F1® 2020 | Podium Pass Guide

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    Podium Pass is a feature new to F1® 2020, but how does it work? Let's show you with this guide 👀
    00:00 - Intro
    00:22 - What is the Podium Pass?
    01:43 - Challenges Explained
    03:35 - The Item Shop
    04:05 - The Store
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    1. EaSy MoNey

      lets say that its week 6 and my pass level is 6, i want to get a free item at tier 14, can i pay to level up my tier level? if i get the vip pass do i gett all the items immediately?

    2. EaSy MoNey

      can i pay to upgrade my pass podium level?

    3. Heisenberg

      Bs, you already buy a game. The more people keep paying to play is the more they will keep you paying to play.

    4. mia ria

      The pitcoins feel like tipping just make the game like 10 dollars more expensive and not have IN GAME PURCHASES I am already paying for a 60 dollar game that has the same features as a free mobile game Now what I mean pitcoins feel like tipping is think about it just an example a pair of jeans costs 50 dollars this never happens like you get a pair of jeans and the cashier says "and that pair of jeans will be 40 dollars and would you like it to have pockets for only 10 more dollars" just add the average pitcoin cost to the release date price

    5. mia ria

      I don't know man seems kind of EA to me

      1. Alejandro Riera Conde

        This aged like wine, EA bought Codemasters

    6. Charlie Robertson

      I want a chance to desighn the car myself not the game giving me ready made liveries

      1. Marcus Forsberg

        If you have a computer you can. But not at ps4 or xbox🙄

    7. ralmslb

      So, Codemasters is so poor they can't have someone commentate on a video? Seriously?

    8. speedGmaster

      For anyone who is seeing this i have some F1 2020 My team carrer mode tips 1.I would really recommend trying to get the Major Fuel Tank Postioning before I got it my team would try there best to get a couple of points each race and then i got that upgrade my team got a 1 2 in the race and we dominated the rest of the season to win the constructors and drivers championship 2.I would really recommend buying the resource generation on all the facilities you can because i think it is really op. 3.Always save up resource points and money after the summer break because who nows you could have a big rnd change towards the few final races and if you save up your money you will have a lot of money for next season and you could even get a better driver. If you have read all of this I really hope this will hopefully help you in your my team career mode and have a wonderful day 😀

    9. Dan Etheridge

      Anyone else having a problem with some of the driver customisations where the game has removed the downloaded content for that certain customisation

      1. Beverly's Profit 2020

        5:19 Fast Money Strategy trlocal.info/u/video/m6p9hqjcsJbKpms

    10. jenesuispasbavard

      In-game currency, ew.

      1. mia ria

        Exactly what we need to do is pray that codemasters don't take the route that fifa took

    11. Felice Battello Casillo

      WTF I do have to pay more money for the bloody pitcoins and there is no way to make them in a free way , that's just seems unfair to me

      1. Crowned King

        They give you 2000 free at a certain point in the pass

      2. Heisenberg

        Their is a way to make it free, they just won't because they want to rape your wallet.

    12. Explo2224

      I am not very happy about the podium pass in general... I don't like it that I have to pay again after I gave you 60 euros for playing this game. This fortnite has nothing to lose in a f1 game in my point of view... But hey. It is just cosmetic. So Codemasters please: keep it on skins and animations and do NOT put pay2win mechanics in the game a la Fifa Ultimate Team... That would be a Desaster for these games

      1. Explo2224

        @Alejandro Riera Conde true...

      2. Alejandro Riera Conde

        Now that EA has bought Codies it will be even worse...

      3. Tavian Boyd

        You know it’s gonna happen so why even waste time arguing it

    13. Shut up

      The problem with this is the fact you guys haven't created enough content to earn. I played one season of myteam and and some online races and got to level 30 without even having to worry within the first month. The last month there has been nothing to level up for. Also the daily,weekly iteams are regurgitated every few days so there's no point even spending the pitcoins.

    14. Quellobello

      Grazie ragazzi for the pass

    15. SPYROS_F15

      You need to add a way to earn pitcoins

      1. Felice Battello Casillo

        Yes exactly

    16. Ashish Mepani

      what happens to the liverys in podium pass season 1 do we get to keep them still??

      1. Marcus Forsberg


    17. Jesse James

      Faltou Neon e fumaça colorida

    18. Nitryle

      I'm so tired of all these in game passes. Just give me the possability to customise my car like I want without the challenges pls

      1. The Tigeroza

        @McPlayer8t Well some people can invest time in the game without this bs and I’m one of them. There should be more editing options.

      2. McPlayer8t

        I kind of agree, I haven’t even tried in the first season and I have more pitcoin than I know what to do with. I don’t really know how the system works and what gives you pitcoin, but I do 100% races so strategy exists, but I’m not sure if I get extra for that.

      3. mia ria

        @McPlayer8t exactly the f1 game is in a way a patient's game a 50 percent race takes a good 40 minutes it is not like a mobile game 20 minutes and back to TRlocal the f1 is a console game and a console game is supposed to take an hour maybe 2 in my case 4 hours per session

      4. mia ria

        The pitcoins is what I am ticked off about the challenges from the looks of it are really easy

      5. Blackout76

        @McPlayer8t that's absolout bullshit right there dude. He doesn't care for stupid pre made Liveries that look hideous. That doesn't mean he doesn't want his MyTeam car to look good. Also lets say you actually like the Liveries but want to play realistic. That means I have to play a whole season with a boring day one livery because if it's realistic you don't just change the livery mid season. So if you actually take the game as serious as it gets then the podium pass is an even worse idea compared to if you don't take the game serious.

    19. FNA miki07

      Codies! When i brought Podium Pass VIP at series 1 will i have it in series 2 and further?

      1. Claire Farron

        @ZZBossGaming these designs and emblems are such a piece of shit honestly

      2. ZZBossGaming

        Yes you will have to buy the vip pass every season unfortunately. The pass is designed so that if you play enough and earn enough xp to get level 30, you’ll get enough pit coins from that pass so you don’t have to actually spend money for the next one. In other words self sustaining

      3. FNA miki07

        @Claire Farron shoot. Anyway thank you

      4. Claire Farron


    20. CRT I Collin

      Bad pass🤮

    21. Wades

      add the possibility that we can put the same track twice in the career mode/myteam mode, please. For example: Austria, Austria, Hungary. add fisheye effect option on T cam, please

    22. Hoplophobic

      Glad I never bought this game. Every year it’s just a copy/paste with something different added on top just to make it look new. This might look small but it’s just one step before we are at the point where they will be charging for team liveries and loot boxes ETC.

      1. McPlayer8t

        How about open your eyes and ears and stop needlessly and falsely criticizing a group of hard-working developers. It is okay to criticize, but make it constructive and useful to someone. Make suggestions, say what you would like to see.

      2. DeGameVerpester

        Hoplophobic that’s literally how every game is LMAO

      3. Nick Kapetanias

        The game is vastly different to F1 2019 in many ways.

      4. baffy.

        There are still tons of free liveries. And the gameplay in itself isnt locked away behind a DLC, its just cosmetics.

      5. gabc777

        well then wat do u want the game to add to make u buy it? just asking

    23. Erielton Menegati

      Já está na hora de fazer o ítem de rodas cromadas para comprar na loja e poder adicionar nos carros my team

    24. oS Spurs

      What a pass!! Incredible!! Thanks Codemasters for this pass !😊

    25. Jesse James

      Fortnite pass 🤮