F1® 2020 Track Guide: Belgium

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    Ask any Formula 1® driver what their favourite track is and Spa will be right near the top of the list. With a mix of long straights and challenging high-speed corners and enormous elevation change, it's one of the most thrilling circuits in the world to drive.
    Struggling to handle corners like La Source, Eau Rouge, Radillon or Blanchimont? We're here to help with this guide.
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    1. Scott eyer

      Why not get rid of track limits? Unless you have all four tires off the track

    2. Gamer Flexx

      I have a Bad Situation on the game and I would appreciate it, when you solve my problem. English: If I set it in the pit menu from the MFA menu the wing damage to "No Repair" and then I get a wing damage shortly before the pitlane and then I cant change it in the pitlane, so I have to go to the pits twice. By the Tyres can you do that. It would be great if you can change this setting in the pit lane until you stop and make your stop. German: Wenn ich im Boxenmenü vom MFA Menü es aus stelle, dass sie den flügelschaden reperieren und mir danach kurz vor der Box einen Flügelschaden hole, kann ich es in der Box nicht mehr Umstellen, sodass ich zwei mal in die Box Muss, Bei den Reifen geht dass, deswegen wäre es toll wenn man in der Boxengasse diese einstellung ändern kann bis man anhält und seinen Stop vollzieht.

    3. Tomas Schvartzman

      Make a tutorial about how to drive without each help (like traction, wheel blocking, etc.)

    4. Andrea Lo Bianco

      Give us all circuits with a DLC pls!!!

    5. Kieran Cliffe

      We need real track limits

    6. Anthony Carmine

      Will you add (at some point) a patch with the new Bahrein's outside track?

    7. Flasino Flasino

      Thinking what video we get when F1 arrive to Portimao or Imola...

    8. GlovesAndSteeringwheel

      Off all the circuits i feel Spa looks the worst in the games...

    9. Petrol Head

      If possible, later you could give us a DLC calendar of all the tracks during the "Covid-19" Season

      1. JakeMcl07

        No because it takes over a year to make a track

    10. gregorio cinti

      I want you, track guide at Imola. One of the reasons I'm not buying this game is the lack of circuits .

    11. João Queiroz

      Why drivers can use the kerbs irl and on the game we always get a deleted lap time for using the kerbs?

    12. Federico MARCHETTI


    13. Luke

      Hey Codemasters, I really like the menu music in F1 2019. It gives a cool vibe that is hard to explain and it makes the game feel like a real official racing simulator. F1 2020 is great, but feels more like an arcade game rather then an official racing sim. I wanted to know if you could please update F1 2020 and replace the current menu and loading screen music to the original F1 2019 music. I also wanted to know if you could please revert the showroom and vehicle selection screens and menus in general back to the original F1 2019 style themes. I really miss the F1 2019 vibe, it makes it feel more like a Milestone motorcross sim rather then an arcade-like videogame. I’m not saying their games are better or worse, I just really like the music and menu theme that your F1 2019 has. I just thought I’d ask you and hopefully it’ll be changed in the next update or so. I’d really really appreciate it if you do revert the style of the game back to the F1 2019 style and theme because it will give off the great vibe that I miss from F1 2019:)

    14. AX PETER

      Please add Nurnbring ,2nd Italian track and the remaining tracks in F1 2002 mobile game

    15. Felice Battello Casillo

      When is the F2 2020 coming?? At least give us a date 🤷‍♂️

    16. Mali41

      I understand it would be impossible to add all the new tracks added this year but please please give us the Bahrain Alternate Layout (the one F1 is racing at not what's already in the game)

      1. an internet stranger

        they said that they wont

      2. James Masey

        Exactly. The Bahrain outer layout is already there but they just need to move the barriers to be able to drive on it (which should not take too long for them to do)


      Hey FIA Stole your Bahrain Short

      1. Anto Ruiz

        Actually, that's another layout of the track, it's different, the one in game is the "only paddock" layout; the one Which will be used is the outer one

    18. Артём Герасимов

      I hope one day we'll see normal track limits in some corners like t9 in Spa, t6 & 9 in Austria etc

      1. Артём Герасимов

        @Havok idk, maybe in codemasters think that track limits must be only between white lines with no exceptions

      2. Havok

        But why are the track limits different in the game than in real life?

    19. AltRaG

      go update the track maybe

    20. Teemu Valkeejärvi

      You could do this at any track and call it "Belgium track guide" and it would be just as close to the real as this is

    21. Konne

      Noway that a Haas can take Eau Rouge / radillon flat lmao

      1. an internet stranger

        All F1 cars can lmao

      2. ZZBossGaming

        KonFighter all F1 cars take it flat even the Williams toaster

    22. Luca D'Amario

      1.50.508 while real F1 cars are going 1.44 in FP1 lmao

      1. Kronos F1

        ZZBossGaming The seemed like they take stabs at the steering for my. I don’t know, it might be an AI but I doubt it. I just thought a real person since the steering so off. I though it was a very easy AI though, simply because of how much time was left on the table. You’d think a person would have been a huge amount faster.

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Kronos F1 I’ve played f1 games for years now and the AI is not “jolty” whatsoever lmao. You’d have to be an idiot to think this is an AI. First, you physically can’t ride onboard with an AI while he’s doing a practice program. You can watch him drive around but u won’t be able to see the gates. Second, all u have to do is look at the steering movements. The AI is always silky smooth with the inputs unlike in this video. Idk if you’re new to the game or something but the AI has always had perfect accuracy. Just look at the races in the game. They literally just line up single file like a bloody train

      3. Kronos F1

        Randomly generated person Trust me, if you go onboard with an AI, they’re quite “jolty” on the wheel around corners. Let’s just agree, either way, that it’s a dog shite lap and there’s SO much more time to be gained.

      4. an internet stranger

        @Kronos F1 it's not even that. You can tell it isn't AI because their steering wheel movements are not like the ones you would see from bots

      5. Kronos F1

        Randomly generated person Not necessarily. Lewis, Max, Charles etc would. The lower rated guys; probably not. If it is a real person, they weren’t pushing at all.

    23. Slivoň_10 F1

      Please hot lap on Belgian

    24. LylePrins41

      Wow, why can't I also get Perfect in every corner but my lap is way better than this one

      1. Zane Olson

        0% AI difficulty

      2. Nigel Mansell’s moustache

        Because he uses Haas and drives like a grandma

    25. Wades

      Add the possibily that we can put the same track twice in career/myteam mode, please. For example : Austria, Austria, Hungary

    26. heat NFS


    27. Sreevardhan Lk

      When is thr Performance Update coming to F1 2020???

      1. BʟʌᴄᴋPʌŋtʜɘʀs

        What’s phr?

      2. Wades

        October ._.

    28. Nabeel Ahmad

      Don’t think I didn’t notice the non-purple turn 8

      1. Amir Penkar

        I hate turn 8

    29. Medhansh Murthy

      Lmao you guys are trolling using Grosjean

    30. aaron gage

      Codemasters did a really good job this year



      2. Pietro Salomone



        aaron gage they always do

      4. Oriol

        Hahahaha good joke

    31. Mihael Pendo