F1® 2020 First Look | My Team

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    Create. Manage. Drive. Win. It’s time to show you more of F1® 2020’s My Team mode.
    This mode is a first for the F1® franchise. Alongside the well-established Career, you’ll be able to experience F1® 2020 as a driver-manager, and it’s going to offer you a unique insight into the world of F1®.
    Choose your driver and create your team’s unique visual identity with your own colour scheme, logo and sponsor. Using our comprehensive driver rating system, you’ll be able to choose your teammate from the 2019 F2™ grid.
    Take charge of your facilities and watch them grow as your team becomes more successful. Manage your team’s resources and time and make sure they’re properly motivated. Be careful, if funds get tight, you may need to temporarily shut one of your departments.
    Take your place as the 11th team on the grid, driving the car you’ve developed throughout the F1® season. There’s no room for inner-team rivalries when you’re also the team boss.
    Use acclaim to upgrade your facilities, and research key developments needed to give you the edge. Win the World Championship with your F1® team.

    Learn more about My Team here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F12020-My-Team-Mode
    “The Runner”
    Performed by “Foals”
    Written by Edwin Thomas Congreave, Jack William Bevan, Yannis Barnabas Emanuel Philippakis and James Andrew Smith
    Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK Ltd
    Published by Transgressive Publishing Ltd (PRS) (NS)
    All rights administered by Warner Chappell Music Publishing Ltd
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
    Join us for the ride - follow us on our social channels:
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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      Want to find out more about F1 2020's My Team? Get ALL the details you'll need right here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F12020-My-Team-Mode

      1. Der echte purtzel2017

        I want the painting system from forza Horizon 4

      2. Maskedranger4 Gaming

        Funny how the main driver (aka the player in the trailer) uses my player number in game lol

      3. Dave Beaumont

        Nice can’t wait to play it

      4. Alessandro Frosio

        You forget to put the '70 F1 car. In F1 2019 there were.... Please fix because there were beautiful. Ps( I'm italian, I'm sorry for my english...)

      5. Di A

        My Team can be great feature if we can create and bring it on ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIPS and search for REAL SPONSORS. We dont need casual WE WANT REAL teams features,and WE WANT MORE REALISTIC RIVALRIES,more camera modes for official streaming chamionships. Make virtual F1 show more advanced codemasters,you know we want it and we know you can MAKE IT

    2. Hobson McMaster

      Yay Latifi simulator I mean uh stroll simulator no mazepin simulator I think I got it yeah mazepin simulator

    3. matti shaw

      I wont you to make MATTI shaw a good helmet I want it monkey and my name

    4. Le Bagn ard

      Real sponsors. At least engine manufacturer name and every one of them that is always on the tracks. More freedom in the way we can design the livery like Gran Turismo way. Let the community recreate some of the finest and oldest liveries, and express our creativity. Pleeeeease ?

    5. deagleoneone

      Lance Stroll Simulator 2020.

    6. Darkwear GT

      Why is it release so late Shouldnt it be called f1 2021

    7. Madjimby Careca

      If Raguthathan is not on the intro, This is not a intro

    8. Gameplayer 555


      1. Daniel Lin

        Foals - The Runner

    9. Jalan Jauh

      I hope next update players can change sponsor colours and position on suit and on the helmet, also new liveries, new cool helmet and real sponsors, thankyou codemaster

    10. Adriano Arcuri

      Is there a date to performance patch?

    11. ATR

      Great that you can have your own team

    12. formulafan

      Had a hard week and this was just what I needed after this day to make it a bit better . Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

    13. Raphi76250 gaming

      Bonjour est ce que sa serais possible de recevoir un exemplaire de f1 2021 je me ferais un plaisir d en faire plusieurs vidéo sur ma chaîne TRlocal cordialement

    14. deagleoneone


    15. deagleoneone

      Ich werde Stunden brauchen um mein Team einzurichten! Thank you Codemasters!

    16. deagleoneone

      HIRE A TEAMMATE: My brain: Lukas Weber

    17. Stephen Cruse

      There's leaked footage. The my team is complete sham. There's no video presentation and you can't choose your own driver. You have to select a number of 5. Also you are limited to 4 liveries. Codies lied

      1. Darwin


    18. cecil

      I cant wait for it this games is so cool!?!?


      When is going to be a multiplayer points system ? I want to play fair races and play with people with my similar skill. Another year with horrible multiplayer sessions... Please do something with multiplayer rating or something !!!!! Thank you.

    20. Nionity

      Finally no Copypaste, Probably graphics are. but from my sources ive heared the F1 drivers actually had imput in the driving model wich absolutely blew my mind. Going to pre-order the Schumacher Edition soon!

    21. Kairlines

      Finally, we have virtual mirrors. YES.

    22. Veit Schrumpf

      Take my money!! 🤤🤤

    23. Remco Delissen

      Looking VERY Nice !!!

    24. Matt

      If i purchase this on the PS4, will i have the ability to play this on PS5 without purchasing the game again?

    25. FunGamers

      Its amazing, i only think they need to take a look again for the engines, Renault better than a Honda?? Not that sure

    26. cole blueson

      Can you be just a manager in myteam or do you have to race too??

    27. Ersal Özsargın

      Can we play career mode with two players?

    28. Xedoria

      this season was so underwhelming and practically non existent that codemasters had to come up with something groundbreaking to compensate for that and i love it

      1. Redfall Xenos

        This season hasn't even started. What?

    29. FinalMasquerade

      If we get a race in mugello will this track be added to the game?

    30. FFA_Francescopio

      But is online?

    31. Le' Fishe

      The song gives me FIFA 20 PTSD

    32. SN13K3R

      Looks great! Can’t wait :)

    33. Sebastian Sandoval

      Ojala pueda fichar a alonso

    34. Sebastian Sandoval

      Porfavor que salga yaaaaa no aguanto wee XD

    35. Leerful

      Looks amazing

    36. lk25 gaming

      Cool ... I already bought it, still waiting for July 11, 2020

    37. Simon Docherty

      Why waste effort building this functionality when you could have been using that effort to build VR support. People buy a driving game to drive.

      1. Redfall Xenos

        You would rather have VR that damages your eyes over a new in depth game mode? Bruh

    38. SAX_SASHA 05

      with an update will you put the Mugello circuit as they will race there?

    39. Daniel Martinez

      Estaria muy bien que en vez de jugar en my team con piloto personalizado,se pudieran fichar los 2 pilotos y elegir al que quieras en cada GP.ganaria en realismo.para jugar con piloto personalizado esta ya el modo trayectoria

    40. Scott eyer

      Can’t wait for July 10th

    41. Mark Vorster

      on the car, they should put the Pirelli and FIA Action for Road Safety stickers on the car. every team has it (Pirelli on the nose and Road Safety in the middle of the wing)

    42. GuiPro YT

      Libera a porra da demo logo

    43. SiLLoH

      It says on my pre order that the game comes out on the 7th july. I have got the schumacher version

      1. M63T

        It does Schumacher edition comes out on the 7th July as you get 3 days early access with the Schumacher edition compared to the normal game which comes out on the 10th July

    44. TROCH22

      So you pretty much stole your ideas from Motorsport Manager

    45. TROCH22

      NO VR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. soinhu foitu

      Codemasters have improved everyone is gonna buy their game

      1. soinhu foitu

        Stop and fix engine sounds plsssssss

    47. Raoni Queiroz

      Finally u guys are giving us manager Mode, thanks!! Already preordered.

    48. D C

      More than 1 male asian face... not asking a lot

    49. bodoti qwiu

      Codemasters have improved everyone is gonna buy their game

      1. bodoti qwiu

        I did not think the facilities would be so in-depth, this is great codies!

    50. Dillan Dillan

      Wait can we drive or is it management only

      1. Redfall Xenos

        You drive and manage

    51. Joe

      I’m a big fan of Formula 1 from Japan. NGL I can’t believe that Honda’s PU is worth than Renault one 😩😩

    52. Pedro Bento

      0.36 is that a Sponsor on the Helmet?

    53. hyde81

      FIFA 20 🎶🎵

    54. Jon Sauli

      Will be for ps 5??

      1. Great Gamer 2017

        Not at the moment. Ps4 xbox and pc

    55. fouoii gyhh

      After this trailer im interested in the game

      1. fouoii gyhh

        Absolutely amazing. Well done. Will put a lot of time into this game!

    56. FNA miki07

      Imagine making your self as Nico Prost and bringing back Prost Peugeot

    57. RunaLUNA

      Time to re-build Caterham

    58. GS EurofanIT

      Absolutely WOOOOW

    59. Harrison Dowd

      this My team Career mode on F1 2020 game will give everyone a challenge!!!!

    60. Xavier Liam

      So no real sponsors? Well it is still going to be amazing

      1. senni bgon

        the runner - foals

    61. Mark Tranter

      Do we get to appeal the cheat spec Ferrari engine in game?

      1. senni bgon

        everyone: How good will the game be? codemasters: YeS

    62. esTouroh

      Stop and fix engine sounds plsssssss

    63. RAY M

      Basically added elements in DIRT 4 on this game looks good

    64. Deane Roberts

      I pre ordered the game and it was only 100MB? Why is it so small or am I missing something?

    65. dutoiu hour

      I did not think the facilities would be so in-depth, this is great codies!

      1. dutoiu hour

        YESSS!! Looks so good, Just need to be able to pre-order it from the PS Store now !!

    66. Jacek Szala

      Please ad Robert Kubica!!!

    67. Abraham Zacarias

      So cool

    68. Artur Fink

      Nice 😁

    69. Giocare.alla.Gnoukouri Instagram


    70. Lorenzo Risaliti

      Bello aspetterò quando costa meno

    71. MKR Cinema

      Absolutely amazing. Well done. Will put a lot of time into this game!

    72. JoeyLGuy

      F1: Lets release on July 10th. NASCAR: **same here**

    73. The Casual Gamer

      Does the game still freeze in loading screen in 2020?

    74. godl3ss

      Honda engines are a meme for a reason please remove them from selectable engines :)

      1. john donavan

        Since when were honda engines a meme?

    75. Joseph Vinik

      Jangle wanglebork here I come

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        a surprise to be sure but a welcomed one.

    76. Daniel Babineau

      I hope we can use our custom team in other game modes, such as quick race.

    77. senni bgon

      everyone: How good will the game be? codemasters: YeS

      1. senni bgon

        Better than the real F1

    78. Ethan Rez

      the runner - foals

    79. Gaming World

      Code masters pls make f1 mobile racing 2021 edition have pit stops . PLEASE.😃

    80. J man racing

      This is the best f1 game yet this will last me 2 years I won’t need to buy f1 2021 I AM ONLY KIDDING CODEMASTERS ARE THE BEST OF COURSE K WILL BUT EVERY GAME YOU GUYS MAKE

    81. MaxRH92

      0:49 i dont know, having Hubert in the selection feels wrong, rip

    82. J__U__M__B__O

      YESSS!! Looks so good, Just need to be able to pre-order it from the PS Store now !!


      Can we choose the steering wheel?

    84. Jon Jordan

      there should be pre season testing in the game where you can test the parts of your car that do and dont work and give you a starting point for development throughout the season

    85. Royke

      When you steal a song from fifa 20 be like:

    86. 12MATZE13

      I click on the video, I hear a song from Fifa, I am a smart man, I quit the Video

    87. cnmmd qiuoo

      After this trailer im interested in the game

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        you can change the colors of the car as with the helmets with yellow and white so that you can change yellow to green

    88. Aleksander Grzywacz

      FIFA 20 song

    89. StoneXL

      They're ending this generation with a bang, holy crap.

    90. Dexter Ramos

      I just hope this f1 game and the future doesn't follow what fifa and nba 2k has become

    91. snajdanTV

      this with online-coop or multi-player championship and you can shut up and get my money

    92. LuftWaffe ME 109bf

      a surprise to be sure but a welcomed one.

    93. Mohammad Ali Ashraf

      Ferrari the best illegal engine

    94. SupremeLeader GNKdroid

      Better than the real F1

    95. Bulcsu704

      All this added yet we still don't have an option to drive in the pits/do the cooldown lap

    96. Bruno Alencar

      it would be nice if you had the option to be a manager only, give orders to the pilots and watch the race as a tv transmission.

    97. Gabriel Ferreira

      Motorsport Manager

    98. Dylan Aarts

      I really hope for modded sponsor packs on steam

    99. steve comer

      Love the look of the game can’t wait to get my own team going but please tell me you are changing the driver line up, Anthoine Hubert was in the second list of drivers ☹️ for anyone who is not aware he died tragically last year while racing a desperate shame as he was a super driver and was headed straight to f1.

    100. Brendan Carroll

      We need codemasters to develop the next Nascar game