F1® 2020 Track Guide: Italy

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    The fastest circuit on the entire calendar, Monza stands out with its numerous straights and heavy braking zones.
    Looking for a few beginner tips? We got you sorted with this guide 👍🏻
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    1. Zaphod

      You can take way more curb at Turn 1 and Turn 5. You'd just be straddling track limits. But, if you can pull them off consistently, you'd be saving a lot of time. Like half a second per lap. Took me so damn long to beat the F1 Esports Monza challenge because I kept invalidating lap times at Turn 1.

    2. Pete Villager

      I want the dark red color in mugello :)

    3. Víctor Romero

      I need F1 2012 for PS4 plsssssssss

    4. Артём Герасимов

      Why don't we have these programms in Grand Prix mode?

    5. CRAye!

      Will the Tracks Like Mugello and Imola be added to the Game?

    6. superforcemaster xd

      Will you ad the new f1 circuits pls

    7. Al

      The WORLD wants Mugello Nürnburgring Turkey and San Marino !!!! Make us happy Codemasters! Get to Work! . 15-20$ DLC should be fair for this to be added to the Game. LETS GO

    8. white ttlove

      update mugello circuit

    9. Nick Dionne

      I really want to get this game but from what I can tell, the online races are only 5 laps. What the hell is that about?

      1. rifqi harip

        Yea there is public multiplayer lobby that do that, you can search for it

      2. Nick Dionne

        Is that for private lobbies only? I'm talking about public multiplayer.

      3. rifqi harip

        No, You can set the race to 25%,50%, or even 100% if you want to

    10. Hloni M

      Hey Codies, please adjust the AI so that they are aware of their surroundings and can complete overtakes like in F1 2019? ESPECIALLY if they are down the inside of another car.

    11. Mirko Serafin

      On f1 2021 pls f3 championship

    12. Manuel -84

      1: 20 3 second penalty chicane cut !!

    13. Abdurrahman Bilsel

      When will u add İstanbul Park ?


      Why you can’t put Heineken how sponsor in Monza

    15. Giuliano

      When will you update Mclaren livery?


      update idea:Teams changing engines

    17. Der_Netherer

      When will you nerf the Ferrari motor to the real power of this “shitbox“? We know since a long time that the Ferrari is complete lost, but in the game its the 3. best car. Who is this possible??? Pls patch it or make a mod with the real powerlvl of all cars!

    18. Pietro Salomone

      The Ferrari is so damn fast in the game

    19. Estibaliz Salvador

      Can You put in the Game Portugal and immola gp????

    20. Safwan Chowdhury

      That ferrari shouldn't be that fast My recommendation for the next performance patch- Mercedes Red bull RP Mclaren Renault Alpha Tauri Ferrari Alfa romeo Haas Williams

    21. Kieran Cliffe

      Codies make real track limits plz this game not real if you don't have real track limits And codies making ferrari good again lol

    22. Izaias Souza33

      Carrer mode with real driver licensed please

    23. Aa aaa

      bwoah fucking finally

    24. Miguel Gow

      Why is there not a pit stop in f1 mobile

    25. jacky

      how ironic is it that the game still hasn't fully patched Ferrari's performance

    26. PH

      you should be able to access the track acclimatization at any time, the tests should be able in the grand prix menu for every track

    27. Simone

      Please fix Monza's kerbs. They have been so wrong in the F1 game since your 2010 F1 game

    28. AFK Lemon

      For a second i thought it was mungello😔.......

    29. Zigo95

      Where is mugello?

    30. Giuseppe Vitale

      I love this track this is one of my favorite grand prix in formula 1 😃🇮🇹👋

    31. MandoMonge

      Am I the only one that misses the hot lap commentaries from 2012 and 2013? Made the lap sound so dramatic and cool instead of just reading a boring iMovie text box

    32. LFADAAA

      For this weekend I will feel sorry for the ferrari fans as it's their home race

    33. JCTiggs

      I'd like to buy F1 2020 on PC but it doesn't seem to support VR headsets. Hard to believe since the VR experience for driving game is amazing and well, pretty much every modern driving game supports VR. Does anyone know if they will eventually add this?

    34. linterni Gamer

      For curiosity, knowing now the new tracks F1 has this year: Codemasters is gonna include them next year for the F1 2021 or with a patch for F1 2020?

      1. Zaphod

        I don't think it's difficulty so much as it is licensing rights. F1 had to pull strings just to get emergency tracks onto the F1 calender. Considering they aren't official F1 tracks, it might be difficult for Codemasters to get licensing rights to publish them in their game.

      2. James Masey

        I do not know why they can not add turkey onto f1 2020 as it has been on their game in the past (f1 2011)

      3. Rotation

        They won’t do any new tracks, next year or this year

      4. tazz11985

        Not for F1 2020, maybe 2021 but i wouldn't count on it. It cost them a lot of time and money to make Zandvoort & Hanoi for this year's game. Almost impossible to make Mugello,Portimao and Istanbul park when there's a big chance they won't be on next years calendar

    35. Wades

      Add the possibility to put the same track twice in career/myteam mode. Add fisheye camera on consoles like irl T cam.

    36. SurplusJester27

      1:04 it should have been: as you will s🅱️in off the road.

      1. Abdul Muhaimin


    37. Kiwi_91

      bit unrealistic to have a track guide video in the Ferrari being under 3 minutes long

    38. George Gousias

      Nice to see the safety car in those videos🙌 Btw I am a Tifosi LMAO🤣

    39. V

      Performance patches and any IRL liveries arent BLM enough to be considered. IRL ferrari's only overtaking zone is when they drive by the cars that are pitting.

      1. The Game Vault

        @Bram Beekes it's out now

      2. Bram Beekes

        The 1.09 patch will have the we race as one livery

      3. Wakanda Foreva

        @V Ummm Codemasters released the we race as one mclaren livery, the williams one was already done before the game came out and etc. Idk what you mean about "equality"

      4. V

        @Wakanda Foreva The Black Livery Merc was released in a heart beat. Why cant Codemasters treat the other teams with the same respect by implementing their official liveries in this "Official" F1 title. I just want equality, not too much to ask.

      5. Wades

        It is comming in October 🙃. Check Twitter

    40. Gaming With Nicko

      The intro music gives me chills, what a tune

      1. Matthew Morgan

        Gaming With Nicko They said the time trial loading music, and they’re right

      2. Gaming With Nicko

        Matthew Morgan no the time trial music is different

      3. Matthew Morgan

        Gaming With Nicko That’s what they were talking about

      4. Gaming With Nicko

        F1® Games From Codemasters nah, the music from 0:00 to 0:25

      5. Ashutosh Mukherjee

        @F1® Games From Codemasters Does the music have a name. Kindly share it if it does, please. Thanks.

    41. Jaymen Lowe

      When will you update the Ferrari livery?

      1. ShineStreet

        @Feliciano Del Priore so it means never

      2. Feliciano Del Priore

        When they put mugello

    42. Zane Olson

      Can we please get a performance patch. I was playing career mode yesterday and with a Merc engine drs, overtake and slipstream I couldn't catch up to the Haas.

      1. Bryan Alexander

        F1 2015 : First time?

      2. Wollfmann

        Maybe you were in a Williams

      3. Rok Škrlj

        Dont play on harder diff then.

      4. Liam King

        It’s coming in October

      5. Wades

        In October 🙃🙃🙃

    43. Aaron

      Rawe Ceek!

    44. Tachflat

      Bet for ferrari 1-2 i meant 19-20

      1. luckyxever

        Or collision with both drivers retired?

      2. TomásVieira _TSR

        1 2 on last

      3. divebomb Fun4U

        Behind Haas??

    45. Vale07

      The Temple of S🅱️innala, i'm joking. I'm italian

      1. Freakis

        this didn't age well

      2. GIANFO GTR

        Ma buongiorno!

      3. Abdul Muhaimin


      4. Feliciano Del Priore

        Pronto? Sbinnala

    46. Juan ML23

      Codemasters estoy durmiendo deja de romper los huevos

    47. Marc Monge

      What a disgrace of f1...

    48. stuart Sadler


    49. Feliciano Del Priore

      Track guide mugello or I will sbinnala you

    50. LiGhTz3D