F1® 2020 Hot Lap: Monaco

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    The jewel in F1®’s crown, and here for you to check out in all its regal splendour. Widely considered one of the most challenging circuits on the calendar, getting around Monaco’s tight streets takes nerves of steel and boatloads of determination. F1® 2020 is no different. We’ve completed a visual uplift and ahead of this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix, we’re jumping on-board Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri for a tour around some of F1®'s best known landmarks, from Casino Square, to the slowest corner of the calendar at the Grand Hotel hairpin, the iconic tunnel, and Rascasse.
    Always found the Circuit de Monaco difficult? The accessible handling settings of F1® 2020 will help you get up to speed on this glorious circuit.
    You won’t want to miss the Virtual Grand Prix on Sunday 24th May, with F1® drivers including Esteban Ocon and Valtteri Bottas, as well as Alex Albon, Antonio Giovinazzi, George Russell, Nicholas Latifi, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc up the challenge on F1® 2019’s Circuit de Monaco. The action will be kicking off from 6pm BST across F1®’s TRlocal, Twitch and Facebook channels.
    Find out more here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/check-out-this-hot-lap-of-monaco-in-f1-2020-ahead-of-this-weekend-s-virtual-grand-prix
    Oh, and no heroics into Sainte Devote, please.
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
    Join us for the ride - follow us on our social channels:
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    1. Andrew Thomson

      Should be a bollard at turn 1 apex.

    2. Windows Mapping

      I have a question, is f1 2020 will available on the PS5

    3. Show me Da Mane

      Who else can’t wait for this game to do a career mode starting with a lesser team hoping to work your way up to say Ferrari?

    4. Show me Da Mane

      Looking forward to the release of this game I have to do 50% due to having young children so time is not so easy to get used to do 100% races and race weekends good fun really feel like you’ve earned your points at the end of the weekend!

    5. Unoriginal Name Gaming

      I hate Monaco it’s the one racetrack where I suck so extremely bad it’s not even funny

    6. Joe Plays

      No heroics in to Saint Devote please

    7. RonBurgundy

      I have skipped all F1 games since 2017 because there is no VR . Make it happen !!!

    8. Kevin Walstra

      What a sexy car🥰

    9. Robert

      But cockpit view is useless as you can't see nothing on front of you

    10. KlsDrift

      How can i play it too ?

    11. GD Racing

      i want the game so much!

    12. Ginger

      I still f*cking hate myself for calling Alfa Touri a bloody Honda. Seriously, wtf why me why. Good car control though

    13. white ttlove

      hm. what the same graphic 2019.

    14. szewei85

      Haha this looks fun😊😊🤭🤭

    15. Skooby YT

      Maybe for 70 edition you can add a f1 car from like 1950’s

    16. Mr. Typo

      1000th comment

    17. Games TV

      Sexy ❤️

    18. Gooday2Fly

      why no 4k WHYYYYYY

    19. dia98

      You barely see the track in the cockpit, surely that needs a bit of a higher angle compared to what they see in reality

    20. Raihan Abdillah

      F1 2020 still have bugs 😂 gassshhh

    21. Captain Rayane

      Quelqun pour me le prêter dès qu'il l'achètera svp ? 🥺🥺

    22. Chris Sennfelder

      No VR support, no buy.

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Damn, how do they drive in the real world on this track?

    23. wnnalis cioov

      They’ve all the resources available to make a great sound as we can heard onboard tv but unfortunately they failed to do ..

      1. wnnalis cioov

        The sound is SO MUCH BETTER than the last game

    24. Mohib Ahmad Siddiqui

      Bring back the V10's

    25. Samuel Greene

      I love how the Temps on the wheel are 100 C. Literally boiling lmao. Can't wait for the new one. Loved 19.

    26. Cursed Blade

      Boats are not moving with the waves, cancelled pre order.

    27. Uniti Vinceremu

      Unfortunately they didn’t update the casino square, Boulingrin gardens (above casino square) and Monte-Carlo One buildings...so it’s still the 2018 track

      1. Uniti Vinceremu

        And actually also the new Portier expansion

    28. bobcharlotte

      PC VR support finally? Didn't buy last years because it wasn't included. It's a default option for sims now.

    29. Luiz Albuquerque

      Why the steering wheels are all the same?

    30. TheJackalPhantom

      The sound is really dissapointing.... Considering how the Honda engines sound in real life... Sorry but i will stick to the 2019 game for now... Hope this gets changed together with a VR function and a CO-Op carreer mode please i just want to play red bull with a friend of mine already

    31. Joe Rogan

      The sound is SO MUCH BETTER than the last game

    32. Tarunpal Singh

      Damn, how do they drive in the real world on this track?

      1. Tarunpal Singh

        @Freakson yes, I will. Thanks

      2. Freakson

        @Tarunpal Singh I cant remember the last time I crashed in the game to be honest and real drivers are obviously way more skilled and precise. If you crash in Monaco you should practise more really

      3. Tarunpal Singh

        @Freakson lol I meant that everytime I drive on this track in the game, I always crash on certain turns. It must be a very difficult task for the drivers.

      4. Freakson


    33. N1l0x G4m3r

      Such a clean lap!


      The perfect lap

    35. MrCool57

      The cockpit cam moving makes it so much more real.

    36. Alttitude

      I really want this game to be on the game pass on Xbox I would love to play it for free!

    37. grkhunter

      Make the Ferrari sound same as SF71-H please

    38. UnbendingNose

      Doesn’t sound like the Honda engine

    39. wilson is gaming

      I wanna hot lap vinfast Vietnam grand Prix

    40. Yosyp

      no laser scanned tracks, no manual pit zone... when will this game really improve?

    41. matthias 7000

      Wow looks just the same as every other f1 game 😂

    42. Jake Gabbar

      Am I the only one who’s getting really annoyed about the steering wheels? P.S I know it’s a W.I.P car but I hope they add the actual wheels soon P.P.S I know they’ve already added Renault’s

    43. jorje manso

      BugMaster !.... I hope there are no bugs in the online What internal camera (the realistic one) is that? Mirrors are supposed to be seen. Not even the official game comes out and they already have a bug.

    44. alida flus

      Now I can actually look forward to this track in my career mode.

    45. Jose Luis Gallardo

      Honda engine doesn't sound like this

    46. Its SerGoNsters

      Customize helmets with numbers, sponsors, as in motogp20, 19 plisssss

    47. Kevin A

      Skipping this track as usual

    48. Jari Sipilainen

      look same track as on amiga 500 decades ago. games not get any better xD

    49. Ignacio Martinez

      The soundtrack will be amazing

    50. Edward Onischenko

      *No bumps, flat kerbs* Arcade! Shame! F1 - Queen of Auto sports and it's silly to make game so easy and far from reality. Lando Norris and Max Verstappen were right about this game. Codemasters, is it so hard to make a Lazer Scanned Tracks and add more reality?

    51. Sriram G

      I don’t know why but the game never truly displays the speed of the cars. They always look like they’re going 20 or something

    52. CRT I Collin

      Sorry but, you guys need a better hotlap driver.

    53. James Stewart

      Still No V R

    54. Rafi

      looks the same tbf

    55. Skooby YT

      In the menu screen can you please include ………Who can match vettel?🤣

    56. Ssar1702

      Can AI cars have punctures?

    57. Edward Maskell

      Somehow Every year the the track gets thinner and thinner

    58. Frank

      I can't imagine there could ever be another track I hate more than Monaco that being said, looks even more beautiful than ever this year! Hope Jeff continues to insist against heroics in Sainte Devote, please...

    59. zentro

      they still haven't fixed the annoying brake locking for no reason mid turn 🤦‍♂️

    60. Finnx

      tires are SO BIG

    61. CrownThyMartin

      Literally didn’t realise this was F1 2020 until I saw the comments. I’ll still buy the game only because league racing will end on F1 2019.

    62. Saulo Silva

      Honda engine sound still a little strange compare to the real life, need to improve de downshift sound

    63. MrDrewdubb

      The cockpit/halo view is atrocious

    64. 737 Max

      For this game I would like to here Crofty commentate me during the race to where says "lights out and away we go!" And "What a move by (enter name) for the lead!" And I think "He has finally won the (enter country) Grand prix!"

    65. Ζήσης Δούκας

      LOL I'm so NOT buying this since i got 2019 THEY'RE IDENTICAL !

      1. Ζήσης Δούκας

        @Agustin Saldivar yeah...right..

      2. Agustin Saldivar

        "Work in progress"

      3. Ζήσης Δούκας

        @Brewen muzG if sounds are.indeed better then I will buy it.But from what I listen to..I dont "see" that

      4. Brewen muzG

        @Ζήσης Δούκας The graphics have not changed but the sounds are so much better, except for the Honda PU...

      5. Ζήσης Δούκας

        @Christian J no change in sound.Same crappy one. Assetto Corsa has better in F1 vehicles and it's not even an F1 game. They can have more photorealism in gfx. Controls were just fine

    66. Epicon 6

      Humans have two eyes. Make the pillar a little transparent from both sides so we can see what the real drivers are seeing. Hamilton didn’t win the championship with one eye open.

    67. Semper Fidelis

      Would be nice if the damage model was a bit more complex. Since crashing is an essential part of racing, it's not satisfying to feel like you are driving a car that consists of only three parts. Front wing, body, rear wing. There is no friction when the tires touch. The wings are too stable. I want that a part of the wing can fall off or that you actually have a puncture when somebody hits your wheel. Even it might be frustrating...

    68. April Falls

      VR ?

    69. Thai Dang

      Can you show the vietnam gp?

    70. Dudley

      Thanks, I needed that.

    71. Jeffrey Wong

      Something about the speed readout on the steering wheel looks a bit odd, like there are some temporal antialiasing artifacts or something.

    72. Rafmgmt

      Arcade gameplay ps3 graphics generic steering wheels for all cars. Can't wait!

      1. john donavan

        Im sorry but thats just not true. Its a bit arcade-ish so it is more accessible to more people, its got excellent graphics in my opinion (though they are similar to last year) and the reason the stearing wheels are the same is because all of the car models aren't developed yet so they're using the FOM car with team liveries on top. Remember the game still needs more development before release

    73. Ang Kh

      The engine sound is suck

    74. Arthur Moreira

      Feels like 2019 but 2020

    75. G B 007

      Still no PBR or HDR. Still looks like a cartoon. Still not getting my cash.

    76. Delcrew

      How will Kvyat react when he sees that his teammate is on the track and not him?

    77. Marvin St

      A new bug game from Bugmasters

    78. THE Riften Guard

      thanks for the reskin

    79. Nセキュリティ


    80. Nicky Boi

      Same shite every year , add classic tracks

    81. Pascal Bodynek

      Won‘t buy that dlc. Maybe next time when I can see that codemasters has really given their heart into that game. Better graphics, vr mode, much much much better damage system, some innovations, maybe track IR, and why the hell i can‘t look into my mirrors when I drive in the cockpit. How long you want to give me a racing game without realistic mirrors

      1. Pascal Bodynek

        Oh wow yes. I forgot it. 2 new tracks + my team. Oh wow that Must be work of one complete year by hundreds of developer. No I’m sorry. Yeah there are new things. But that are as many as could be in a dlc. Cmm

      2. john donavan

        Did you forget how they completely changed ERS, added my team, and added new tracks like zandvoort and Vietnam. Not to mention that they have developed a game about a season that hasn't even begun yet.

    82. Jelle


    83. Oscar Lee

      They still haven't fixed the silly impossible roof-top carpark at 0:02. It's been bugging me every time I see the intro sequence.

    84. TrueKnightFA

      I want the option to move the camera when I'm watching a replay. Some of the shots that are used in the 2019 game are just horrible. I want to take cool shots of overtaking, but when I watch the replay it shows a terrible camera angle that doesn't show the overtake.

    85. Snowcone Guy

      *Wake me up* when the F1 games finally have realistic damage and crashing physics, like games like Wreckfest did half a decade ago. I'm not buying any more F1 games as long as you just have tire and wing damage. The cars don't even roll over in gravel or get really airborne.

      1. passt Man

        Thay can't LEGALLY improve the damage model. As in they can make it realistic but under FOM they can't.

    86. juanvalex9 yuotube post

      El futuro juego de mi hermano

    87. alexandre Hamel

      Modders are making better sound than real codemaster’s developpeur

    88. alexandre Hamel

      They’ve all the resources available to make a great sound as we can heard onboard tv but unfortunately they failed to do ..

    89. N Afzal

      Super smooth steering 👍

    90. ThePsychicFish

      Who else thinks they should have no crowds in the game in the first half of the season for realism?

    91. #Tru

      When you going to model downforce?

    92. Iceman

      Will there be custom grids where you can change the positions of other drivers on single player mode?

    93. infusen

      They had to use the Alpha Tauri car so people could tell the difference from F1 2019.

    94. Franwl96

      What Renault does when downshifting from third gear, Honda should do when downshifting in all gears Like for Codemasters to see

    95. Lucas Mello

      More exhausts please!

    96. Harry Drewett

      Engine sound is terrible. Wheres the raspy off throttle sound that is the Honda signature???!

    97. Clintminster

      Random people who like this will become a millionaire one day

    98. Zoltan Hubert

      Looks weird, feels like the car controls the driver, like the driver was left behind :)

    99. Im_Just _Chris

      Yes i can confirm this looks like monaco

    100. Goalie QBC

      I feel like the Trak is biger