F1® 2020 | Hot Lap: Hungary

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    Head to the Hungarian Grand Prix with us, as we hop on-board Romain Grosjean’s Haas for a hot lap of the Hungaroring in F1® 2020!
    Known for its many tight, twisty corners and hairpins, the Hungaroring has been a staple on the F1 calendar since 1986 and has given us many memorable races over the years, including THAT 1998 race, where Michael Schumacher’s epic change in strategy beat both the mighty McLarens of Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard.
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    1. Roozs

      Boring go-kart track!

    2. FullOilBarrel

      add mugello ffs

      1. FRR Official Channel

        They won’t, it takes 1 year to do a good and detailed track, apart copied stated that they won’t make new added tracks to the calendar, so I’m sorry.

    3. Efe Tasgin

      F1 2018 looks waayyy better you probably fired the guy who made that one

    4. harvey sarai

      Can you overtake anywhere other than turn 1

      1. Charles Leclerc Chauve

        I think turn 5

    5. skevin98

      Does the 'my team' car change visualy when upgraded? Like aerodynamicly?

    6. Ayush2727

      wait will Mercedes be black livery

    7. Mohammad Umar

      Fun fact this is a ferrari all of us are just colorblind

    8. Purwanti Allan

      Epic hotlap...

    9. Tobiastjagames NL

      Does anyone know how to see the replay of your hotlap lap

    10. KriszHUNツ

      Hello from Hungary!

    11. Sindhu Sojan

      This is the ACTUAL Ferrari

    12. Kacper

      The chicane is still the same in this serie... Ah yes, trollmasters.

    13. Sick Ismael

      I can't get connected to the podium pass nor any connections on my ps4, it says there is an error, anyone get this problem

    14. KnowZz

      In my First F1 2020 Race literally my First one, Grosjean DNFd

    15. Lance Derek Santos

      Why Formula 1 Is On This VERSION? F1 2020 Seventy Edition And Schumacher Editing And No F1 2020 The Official Game?

      1. Lance Derek Santos

        Ah ok

      2. FRR Official Channel

        Seventy edition is the default edition.

    16. Sick Ismael

      Why the sound is not the same on ps4 and pc when the car is on 7th and 8th gear, it's has more real sound on pc, that's sucks

    17. GV Phoenix

      Once they finish this Code Masters really need to focus on F1 games on Mobile

    18. Uncle Niels

      Thats a prety slow time

    19. Luca Bagnoli


      1. FRR Official Channel

        They won’t it takes so long to make good and detailed tracks so I’m sorry but they wont

      2. Uncle Niels

        They wont😅

    20. Evan Nagy

      That’s so cool seeing you guys use the new Ferrari for this video

    21. X Yellowcard X

      I used to absolutely hate the Hungaroring.. But one day I randomly got on f1 2018 to improve on it and ever sincr then I've fallen in love with it. I wouod go as far as saying it's in my top 3. My first being suzuka

      1. Evan Nagy

        Europa Rise Above Spa?

    22. Diogo Eliseu

      I would like to know if you are going to update the Mercedes color to black and if you are going to put the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portugal in the game ?

      1. FRR Official Channel

        They won’t add that track and the black Mercedes will come dw

    23. Kieran Cliffe

      Yup looks like ferrari will do trash Mesecdes leading by 3 laps Racing point getting in action Hope Of God Ferrari Will Still Be Best

    24. TpGamesCZC_v2

      Ill drive there, but when I will have new proccessor to play game

    25. Gamer Flexx

      Can you please bring a F1 2004 Game or Stuff like that with all F1 Cars and Tracks of 2004

    26. Gamer Flexx

      Can you please bring a DLC Pack with: Magny Cours Imola Nürburgring Istanbul Park I have tested the Tracks and you can still drive on the Tracks with modern F1 Cars I would definitly Buy It How else?

      1. Dillon Cooley

        @Silvan Jordens Codemasters only started scanning tracks this year, that's why we have the weird bump at Suzuka and the really messed up Spa.

      2. Silvan Jordens

        scanning a track would take like a year or so, so thats not gonna happen :/

    27. Metalúrgica Milimetal

      I just dont understend why this game have notr VR

    28. Unknown User

      Codemasters I have a question why can’t we change the wing in my team like instead of a red bull type of wing a Mercedes type of wing

      1. skevin98

        @WovenGoal シ what does FOM mean?

      2. WovenGoal シ

        Unknown User it’s an FOM based f1 car

      3. Unknown User

        What I mean is the front part

    29. SPYROS_F15

      Can you show us the whole lap on T cam?

    30. Артём Герасимов

      Haas with the brakes? Impossible

    31. Abhishek Sehrawat

      Cleaner lap than Haas can ever put together!

    32. Aswin Kumar

      That sounds irritating me

    33. Iron Mechanic7110

      Where is the brake pedal.

    34. Franwl96

      in 8 gear it seems to lose speed 🤔

    35. Károly Gál

      I love this game, and this track, but Codemasters, please remove the grandstand after turn 10. Hungaroring remove this grandstand a few years ago( I know beacause I go every year in Hungaroring a few times) but I see it every year in the game and that's not perfect.😶

    36. Broomdemort 177

      Codemasters is there a update to the track limits coming out? The ones that are on the Time trial and strict mode in the game are not really accurate to the real races.

    37. Thomas Scott

      Halo looking like a braided cable!

    38. Route 765

      You finally flattened those dumb kerbs at the chicane! (1:04)

      1. Uncle Niels

        In my opinion these curbs got higher

    39. Tondys

      Fix calendar in the game

      1. FRR Official Channel

        Tondys Wdym it has all the official tracks of 2020, 22 Tracks, they won’t add new ones for sure.

      2. Tondys

        @Evan Nagy calendar doesn't show real F1 races

      3. Evan Nagy

        Tondys What about it?

    40. xxxalexxx

      amazing game...love the sounds

    41. KaironFXI

      the only thing thats hot on this lap are the tyre temperatures of the shitty haas

    42. sebastian ramirez

      Cockpit cam gang, wya? 🙋‍♂️

    43. A Bloke with a name

      Wait.... Black Haas ?? Where's the Red Haas ??

      1. Evan Nagy

        Kieran Cliffe He’s talking about the Ferrari guys 🙄

      2. Kieran Cliffe

        @Mika i don't get it

      3. Mika

        @• HetIsGewoonLucas • u dum dum.

      4. • HetIsGewoonLucas •

        Aryan Ferdiansyah nothing changed to the haas

    44. RallyMaster '02

      Make mugello 🤣🤣🤣

      1. FRR Official Channel

        RallyMaster '02 No, they won’t add it, codies stated that they won’t add new tracks, it takes 8 months to do a good and detailed one, and don’t tell me “22 in 1 Year” they did 22 in one year because they laser scanned the tracks from previous games, and don’t worry the Black Mercedes is coming in few weeks.

      2. RallyMaster '02

        And the black mercedes livery pls

      3. RallyMaster '02

        @• HetIsGewoonLucas • they can

      4. • HetIsGewoonLucas •

        RallyMaster '02 they won’t do that

    45. DaniMacYo

      Neeoww! Love this game. It seems a lot of people do to. My friend never plays F1 games and now he’s finally purchased 20 and he’s loving it and playing it more than his FPS games. He keeps comparing our lap times, great to see he’s finally enjoying the games I play. 🏎

      1. V3yron03

        DaniMacYo the same thing happened to me

    46. thenotorious rsky

      Pls made f1 game for mobile,I like f1 2016

      1. Evan Nagy

        Riski Subagja There is an F1 mobile game. Granted it’s not very good

    47. Jijo Koshy KS JIjo

      you've been hit by... you've been hit by... ROMAIN GROSJEAAAAN...!!!!

    48. dripnathan

      Whole 6 seconds off VSR_Vasterracers TT time😂 impressive

    49. Raghav Swagger

      Haas and Hotlap should not be in the same sentence.

      1. Flap Jack

        Predictable humour

      2. Asger Sørensen

        You’re the only one to do so lmao

    50. PH

      Cockpit cam or the tvpod cam only please, and you should put these videos inside the game in the weekend of the grand prix we re playing like you did in 2013 or 12 edition

    51. Skooby YT

      Why u still make hot lap videos?

      1. Evan Nagy

        Skooby YT Because they can

    52. Fkez05

      i've been loving this game, best one yet 👍

      1. Gekas91

        I hope they get also Formula 3, so you can play the way to F1

      2. StankAlert

        @Rafael Pretto obviously the ferrari engines sound it was weird in 2019 now its accurate

      3. alex alb

        More than 70 hours in it, despite some bugs

      4. V3yron03

        Rafael Pretto a lot of things I suggest you to watch a video where they comprare the two so that u have a clear idea

      5. Rafael Pretto

        What's different from the previous ones?

    53. Vitão 117

      Engine Sound looks good,much worse than before

      1. John Street

        It's what it sounds like irl last year's sounds were trash

    54. MGhoziFakhruddin

      its time to add mugello

      1. Jonas van Gelder

        @Kronos F1 1 year

      2. Kronos F1

        Do you know how long that would take?

      3. John Street

        No it's not and they've said they're not doing they don't have the time

    55. Emre Özmen

      I think its not a hot lap if u driving haas 🤔

    56. Fabian Sackl

      So glad I didn't pay 70 bucks for this. Reading one "fix the game", "full of bugs"-comment after another - and that each and every year. For that price, one would assume that you would get a polished game that actually works without having to be patched constantly for months after the release.

      1. Mika

        Most of the games have more bugs now due the lockdowns due covid. They had to move home to do game, which is not ideal thing to do, when you are developing a new game.

      2. Kronos F1

        Fabian Sackl It’s worth the price. The bugs are not game braking and that the minority of people. Most of the time the game is fine. It’s much better than last year and is worth the money.

    57. Mr. Morgan

      Mugello, Imola next ???

      1. Mika

        Codies said the developing tracks takes about nine months so its impossible. They have to think f1 2021 now to a next gen consoles which is even more work

      2. • HetIsGewoonLucas •

        It’s very clear. These tracks are not on the official 2020 calendar.

      3. John Street

        Not coming to the game already been said

    58. Michas

      After so much work , you put fans on the stands ?

      1. Marcsidan Parker

        The game happens in a non-covid world, I hope you don't want them to remove Australia from the Calendar

      2. Mika

        *Always has been*

    59. Justin M.


      1. John Street

        But it's still Hungary it says it's called that in the game it saves time just saying Hungary when most people can't even say the actual name properly

    60. Elias Hrebik


    61. Bintang Kabinawa

      imagine doing a hotlap in a red, black, and white ferrari

    62. Angel e hijos


    63. Tony Benders

      best f1 game yet

    64. Abrar Shaikh

      Another week and another F1 race. I am at British GP and next stop will be Hungarian GP.

    65. Lexus

      Tv style simhub leaderboards plaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    66. Forumla 1 #GetWellSoonGrosjean

      Oyunda neden süspansiyon kırma, Arkakanat kırma yok ve siyah mercedes ne zaman oyuna gelicek

    67. Collin Lambert

      In my opinion Hungary is a very smooth and nice track this year. Definitly better than last year👍

      1. Collin Lambert

        @Levi Doek Yeah but it feels a lot more easy to drive compared to last year

      2. Levi Doek

        They changed 0 on the track design but okay

      3. KriszHUNツ

        Hello from Hungary!

    68. Jolzruen

      why is mahaveer raghuhan nationality dutch i thought hes indian in the game

      1. Mika

        Some say the reason might be this: have you ever heard or seen indian racing driver in f2, f3 or f4.... (expect karthikeyan) thats why. Some say having other nationality than India is easier to get in big formula classes

      2. Sarun S

        He's racing under the Dutch licence

      3. Thijs

        DARK_DRAGON_YT /MEE_SHOES4885 on his suit is the Indian flag but he uses the Dutch one

    69. M.E.T. Gaming

      Voor mederlandse fans Kijk naar mijn my team career mode alsjeblieft 🙏😂

      1. • HetIsGewoonLucas •

        M.E.T. Gaming als jij gewoon even fatsoenlijk Nederlandse titels gebruikt op je video’s zal ik misschien even kijken

    70. Wades

      Performance patch and black Mercedes, please, thank you !

      1. John Street

        @Die Legende you have to understand that this stuff takes time and they're already said they're doing it and other liveries so yes they are impatient

      2. John Street

        @Die Legende officially it's been out for a week the shumacher was early access

      3. Die Legende

        @John Street the game hasn't even been out for a mere week (9 days if you count the Schumacher edition) and people are *already* expecting it to be finished? Bloody impatient, aren't they?

      4. asurada

        you can't develop a performance patch basing your data on just two races. it'll come later this year

      5. John Street

        The game hasn't even been out a week how impatient can you be

    71. Fast Lap Games

      Muito bom

    72. Victor Angel _Naranjo

      Could your fix your game please 🤬🤬

      1. Fkez05

        i've not had any bugs :/

      2. FantasticoM Football and F1

        @TheCrazyDog !!! theres so many online bugs but it's still a sick game

      3. TheCrazyDog !!!

        Victor Angel _Naranjo it isn’t bad

    73. Ed Hargrave

      Noice. Love the game btw apart from how quick my gearbox wears, in my team on lap 18 of Bahrain it had 100% wear, it’s ridiculous that I have to swap every 2 races

      1. Dillon Cooley

        @Hamlet01 Shifting early should also help, high revs damage the gearbox and the engine. Aarava's engine breaking only video showed that.

      2. Ed Hargrave

        Route 765 yeah thanks I will but it’s irritating that if my gearbox has any more than 40% going to my 50% races I have to have a new one cause if I don’t it goes to 90or 100

      3. blvcknyellow

        Ed Hargrave i don‘t have any problems and I use manuel gears. I upgraded tho instantly the general wear RD Part. And my gearbox lasted all 6 races with max. 40% wear.

      4. Route 765

        Here are some tips: - minimize the time you spend on the race gearbox (I usually skip FP3 and only do 2-3 laps for each qualifying session) - shift gears less often (maybe only do this after 60% wear) - shorter race = faster wear (at 100% the gearbox will wear realistically, 50% will be 2X faster wear, and 25% will be 4X faster wear, so try to do at least 50% length race) - get at least 2 gearbox durability upgrades (the stock gearbox has really bad wear, so make the upgrades a priority) - take extra parts and a new gearbox at your bad races or easy to overtake races (a famous strategy is to take all parts + New gearbox at Monaco)

      5. Adam Modan

        My gear box lasts about 3 gp I’m a wheel player manual. I don’t short shift that much but it’s more durable than 2019.

    74. jonecena 15

      This has to be your best game yet❤❤❤

    75. Thamsanqa Konki 48

      Is f1 2020 free on ps4 downloading

      1. Fkez05

        why tf would you even ask a stupid question like that? of course its not free

      2. vannapy


      3. Mr. Morgan

        @_Tobias_ yessss!

      4. _Tobias_


    76. Matteo Noventa

      La haas è uguale al 2018

    77. Kiwi_91

      A hot lap in a Ferrari powered 2020 car is basically just a warm lap

    78. LylePrins41

      Nicceeee finally

    79. NSA Pyramids

      This game is so good ❤️

      1. Felice Battello Casillo

        @TheCrazyDog !!! actually F1 2019 wasn't full of bug.

      2. Ronline

        You guys never played any of the recent f1 games i suppose the bugs never get fixed. I played like 10 hours on this game so far, i had a glitch where every car went glow in the dark yellow and i couldnt see anything because of the glow that happened twice in 2 days. Also i cant load up the game anymore since it crashes every time i load it up. Im gonna delete and redownload it but this shouldnt happen and it happens every year that the game is full of bugs

      3. KnowZz

        Felice Battello Casillo for real

      4. Evan Nagy

        Tim Coronel I’d like to see you code a better game ffs. No one ever appreciates game coders anymore

      5. An Avgeeks passion

        @Timmetje Coronel You do realize that the game literally just dropped right? Oh let's just throw every single positive aspect of this game out of the window and render it as the worst game ever made just because it has bugs... Makes a lot of sense.

    80. Gekko

      Yeah another track were Ferrari will be a midfield team that tries to come out of q2

      1. harvey sarai

        Is there any overtaking spots other than turn 1

      2. Naofal Leo Agusta


      3. Purwanti Allan

        @kevinr1505 imagine if that was Asuna Yuuki drove this onboard lap video...

      4. Zeqro

        Pasukaru lol

      5. Zeqro

        Pasukaru better yet

    81. Kevin