F1® 2020 Track Guide: Austria

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    Learn how to master Austria's Red Bull Ring circuit with our official Track Guide!
    You can find the Track Acclimatisation Programme in Free Practice sessions, in My Team, Career and Weekly events.
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    1. Ken Sturrock

      who drives a car sitting on the roof ?

    2. Andr├ę H

      Is he a controller driver or why is he so slow?

    3. Prakatheesh Jathugulan

      this is my first f1 game so good

    4. Blessing Mataire

      When will you have a demo

    5. Gamer Flexx

      Can you please bring a Formula 1 2004 Game I would louve to play it and ich think everyone would love it Old cars, old tracks and make the ferrari pace a little bit lower I would buy the game for max 100ÔéČ please bring F1 2004 Remake

    6. ninja zombie

      mugello circuit f1 2020 game ok

    7. Rocky712 - Livestreams

      Can someone anwser me a question to the game? If you buy the Podium Pass, can you do the Week 1, Week 2 etc. Challenges in later weeks or only in this specific week?

    8. L1Nk

      Please guide for other tracks

    9. Tim K.

      This game looks good, but the curbs are not all like in real life, thereÔÇÖre much less sausage curbs in the game than in rl and turn 3/4 (where Albon got hit by an understeering Hamilton) doesnÔÇÖt have grass right next to the curb and the curb is wider and a different green in rl. GT sport does have the right curbs, ergo IÔÇÖm baffled by the fact that this game doesnÔÇÖt, while itÔÇÖs only focus is F1...

    10. Kj Gamer2614

      Game is awesome so far but still waiting for Schumacher edition pit coins and so are others on Xbox

    11. Power Peace

      Kerbs remain different from reality: they're too high!

    12. Rafael Tsolakidis

      Sounds need a bit fixing or not?

    13. Henrique Reis

      will the 2020 f1 have the Mugello circuit?

      1. Pete Villager

        Well, maybe I do :)

    14. ninja zombie

      ok Codemasters

    15. ninja zombie

      mugello circuit #

      1. Pete Villager

        @ninja zombie and update i'm czech!

      2. ninja zombie

        @Pete Villager no no mugello circuit game f1 2020

      3. Pete Villager

        I want too

    16. ninja zombie

      mugello circuit

      1. Pete Villager

        I also want the circuit to be in play


      Hey Codemaster..great new game..but the rear lights aren't working...at least on PS4 pro...remember last year was the same and you fixed it...so pls and maybe paint the Mercs before Hamilton cries racism...

    18. LennonC7

      One thing IÔÇÖve noticed about the f1 games are that the other cars never crash or dnf

      1. Fa'id Rusyan Kimiantory


      2. Blue Velociraptor

        That's NOT TRUE

    19. Matthew Cosgrove

      I would like the braking points discussion embedded in the game as part of the training program. It moves from just doing the driving line to learning the track.

    20. joopiecoulthard

      Looking forward to the Mugello Track Guide ­čśś

      1. Pete Villager

        I want it too

    21. Procz

      Good video, helps beginners a lot to learn the correct racing lines

    22. Black Goku

      And the new color of the mercedes W11 ??

      1. Pete Villager

        @Allan Itajew on monday? or on tuesday?? or on wednesday??? or on thursday???? or on friday????? or on saturday?????? and or on sunday???????

      2. Allan Itajew

        Comes next update

    23. Makgopelo Mkhwanazi

      So cautious

    24. Carlos Valverde

      Next: Mugello. Oh forget that

      1. Pete Villager

        yeah i need it too

    25. Joeri Van der Heiden

      Hello Codemasters, could you tell me hoe to change the in-game language? I want it to be English but it is Dutch and I can not find a way to change the language. I am playing on xbox tho

      1. Niels Verwoerd

        Or On Pc right click the game in THE Steam library the. Go to propertyÔÇÖs then go to language settings and change the language

      2. Morten Dost

        I believe you can only change the radio language to English, if you want the whole game to be in another language you have to go to the console settings and set the console entirely on the language you would like to have in the game

    26. Lars Granger

      Why we dont have black Mercedec cars

      1. Pete Villager

        @James Reed and release date for ps4 mr reed please tell me ?

      2. James Reed

        Its coming in the next patch

    27. cloudiiix

      When Day one patch ?

      1. RizeNIR

        Released on tuesday

      2. Advance Galaxy

        It had already been released

    28. xxxalexxx

      Why not make the second screen on the car when in the box work,show other cars on track at one and the telemetry at the other

    29. Kapi Kamis

      tfw F1 announced race in Mugello and Codies should make track guide for it too

    30. Pete Villager

      Hey Codemasters i need the 4 updates 1 it's Black Mercedes livery succes 2 McLaren with Rainbow succes 3 F2 2020 Season succes a 4 and last Tuscan Grand Prix a name circuit Mugello ?????????????????????????????

      1. Pete Villager

        @reddevilkev and tuscan grand prix not have update ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      2. reddevilkev

        F2 2020 is confirmed for later date . The 2 liveries come with the next update

      3. Pete Villager

        World record in the game 23 grand prix ­čśś

      4. Pete Villager

        I planned this race in game i race on full lap race i race at mercedes team and driver it's valtteri bottas

    31. Amir Muhammad

      Could you done it on the Cockpit mode, please? It's little difficult especially on turn 4

    32. Dmitriy Shimanaev

      F1 2020 donÔÇÖt have croud

    33. Milton Alves

      Shift lights are wrong on career mode

    34. THeRON

      That woul be great to codemaster to make a track guide in every GP.

    35. Michael Avery

      If youÔÇÖre watching this on July 10 F1 2020 has been released today.

    36. Augustoll

      Congratulations on fixing those huge F1 2019 tires .

      1. Augustoll

        @NEVER GO FULL LIBTARD Very weird, you are right .


        Yep and somehow they looked abnormally wide on the Red Bull..the front tires...or is it just me?

    37. Fabian Sackl

      After watching a few laps of Max in FP3 in Austria on TV, it's such a pity that the in-game sounds are pretty far-off the real deal.

    38. Bobby Boo

      Don't drive like this guys

    39. Joe Bailey

      There are 10 turns

    40. Gael Bass Band

      Pls Codemasters put a Port of F1 2019 or 2020 in Switch pls there is a TRlocalr (gramtech) that has more than 1000 subs because he want F1 in switch and he subbed a video of F1 2020 coming in switch? ( he is doing this since 2017 ) plz Codemasters.

    41. Jordan Melton

      Can you do a track guide for Styria?

    42. Aston Lewis

      Hey @codemasters will mugello get added in?

      1. Pete Villager

        @James Reed but it could be fun on this track :)

      2. James Reed

        They said they wouldn't add any new tracks as it would take to long

    43. Evan Lacombe

      Is the sytrian gp ­čĄČ­čśí

    44. Giuliano

      NEW in-game Pls: Mercedes in Black, McLaren Halo in Rainbow and Mugello Pls.

      1. Pete Villager

        @reddevilkev i need that mugello :)

      2. reddevilkev

        All circuits are scanned this takes too long to add into the game

      3. FL8KT

        Luca Bagnoli They said months ago they wouldnt add any ÔÇťnewÔÇŁ racetrack(s)

      4. Luca Bagnoli

        @BlackGamer86let's sign a petition to do Mugello

      5. David Tanguay

        The black mercedes is coming out in the next update

    45. Jos├ę Ant├┤nio Rocha carvalho

      I Have some troubles with This F1 2020 like when I am in a race and my team mate leave the session with troubles with his car with soft tires, the game understands that didn't race with the medium or hard tires so I am discualified of the session

    46. GaxieY

      Compare the track limits with real life :D

    47. Noah Edwards

      Even codemasters call Turn 3 : Turn 2

      1. Colin F

        @HeurTaux Gaming after turn 1, the turn number at the top and bottom were in disagreement. They said turn 3 was up hill and turn 4 was downhill, while labeling the uphill turn 2, and the down hill turn 3.

      2. HeurTaux Gaming

        They don't

    48. David Tanguay

      BUG TO FIX: -shadow walking on water in australia session intro -qualifying result incorrect (p2 made faster lap than p1 for example) -headless driver on podium And more.. P.S. is it possible to let the backmarkers pass the safety car at the beginning of the safety car in-lap? Would be useful because that causes a mess when we returned to green flag ahah thank you great game just little details :)

      1. Luca Bagnoli

        There's no headless drivers on PC version (and never had anyone of this bugs)

      2. ytikcauQ

        Fabian Sackl well they are most likely new features so they must have some time to fix them but I understand u like why would you waste ur money on a bugged game when u might get it cheaper than the price of a bugged game.

      3. Fabian Sackl

        Isn't it kind of a joke (or YOKE) that they somehow have a pretty long list of bugs after the release every single year? That's why I won't waste 70 bucks for a bugged game that frustrates me right after buying it.

      4. Just Evans

        It's possible

      5. ytikcauQ

        Yes we need to fix these bugs cuz they are very annoying ._.

    49. Noah Edwards

      RIP Codemasters for Mugello

      1. Pete Villager

        i need the mugello

    50. Panos GP

      why the car downshifts doesnt sound like the real Red bull??they dont hear it the devs??

      1. ytikcauQ

        Deezy i said they might be changing it not that they have

      2. Alex Beri

        @ytikcauQ They never changed engine sounds after the launch of a game, even not after the first gameplay trailers.

      3. ytikcauQ

        Panos GP as i said they are probably going to make changes to the engines

      4. Panos GP

        @ytikcauQ the are improvements with the engines sounds this year,,but they must to try harder..

      5. ytikcauQ

        ItÔÇÖs hard to replicate an engine sound but I think they might be changing sounds of certain cars/power units.

    51. The Slam Slider

      We need the short layout of this track. If you don't know what is, you turn right more or less 200m after Turn 1

      1. Abdul Muhaimin

        *Spoiler Alert:* He use a controller rather than simulation steering wheel.

      2. ytikcauQ

        But the track is already very short we donÔÇÖt a shorter layout otherwise the lap would be too short and it is very easy to learn this circuit at such a short distance.

    52. Ra├╝lTaPutaMare

      Update tracks, please.

    53. Unknown

      Can you add "kilometres" for the 98% of the world.

      1. Nico Rosberg F1 Fan

        What do you mean? In this video? Metric units have always been in the F1 game series

      2. Petazir

        that wouldn't sound like Crofty, and it does show KM in game when they represent the track layout pre race

      3. Che Cer

        Add kilometers where?

      4. AlexM_49

        FlamingoFan123 y tho

      5. Somatic Coast


    54. MGhoziFakhruddin

      start from pitlane and classic track pls

    55. Gallas Games

      I hate codemasters they never reply to your comment

      1. Pete Villager

        @Codemasters I need you to stay there Mugello Circuit :) i love that track ­čĺśÔťî

      2. Luca Bagnoli

        @Gallas Games F1 2020 Schumacher Edition full game came out 3 days ago

      3. Gallas Games

        When is the demo of F1 2020 coming out !!!!!!

      4. Codemasters


      5. ytikcauQ

        Pascal ikr

    56. Muhamad Aiman


      1. Pete Villager

        maybe it will be in the game

    57. Eric Cartman

      Add Mugello

      1. ytikcauQ

        They wonÔÇÖt as it is only due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the f1 games are doing the normal circuits we would be doing.

      2. Jonas van Gelder

        They won't

    58. Alpár Bán

      Why we cannot play as real life drivers like Hamilton , Vettel ... on multiplayer ?

      1. Pascal

        That was never a thing right?

      2. Craft Racer

        Alpár Bán ...

    59. MMG-17

      How does he do free practice programs with Max Verstappen?

      1. Craft Racer

        MMG-17 alternatively they can be done in career mode (not my team)

      2. MMG-17

        @games DB why do you talk about yourself?

      3. MMG-17

        @ytikcauQ but practice programs? I don't remember doing those with a real driver, thanks anyways

      4. ytikcauQ

        games DB donÔÇÖt be rude he is probably new to the game.

      5. games DB

        Hahahah what a stupid guy


      Oww this is fast

    61. MBTGAMER

      Cool video

    62. Pascal

      Okay but in-game the season starts with Australia, sooo....

      1. Ruben Nijhuis

        Why so entitled?

    63. Leon Polat

      Ok next: Track Guide: Styria

      1. The Imposter

        @Blue Velociraptor r/whooosh

      2. Blue Velociraptor

        Styria is Austria just caus IRL they raced it twice so they call it Styria and Austria

      3. Arthur Finco, o Gamer


      4. ytikcauQ

        Lol ­čśé

    64. Sven#28

      Good track­čśÇ

    65. Sebastien Jacques

      TIP #1: Make sure your name isn't Alex Albon

      1. Trockeneiscreme

        @ytikcauQ I wonder what was going through your mind like yeah, let's just write his name in capslock why the heck not

      2. ytikcauQ

        Otherwise you will be put into a spin by Lewis HAMILTON

    66. Gallas Games

      I keep on asking these and you don't answer when is the demo coming out???

      1. Fábio Carvalho

        @ivo Tavares 2018 and 2019 also had demos, you could only play career mode and in australia

      2. Brandon Tran

        @ivo Tavares Oh wow had no idea, my mistake

      3. Gallas Games

        They have released demos in every other f1 games

      4. ivo Tavares

        Exist demo for f1 2016 and for f1 2017 for ps4

      5. Brandon Tran

        They don't ever release demos for the F1 games

    67. Gallas Games


    68. _Vick_

      any update on the missing pitcoin issue for xbox?

      1. James Stevenson

        Go on the forums they have a thing about problems with pitcoin

      2. ytikcauQ

        If you bought the physical disk on xbox there is a sheet of paper with a code on the back of it, you will go on the schumacher/70th edition on the microsoft store and press the 3 dots then redeem code and type in the code and you should have it. I did this today so it should work. (This also works without the disk btw).

    69. ytikcauQ

      Wow i am second

    70. Alex O'Grady Racing


      1. ytikcauQ

        Yes u are

      2. Pascal