F1® 2020 Track Guide: Netherlands

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    Circuit Zandvoort is a tricky one to master, but with the help of Max Verstappen's Red Bull RB16 let's give you a few pointers 😉
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    1. allWrite

      I neeed this camera settings,anyone knows????

    2. Mertay Alaca

      We need Turkish Grandprix !!

    3. Vizidentta VVV77

      F2 2020?

    4. Mehmet Berk

      Codemasters you are so bad my money wasted for this...

    5. David Ellis

      Great track sectors 1+2 ace, hopefully we will have a Dutch gp next year, as for codemasters since the ps5 has Bluetooth they will put that option in the game,

    6. Le Bagn ard

      You suck for not including Mugello Nurburgring Imola and Portimao.

    7. Alex Poenaru

      Stop bragging with these things and update the game,add in the tracks list Nurburgring,Imola,Mugello,Portimao

    8. Enzo Massallé Vié

      This weekend the race is in Portugal

    9. perfect bros


      1. perfect bros

        @Enzo Massallé Vié Why and @F1® Games From Codemasters PLS I BEG YOU TO MAKE F1 2020 FREE ON MOBILE AND COMPUTER PLS WHO AGREES 👇🏼

      2. perfect bros

        @Enzo Massallé Vié why and answer is yes

      3. Enzo Massallé Vié


    10. Enes Daldal

      Turkey GP..!

    11. Aggelos Kroj

      Can you put the new tracks as soon as posible pls

      1. Kathy Jones

        It takes a year for them to make so that is a no

    12. BlackSky 37

      The middle sector is so good to drive on. Shame we didn't see the real GP this year

    13. Augustoll

      What is the reason for publishing this video now ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      1. Wades

        @F1® Games From Codemasters Why Ferrari is still fast in my career ???

      2. Augustoll

        @F1® Games From Codemasters Will you correct the positions of Gasly and Kvyat?

      3. F1® Games From Codemasters

        We're doing guides for all of the tracks in the game 👍🏻

      4. McPlayer8t

        What do you think? “Track” “Guide” I’m sure you are smart enough to comprehend those two words if you really try.😜

      5. Seshvir Seodutt

        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY PUBLISH TRACK GUIDES EVERY RACE WEEK

    14. Finlay Wade

      Codemasters what happened to the Heineken sponsors

      1. Tristan van Heest

        @Underground101 Aromco is a petrochemical company.

      2. Underground101

        @Edward Jam Presumably that is by downloading a mod?

      3. Underground101

        @Tristan van Heest But they are allowed to put the Aramco sponsors in then? My understanding is that they are allowed to put alcohol sponsors in the game if they want to, however it would increase the PEGI age rating of the game to 18! So they choose not to do it to open up a wider audience.

      4. Tristan van Heest

        They are not allowed to put alcohol sponors in the game.

    15. Marto BG

      Can you add new calendar custamatisation option in carrer mode, please! For an example: I really want to race in Bahrain in round 20 or 21 from a season with 22 races.

      1. f1 fan gamer

        @Craft Racer ennit

      2. Craft Racer

        @Marto BG and I want to not have to put any effort into life but we can’t all have our own way

      3. The CCOG

        And I want to race on muggello, Nurburgring, Portimao and turkey

      4. f1 fan gamer


    16. Giovanni Keppler

      New tracks please

      1. Sbinotto07

        Each track needs 1 year to make.

      2. McPlayer8t

        If you want to build them up yourself, you can see how much work goes into each track, and why it just isn’t worth the time. Meanwhile, they could be working on something big for the next game.

      3. Seshvir Seodutt


      4. Sbinotto07

        They won't add new tracks.

    17. Skatelele 1

      When 2020 circuits in game?

      1. Anthos Lykos

        @Tristan van Heest that might be possible, but with this being an official F1 game I'm sure that if they come out with a 2020 DLC they would either do all the new tracks or none at all because it wouldn't be a very exciting dlc having only one track and it's only a variation of a track that's already in the game.

      2. Tristan van Heest

        Well, maybe they could do Bahrain outer circuit. Most of the circuit is already done!

      3. McPlayer8t

        It’s no happening, the work that goes into each track is insane, it’s just not feasible for a feature the vast majority of players might try once or twice and then go back to career mode.

      4. Anthos Lykos

        as much as i want this to happen there must be track licensing that would get in the way of that.

      5. Sbinotto07

        It won't happen.

    18. Ethan M

      One of my best tracks in the game!

      1. Bay Sea

        I hate this track 😂😂

      2. McPlayer8t

        That goes without saying. 😂

      3. Tristan van Heest

        @McPlayer8t You just suck lol

      4. McPlayer8t

        If I ever complete a lap without going off at some point...

      5. Mega Butters 91


    19. Bjorn_beladen_34 racing

      Nice man

    20. Bo Sotthewes

      first i think