F1® 2020 | The F1 Esports Series presented by Aramco is HERE

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    Bigger. Better. Bolder. The F1 Esports Series presented by Aramco will return for a fourth season, with one of the biggest cash prize funds in sports simulation esports on offer at... are you ready.... $750,000!
    12 races. 35% race distance. A $750,000 prize fund.
    Find out more here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-esports-series-returns
    Join us for the ride - follow us on our social channels:
    📘 Facebook: formula1game
    🐦 Twitter: formula1game
    📺 TRlocal: trlocal.info
    📸 Instagram: formula1game
    🌍 Website: www.formula1game.com/2020
    💬 Forums: forums.codemasters.com
    🏆 F1 Esports: www.f1esports.com
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    1. Annihilatification

      When was the actual qualifying for this???????????????? Also on what game f1 2020 or f1 2019?????

    2. Owen Armitage

      Will it be streamed live on TRlocal

    3. MellleM 2.0

      add f1 on geforce now

    4. JasperHeaton

      My opinion they should do f2 esports as well so then it’s like f1 u win championship in f2 u move to f1 like if u agree

      1. Plix 6

        That doesn't make much sense... The F2 cars are so different from the F1 cars, the best players in the F2 cars won't be the best in the F1 cars...

    5. David Linca

      Background music ? :)

    6. Miksa Nádasi


    7. daan vanderstukken

      What's the deal with the v8 engine sound are you ashamed by the v6 hybrids

    8. Wades

      Performance patch.

    9. TRL Limitless


      1. an internet stranger

        yo JD terminal illness here

      2. a human with purpose

        YO jd here extra rotation limitless here.

    10. Augustoll


    11. The Iconic BOSS

      This looks sooo intense and epic. Sadly I don't have the f1 2020 game :(

      1. Sam Ellis

        The Iconic BOSS space? It’s a small disc?

      2. The Iconic BOSS

        @Charlie Robertson ik but I don't have enough space in my house 😢

      3. Charlie Robertson

        The Iconic BOSS get it its worthit

    12. amaan

      Typo:decides to enter the chat after a mistake in the description

    13. Fast Lap Games

      Very nice!!!

    14. MarciGaming

      #35% race distance

    15. MarciGaming

      Go Bereznay

    16. THOMB

      35% race distance oooo that’s hot

      1. Sam Ellis

        Charlie Robertson Spyros was t replying to you, he was saying how was 35% possible

      2. Charlie Robertson

        Sam Ellis im saying it should be a 100%

      3. Sam Ellis

        Charlie Robertson it’s not an option in f1 2020 lol, just 3 laps, 5 laps, 25%, 50%, 100%

      4. Charlie Robertson

        SPYROS_F15 wdym

      5. SPYROS_F15

        How is that possible?

    17. Mustafa Gürten

      Cem bölükbaşı ❤❤❤❤🇹🇷

    18. TJ Griffiths

      35% race distance? 🤨

      1. Sam Ellis

        Edward Jam that just shows how unprofessional you are compared to these guys, if you can’t learn how to handle a car properly after 350 hours of your life was wasted then don’t brag about your pathetic speed

      2. Sam Ellis

        Edward Jam yeah but you’re probably dead slow, this isn’t for realism, you have f1 for that, it’s for those are super quick in gaming and give them a chance at making money

      3. Sam Ellis

        Edward Jam you couldn’t even imagine being as quick as these guys, the point isn’t to make it identical to f1 but to show the skill of these guys in what way they want, cockpit isn’t what is needed

      4. Sam Ellis

        Edward Jam no one competitively uses cockpit cam, there’s no need. Esports is all about virtual and this is a part of it, I wouldn’t mind maybe full damage but cockpit is just insanity

      5. Sam Ellis

        Edward Jam that’s not good either, no one would like that

    19. ytikcauQ

      I want to play that but I don’t think I can :(

      1. ytikcauQ

        Amir Penkar yeah I’m on a diet to lots of healthy foods so I can get fit. I run up and down my street everyday and also train my reflexes with my dad :D

      2. Amir Penkar

        Trust me, just keep practicing but maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you'll do it. It's not impossible just have to focus, practice and keep yourself and your body fit. Eating and drinking the right things also makes a big difference to your performance

      3. ytikcauQ

        Nightmare Demons Thank you, I have been training for about 4 weeks in a row every day for about 4 hours so I hope I can At least get into f1 or f2.

      4. Nightmare Demons

        @ytikcauQ ah man, that sucks. But probably one day you will be Part of this Series. Good luck.

      5. ytikcauQ

        Jamezlo _ yeah my age I am only 13 but i do have a sim

    20. Joethepro

      Presented by aramco Nice to see the Saudis accepted in this sport😒

    21. Nils Schmidt

      Gonna laugh when there are problems caused by bugs.

      1. Watermelon Banana

        Nils Schmidt that’s what they said in 2017, 2018, 2019 etc...

      2. RizeNIR

        Its also on PC which is more optimised this year than last

      3. RizeNIR

        Its on LAN so there wont be much

    22. Nco

      GOO Marcel Kiefer!!

    23. Bobby does YouTube

      I want to do esports so bad 😭😭😭😭

    24. LiamTalksMotorsport

      It’s back!!

    25. Stuart Cowie

      Come on Alfa 💪

      1. MarciGaming

        Yes, let's go Alfa Romeo

    26. APEX RACING 400

      F2 esports?

    27. Daniel Rehberg

      Marcel Köder is 4 me the best

      1. Nightmare Demons


    28. Dxssinho

      Big hype! Hope there’s some great racing!

    29. Daniel Rehberg


    30. FIFMAN YT

      yes esport f1