F1® 2020 ABS Guide

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    Locking up into every turn? We're here to help with this ABS guide, where you'll learn how to drive without it 👍🏻
    00:00 - Intro
    00:20 - ABS Explained
    01:32 - Understanding Grip
    03:04 - Trail-Braking
    04:16 - Cadence Braking
    05:28 - Elevation Change
    06:30 - Brake Balance
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    1. Terenzio Sesti Osséo


    2. Lisa Grainger

      And Eifel in the game it would create a masterpiece of racing🙏

    3. Lisa Grainger

      Codemasters pls put turkey in the game it would be so much fun and imola

    4. Reto Luzi

      I Want a red flag in f1 2021

    5. hahaha hahahaha

      F1 game need to make the crash sound much more realistic and more car part can be destroy if you touch a little

    6. izimaker Musayev

      Please add new tracks from real 2020 calendar

    7. Marcelo Araújo

      7:13 Suddenly i heard JD's voice

    8. isaac gaming 21

      I have learned how to drive a F1 car and a street legal car with this guide series

    9. Route 765

      Cadence braking is not as easy as trail braking, but it can be very useful when driving in the wet

    10. Johnny Jawbone

      Controller setup tips appreciated. You can dull the response so it's not so snappy, but still experimenting.

      1. Night

        @Edward Jam not everyone has the money

      2. Johnny Jawbone

        @Edward Jam No, you knob.

    11. F1 Johannes23

      F2 2020?

    12. Jordan

      Doesn’t Norris and Leclerc keep ABS on? Feels more realistic that way apparently

      1. Jordan

        @Jose Manoel Good to know, thanks

      2. Jose Manoel

        Brakes are good in 2020, just 2019 was awful, locked all the time

      3. sonNy

        it was like that in 2019 but it is much better on 2020

    13. 18737 Ahmad Yasser

      Thank you so much. This is the best ABS video ever. Cadence braking is interesting and I think will be more fun then trail braking, especially in the rain! 😀😉

    14. King Elias

      Good explanation!

    15. TurboGandalf

      Assists are too powerful. Give the players a reason to deactivate them by nerfing them.

      1. The Racengineer

        @Edward Jam oh so Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris are casual noobs then?

      2. TurboGandalf

        @Edward Jam But the big problem is, that there is actually no award in turning them off, because you can drive the same lap times and thats BS.

      3. TurboGandalf

        @Alex DB Ive never used assists in any game; except the built in TC and ABS on GT3 cars on iRacing, but these are not OP and you actually have the reason to lower the level of TC and ABS. But yeah: it should be impossible to get near esports times with assists.

      4. Shkippp

        "too powerful"? You probably never raced against a guy who knows how to drive w/o assists. Turned off assists can easily give you a big advantage. Of course, you will need time to adapt to driving without them, but at the end you will become significantly faster.

      5. Alex DB

        a reason? improve you skills trying to drive faster and better...simple! it's a shame the assists since F1 2017 give almost the same driving speed if you have assists off...I really don't know why Codemasters keep doin' that more and more frequently...

    16. TheChrisChung

      Interesting! Never heard of cadence braking before, learned a few things! 😄👍

      1. Ahmed Jan

        I think of it as manual ABS

      2. HumanSlayer 5464

        I always thought it was called stomp breaking

    17. Kenneth25

      Yes but I’m on controller 🙂

      1. Pix'l Gamer Fr

        @Route 765 i subbed so can you sub too

      2. Route 765

        Look at the hotlap videos that I’ve uploaded to my TRlocal channel. You’ll see that it’s not impossible to drive without ABS assist. You’ve just got to practice

      3. José Antônio Rocha carvalho

        me too, it needs training not just the setup will make you better, keep training and you will get it

      4. _SkylineLegendTM

        Yeah me too but i play without any help it ask time but in the end its very satisfaying

      5. Pix'l Gamer Fr

        Yes me too Some tips Brake hard and release Don't break too hard when you're turning Hope these are useful

    18. Thamsanqa Konki 48

      Please make a video of the new update 1.13

    19. Aqil Hafiy


    20. Cordo

      nice video