F1® 2020 First Look | Split-screen Gameplay

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    One. Last. Time. The final Virtual Grand Prix is here, and we’re marking the occasion with something special. Today, we’re focusing on F1® 2020’s new split-screen mode by showing off a three-lap race from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, featuring Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes and Lance Stroll’s Racing Point.
    The Canadian Grand Prix has been a staple since the late ‘60s, and the race in Montreal has been a regular occurrence in the F1® calendar since the late ‘70s. With well-known features such as that last chicane by the Wall of Champions, and of course, groundhogs (which commentator Anthony Davidson unfortunately knows all about), the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a firm fan favourite.
    For more social play with your mates/sibling/rivals, two-player split-screen makes a welcome return to F1® 2020. We’ve captured this in-game, and the race doesn’t just show off split-screen, but also shows several corner adjustments and aesthetic changes made to the Montreal track.
    This Sunday, F1® drivers, including George Russell (who’s looking to secure that Virtual Grand Prix Championship), return for the final Virtual Grand Prix on F1® 2019. You’ll be able to catch this all live on Sunday, 14th June from 5pm BST, with the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition race, before the Virtual Grand Prix gets underway at 6pm BST, on F1®’s TRlocal channel.
    Read more: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F12020-Canada-Split-Screen
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
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    1. RedlineShadow29

      One question. We can choose any circuit in the demo or we only have Melbourne???

    2. Mark Marais

      My xbox says:”The selected device is already in use by player 1”. This happens if I want to add a second controller. Any advice on how to delete a controller or to start again?

    3. Sebastiano Brunello

      If I put 25% of the race in split screen will safety car deploy?

    4. Ben Fuentes

      Is there damage on this mode ?

    5. Carl Mason

      Can you do a full season with two player split screen?

    6. Martin Lowe

      So there is a 2 player split screen mode... nothing better than beating your friends in the same room lol

    7. Adam Kirkland

      I’m so glad y’all put split screen in this game and it’s top and bottom. Major selling point for me or I would have just stayed with 2019. This is an awesome addition thank you.

    8. SolDi Moon HcR2

      I'am so happy for the split-screen 🤩🤩🤩

    9. Diego Quintana

      Is necessary to can look the wheel with the camera in split mode because... play split screen with a wheel its so difficulty

    10. Angeal Astral

      Y como no, no tiene sistema de guardado...

    11. Paul Wienecke

      Guys can somebody tell me if I can play this with two wheels

    12. Koragh

      Game is literally made as a team game like irl Chooses different teams for splitscreen XD

    13. Emanuel Galvani

      Silly questions; could i add an additional steering wheel? And can I add an additional usb, additional tv so that the other player can have his own screen? ... please say yes🙏🏼

    14. GreenSamurai580


    15. Mitchell Larrieta

      Its so buggy and fake

    16. Fenix Fenix

      Last split screen F1 i played with my father was F1 06, 14 y later will play it again

    17. Sander Debroyer

      Can you play with 2 players in one career without splitscreen

    18. Tyrux-OFICIAL

      can someone play with 2 people on the same console?

    19. Ninja Gulati

      So will this be an offline multiplayer?!

    20. Stephan G.

      Is it for 2 players who are playing the same game, or for one player who is using it like a mirror, to check where the other car is?

    21. Guy DaKid

      Thank you. Finally!!!!


      When is going to be a multiplayer points system ? I want to play fair races and play with people with my similar skill. Another year with horrible multiplayer sessions... Please do something with multiplayer rating or something !!!!! Thank you.

    23. Adam GamesHD

      IntoTheBarrier: F1 2019 It's alright. ITB: F1 2020 VERY ALRIGHT

    24. John Nicholson

      Let's market a feature thats been around since the ps1 as a new thing, I love the f1 games but come on

    25. Kemal Kaya

      Can we play career mode with split screen ?

    26. supriseracing

      will you be able to do split screen on every track or just some?

    27. Aston Lewis

      I remeber 2013 dueling with my brother in classic cars at abu dhabi wheel to wheel on the last lap and just beating him by the smallest of margins back then i was 8 or 9 and he was 14. And finally we can have our rematch when he can come home after corona 💪

    28. Romain Thomas

      We can use flashback in split screen ?

    29. Ryan King

      Will there be a vertical split too ?

    30. GarkKahn

      Why split screen isn't on every racing game? It almost feel like not being able to play with joystick

    31. DY Donkyee

      Well... problem is that I don't have sister, brother or dad. And none of my friends are intrested in F1

    32. Woody!

      Finally!! I still play f1 2013 for split screen

    33. A toucan

      Please keep this moving forward

    34. Infinati2411

      BUT... How will the wheel support work !?!

    35. Bear Boi

      yay i can use this to prove my brother is garbage at racing games when it comes out YES FINALLY

    36. Justin M.

      Is that Racing Point/Force India controlled by an AI??

    37. jarno van osselaer

      Plz fix multyplayer!!!

    38. Spacewarrior7


    39. Karthik Shankar

      Yasss! Finally! 🥳 Good job Codemasters! 🙌🏻

    40. Base Cubing

      Is it possible on pc with keyboard and controller?

    41. G-M

      The driver below drives like an AI. Must be..

    42. Miracles

      Codemasters i also want vr

    43. Chris Niess

      Awesome, too bad the cars still sound like vacuum cleaners

    44. 林泰平

      Why is this not in the switch!

    45. Dr.Pepper

      finally !!! now add vr support !!

    46. TK 4491

      Looks good and I've pre ordered the Michael Schumacher edition already which I definitely don't regret. However the AI still does look like it can do with being a bit sharper with overall racecraft speed.. 🤔

    47. adaness osman

      is need for speed?

    48. Raulete VK

      Co-op Season? Or make a career with 2 drivers on the same team not an option?

    49. Shubham Sharma

      Any news on upgrade to ps5? what if i buy on ps4 will it be playable on ps5?

    50. Purwanti Allan

      Finally Split screen returns since F1 Championship Edition

    51. Pedro Henrique V. Cattelan

      Eahhh, thank you, f***** finaly!

    52. Sven Maertens

      Can’t you play F1 2020 same or alone?

    53. Sam Crighton

      So with splitscreen i can race my dad

    54. girandole

      Only thing I don't like it about from this preview build is the throttle and brake indicator. I much prefer 2018/2019 style where it's embedded to the gear indicator. I often like to see what other players do when braking and accelerating using what gear so this makes it alot more difficult for observation. Hope this changes in the final build but unlikely I guess.

    55. Ben Payne

      Think is a good idea, but how about more online coop content. Online Leagues are currently fine but having that extra added detail of a online coop season would make a massive difference.

    56. Mr.DudeMan

      vr please

    57. Bertayar Kereta

      Yeay, split screen is back! Multiplayer gonna be awesome like old times ps1. Tq. Kudos!

    58. Stevvie B

      About time, I can't remember an AMIGA racing game from the 80/90's that DIDN'T have split screen

    59. Lazy Masta

      Could we change the view ?

    60. Part Time Vlog

      If we have two monitors is there a way to have a vertical split screen?

    61. Jack cooper

      I hope we have all of the classic cars from the F1 game from F1 2019 and 2018 and 2017 also 1995 Ferrari.

    62. Paddy Teo

      can you flashback in splitscreen?

    63. Enzo Deligny

      It just gets more unrealistic every year

    64. Jesper Gammelby

      And this game just went to the top of my list over games I need to have

    65. Marco Kzar

      Improve Honda`s downshitftin song

    66. Byko222 Hubert

      Plis added splitscreen All f1 game its realy fantastic

    67. Sofian Hassaine Year 9

      And Bottas wins. Vettel would have overtaken Hamilton at the first corner on the 4th lap had there been a 4th lap.

    68. Henrique Reis

      We can change to the old ers use model?

    69. Syne Rgy

      PS Store???

    70. Abelcito gamer1920

      box box sebastian box box

    71. Cameron Durham

      Finally, I get to destroy my friends in the one game I'm better than them at!

    72. Nigel Mansell’s moustache

      ”F*cking finally” -Kimi Räikkönen

    73. Josué Ferreira

      Good 😍

    74. Gabox -

      yeeeeeeeeees! finally, now I only need friends 🙂

    75. Cristina Torre

      0:48 this corner when Mercedes stole the victory from Ferrari

    76. João Lucas


    77. Milán Loibenbeck

      PLS safety car in Split screen

    78. V L

      It will be possible to play with 2 wheels ?

    79. Gorcic Aleksa

      Is it be possible to play Carrer mode on splitscreen?

    80. JPGKid

      Racing point was driven by an a.i

    81. Henrique Azank

      Finally, I can compare the W10 with the W11 👀

    82. Superfranco


    83. Yanis

      YES THANKS YOU 😂😂😂😫

    84. Raditya Indera

      Why does the tyres looks so God damn shiny

    85. layerdballoon

      Sainz ferrari looks funny to me

    86. phillip smith

      Looks really good nice and smooth BUT... Noticed they didn't put the two players next to each other. Maybe they're still working on frame rate with two players and twice the amount of computers on screen.

    87. Koco Nutz

      So it will be appearing in demo aswell or no

    88. Patrick Foster

      You’ll be playing with a sibling then tell them “Fernando is faster than you”

    89. Yaqeen Achmat

      What difficulty do they race on

    90. Rex Song

      It's mercedes 1 2 even in a trailer.

    91. Arslaan Aslam

      Can we change the camera options for split screen?

    92. F_L_R

      A benzina chitodda

    93. techno oof

      I have a question, will we be able to switch from up and down splitscreen to side by side

    94. Miguel Lilia

      The guy on the bottom is playing on automatic 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. Gonzo GB87

      Whats the point in this? How do you know whose engine your listening to

    96. Carlos Samuel

      Useless feature, give the license to another company, you ruined Project cars 3 and you are going to keep ruining the F1 games with your arcade physics and this kind of marketing to sell more copies 🐍 💵

    97. Michele Marobbio

      L 'IA va sui binari, predefiniti. Il giocatore nel sorpasso può prendere traiettorie tali da recuperare in frenata le solite 10/12 posizioni di colpo in partenza....

    98. Fabio Lamera

      Finally! Every racing game should have this feature.. Like old days

    99. SnowChickenFlake

      Colin Mcrae rally had this already

    100. DAVID COOK

      Pink Mercedes Gaining Positions🤣😂