in Formula one and replace him Sergio Pérez but Sergio not can't die of coronavirus she's great driver Keep Fighting Sergio Pérez 💪

    8. Joshua Fancher

      Do you think codies will add in Hülkenberg or no? I doubt it tbh but it never hurts to dream!

    9. Nalgenius

      This is so inaccurate... why are there fans?

    10. Oliver Pällo

      the hot lap was so slow they had to speed up the video

    11. Kacper

      The kerb at the Chapel corner is still not fixed.

    12. Bongo Mankayi

      Yall be posting laps here ..my game has a problem and i run on xbox ..the car engine sound just cuts off ..i can hear jeff and people im in a party chat with but the car is quite ...what happening with the game cause yall can clearly hear your car .you posting laps when i cant even finish one single lap😠😠😠😠

    13. Arseniy Nike

      Codemasters can you revive fuel 2009????

    14. Davide Selli

      Good lap, but it could be more pushed on limit trough last two turns of the section Beckett's and Chapel, a little understeer while driving Club-Vale turns section.

    15. Matt Holmes

      Can you update the stats of the teams soon. Williams car should be on par with Haas at least

    16. Hunter Cihal

      Okay say what you will about Williams, but I love how their display is separate from the wheel, I just think it's kinda neat.

    17. ShineStreet

      We need F1 2013 style hotlap videos.

    18. DeeIbric

      Mine is between Monza and Red Bull Ring

    19. Andre Dewar

      Great britian is not really my f1 race track🇨🇮

    20. Matteo Noventa

      Voi che IA usate?

    21. BlackSky 37

      Dude, the F1 2020 IA in Silverstone is too op!

      1. Kieran Cliffe

        I don't get it i am always 3-1.5 Teaths faster than the ai

      2. zynx

        It’s true I try so hard but can loose 3 tenths each lap even with a faster car

    22. Fkez05

      Fix the bugs with the calendar in MyTeam please. It's not anything that effects the gameplay but in Season 1 I did 22 races and in Season 2 I'm doing 10 which has really messed up the performance chart, race results chart and trophies section. It's nothing major but it's effecting the things I like to take a look at and it's a shame that I can't do that rn cuz it's bugged

    23. Dekkadent

      Did they lift in copse ?🤔

    24. Ebenezer Valvi

      Oof, did he just press the pit button for DRS?

    25. Wades

      Performance patch, please !!!!!!!!

    26. Sivan Goundar

      bad driver

    27. HyPeZ_John

      Comes the new race tracks this year to the game?

      1. MaxAich


      2. Marvin


    28. Tauqeer Ahmed


    29. Raven_fury 106

      0.25x speed is still quicker than Ferrari and as a Ferrari fan that hurts to say 😥

    30. FaZe J.A.G

      The driver is just as slow as the car

    31. FaZe J.A.G

      The driver is just as slow as the car.

    32. Kieran Cliffe

      OH DEAR YES Thanks for this the home race and the best race track with the best Corners thanks

    33. Jepph Kamaa

      I would love if they just used the f1 theme like last year the new theme song though

    34. Sam Ellis

      Other people seem to have a similar problem as me. On Logitech g920, my brake pedal is inverted (off pedal =100, on pedal =0) anyone know a fix?

      1. Sam Ellis

        YOURBATTY PONGSF1 not everyone does and this thing also happened back in 2016 but my brake pedal is inverted so I can’t play rn and it’s extremely frustrating


        I have a g20 I don’t have this problem what do you mean

    35. Mats Toebes

      You using the slowest car so we can keep up better, thanks!

    36. ToxicWolf 603

      let's be honest here a Hotlap in a William's is the equivalent of Mercedes doing the lap under VSC conditions 😂

      1. Davide Selli

        In truth this year Williams won't be so slow on this track, or at least I hope so!

      2. ToxicWolf 603

        @Herodes Koenig 😂😂 it's true though

      3. Herodes Koenig

        let's be honest here. Your a genius lmao

    37. PlittHD

      They should install the Austria Kerbs Just for fun

    38. gregorio cinti

      Hope Codemaster Will upgrade it with Portugal , San Marino and Nurburgring

      1. BlackSky 37

        No can do, sadly.

      2. Kieran Cliffe

        They said they won't mate

      3. Reuben Goodchild

        I wish but it probably won’t happen unless one of them is included in the 2021 calendar (which is possible). Even then it would be in F1 2021 not 2020

      4. a human with purpose

        They said they are not doing any new tracks

    39. Mufc Racer

      Best f1 game since 2013 well done codies

      1. Beni J

        It’s not, it’s the most broken by far

    40. John Street

      Whoever's driving their shifting is awful

      1. John Street

        @Show Me The Money he's short shifting out of corners be doesn't need to he's just doing for the sale of it not to gain time

      2. James McMillan

        @Show Me The Money couldnt have said it better myself. Well done lad

      3. Show Me The Money

        Their shifting isn't awful at all. Its called short shifting out of corners which makes you faster because you get more traction. If you understand f1 games then you would know this

      4. James McMillan

        @John Street I know it's not.

      5. John Street

        @James McMillan it's really not hard he's shifting at about 9-10k rpm

    41. John Street

      Put the Heineken sponsering back in the game it was there when we first saw the game

      1. Sandalo Gaming

        John Street Idk, I am thinking of a couple of possibilities like maybe they wouldn’t be able to sell the game in a place with stricter laws, and just thought “ah f*ck it just take it out of the entire game”. Because then it would be the case for allowing the Mission Winnow thing in the Ferrari. In the end when I am playing the game I don’t really pay attention to the branding around the track, but I like these little details for immersion’s sake.

      2. John Street

        @Sandalo Gaming thing is it was already in the game while it was a pegi 3 it said "when you drive never drink"

      3. Sandalo Gaming

        quinna vdy I guess that Heineken sponsoring would put the rating of the game in M (Mature) or PEGI 18, I don’t know what would affect really.

      4. Abdul Muhaimin

        That's demonetized, bruh.

      5. quinna vdy

        Why, what happened?

    42. Pedro Ferreira †

      Atualizem o capacete do Lewis!!!

    43. Anto Ruiz

      Oh baby, yeah, my favourite circuit, hotlap in Silverstone!

    44. Cadsjr. alberto

      Esses jogos de f1 , não se aproximam nem um pouco da realidade, horrível!!

      1. Papafrita

        1. No hablo portugués 2. O jugaras mal, porque si son muy reales

    45. TomásVieira _TSR

      Anyone knows when the price drops down? 😂

      1. Show Me The Money

        Stop being a cheap ass

      2. TomásVieira _TSR

        @Coolrobbie4377 dex410v3

      3. Coolrobbie4377

        LN04_ TomásVieira do you have a ps username?

      4. TomásVieira _TSR

        @Coolrobbie4377 wut, i have PS Plus

      5. Coolrobbie4377

        @TomásVieira _TSR whats your psn?

    46. Gabriel _gamer

      This game is awesome

    47. Chaika Stein

      Please, the performance patch. I know it's lockdown and stuff but still

      1. Lars_Geurts

        @Kieran Cliffe then 90 is a bit low. Just try 100 for one race. I'm currently at 104-105 and it is a real battle.

      2. Midget Man JR

        Kieran Cliffe damn ur pretty quick then if you’re 50s infront of everyone else try going to 100

      3. Kieran Cliffe

        @Midget Man JR Mate 90

      4. Kieran Cliffe

        @MilkyGaming 144Hz 90

      5. Kieran Cliffe

        @Die Legende I am on 90

    48. ItzKoalaTime

      Fix the Time Trial Glitch!!!!

      1. Kacper

        Only trollmasters could make that 😂😂😂

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Arman Riley if u pause during a lap and go into the instant replay thing and then click b to exit you will automatically gain 0.070. If u do it over and over again throughout the whole lap u can gain seconds

      3. Alistair Agong

        @Bustapou 7 career mode

      4. Bustapou 7

        What is the glitch

    49. Playstation Gamer


    50. Sundsvalen Karting

      Who else can't wait for Hamilton to not win this year?

      1. ToxicWolf 603

        @F1-AMG44 it's not triggered if you're used to the same spoon-fed driver winning year after year after year...

      2. Julian37

        @a human with purpose lol

      3. a human with purpose

        @F1-AMG44 you are everywhere just riding Hamilton.

      4. Julian37

        I just hope redbull will beat them but thats probably not going to happen. 6 years and they are still to fast

      5. Craft Racer

        Even if he wins he will still deserve it, obviously he has a quick car but he still needs to beat bottas, stay consistent throughout the weekend and drive to an extremely high level