F1® 2020 Track Guide: Hungary

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    Ever wondered how to handle the Hungaroring? We're here to help with this track guide!
    You can find the Track Acclimatisation Programme in Free Practice sessions in My Team and Career.
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    1. Breno Costa15

      Mercedes Black?

    2. Pete Villager

      in foreign have black mercedes in european not i have this game on playstation 4 i am czech and i not have black livery so listen, if they don't put the black Mercedes in there, I'll never start the game again I turn it off and end with this game the worst game ever 👎

    3. Lap Time 39

      Why do you not add the 1970 lotus

    4. David Price

      Codies, can we have TommoF1, CrankyYankee, or Josh Revell as NPCs for the next F1 game?

    5. 홍대

      I really want to buy F1 2O2O! But I feel sorry that I didn't support Korean. Don't you want to apply for Korean?

    6. S F

      when you update F1 2020. We want the baddest AI .. and also the liveries of the cars because they don't match

    7. Claiton Borges de Oliveira

      @codemasters o jogo f1 2020 é compatível para o notebook G42-440 ?

    8. ZZ9 Productions

      all purple ggs

    9. GTS Guy

      I wish it looked more like the real track, most of the kerbs are completely different in real life.

    10. frank jones

      Please Codemasters update the livery on the mc laren like that in Hungary the car looks so naked without sponsor on the side. Should possible because dufry is no cigarette or alcohol sponsor

    11. JasperHeaton

      Bruh im a 12 year old on no assists and im more sweaty than this guy in time trial I just through the car into the corners and hope it sticks

    12. BeTIR aK

      When would you put the new liveries? Or you just will let them like they're?

      1. an internet stranger

        On_The _Limit it’s coming in 1.04

    13. nevs

      Is it just me or is Bottas just 'OP' in career mode

      1. Niklas Eßer

        yes he is. The new 'OPerez'.

    14. Bûcheron 44

      You are very strong 💪

    15. Saleh 1

      Love how this is becoming so serious now, keep it coming 🏎❤️

    16. Sindhu Sojan

      “It’s technical because it is very technical” Charles leclerc 2020

    17. Nicola F1

      please in an update you could make the offset TV pod camera equal to the onbard of f1 it would be enough to make it wide angle the camera and you will see that even more people would take the game since it is already the top. Thank you. Good job!!!!

      1. Nicola F1

        only that even if the room is personalized it can never be identical to that of the onboard TV, and therefore I ask you if you can make the room wide angle by doing so would make the game super realistic. Ps it is already congratulations! ;)

      2. Nicola F1


      3. evan

        you know you can customize the camera settings, right?

    18. Che Cer

      **decides to skip the two most annoying corners on the track in my opinion**

      1. Metisagon Racing

        No mention of turns 5,6 or 7, right? I added a more complete commentary on my channel in case you're interested. Lap was 1:13.504 no assists.

    19. WINNER

      Please allow us to choose 75% Races as options, some races like Austria and Italy looks like too fast in 50% mode.

      1. Peter Griffin

        If they would add 75%, they can also add everything between 10% and 100%

    20. AngryGamerVN

      In memory to those have spun out turn 5.

      1. Angeeel

        @an internet stranger f

      2. an internet stranger

        Angeeel I’ve played every f1 game since 2013, I still spin at turn 5

      3. Angeeel

        Probably new players

    21. Flasher

      Why kerbs out of 4 and 11 are red? They should be green with white arrows. :/

      1. Flasher

        @Niklas Eßer Of course, you're right

      2. Niklas Eßer

        look at the chicane (turn 6&7) it looks way different in real life too

    22. Emanuel Nagima

      Andd Black Mercedes?????

      1. Rice and Beans

        @evan you mean 1.06*?

      2. Pete Villager

        @evan i not have in ps4

      3. evan

        coming in the 1.04 update, along with the other new liveries

    23. Amir Azraei


    24. L1Nk

      Pls guide for Melbourne

    25. Jesse James

      15000 Pitcoins cadê?

    26. manos nos

      we want mugello with update

    27. xxxalexxx

      The Ferrari downshift should be more loud, overall great sounds

      1. Jovan P

        alex ss It's not a ferrari mate, It's the Alfa Romeo 😎

    28. Panos GP

      AMAZING ENGINE SOUND!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


      I am so bad at this track 😂😂😂

      1. Mr Storm

        I love it

    30. M.E.T. Gaming

      Can the make a guide for my team, that is i tink verry interesting 🙏😁😂

      1. Metisagon Racing

        I'm planning on releasing one soon 🖤🏁

      2. Mr. Potato

        Je ben Nerdelands he, je engels is echt kut

      3. ᅚᅚᅚ


      4. Horizon Racer


      5. JoonaR


    31. Артём Герасимов

      Again without Heineken ad

      1. John Street

        Because it's not in the game anymore...

    32. Pete Villager

      it will finally be black mercedes? I've been waiting a long time, I don't like it anymore!

      1. Pete Villager

        @an internet stranger i not have it i still have 1.03

      2. an internet stranger

        GHOST HUNTER coming in 1.04

    33. Jumah

      Anyone else think codies should bring out a track pack with the tracks they are adding in real life f1 (e.g Mugello). Think this would add a nice touch to the game.

      1. Tyler R

        John Street Just a lazy developer, recycled content every year.

      2. John Street

        They can't and they've even said they can't they don't have the time

    34. Polish Motorsport

      I can see Orlen on the car❤️

      1. CrYoTiX S

        Because its one of alpha romeos sponsors brought by kubica

    35. Moni

      Why the tyres in this game overheat so much?

      1. Authentic

        Just turn down the PSI in the tyres

    36. GV Phoenix

      The braking assist see through walls or whatever they’re called are even more confusing then when u brake and shift on your own

    37. Gamer Flexx

      Please bring a Classic Forula 1 Line F1 2004 (a remake) With all Cars and Tracks of 2004

      1. beatingstuff88

        @Gamer Flexx What you're proposing is literally almost impossible, they'd have to get the license and copyright of EVERY SINGLE DRIVER, and they'd have to remake 6 tracks, one of which isnt even used for f1 anymore, add to that that 1-2 tracks already take close to or over a year to make, and they'd end up with what, a game purely for nostalgia fans with less intuitive driving.

      2. Gamer Flexx

        @Mr Storm they nees to buy the license not more but they wont do that because its codemasters

      3. Mr Storm

        They can't.

    38. Gamer Flexx

      Please bring dlc pack with: Magny Cours Imola Nürburgring Istanbul Park I would definitly buy it How else?

      1. Mika

        @mattw404 yeah, is it worthy to do this when every year comes a new game. I think is not worth it

      2. Mika

        @Franwl96 didnt you read what @John Street said before you. Mugello takes too much time to develop so its impossible to do. Codies have to focus on next gen f1 2021.

      3. Optikk Magnum

        Mugello is part of the calender this year

      4. mattw404

        They can get the licenses. They can hire the people to do the work. It’s only a question of whether they think it will be worth the investment or not

      5. Haky

        @Regaz They dont scan tracks

    39. Cabs op

      They could maximize the exits more they barely go over curbs

    40. Salkkarisadut

      Kimi Räikkönen👍👍👍

    41. Angel e hijos


    42. Ps _Drew

      For the season break in my team why can’t we actually use the break. We just sim 2 weeks, which would be great development time

      1. Mika

        As like in real life, they cant use summer breaks to develop parts. They are in factory few days and then it shuts down

      2. Sadikur Rahman

        lol those of you who complain about the F1 games not being like real life, now you're complaining about it being similar to real life.

      3. FrezZyK1nG

        Because in real life nobody is working at the factories in F1, everyone takes that break, it should be just like real life

      4. Route 765

        No one is allowed to work during the break, which is the whole point of it being called a "break". It's the same in real life

      5. Jordan Melton

        Because in real life teams arnt allowed to develop the car. Its a break for a reason

    43. Ed Hargrave