F1® 2020 Beginner's Guide

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    F1® 2020 is here, and we know you're eager to get behind the wheel of the world's greatest racing cars.
    In this Beginner’s Guide we’ll cover the basics of driving in F1® 2020, so that you’re up to speed in no time.
    00:00 - Intro
    00:21 - Choose your Race Style
    01:43 - Learning Track Layouts
    03:15 - How to Overtake
    04:37 - Racing in the Rain
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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      00:00 - Intro 00:21 - Choose your Race Style 01:43 - Learning Track Layouts 03:15 - How to Overtake 04:37 - Racing in the Rain

      1. Marcelo Adrian Chavez Lascano

        It would be better a guide of the gears

      2. stayleir marroquim

        F1® Games From Codemasters I pre ordered the deluxe edition but I didn’t get my pitcoin until now

      3. Bobby does YouTube

        It's too expensive on Xbox I can't afford it 😭😭😭

      4. birgersson 4

        @Toiletten Ninja explain that to esports drivers

      5. W Leon

        Nothing BUT NOTHING beats Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 3.

    2. adam harcup

      When will F1 2021 come out ?

    3. George Russell Fan 63

      Codemasters I'm so annoyed with the glitch I just had at monza I was winning the whole race final corner I go over the part imbertween the track and pitlane bit on the right and cross the line to be told I finished p19 a lap down can you please fix this as this has cost me 26 points and It has also cost my team (red bull) 26 points in our fight to beat mercedes i have just been robbed so badly of a win and I hate it

    4. 2 Wheeled Mohawk

      Wish they'd get rid of those practice activities; Track acclimatisation and so on. After 4 races they get so damn repetitive. I play 2018 still from time to time and I can only endure doing 1 race at a time for it being so boring..

    5. Sefa Kalkan


    6. Derren Dillon

      Driving in the rain in F1 2020 is so fun! especially when sometimes the AI would make mistakes, it really feels immersive xD

    7. Golden Aura

      I'd like for one day you to be able to extend a practice program for an extended period of time. I don't want to have to go back to the garage just to relaunch a program if I feel I need more time to get the lines and pacing down.

    8. RcC Will

      Hey guys can you put in rear wing damage and more realistic punctures that rip the floor like in real life..... S🅱️INALLA

    9. Erick Gamio

      It would be much better if these clips had a voice! :-)

    10. Jovan P

      Who else loves the ferrari jokes? I mean I laugh when I read ferrari yet...

    11. A M

      Dear Codemaster -Team I hope u'll bring a pacht for F1-2020 (on ps4) where we can chose the Tracks of the new calender of the real Season 2020. ! Please please please !

    12. Артём Герасимов

      G I G A K U B I C A to RB confirmed?

    13. Darwin G

      I think I am the only one watching this without a console or computer or the f1 game. I wish I can play this.

    14. Hubertus Magnus von Nepomuk

      Holland muss gewinnen

    15. J Maker

      I'm using HAAS cars, minimal assists if any. I have my difficulty set to 86, pretty tough racing in the top 6 however I'm obliterating my teammate and the other lower tier teams, William's, Alpha T. If I jump to 90 I fall back down where the HAAS cars generally run in reality.

    16. Tobias Kreutzberger

      I cant play the game anymore since the patch 1.05...ego dumper all time

    17. Kieran Brand

      Bruh the best way to learn a new track is to put on hard tires and just go until you run out of fuel

    18. Lap Time 39

      Why do you not add the 19 70 Lotus

    19. Scott Jacobs

      So, is casual mode available to use during My Team?

    20. Alvin

      3:58 Finally we can experience Will's iconic "Press and hold overtake, 5 seconds" to Lando

    21. Alvin

      Zandvoort: *exists* My keyboard: 👀 My fingers: 💀

      1. Keenan's clips

        Keyboard players be like

    22. trblemayker

      I wish there was a demo on steam to try out. The download size seems way too big just to see if I like the game or not.

    23. Fromstarttofinish

      I got a problem with my ad on thrustmaster f1 rim on pc is there no support on it?

    24. blanton69

      I got the game late as it was delivered to wrong address .. but when I got it up and running I'm loving it .. car handles so much better .. one thing I'm looking for though is I'm struggling to understand the corporate and acclaim and bringing my other driver up to snuff .. or I could call the game F1 2020 "Insufficient funds" version

    25. DaRs 13

      lemme tell u what u need LANDO NORRIS AND SCENARIO 7

    26. Joshua Fancher

      So I have an Xbox One S and one thing I notice is that it takes a while for stuff to render in on cutscenes and my team hq and stuff. Is that from the processing power of my Xbox or no?

      1. john donavan

        Probably, i have a one s and am having similar problems

    27. Alessandro Tomo


    28. Lance Derek Santos


    29. Lance Derek Santos


    30. Giordy webb

      Pretty good and detailed video for beginners😁😁


      the game isnt available in Indonesia yet😢

    32. Mr Serrano

      This game looks great.

    33. Jasper Or

      A nice touch where most drivers are showcased on their home track 👍🏻

    34. Craig Davis

      I’m pissed. Been waiting for 12 minutes for the weekly event only to get booted with a message saying session no longer available. Hopefully this won’t be a constant issue...

    35. Mavrikwall238

      I can't hear the engineer in game. I see the subtitles but can't hear him anyone know how to fix that?

    36. П Ч

      Oh yeah, we can play as Lord Mahaveer 😂

    37. coty994

      Trash game, non stop crashing (my pc can easily support the game requirments) and no solution to this, lovely, want my money back, trash developer

      1. septic 34


    38. THE ROOKS

      Hey change the color of the mercedes car, and the helmet of LW44

      1. THE ROOKS

        The mclaren car need some adjustes too in the announcements

      2. THE ROOKS

        Many helmets needs changes

    39. ritchie races

      My f1. Is constantly freezing dose anyone know possibly why??

    40. Tommy -tude

      How do you change camera in game without having to use the menu im on xbxo ?

    41. szewei85

      Haha freaking cool

    42. Tibor Máté

      safety car! read over rules

    43. le marcien gamer 97426

      Where is the Black Mercedes

    44. Duval In The Wall

      Codemasters have a lot to fix lol -Black Mercedes -Ferrari need to be nerfed -Racing Point need a serious buff -Red Bull needs to be 2nd on pace -Haas are nowhere near the front of the midfield -Alpha Tauri need a slight upgrade

      1. tharealmb

        makes sense though... Normally the F1 game releases when the season is half-way underway. Now it released at the start of the season.... that's a big difference.

      2. Daniel Estrada

        Codemasters: F1 2020 new features feature 1 Crashes, if you love romain Grosjean you'll love F1 2020

      3. TiRaMiJa

        @MichaelMatterYT on the same track

      4. TiRaMiJa

        @MichaelMatterYT and we have only seen 2 races yet

      5. TiRaMiJa

        @MichaelMatterYT they are in the charts

    45. Deceased Duck

      standard mode = iracing casual mode = mariokart

    46. Tase

      One word; MUGELLO

    47. Tomasz

      Please nerf Ferrari and Renault buff Racing Point and McLaren

    48. Andrew Demora

      I love this game but I have learned that in own a team mode unless you put ai difficulty on expert or higher your teammate will never qualify or finish better then 12th 14th maybe 8th I can't play this game in any difficulty higher then easy so I guess I'm fucked

      1. Keenan's clips

        My teamate qualified 4th but he is 98ovr

      2. john donavan

        Provably because your teammate doesn't have a great pace stat

    49. Kwasiarz

      Considering 2019 is still crashing 5 minutes into a race 6 months after I bought it (and it started doing so conveniently shortly after the refund period on Steam was over for me), I think I'll pass on this one.

      1. Kwasiarz

        @rastaman187 Then I'll buy it next year when it's 75% off, no way in hell I will pay almost 60 euros for what seems to be only slightly different than previous year's game.

      2. rastaman187

        Youre loss its really good

    50. Alessio Donatoni

      No one: Absolutely no one: Codemasters: *Ferrari 1-2*

      1. Duval In The Wall

        This is the pace as of 2020 1. Mercedes 2. Red Bull 3. Racing Point 4. McLaren 5. Ferrari 6. Renault 7. Alpha Tauri 8. Alfa Romeo 9. Haas 10. Williams

    51. Edwin Mopalami

      It would have been nice to have a demo available so we could try the casual racing mode before we commit to buying the game... 😭 It looks beautifully crafted but too many times I've wanted to cry while playing F1 games from sheer frustration

    52. Ayush2727

      I play on easy mode because I am on controller

    53. ShaneJoshua1980

      I really want this game but I have no steering wheel, no racing seat and a wall mounted TV above a fire place😩

    54. DedStriker

      release the free trial pls

    55. Alexander Pronk v.H.

      I literally got my f1 game 10 minutes ago😂😂😂

    56. Mateo Rossi

      Hmno si la trayectoria d su juego ql esta cmo el pico la d el año pasao estaba mucho ma bkn

    57. Jay A

      Beginners Guide: Whatever you do, DO NOT touch ranked mode.

    58. Maximilian Bima

      codemasters: F1 2020 features 2 new tracks.... F1: hold my ERS *add mugello to the calendar*

      1. WassapDude94

        Also F1: *adds Nurburgring, Imola and Portimao*

      2. Samuele Capirola

        Already told us that mugello and the new one won't be on the game due to long working time

      3. Bubble Smasher

        Putin: and my vodka *adds sochi to calendar*

    59. Edvard Ekhem

      That’s all great, but where are my pit coins?

    60. René Ferretti

      my game crashes very frequently on PS4 pro. I've only played about 1 hour/half and had 3 crashes, one during a time trial and two before the first race in My team.

      1. Stefan Hiddink

        I have the same problem.

    61. Conor Fagan

      I pre ordered the Schumacher Edition but it still hasn't Arrived

    62. Phobos Productions

      Making it less arcady would have been the way to go not more...

    63. Geert Matthys

      Game crashes constantly on xbox now don't buy

    64. Carbozo Luïk

      Excuse me I buy the game et the time of loading is soo long it is normal ?

    65. Remi de Waal

      Love this game!!! Well done Codemasters and F1

    66. Delermain

      Thank you. Really useful 👍. Been playing F12018 again lately, (sadly missed out on F12019 😪), and loving it! But I cannot wait to try 'My Team' when I get a copy of F12020 at the end of the month 😬😄

    67. Zeta

      Mine should be coming today I can't wait

    68. Toiletten Ninja

      The tracklimits are horrible

    69. Andrew

      Great video and great game so far, everyone needs to enjoy this game at their own pace!

    70. Andy Ezequiel

      10 the july f1 2020 awesome

    71. Ruan Carlos Adão Hobolt

      I bought the game because, well, I had F1 2019 on Xbox, unfortunately I didn't have money to buy on PC... Guess what? I did whatever I could to buy. Codemasters are awesome, it's one of the few games that each game come better than the previous one. Congratulations on getting my money and my respect Codemasters! :D P.S.: I was really thinking on a way to kind crack the game, I don't have a lot of money on my wallet, but I saw the work and, I gotta say that Codemasters deserve my money, I did what I could! :D

    72. Jacob Turl

      The only problem I think with the rain like if you look at the start of the racing in the rain section is comparing the gameplay with the mclaren (driver) and the racing point (ai) is the racing point brake as if they were on the dry sets of tyres and get around corners fine whereas if the driver does that they either miss the corner or smash right into a barrier if you are on a circuit like Singapore I haven't played yet so judge me as much as you like but this was a huge problem for me as a controller player so 🤞 that the cars dont have dry braking points on the corners

    73. Geert Matthys

      Also patch damn Ferrari, Vettel and LeClerc are winning everything which is a YOKE

      1. Scott Jacobs

        Look, you know what FIA stands for, and like hell Ferrari would allow a debuff...

    74. T2_Arsenal

      Bateson may or may not need this😂😂

    75. Mr. Mojo

      The best F1 game i've ever played. It's a master piece

      1. Yaya Diawiss

        Really ? You need to play F1 2010 and 2012

    76. Jace Gxming

      There should be an option in both career modes to turn off dynamic weather and just have dry races because the rain is annoying

    77. Jeňa Vavara

      Is wet racing lines faster or is in wet faster normal racing line?

    78. Andare_a_podio_alla _kmag

      Fix the messiah at australia instead of saying people to use driving assists

    79. RuinS

      U must develop a system and this must be if we buy 2021, we should countine our my team career on next game. Cause it takes a lot of labor. Sad to start again from 0.

    80. Morten Carstensen

      Okay let me just say,,,,, hats off to you Codemasters what a game you have made this time my team is so cool and also the multiplayer great work .....EA are you watching FFS???

    81. Moses Ade

      Is racing in the wet easier in f1 2020

    82. Rafael Pretto

      Never overtake Hamilton on curbs. If Vettel is ahead, wait till he spins and overtake.

      1. Yeet Yeet

        Ur just a ham fan

      2. Daniel Estrada

        Andrea: Hamilton? Hamilton: yes? Andrea: s🅱️inalla

    83. Ash-Man0116

      It comes out July 10th for all consoles right?

    84. xxxalexxx

      i just hope you guys put engine failure ,since it is an old community request

    85. Pete Villager

      I don't like it that Silver color on Mercedes :( 👎

    86. J. Galactus

      These new features are absolutely welcoming to new comers. After 10 (did I count it right) F1 games from Codemasters, they still have the mindset to cater to new joiners. Amazing!

      1. Ángel Piret

        You didn't count them right, there are 11! :D

    87. Yoggel

      Fully customizable season length?

    88. hallo Hallo HALLO

      Mercedes is black

    89. Phablo Phablo

      Its unfair that you have Lewis with the short hair

    90. Ahmad Habib

      sad thing im not getting f1 2020 until my birthday which is october

    91. wedge_one

      Can't wait to start playing it. It's sitting there on my library with a greyed PLAY button.

    92. Kieran Bennett

      Should have been narrated by Into The Barrier

    93. Senseii Succ

      This stuff is so amazing, the new steering assist and casual style is so awesome for new friends over playing splitscreen

    94. Hyuntaek Woo

      Can we race with My team cars? It eould be so cool. And I hope to see more customizing with the car. Like steering wheel, halo designs and etc

      1. Karl Conteh

        CURRYBOZZ yeah depends what engine you use

      2. CURRYBOZZ

        @Karl Conteh you actually start over haas and Williams with the Ferrari Engine😂😂

      3. Karl Conteh

        The my team career mode is just like normal career mode but you drive in your own team, naturally you start as a back marker but you slowly make your way up

    95. Ondrej Sivák

      Don’t you guys in the comments know, if the standard edition will be available to play today midnight, or sometimes during Friday?

    96. Ademiw

      Ah yes! Just what the dirty drivers needed!

    97. Ondrej Sivák

      Don’t you guys in the comments now, if the standard edition is going to be launched today midnight or tomorrow sometimes during day? Thanks

    98. SPYROS_F15

      Codies, can you release the next game on this generation of consols too, please?

    99. Ponti Vids

      00:05 Why the HELL is the Ferrari at the front

      1. Kieran Cliffe

        Where they belong mate

    100. ArcShark

      Thank you! I'll be using this in learning this game.