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    Be the 11th team in our biggest F1® game yet. Introducing F1® 2020. Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia July 10 2020.
    My Team. Split-screen. Choose from three career lengths. Race the new circuits Hanoi and Zandvoort. More customisable settings to get you up to speed, without taking the challenge away for those that want it.
    But that’s not all. Buy the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition and get to drive as the legend himself in four of his most iconic cars, with early access to get you ahead of your rivals. Or buy the Seventy Edition and get a set of exclusive in-game items to help celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of Formula 1® this season (this content is also included in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition).
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    “Champion” Feat. Tom Morello
    Performed by Bishop Briggs, Tom Morello
    Written by Joel Little, Kristine Flaherty and Sarah McLaughlin
    Published by Glasgow Moran (ASCAP), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) and Dressing on the Side Songs (BMI), EMI Blackwood Music Inc.
    All rights on behalf of Glasgow Moran, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. and Dressing on the Side Songs administered by WARNER CHAPPELL NORTH AMERICA LTD.
    Courtesy of Teleport Records / Island Records (US)
    Under Licence from Universal Music Operations Ltd
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    1. BlueStar10

      0:18 nice car

    2. The Official Henry 100Man YouTube Channel

      The Acey And Hank Movie 5 Teaser Trailer

    3. Armando Reyna

      You can do an f1 game for mobile but not for the switch?

    4. Shakingfir5524

      Anyone else want to drive in the pits like in more sim oriented games

    5. Fazza_ 007_official

      I have no doubt .... you are the best in the world

    6. Jacek Szala

      Ad Robert Kubica please!!!

    7. sungjin008

      Deep Silver, Codemasters > SEGA, Playsport Games


      I dont know if this will happen, but I would love to see a Grand Prix game mode, but you're a team owner who controls a existing team with hirings, firings, driver transfers, and you can also be in charge of everything, make custom racers for teams, and change basically anything.


        Wormass well thanks for telling me cause I didnt know.

      2. Wormass

        SPIDERJOCKEY65 its on mobile aswell...


        Wormass I dont got a PC

      4. Wormass

        Just play motorsport manager.... you literally described the whole game

    9. Rjpa22nascar

      I pre order the Micheal Shumasher edition

    10. NotMe

      wtf is this trailer ? i don't understand !

    11. Realistic Sports gaming

      yay soo.. the lance stroll`s father mode is on f1 2020. cool

    12. Drive it

      has the game vr ? No VR No Buy

    13. Alex J

      Please in Nintendo Switch 🙏🏻

    14. Lucas Meier

      Bishop Briggs and F1! Awesome!

    15. Lappies123

      yeah very nice, but do the menus on PC have mouse support?

    16. Amko Sofic

      Ta ta ta ta ta, Grazie ragazzi! :)

    17. Diogo Monteiro

      this trailer reminded me of the trackmania game :/

    18. Alex’s Meme Ranch

      0:32 Not a fan of that front wing. At all.

    19. Zenos_gaming hd

      Whats the difference between tbe seventy and Schumacher edition

      1. Wormass

        Schumi edition you get to play 7th july instead of 10th. And you get schumi cars i think

    20. Hyrix

      this text is so hard to read

    21. Kastrionx

      mhm yes if these are upgraded shaders or graphics put them in the game

    22. P 4M

      When will you guys create another mobile f1 game

      1. apersonexists

        planes 4 me they have, its F1 Mobile Racing

    23. MB Devil

      Codmasters please bring in Crossplay in F1 2020. It only brings advantages for you to make more sales and it also appeals to a larger crowd. You can only make a profit.

    24. AK 7563

      Now don't forget the mecedes DAS system

    25. Martin Janosik

      Terrible song but it looks good.

    26. elite Gaming

      When is the f1 mobile racing update?

    27. trickle teeth

      Ive just started playing F1 2017 for 1st time this week and i love it

    28. Toni Monola

      I actually fuckin love this. The game mode I play the most in sports games (fifa, pes, nba 2k, madden, nhl) is a career mode where you can manage, but so far only nhl & nba 2k have possibility to make your own team & those 2 games aint anywhere near as fun as f1 games so... I'm hella excited bout this

    29. Nafi Papa

      Jesus christ the song

    30. Victorhan12344

      I hope the game has custom sponsor support. Hyped for this one...

    31. FALSE FLAG

      Awesome! I can be de Cesaris 1991

    32. FALSE FLAG

      cant they just get Crammond type physics FFS

    33. Josef Hejkal

      Switch 😢

    34. its .Ashark

      You cand make your own team?

      1. Wormass


    35. alex alb

      Hope we can chose our car chassis, like thin nose, front wing, rear wing, aero, s-duct or not... If they don’t do it I assume modders will.

    36. szewei85

      Haha now i am excited

    37. mpampajason

      Can i play this game with a ps4 controller on pc?

      1. Wormass


    38. Abraham Geerts

      Released the same day as NASCAR Heat 5. Absolute genius.

    39. Ebenezer Valvi

      All I want is CROSSPLAY

    40. TheNoxum

      VR support pleaaaaase ! :(

    41. Joethepro

      Will we be able to add custom liveries to the car like in forza?

      1. Wormass

        For your own team yes

    42. Jay Wal

      This is probably the same game as F1 2019 for the most part right? :(

    43. Djosh Gaming

      Cancel nr.19 for the sakes of the french mans

    44. C G

      I just want jeff to go away lol best improvement ever

    45. Ethan Cotton

      I would love to have more realistic crashes

    46. Velocista Escarlate11

      New mode career, create your own team! My dream...

    47. Wolfz Wants pie

      Be The 11th te- *SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY*

    48. Alex Pro607

      What’s the difference between all the editions compared to the standard

      1. C G

        The other ones are more expensive 😂😂😂

    49. Elielmo Pimentel

      Will have multiplataform game option? Xbox owners play with playstation owners?

    50. ZX R-CADE

      This is perfect Micheal Schumacher is back with 4 of his classic cars this the best game of all time and it hasn’t even come out yet

    51. Jawad Kamal

      Can we play career mode without be the 11th team? Can someone reply to me plz?

      1. Jawad Kamal

        @Redfall Xenos thx😘

      2. Redfall Xenos

        Yes you can

    52. BGMike

      2020 year, and no VR in auto simulator *facepalm*

      1. BGMike

        @Wormass Maybe you are right. But not 100% arcade.

      2. Wormass

        I dont think the Series is considered a sim

    53. Mr ProFire552494

      I want this game on android

      1. apersonexists

        Mr ProFire552494 then play f1 mobile racing

    54. Shashanka RS

      Which is in India

    55. Shashanka RS

      Please please please add the Buddh International Circuit to f1 2020 game !!!

      1. Wormass

        It isnt even on the calander

    56. Gimmelfani 40

      still wondering why there is K-Mag's number

      1. Wormass


    57. Spiral


    58. alephii

      Where are the Benettons?

    59. alephii

      Is COVID-19 included or is it going to be a DLC?

      1. Wormass

        Lmao yes please

    60. Gery_HD

      Is F1 2020 come for the Nintendo Switch ?

      1. apersonexists

        gery 0330 No

    61. Stephen Boot

      As there is still no VR support and I don't have any monitors on my rig anymore this will have to be the third game I will have to pass on. I don't see why Codemasters won't add this feature when all other racing games/sims have done it. And before any haters say VR is rubbish, that's fine and your opinion but there are plenty of us who love it.

    62. MrSausage

      looks like the crew . be honest

    63. TonyG23

      Sad to say that I've not brought an F1 game since 2014........that might be about to change

    64. Brent Milligan

      Gah, it would be awesome if you guys made a V8 supercars game. Still very much looking forward to this one

    65. scotsocool


      1. Wormass


    66. Jt Tan

      I hope career mode can start from kart.

    67. Milan Grala


    68. Kronus

      Can Codemasters finally add damage to the rear wing??

      1. Kronus

        @Wormass No its just DRS failure

      2. Wormass

        There has been since 2018 i think

    69. Dysnomia 1

      No laser scanned tracks in 2020???🤔

    70. Acegodfather12

      Anyone know whether Senna and Prost will also be in this game again like last year?

      1. Wormass

        Nah This is schumi edition

    71. Cody

      Can we add sponsors, though?

    72. b3n Pat

      Wait what’s the price I want it so bad

    73. DLN productions.

      placement de produit pour 7up

    74. Lion Gaming

      I love you games and play every day f1 2019 thank you for you games❤

    75. dahi lidie Gnago

      I think Codemasters should add winter testing in the career mode of the F1 2020 game.

      1. Wormass

        Would be cool

    76. C C

      Been really enjoying F1 2018 on Xbox Game Pass. Will definitely be picking up F1 2020 day one. Hoping they improve driver customisation by allowing sponsors on helmets and on your created teams car

    77. Octavian Timisoreanu

      Ugh. Really don't like the choice for the music in this trailer. That voice is so annoying.

    78. Charlie Smith

      Can you try get it on switch please

    79. Joe mom should’ve aborted u

      Why can’t I preorder this for Xbox One?

    80. KingVR46

      Split screen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    81. Luke

      PSVR support please

    82. dahi lidie Gnago

      There were missing details in the F1 2019 career mode : during the career in F1 2019, the drivers didn't change helmets after being transferred to other teams. Also, when another season begins in the career mode of the F1 2019 game, it's still written F1 2019(during free practice, qualifying and the race) on the circuits. The car didn't change models. Note : In F1 2019 career , the driver chosen by the player who plays, Devon Butler and Lukasq Weber didn't had : --- - No sponsors of stables on their helmets (colors, brands...) like the official drivers. - Of names, first names and flags of their country on the car like the official drivers. I hope that in the career mode of F1 2020, the details will not be the same.

      1. Mika

        They didnt change helmets, bc licences. Drivers are so into team nowadays its hard to get drivers out of their sponsors

      2. Nasrul Fareed

        dahi lidie Gnago correct! In my career, Gasly has been transferred to Renault but still wearing Toro Rosso helmet

    83. Juliancito

      Imagine an F1 game featuring every car from every season... That would be the ultimate f1 game.

      1. AK 7563

        And the ultimate lag machine

      2. Gregory Da Firenze

        @Decoy-Alan the problem is that a lot of f1 mods have a price not all are free

      3. Decoy-Alan

        Or... Assetto corsa with mods? They are very good in my opinion.

      4. Antonio Padrón

        F1 Challenge VB is the answer

    84. Michael Davis

      Wanna' get my hands on those classic cars! ;)

    85. FanBoyStudio

      Music sounded like it would fit in a Dude Perfect video.

    86. 1K subs with subscribers


    87. hollowknight

      For those asking the name of the song is champion all caps by bishop brigs

    88. Chris

      MP needs the ability to join during practice sessions and not just in the lobby and also a chat functionality.

    89. OBW8 Rdm

      Will split-screen contain the whole grid, and can we race co-op or against each other?

    90. OPgi Sh0tz

      I hope you can choose a wheel (like the multiplayer car or Williams one) and customize the screen on it.

    91. Fury

      I’m too poor to buy.

    92. Marko Islamović

      Will it include red flags.

    93. Spazzy The Llama

      Please tell me either Jeff is gone or he is actually useful in this edition of the game.

    94. Quiquegamer 55


    95. fabio nontev

      This video has 260000 view 3 days ago wtf?

    96. KUDY

      This trailer is so bad IMO

      1. George Russell fan 63

        i think this is just anouncement i dont think this is the actual trailer.

    97. Gamer Flexx

      please bring a Classic Tracks DLC like in 2013 for 10€-20€

      1. Gamer Flexx

        @Redfall Xenos otherwise they wont bring some new stuff

      2. Redfall Xenos

        Why do we need to pay for more content lmao

    98. S. G.

      Truly amazing! I hope we can put sponsor on it

    99. Gonzalo Sariego Castro

      Please, make the sound engine like the real life! In f1 2018 game, the sound of mercedes engines is better than the f1 2019 game. Please, same whit honda engines and renault!

    100. Tiago Fontes

      You should fix F12019 frist, multiplayer is uplayable and crash's all the time. Codemasters is the new EA?