F1® 2020 | Hot Lap: 70th Anniversary

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    We Race As One at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.
    Reigning World Champion and now seven-time winner of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, takes his recently redesigned Mercedes W11 around his home-circuit Silverstone on F1® 2020 - the track where it all began seventy years ago.
    Featuring the W11's striking black livery, the F1® 2020 lap, recorded by the Codemasters development team, comes hot off the heels of Hamilton's nail-biting victory at the same circuit last weekend, where he skilfully negotiated half of the final lap despite a front-left puncture.
    Whilst the design of one of F1’s most iconic tracks has been altered numerous times over the years, this weekend’s race marks the official seventieth anniversary of the first ever Formula 1® Grand Prix. On May 13th 1950, Giuseppe Farina took the win for Alfa Romeo on a layout that was more than a kilometre shorter in length and half as many corners as today’s configuration.
    Silverstone is a staple of the F1® calendar, featuring 53 times in 70 years and hosting every British Grand Prix without fail since 1987. Its corners are synonymous with fans around the world; from the right-hand hairpin of Luffield, to the Maggots, Becketts, Chapel section and the final Club complex.
    You can race on Silverstone Circuit, and all the original 2020 season circuits in F1® 2020 - out NOW on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Windows PC (DVD and via Steam), and Google Stadia.
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    2. Mark Es Games

      F1 2020 is the most realistic F1 simulator in the world! (In my opinion) 😎 From 1.06 patch we have a black Mercedes. And Williams before game premiere.

    3. ً

      Camera settings?

    4. Jakub Kebukaj

      Why is there a new building and a bridge on the pit straight which is not builded? (Saw the latest GPs) By the way is there a possibility in F1 2020 game to run on calendar somehow near the actual F1 2020 one? Like two races on one circuit? Or would you add drivers who are not currently full time F1 drivers like Hulk or Kubica (They were in F1 2019 game so i bet i wouldn't be that hard to add them into the game especially because of their appearances in F1 (Hulk in 2 races till today and Kubica as a reserve driver at the moment) And I would like to hire one of them as a teammate in My Team career mode without messing the whole grid. And i think that considering future F1 games (if you want to add My Team in future games) it would be really cool to see some other drivers on the driver market than current F1 and F2 drivers. And then the race tracks. I know that making a new track from zero does not make sense but if the tracks will stay in F1 for 2021 season could you also add them to F1 2020 game? Thanks for reading, cheers!


      Something I would like is that they added to the f1 2020 video game the new tracks of 2020 like Imola Portugal etc

    6. PlayStation Network

      1:28:251. Congratulations!

    7. Arthur Viriato

      Interlagos Please With Senna's Car

    8. Kavin Arivan

      gEt In ThErE lEwIs

    9. Ben Hardcastle

      All there’s people saying puncture I don’t remember seeing Hamilton puncture in qualifying. Do you know what a hot lap is. Also this was so slow at least show us a fast lap

    10. Jovan P

      The best driver in the best car... It can't get any better than that! On sunday Lewis will them down on two wheels! 🥳🏎🏁

    11. gregorio cinti

      No black helmet?

    12. Rotation

      Have u removed the Ritz Carlton logo in the real version of the game too?

    13. cheemssamurai

      Dear Codemasters, For more realistic graphics, it would be better if you had more visible ray tracing, and less to no fog.

    14. Slartibartfast


    15. Mister Paul

      Personally I'd rather have george russell or lando norris do the lap not hypocrite hamilton!

      1. WovenGoal シ

        Isn’t everyone a hypocrite young keyboard warrior?

    16. Pietro Salomone

      What a lap ! 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

    17. Teufel

      Das nächste Update dann bitte alle Strecken die dieses Jahr vorkommen nachreichen! Wenn ihr schon die scheiss schwarze lackierung nach gereicht habt dann richtig. Maranrllo, Nürnburgring etc!

    18. Teufel

      Das Spiel hat so viele bugs immer noch. Alleine wenn die Box dir eine andere Strategie vorschlägt und du die aussuchen möchtest steht da nur die aktuelle Strategie und unten drunter steht nix! Aber Hauptsache mit dem letzten Update die scheiss lackierung von Mercedes ändern!👎

    19. Jarosław Zając

      How about first make this livery like it should look. And then use it as means to advertise your game.

    20. Andrew Thomson

      At the 1.04 mark should be some kerbing on the inside, and at the 1.11 mark there should be the white rumble strip kerbing after copse and the same kerbing at the 1.38 mark.

      1. Bjurn

        Andrew Thomson they not gonna at it to the game they are to lazy. same as the chicane in hungary.

    21. SweetFlexZ

      The replay sound is really bad

    22. Asger Sørensen


    23. G-M

      Did we really need a Hot Lap vid this week?

    24. Nightmare Demons

      I miss the hot Laps from the official F1 Account where drivers explain the circuits.

    25. Kieran Cliffe

      No puncture where is it make the new start/finish line

    26. The Ferrari Guru34

      no puncture why tho this is the british gp 2020 remember what happened to lewis hamilton (im sure we all do)

    27. Morbid Lust

      The Mercedes engine sounds terrible on downshifts. What is that overexaggerated "whoosh" sound effect? And why is the Turbo Whine pretty much non existent? Needs fixing ASAP!!! This is how it should sound like: trlocal.info/u/video/mpd4oLy83IGcrXw

    28. Bosco24

      Hotlap of F1 70 as a Happy Anniversary Maybe

    29. Vishothan Prasad

      Have they removed the Ritz carlton from the halo

      1. Rocky #RipVon

        The updated the front-wing as well or Am I mistaken

      2. Bjurn


    30. jhenry248

      Can I drive on three tires? LOL!

    31. matths

      cool video but, you guys will update hamilton's helmet design for black too ?!

      1. FRR Official Channel

        matths Black and Purple

      2. matths

        @FRR Official Channel purple and black helmet ?! or purple and white helmet ?! because the black and purple is the correct

      3. FRR Official Channel

        matths Im in Xbox and they’ve updated it, I have black merc and Hamilton purple helmet :P

      4. Anto Ruiz

        @matths ah, sí? I will buy it soon, so I will have to wait for the patch to download apart from the game itself... Gracias por la información!!

      5. matths

        @Anto Ruiz yes, the updated man, in my game i have downloaded the patch that brings the black mercedes, the only thing incorrect is the hamilton's helmet that still white, not black.

    32. Alex Beri

      Is a 28.2 really a hot lap?

    33. GiorGiiTV

      F1 using Assetto Corsa game category for exposure? prolly cuz their game's trash

    34. Wades


    35. heat NFS


    36. JT

      Please start laser scanning tracks.

      1. JT

        @JusticeSeeker102 I agree to an extent. F1 games won't be able to take advantage of all the slight surface details, for sure. But track surface details aren't the only benefit of laser scanned tracks. Geometry, pitch, yaw, sloping and even overall scaling are huge issues with the F1 game tracks. Their Spa is a complete joke and its totally out of scale. I had to relearn tracks that I can drive with my eyes closed in other games like Spa, Silverstone and Hungaroring in the F1 games because they are so wrong. They are basically completely different tracks compared to scanned versions. With the revenue the F1 game series generates there is no excuse for this in the year 2020. m.trlocal.info/u/video/am54gY-n2G2nnJY

      2. JusticeSeeker102

        @JT Believe me when I say that it's really not worth it, I've been playing racing games and sims for a lot of years, with mediocre driving physics you just can't take full advantage of them. Look me in the eye and say that you can't feel a major difference between driving on the Nordschleife in FM7 and in AC. The difference is huge.

      3. JT

        @JusticeSeeker102 you don't need great physics for laser scanning to be worth it. Forza laser scans tracks. Some of the tracks in the F1 games are just embarrassing. Codies make more than enough money on this game to absorb the cost.

      4. JusticeSeeker102

        There's no point, the car physics ain't that good to take advantage of them.

      5. roy plomp

        great idea!

    37. Pete Villager

      Happy Birthday for Formula One but i'm sorry for Sergio Pérez :'(

    38. Timo Nathaniel

      Track preview for EifelGP, PortugalGP, mugello, Imola on Assetto Corsa? 🤣

    39. im_manu02

      So u guys are promoting Assetto Corsa now? (the game section in description says so)..😂

      1. depressed as always


    40. DaniMacYo


    41. Defallen

      I can't wait for Imola Mugello Nurburgring's hot lap...

      1. Die Legende

        @JT Mugello and Algarve haven't been in an F1 game so far, and Nürburgring and Imola have last been in F1 2013, which used a completely different engine, and therefore, as far as Codies are concerned, is as good as never having been in an F1 game

      2. JT

        @Die Legende yes I know. They were in older games though. If it would take them a year to update those to modern graphics etc then they have some serious problems.

      3. Die Legende

        @JT none of the unplanned tracks on the calendar were in F1 2019.

      4. JT

        @Morbid Lust if it takes Codemasters a year to copy a track from F1 2019 to F1 2020...then that explains a lot 😂

      5. JT

        Funny thing is I've been seeing old Codemasters F1 game hot lap videos in my suggested videos constantly lately. Nurburgring and Imola etc. Obviously there is a lot of interest in those tracks. Too bad codies are the laziest track builders you can find in racing games and there is zero chance they release a DLC with them

    42. Cesar Sampaolesi

      Hola buenas estaría bueno un dlc con los circuitos que se agregaron en este nuevo calendario

      1. FRR Official Channel

        No los van a hacer, ya dijeron ellos mismos lpm

    43. Leon Fischer


    44. YVNG P00T

      I’m still confused as to why they aren’t using the old pit lane. I would make sense as an anniversary and it would make the track much different to race on.

      1. Ciaran Mc Nulty

        @Rifat Hidayatullah yep there too small

      2. Rifat Hidayatullah

        The paddock is not suited to modern F1 operation maybe

      3. Felipe Ferraz

        Maybe because of safety, idk

      4. Ross Jones

        Pootisbird 3000 I’m pretty sure the old pit lane is used by F2 and F3 for their garages

    45. Aaron

      Why is in the "Assetto Corsa" Game Catergory?

      1. Kakashi

        went a livestream of f1 2020 and the game was apparently Counter-Strike : Global Offensive according to yt 🤣

      2. depressed as always

        Mateja Ćirić r/wooosh

      3. Матеја Ћирић

        Because TRlocal sucks at recognizing games.

      4. Penguin4Life

        Aaron codemasters exposed

    46. f1central 44

      Mmmmmmmmh. Let me think. It's the same place

    47. DaniMacYo

      No puncture. Zero for realism. Hehe

      1. Roblox Studio Guides

        And 2020

      2. Zeomega

        Silverstone 2013

    48. Gabov

      New circuit on developement ? (Imola mugello etc)

      1. Adam Walpole

        They’re not making the new tracks

      2. Owen Burton


    49. samo duban

      where is puncture :D ?

    50. Leon Polat

      Why not on three wheels?😂

    51. Fred Gex


    52. Onzinnige Video’s

      It looks like Great Britain.

      1. anonymous

        Bad sarcasm

      2. GD Volx

        Oh my god you’re right! I didn’t notice until now, thanks for telling.

      3. kishern rao

        Nah looks like Spa to me

      4. Wolfz Wants pie

        G-M Tbh Who doesnt

      5. G-M

        How do y'all not get the joke!!! xD

    53. Soham G

      1st comment