F1® 2020 | Hotlap: Austria

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    The hills are alive with the sound of F1®!
    Jump on board Esteban Ocon’s Renault for a special Austria Grand Prix hot lap in F1® 2020!
    And what a circuit to start the season - the fearsome Osterreichring, or the circuit known today as the Red Bull Ring.
    This iconic circuit is a short one! The first half very much rewards power, as the cars race along three straights separated by a pair of uphill right-handers. As the drivers work their way downhill, the circuit becomes a high speed alpine luge ride, as the cars navigate through a series of very quick corners, including the exhilarating Rindt right-hander, named after Austria’s first F1® champion. And that’s not to mention THAT unmissable bull sculpture as well!
    You’ll be able to race on the Red Bull Ring, along with the circuits featured in the original 22-race calendar in F1® 2020 - out on Friday 10 July 2020 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Windows PC (DVD and via Steam), and Google Stadia. If you can't wait that long, you can get it with three days' early access if you pick up the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1® 2020.
    Be the 11th Team in F1® 2020 - out July 10th 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder

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    1. Felipe Toledo

      What a fake downshift

    2. Dio Slayer

      Hey CODEMASTERS can you please tell to the Portuguese citizens what language is spoken in BRASIL, ANGOLA, MOÇAMBIQUE, GUINÉ and etc etc, because I have a feeling you people are not so bright! BRAZILIAN is a new language now, how nice is that🤦‍♂️😂🤣! For you're information CODEMASTERS the Portuguese language comes from PORTUGAL🇵🇹, the name says everything (PORTUGAL🇵🇹 =PORTUGUESE🇵🇹) (ENGLAND🇬🇧 = ENGLISH🇬🇧) (SPAIN🇪🇦 = SPANISH🇪🇦) (FRANCE🇨🇵 = FRENCH🇨🇵) etc etc, see its not difficult you know! A little respect for other people Culture and history it's nice, because if you have for some then you better to have for everyone isn't it?! 🤔

    3. Fabian Sackl

      70 bucks for what is pretty much a DLC with some new features, huh?

    4. september 24

      Asia region not out yet WTFF

    5. Jimmy1903

      Dear Codemasters Team, i didnt have the New Williams Design how other players have it....

    6. Naeem Ali

      OMG , what a Joke of game, they have gone backyard in force feedback and physic , from lap 1 to 5 , can't feel any heat or change in tire grip , force feedback doesnt even load in high speed corner , no wonder they can release it sooner every year , for GOD sake this is the pinnacle of Motorsport , why the driving model is like need for speed arcade ... Very sad Mr Greco and Lee ...... Lot of content and no soul or passion left in your F1 game , wish i wouldnt have wasted 70$

      1. Naeem Ali

        I wanted to apologize for my statement above.. I didn't know by default all the force feedback setting were set very very low so I couldn't feel anything... After changing the game just come alive.... Awesome Game.. Very sorry

    7. Cesar Sampaolesi

      Hola buenas ,codemasters quisiera hacerle mí opinión me encanta el juego los sigo desde siempre , no habría posibilidad de hacer un recoplatotorio de todos los autos de todos los años y con circuitos de todas las épocas ,sería una gran apuesta pero , licencia cómo forza y gran turismo, tienen más de 800 autos y más de 50 o 60 circuito o mundos abierto espeficados ,no sería una buena opción ? ,Desde ya muchas gracias por su tiempo.

    8. white ttlove

      i have Schumacher edition dlc versionn. f1 2020 so great. especially engine sound. broadcast mix sound. more realistic. that is enough. and better graphic ad detail good. nice job 👍👏

    9. Rob T

      Great video! Well done👍👌

    10. Candido_TV

      I see that Ps4 and PC are at version 1.03 and xbox at version 1.01. What is the reason for this? In the last title, f1 2019, we at xbox paid much more than the other platforms and we had everything later than the others. Now again we are lagging behind in game updates. An explanation for the community would be good as to why the disregard with the platform.

    11. jamyboi y

      Codies the patch cidnt work i think its cause since alpha and ferrari ulgraded there engines the game thinks the engines were upgraded to that point plz fix

    12. jamyboi y

      Id like somthing to be done so basicly i wanto play with my mother but shes not that good but i want myself to be in standered and her in causal butt i cant play casual cause i havnt had all thoes assits on since 2010

    13. Jordan Hutton

      Codemasters are still using the kerbs at turn 6 - 10 from the f1 2016 grand prix, if you look at bottas 2020 pole lap then go to lewis Hamilton 2016 pole lap the Kerbs are different. It's been 3 years shouldn't you update the track finally now lol

    14. Armando Reyna

      You can make an f1 game for mobile But not for nintendo switch

    15. Timo S.

      I hope that the Mercedes and Williams livery are up to date.

    16. Tomas Eriksson

      After watching the Austrian weekend, please add blue smoke to the Racing Point cars 😁

      1. TM 36

        Yeh lol! 😂😂😂😂

    17. CanadianFlash

      When’s the release date for the schmacher edition?

    18. Kaan Oztrk

      F1 2020 update austria for

    19. Arif Hossain

      We need pit stops on f1 mobile

    20. Ernőné Várhelyi

      Ferrari is 11, 7, the grid is updated or not.

    21. Naeem Ali

      I wonder if they will ever make a pure SIM like ACC .... I can wish but don't think it will ever happen .. Very sad.. but wait i read F1 was looking into someone else making a true sim for them.. Praying for that.

    22. Purwanti Allan

      Why they named it "Not Final" at the top?

    23. Jens Leck

      thank you Codemasters for Mirror in Cockpitview and SchumiEdition🏁🏎💤

    24. Kasper Svalebech

      Looks exactly like 2019

    25. Vincenzo Sanfilippo

      At least ferrari design is still the same lol

    26. Maxim555King

      Codies, a lot of people are uploading F1 2020 My Team when its not allowed

    27. Fausto Rodrigues Neto

      Work in progress? So the game is not ready yet? 5 days to go? That's why the gameplay on the controller and the game's AI sucks. In F1 2019 grand prix mode my car playing in control, when I overtake, on the next corner, it leaves the track and the AI ​​takes me back. Regrettable that

      1. YesImKazuma

        git gud.

    28. EEagle

      VR please

    29. Rishi Chana

      The entire suspension assembly still moves as one over bumps lmfao 😂😂😂

    30. Andrzej Kizior

      then the same graphics engine fails

    31. Schei MJ

      Why do the downshifts sound so bad?

    32. Lukas Blank

      Where is Heineken

    33. OzcarPlayz

      Whats up with the rear wing at turn 2? It seems blurred into oblivion

    34. Mr_Big_Fries

      I ike how the hands look like they’re shaking.

    35. Lee Cox

      Can you choose matte colour for your custom team livery?, like Ferrari, McLaren etc.

    36. Joe M60

      F1 2019 gameplay. Naaah im out this year, it’s just an upgrade with My Team mode. Gameplay 1:1 Like last Like. No thanks 😊

    37. TommyNation

      Also the First Corner isn´t correct, FIX THAT ;)

    38. Onur 7

      All cars is complated?

    39. AnOrdinarySimRacer

      This game looks the same as last two years! Garbage

    40. Spence Alessandro

      Will you keep the Mercedes W11 silver, the Mercedes suits white and Lewis Hamilton's Helmet white or will you change all three of them to black ?

    41. Arun Haines

      CTRL C - CTRL P

    42. Veton J

      I expected an engine failure

    43. Vito Guerra

      1.06.33 on this track should be an hotlap????? ahahaha

    44. Nelis073

      R.I.P. Gearbox

    45. Arif Anuar

      Shoulda emptied the seats and the field, as per CoVid19. would be a very nostalgic collection.

    46. Nicky Boi

      Exterior sounds are still awful

    47. PAL On XBOX

      Is this a F12019 DLC?

    48. DJ SEAGAL

      Car sounds good, much faster than before.

    49. Arief Nugroho

      "Car designs not final" Lmao

    50. Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini


    51. Dominic Viner

      Actually excited for this game it's hard to give alot for something that barely evolved but they did a good job I just hope I can really really customize and get down to the Barge board and stuff and the wings amd car bed

    52. G. P.


    53. Ricard Rodriguez

      2020 and still no curbs update

    54. RXT Avery

      Watch as Daniel Ricardo drives the car all along

    55. Gustavo Barron

      Hamilton gonna win again and again....

    56. Dustin Fox

      Its weird seeing people in the stands

    57. Wolf Rreddingtton

      Will DAS feature in the Black Arrows

    58. Ellis Kerry

      does anybody know when the people who pre ordered will be able to play?

    59. Hero

      looks similar f1 2019

    60. Malik Ahr

      I want a F1 with AUTHENTIC car sounds.. this isnt a Renault at all(soundwise)

    61. I CAN SPELLE

      So the same thing then

    62. Iceman

      Track’s not updated



    64. JasperHeaton

      Dam if I get the game and I get concept card I’m gonna be pissed nah jk codemasters are the best they’ll think of something XD lol thx guys

    65. Master Dan

      Should've made it so that the barge board gets destroyed when they go onto the kerbs

    66. Jaimy

      Oh look, a patch worth 60 bucks...

    67. disturbed465

      Man that shifting is terrible


      Circuit 2019 no 2020

    69. JasonGoes Breee

      does someone know if the black mercedes will be in the game too :D i rly like it

    70. Alen Mum

      I thought the Renault is black?😅

      1. YesImKazuma

        nah just testing. Racing livery needs their yellow.

    71. Jovan P

      There's only 1 king in F1! Lewis Hamilton - THE GOAT! 🏎🏁😎

    72. Patrick Descendre

      “Car design is not final” game comes out in a week 😂

    73. Guenther Steiner

      So unrealistic...there are humans on the grand stands

    74. Joaquin Alonso

      El Renault parece un remaster del Renault del año pasado

    75. David :0

      It would be so cool, if you could turn the fans on and off

    76. GeoLegend


    77. Alfredo Jerez

      Codemasters: Cars Design not final. Mercedes: I know.

    78. Sasukes

      Are you going to put black mercedes??

    79. justin walker

      I hope you make the mercs black with the das system codemasters

    80. Robert Godlewski

      Preordered and rdy to go!!!👍

    81. ClawbetCGD

      The engine sound it's beautiful

    82. Gabov

      Stop showing us the game and give us the game !

    83. Sam Lima

      Please, make be able to remove threes or something like that on consoles to dont break the Fps in online mode

    84. Hafidzul Haqim

      Poor downshift sound

      1. YesImKazuma

        nah sounds godly, the mercedes downshifts in this game sounds horrid

    85. Jack Mears

      Should have used a Red Bull

    86. SimRaceHQ

      Where is the downshift for extra rotation

    87. Philip Letcher

      Downshifts too fast

    88. Joshua Fancher


    89. Cory Swinfield

      Will there be the Mercedes new sexy livery?

    90. esTouroh

      Look at F1 2020 mod in Assetto corsa,perfect engine sounds

    91. kelvin oliveira

      No one talk about the engine sound? Is not equal to real life...

    92. Albert Chow

      "I think the whole world is against me" Ocon 2020

    93. L W

      I cannot wait for next Friday when the game is released

    94. SportsGamingCubing

      That Renault downshift actually sounds pretty spot on. Hope that means the final Honda engine will have full throatiness

      1. SportsGamingCubing

        @YesImKazuma yea lol I would literally pay them extra money for that sound

      2. YesImKazuma

        It sounds delightful, the Honda sounds from their previous clips doesn't have that exhaust BLURRPPPP P P P P if you know what I mean XD

    95. John C

      This game is so unrealistic, look at those fans in attendance 😬

    96. nettur39

      so to whoever was driving. try 4th gear into T1. you'll have more grip and be faster.

    97. Luca Gaido


    98. Apostolos Karpetas

      Are the Mercedes and Williams new liveries included?

    99. Per von hagelbrakare

      "car designs not final" damn straight

    100. aidilfxrhan

      Better than motogp20