F1® 2020 Track Guide: China

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    We hope your brakes are warmed up, you'll need them to make any overtakes happen. Get a grasp of each corner with our beginner's guide to China!
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    1. Pablo


    2. Víctor Romero

      I have a question and a suggestion The question is The new 2020 tracks like Imola or Nunburgring will be in F1 2021? And please Do not remove the split screen mode

    3. Stepladder

      I love this track even tho most hate it

    4. izimaker Musayev

      What about the new tracks?

    5. CastleBravo

      The spelling police is out for blood.

    6. cringe furry man


    7. DaniMacYo

      Nice track guide very helpful. 🏎 Gide hehe

    8. Polish Motorsport

      Ah yes Track gide

    9. Crish :D

      I love track gides!😍

      1. Screw You And Your Sensitivities

        @Abdul Muhaimin thats the joke

      2. Abdul Muhaimin


    10. Matei

      F1® 2020 Track Gide: China F1® 2020 Track Gide: China

    11. Koosh


    12. The Zeon5


    13. James Stewart

      What is the reason for this gide

    14. knockmz


    15. Harry Blundell

      Track Gide

    16. Tesio Mattia

      When new track? ( Mugello, Imola, Nurdurbring, Turkey...)

      1. cringe furry man

        not adding them

      2. HeyImPreston

        @Luiz Henrique theyre not adding new tracks for the 2020 game

      3. Luiz Henrique

        Portimão Portugal

      4. BlackGamer86

        no new tracks for 2020 game

    17. Kobe is G.O.A.T

      Who is here when the title is with gide?

      1. F1® Games From Codemasters

        "Bono my spelling is gone."

      2. YKRealest

        16 hours and still not changed

    18. Yan Porfiriobr

      wait a little ... if the video showed the word Guide, why is the title written "Gide"?

    19. Matteo Bellandi

      can we at least get bahrain outer circuit? pls

    20. Playstation Gamer

      Bruh spelling

    21. Justin M.


    22. no u

      Track gide lol

    23. FootF1 King

      I would say as a compensation we want Mugello, Nürburg, Portimao, Imola & Istanbul in next years game!!!

      1. Peyton Bock

        Those will be $60 from EA just wait.

    24. Excitable