F1® 2020 Track Guide: Great Britain

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    Great Britain's Silverstone Circuit is one of the oldest on the Formula 1® calendar, and its modern form is ultra-fast with many high speed turns that truly show what an F1® car is capable of. 🚀
    For those that want some tips on its trickier corners, we're here with this Track Guide and Lando Norris' McLaren to help you out 👍🏻
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      1. TomásVieira _TSR

        @speedGmaster to appear at the top

      2. speedGmaster

        Codies why did you like your own comment

      3. speedGmaster

        I'm sorry if what I said is stupid I just heard a update about people not getting there pitcoins for preording

      4. speedGmaster

        Hey codemasters I am a xbox player and I have not gotten my 15,000 pitcoins in f1 2020 I pre ordered the game my account is speedGmaster thanks for the help

      5. TomásVieira _TSR

        Thx Codies 😁

    2. invadez

      You should put 3rd drivers

    3. danny

      they make it look ridiculously easy

    4. Glen

      Tg zandvoort ?

    5. Bhushan Thareja

      Feels and looks so much like an arcade game. Not a fan

      1. Simp Patrol

        Do you are have stupid?

    6. Mikail Qaisa

      Update F1 2016 pls

    7. hallo Hallo HALLO

      Red flag please!

    8. Winnie the oof

      i wanna know why u dont launch this games for nintendo consoles

    9. Abel

      Bring back the 2013 narrator plsss


      Can the be a Create Your own Track Option in F1 2021 Game

    11. Theo Beilfuss

      Put hulkenberg on the game!

    12. Trex3n20

      Hey that’s the wrong helmet

    13. KYFIT Productions

      Hey uh can you fix your constant game crashes on PS4? Just got a podium on my team and my game crashed and I lost everything.

    14. CT Games

      F1 have to add mugello imola and portimao to f1 2020 it would be so good

    15. Pietro Salomone

      Can you fix the gearbox high consumation please ?

    16. Pietro Salomone

      😍😍😍😍🔥🔥great !

    17. Rjpa22nascar

      I have a idea for the game i call it F1 2020 quarintane editcion with the actual f1 calender

    18. Tomi Csüllög

      Fix this AI. I only crash with idiota agressive ai, i am in a position, and he is pushing me... Good 10years CODEkhmHAHAMasters

    19. Fardan Madani

      Is mugello coming to the f1 game?

    20. Naza Bresks

      Caraca quero muito esse jogo

    21. Elias Hrebik

      The curbs in the game are so outdated

    22. Gallas Games

      Does anyone know when the beta version of the game is coming out?????

      1. Gallas Games

        @Archy The demo

      2. Archy

        the game came out 20 days ago lmao

    23. Gaming With Nicko

      I’ve always loved the background music at the start of these vids. What is the music?

      1. Gaming With Nicko

        Tristan van Heest of course

      2. Tristan van Heest


    24. mattw404

      This guide is basically useless, even for a beginner. It doesn’t tell you anything about breaking points, where to accelerate, or the best lines to take. The gates are placed incorrectly at some points as well. You’ll get a lot more out of TRL limitless’ guide on this track.

      1. Route 765

        I always have to adjust my driving line for Brooklands because the gates are badly placed there

    25. BlackSky 37

      When is Codemasters adjusting the IA in Silverstone? It is too op in this track

      1. Dank Level

        So true

    26. Kieran Cliffe

      Start finish line is not real

    27. Bongo Mankayi

      My f1 2020 game on xbox is not working properly ...my car engine sound cuts out ..i can hear my friemds in a party and hear jeff give me updates but the car sound disappears..whats up with that

    28. David De la Torre Gallardo

      0:23 "Runway-Bridge" Reality: No runway, so Codemasters, are you from the future or what? Because the design you sent to the start/finish straight is not in real life

      1. acee

        It was actually meant to be there but since covid happened, it’s I believe on hold for now

    29. AndreCR10

      Wenn die Strecke bei Project Cars 3 Realistischer aussieht mit den Cerbs etc als beim Offiziellen F1 Game XD

    30. Jeff Miller


      1. Tristan van Heest

        Keep crying

      2. Jeff Miller

        @BlackSky 37I know, but it's what they choose to show for Sundays upcoming race instead of the plethora of other ways they could have shown it.

      3. BlackSky 37

        You know that's what they called a "practice program" in game, right? You actually don't race with the blocks and dings. In this mode, you don't even have a time to beat, just hit the gates at proper speed. And it's not even mandatory.

    31. Dejrox

      No colourfull halo system in Mclaren. Why?????

    32. John Street

      Add the Heineken sponsering back in it was there when you first showed zaandvort

      1. mightynitro

        John Street yes that was a work in progress, now the game is finished and they have to put the f1 2020 stickers

      2. John Street

        @mightynitro but it's was in the game when they showed the first few trailers as "when you drive never drink" and without the alcohol bottle

      3. mightynitro

        John Street they can’t, it’s rated pegi 3, and Heineken is a beer sponsor.

    33. Jiggmin1234

      What's up with the bridge across the start finish line? It isn't there in real life.

      1. Jiggmin1234

        @Joe Rogan Ahhh okay. Thanks for the information :)

      2. Joe Rogan

        Jiggmin1234 it was to be built for the race this year but COVID 19 stoped it from being built

    34. Wades


      1. RasseRanch

        I was searching for this comment :D

      2. RizeNIR

        @Kieran Cliffe buff more like

      3. Alex Beri

        @Kieran Cliffe u ok?

      4. Kieran Cliffe

        Ye They need to nerve the Mesecdes

    35. HyPeZ_John

      F1 2020 does my G29 not recognize the ps4? What can I do?

      1. HyPeZ_John

        @Zon1bzh Ok thank you

      2. Zon1bzh

        Have updated the game? Version 1.00 (without the patches) doesn't recognize the G29, you need update the game if you haven't. Hope this helps.

    36. depressed as always

      Williams be like: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

      1. depressed as always

        Sadikur Rahman true!!!

      2. depressed as always

        AngryCookie sarcasm

      3. Elias Hrebik

        That doesn't make sense. The drivers are not bad, it's just the car performance...

      4. Sadikur Rahman

        depressed as always more like ferrari

    37. Stefano Casarosa

      Fate un server a modo invece di fare queste puttanate

      1. Marco Petri


    38. SósedVodVedle

      Where's his helmet? XD

      1. •Wic9KF8•

        Pix'l Gamer Fr I think he meant the special helmet for this weekend

      2. Pix'l Gamer Fr

        It's the yellow thing at the bottom

    39. Sundsvalen Karting

      i think it is an AI driving lol

    40. patricus the great

      YoU pReTtY mUcH nAiLeD tHiS cIrCuIt.

    41. TomásVieira _TSR

      Hi Codemasters, can u put a mode where we can paint our car ( like GT Sport, thats a thing that really makes success and can be good for the game. Hope you see this

      1. jahrome

        No they need the money from micro-transactions they wouldn't do that

      2. SPYROS_F15

        Thubs up this comment so codies see it

      3. speedGmaster


      4. Matteo Bellandi

        please yes

    42. Another F1 YouTuber

      I’ve seen e go faster then

    43. MRSamiboi


    44. Eunice Schumann