F1® 2020 Track Guide - Vietnam

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    High speed straights, tricky turns and walls that are dangerously close; it's a lot to take in but with our guide you should be all set 🙂
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    1. リhir

      This course is more difficult than Monaco

    2. Omar Abbas

      Better start on doing the F1 2021 game

    3. Jordan Melton

      Would be an interesting race if it ever happens

    4. Dev Akyuz

      There's nothing nice about this track. Turns2/3, 8 and the 13+ complex; all horrible. Good riddance.

    5. blanton69

      I'm not incredibly find of this track .. the hairpin I can not get any fluidity in brake on throttle and exit .. sector 3 .. Ho Chi Minh grandma passed me carrying a rickshaw loaded with old iron

    6. AFRO DOG

      Does anyone know how to improve on a controller without a wheel I’m already on manual gears and medium traction control But I still have a racing line

    7. Seshvir Seodutt

      Please patch the Ai around here they are to fast for the final few corners

    8. Sl0wITツ

      codemasters please we have demo please 1 season in my team PLEASEE 🤞

    9. Amber Cilan

      Man I can't wait to watch this race live! Oh wait...

    10. Pete Villager

      Australia GP was postponed i hope will be in the 2021 game :)

    11. Akshith Pillari

      Yo wtf *******************

    12. F1Adam8

      thankfully i won't have to drive this track on F1 2021

    13. JustinsWorld4U

      Am I the only one that actually enjoys racing this track? xd

      1. リhir


      2. Big C


      3. Polish Motorsport


    14. KaironFXI

      In every corner they used to less curbs and it makes me very uncomfortable

    15. Aa aaa

      literally the worst track imo, will be never in my season list

    16. Antonio Nisidi

      This track is the worst ever, fortunatelly it will never be part of f1.

    17. OperationFoxley19441

      The AI is OP on this track.

    18. Gordonk

      Crap track

    19. TAXISTA F1 G27

      The best

    20. Jimmy James

      Nice video team, would have liked this at launch, considering it is a new track to the game lol. Nevertheless, better late than never!

      1. Jimmy James

        @Gordonk all good mate. It's probably a deal to have the early access peeps do that while they crack on with updates / bugs. Still would like to see developers promote their game more at launch though

      2. Gordonk

        @Jimmy James Ah, the video, sorry for the misunderstanding

      3. Jimmy James

        @Gordonk this video champion

      4. Gordonk

        Uhh it was in the game at launch

    21. Felice Battello Casillo

      The worst track ever !

    22. Ling Endrawati


    23. szewei85

      Haha the first track ever in game that does not exist in real life deng yo. Even more shame than Buddh and the Korean circuit.

    24. Raphael Lippi

      The ai has perfect throtle control on turn 3, it makes overtake nearly impossible on the next straight.

    25. Kiwi_91

      my Vietnam track guide: quit the game and do another track instead

    26. AS19

      I really really like the track, don’t get why it’s received so much hate

    27. Astro Sleep

      At 0:48 I brake later and take a lot more kerb thus gaining a fair few tenths

    28. Pete Villager

      Vietnam grand prix was dropped from 2021 Formula one season but still not have replacement :(

    29. Panda 007

      I can't wait for next year because of jeddah street circuit

      1. Panda 007

        @Sbinotto07 just watch formula e

      2. Panda 007

        @Sbinotto07 i don't think so

      3. Sbinotto07

        it will be boring

      4. عبدالله 3X

        Im too 😁

    30. Senior Dipshitter

      Question is: Why did you make a guide on a track that F1 wont even race on xd

      1. Bram Beekes

        I know it a joke but I am to serious. He was original on the calander but because the covid-19 it was canceled and sector 3 is one of the hardest sectors in the game

    31. Christ -Valdwin-

      Shame F1 will never drive at this circuit with everything going on, but even then I feel like the race would be boring with the tightness of the circuit and barely any places to overtake as most of the circuit is tight and the flow of driving is broken with tight cornering and close walls

      1. Random Guy37

        At least it would've had that long straight. And Baku factor. Basically it would've most likely been chaos with long straights and tight corners.

    32. Demetre Jincharadze

      Cheers Codemasters for you’re content and great games =3

    33. Mj 701

      This track is so bad...

      1. Mr Storm

        I enjoy it so much, the racing is fantastic

    34. Notux

      Thanks for these videos! They’re really helpful.

    35. zmugen