F1® 2020 First Look | Circuit Zandvoort

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    Strap yourselves in and get ready - your very first look at F1® 2020 is here! And what a first look we have for you! Making its 2020 debut, and a first for the game, Circuit Zandvoort is a truly one-of-a-kind track - *that* final banked corner 😍. Ride with us as we unleash Max Verstappen’s Red Bull out on its home soil for a virtual lap of the unique Circuit Zandvoort.
    That’s not all we’re showing off today! We’ve unveiled the brand new, shiny cover art for F1® 2020, and you can go and check them out in all their glory right here: bit.ly/F12020-Zandvoort-And-Cover-Art
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      Be the 11th Team in F1 2020 - out July 10 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Google Stadia. Catch up on everything we've announced so far right here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/be-the-11th-team-on-the-grid-in-f1-2020

      1. Amko Sofic

        @F1® Games From Codemasters What's upp you guys, I'm a huge of fan of your F1 games, I have a question: Is this game going to be playable on the PS5? It would be a dream, hoping for an answer back, stay safe 🙌🏻👑

      2. Delcrew

        Same day as NASCAR Heat 5 comes out.

      3. Parzival 64 YT

        Could you please do a first look to the Cirtuit Hanoi Street at Vietnam

      4. MB Devil

        Codmasters please bring in Crossplay in F1 2020. It only brings advantages for you to make more sales and it also appeals to a larger crowd. You can only make a profit.

      5. linterni Gamer

        @F1® Games From Codemasters nice showcase of *work in progress* circuit. It looks really good, and looks better like the real circuit. Now I have some questions: 1st: which is the music used? (because it's great, seems to be for a menu music of the game) 2nd: right wheels not sounds when they go through to a piano (maybe because it's not finished yet??) 3rd: how it's going the Vietnam Circuit? (Cause no one have watched the circuit in real life yet)

    2. Elijah Ward

      Today I tried out this circuit for the first team, dang it’s fun! The forst hairpin, the one with the big banking, is so great to drive on.

    3. GaxieY

      Yo where did the heineken signs go?

    4. Erwin Timmer

      Can we play f1 2020 on the ps5 ?

    5. A Husky

      feels like Suzuka and Hoffenheim had a baby.

    6. David Ellis

      Be good if you could do your setups on your phone or tablet and WiFi or Bluetooth them to the PS4.

    7. Marco Kzar

      It doesn't sound like Honda... fix this please guys. focus on the sound of the downshifts!!

    8. Brian Choi

      No VR, no dice.

    9. Maxzer

      very good circuit :D

    10. VIHUkraine

      Michelin is out from the chat room

    11. CM DJLuca

      Hey codemaster maybe a idea for f1 2021 maybe so that you can select in a quick race how many opponents you have and who they are so you can simulate/practice late races in the front or midfield i think lots of people are gonna like that

    12. Antônio Pacífico


    13. Turkish General Mapping [WTO,UFW,COM]

      Pls Codemasters add the Game on PS4 pls

    14. hareen tej

      duh.. that's not the 2020 honda engine sound 😢

    15. tu gfa

      2020 y no pueden hacer el puto sonido real eso se escucha como el culo

    16. Aphexion

      They kept that brilliant effect on the tyres

    17. MB Devil

      Codmasters please bring in Crossplay in F1 2020. It only brings advantages for you to make more sales and it also appeals to a larger crowd. You can only make a profit.

    18. ladi9727

      show us Hanoi pls Codemasters

      1. _LoxFox_

        work in progress

    19. Anas Anoyed1998

      its only new

    20. bilishu aliss

      I hope the sound will be better at release! Specifically the sound from outside! I need to hear the crackle from the Honda engines :)

    21. Guillermo Rois

      Show us Hanoi

      1. _LoxFox_

        work in progress

    22. Sick Ismael

      There's a whistle like sound on the real life Honda engine we still don't have it, please codemasters update it🙏🙏🙏, it's my favorite car

    23. Electric Pineapple

      the last time we see a proper banked turn in an f1 game was in f1 2006

    24. Polish_Sniper_ F1

      Just looks like one big ass bowl

    25. Adrian Jeziorowski

      Odgrzewane F1 2019 nic szczególnego

    26. Wasif Shahriar

      Why the engines still don't sound that much authentic? Specially Honda.

    27. szewei85

      Haha nice

    28. Mobius headHunter


    29. Mad Dog 4k AGRAR

      Dirt Rally 2.0 I have wish from Codemasters the Azores ERC, but they produced the f**king Scotland!!! (Schottland is absolutely the same like wales, woods and gravel)!!! When they dit makes the tarmac Rallye from Scotland, but nothing! ..and not really new cars into the Games! Only the f**king Impreza (from the Subaru Imprezas have so much into this game)!!! What is with: Sebastian Loeb: Citroen Xsara and the Citroen Saxo and a lot of other Great Rally cars, we Never had into a Rally game bevor, like the old Ford Escort RS Mk IV..!?? ..and other cars like the eastgermany: Trabant 601 and the Wartburg 353..!??? ..they was the First Cars into the Game with a two Stroke engine!!! What is with the great: Barum rally in the Czech Republic..!?? or the smal scottisch Histo tarmac cup..!?? And last nur not least the real Azores ERC..!??? I Drive Rally in real life, and i play the dirt Games from the first part, but every Part of dirt rally, is the same f**king old sh*t..!!! but Codemasters is not innovative!

    30. Gersson Rivera


    31. mpampajason

      Can i play this witha a ps4 controller on pc?

    32. Zach Adams

      Can you make the 11th team in F2 or is that exclusively for F1?

      1. Zach Adams

        @TM 36 👍👍

      2. TM 36

        Just f1 I believe

    33. Colin Queenan

      So we’ve seen Zandvoort can we see Hanoi now??

    34. Jakub Mroziński

      Maybe season 2020 won't start

    35. aola wili

      hey umm what about

    36. TomekLeeChan

      Another very narrow track with little option to overtake ... boooo

      1. Michael Steel

        You are repeating yourself.

    37. Thales Rocha

      Codies, please bring back classic tracks

      1. aola wili

        Nintendo switch !? Ok

    38. adnano93

      Simply amazing how realistic this became... It would be even cooler if there was a bit more road vibrations reflecting on the camera when in cockpit point of view. Other than that, amazing!

    39. Joshua White

      Can yall take over the Nascar games? We got clowns over here working on the Nascar Heat games.

    40. J-Taylzy

      Hey Codies Will we be getting a Pastor Maldonado DLC for 2021?

    41. Knorrman Ritter NWO

      Where should they overtake here?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    42. Adil CHEHABI

      Very nice and very promising game for this year. However I found the change of cameras during the video a little bit uncomfortable. I would have liked to have the classic TV onBoard camera the whole lap to get a little bit the flavor of this new venue. Anyway very excited about the game. Cheers !

    43. KaraGaming 156

      I thinkit would be better if you reduced that turbo sound and increase the engine

    44. MantaStyle

      Ok the thing is: There will be no season when the game will launch so idk what are we even supposed to do in Career mode. And the multiplayer will be a complete mess, just like every year. Please Codemasters give us something different and special worth buying the game this year

      1. Pascal Leidenberger

        Austria = 4. July Release = 7.July Well

    45. wilson is gaming

      Please first look in Vietnam

    46. Broken_P

      Please fix your AI in this game .. the engineers , the REP stats ,the MEDIA . The on going stupid engineer tips on a live race and also the timing of it .... career mode .cmon youve got to work your name "codemasters"but actually who knew that you dont do any codding at all.. its a shame of a game and its getting a global reputation as a esport with so many flaws..ffs its just stupid and repetetive AI ..cmon do something please ..ffs..

    47. ItsFabioGames


    48. ItsFabioGames


    49. Sam Hawkes

      Exactly the same game as last year, roster update and 5 minutes ticketing with the existing career mode so you can be your own team, then charge full price. Rinse and repeat. Every year. Can't stand this practice. Same as every yearly fifa game, update roster, spend 5 minutes adding a meaningless update and then spat out and charged full price, year in year out.

      1. Sam Hawkes

        @Pascal Leidenberger really? I'm sure there are plenty that care

      2. Pascal Leidenberger

        So, and where is the bus with the people who care? xD

    50. GanMeler

      Ооо конвейер подъехал. Добавили одну трассу и всё? лол

    51. Thiago bmr

      Nintendo switch !? Ok

    52. Justin F.

      It would be nice if F1 2020 has more 2010 cars

    53. Jens

      Online will be fun..... +10 shingo points

    54. Heavy T

      Engine still sounds nothing like real life 😢

    55. Ocelot

      When the Asseto Corsa mod community can recreate with extreme accuracy the sound of the Honda Engine and put it in a videogame than a studio with hundreds of professional developers, money, official F1 license, and access to the F1 teams.

    56. regis2a

      Vivement la sortie du jeu 👍


      Stop changing the perspective every few seconds, that's irritating as hell. Choose one and stick with it for the entire lap!

    58. Marco Quintas

      Where is paddock club over pit building ?

    59. Nicola Clapiz

      I'd change the kerbs which are too high and "weird", for the rest it's well made

    60. senator

      Where are the differences between 2019 and 2020? Every year fifa edition?

      1. F1® Games From Codemasters

        You can find out a bit more about F1 2020 right here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/be-the-11th-team-on-the-grid-in-f1-2020 We think you'll like it!

      2. ukliokiuyh


    61. Carlo Bagla

      When do we get full helmet customization and face customization, I've been waiting for that to be added for years and still we get the same generic faces and helmets? Please Codemasters can we have more player customization?

    62. Assassin 4056

      It would have been nice if we had a voice over explaining the track like they did in 2012

    63. Gabor N

      Dat unreal physics... :D

      1. Freakson

        These* :D and they're not mean to be real

    64. Alihan Şimşek

      I wish they get rid of that middle part of the halo in the cockpit camera so I can actually play in the cockpit camera. I heard it is not a problem in the real world because our two eyes complete the image we focus on, which is the road. but with a 2d PC screen, it is just a nuisance.

      1. Freakson

        @F1® Games From Codemasters I hope you will update circuits guys, 2016 versions in 2019 is bad enough but 2016 versions in 2020 would totaly suck

      2. F1® Games From Codemasters

        Hey there, you'll be very happy then that you can turn the middle column of the halo off in F1 2019 in cockpit cam. If you're an F1 2019 player, go to camera settings, select 'Cockpit in the 'Camera Select' field, and you'll find the option to disable the halo column at the bottom!

      3. Freakson

        @Alihan Şimşek ok but give me one kebab with hot sauce first

      4. Alihan Şimşek

        @Freakson no but I'm new to f1 series. I'll look into it.

      5. Freakson

        It's been possible since f1 2018, you must be new to codemasters' games

    65. Ronnie Robinson

      shiny tyres not sorted

    66. Prithvi R

      But where will they overtake?

    67. lastbeer

      Look at this beautiful distant LOD and enjoy it. You will never see it again in the game.

    68. JustinsWorld4U

      Am I the only one turned on by the new red bull sound and new wheels?

    69. Harold Finch

      pls, when the race finished, i want manual drive back to pit

    70. lMichaelB37l

      LOVE that there’s placeholder Heineken signs to replace the alcohol sponsor, gives it a lot more of a realistic feel!

    71. David Peveto

      Please add Virtual Wing Mirrors so I can reasonably use cockpit cam and make Jeff and Clare make more reasonable statements. She just asked me if I agreed with the grid penalties I got when I swapped out engine components, after a race where Jeff went disappointed dad for finishing P10 after a gearbox failure for 3 laps.

    72. ArmAMajor

      The tribunes next to the grand stand on the straight is not correct either. The sand dune/hill where the open tribunes are placed against don't exist, the whole terrain next to the straight is now flat concrete.

      1. GlovesAndSteeringwheel

        You know those stands get put there when f1 is there right? Temporary stands.

    73. Paul D

      I really hope Codemasters have fixed the rear wing lights for 2020 on the F1 cars. It really bugs me that they never fixed them in 2019 game. They should be as bright as the main rear light and flash at the same time. In 2019 you can barely see them. That is not like real life and really stands out to me

    74. Timonike

      Hoping and praying that we get some classic tracks this year! 🤞🙏🏻😄

    75. Jan Reif

      Just stop wasting time in creating new singleplayer feature and graphic updates. The game is lacking in a good driving physic and the worst part are the thousend bugs in the multiplayer. Just get the damn esports ready thing fixed, because the F1 2019 Game was million miles from beeing esports ready. Maybe start by not using a Host system anymore and provide proper server.

    76. The swoosh French Channel

      Code masters is there going to be a free trial and if it is can you do it also on Bahrain and Hanoi! Please l can’t afford it.

    77. DIM EGI

      That's awesome but when we ll have a taste for Hanoi GP

      1. DIM EGI

        @F1® Games From Codemasters Don't let me down,i know you won't 😉😉😉

      2. F1® Games From Codemasters

        Soon 😉

    78. BetaSpydog

      Is it just me or does this look like the exact same graphics from f1 2019 copypasted?

      1. Shawn Elliott

        @BetaSpydog I just hope it's fleshed out and in-depth and not some rushed through thrown together mode, serving mainly as a placeholder to be fleshed out later. Like the R&D and contract system was. F1 '21 should be a knockout. With the proposed regulation changes for the 2021 car, cornering speeds are going to go through the roof lol. Newey is going to have a field day. I haven't raced for another team other than Reb Bull since F1 2011.

      2. BetaSpydog

        @Shawn Elliott This is true, I think seeing the jump in track detail and car detail from 2018 to 2019 was a bit of a welcomed suprised but not one to be expected. Im excited to see where we can get better graphics. My most noticeable change from f1 2018 to 2019 was the change in how you can see tires go from being pristine and shiny to grainy and degraded throughout a race. Loved to see it. The own your own team feature is surely one that im excited for, but I hope I can still race for ferrari haha.

      3. Shawn Elliott

        I mean I doubted they would do much in that dept.. Were at the end of the generation cycle. It's not like 2019's graphics were bad, at least not on my rig. I'm sure they are focusing on the new My Team etc, at least I hope so as that was a feature I've been wanting from the series for a long long time. If you want or are expecting better graphics/realism, F1 21/22 will see a graphical jump. Just like 14 and 15 did after PS4/Xbone dropped. Sound should see a nice jump as well in 21/22 since both new consoles will have 3D audio (Tempest on PS5 and Dolby Atmos on Series X) .

    79. EddwardF1

      no laserscanned, no buy!

      1. Freakson

        No one cares

    80. AtomicBadZip

      I don't like how the circuit look. It looks like the place where the pigs live

    81. Megalodonte76 Kratos


    82. KeVN

      I hope the Car Sounds are more realistic in this game and not same engine manufacturer, same sound because its not like that in RL

    83. bris joh

      Differently trajactory on the wet ?

    84. Fernando Virueña Ruiz


    85. BePpeX _

      It looks like a bit Suzuka

    86. Yassin M

      Where is the orange army?

    87. symios 08

      Worst track ever

    88. joseph abbs

      Looks like a fun track to drive but with limited overtaking

    89. CorvetaumBr

      Great,another awesome F1 game I won't be able to play because i don't have a xbox one,ps4 or a good pc to play the game...

      1. Freakson

        You don't need a good pc to play this

    90. VinniV

      Solid graphic downgrade

    91. Filip Porteš

      Petition for all tracks to have reverse layout for races.

    92. Mathieu Caron

      This track feels really narrow and fast

    93. Den Maskerade Daskaren

      My ass is ready

    94. Alvaro39MG

      Make decent physics, at least the suspensions. Proper collisions between cars, and actually make an online instead of that absolute joke you have. And that is just to begin with. I already feel bad to have spent so much money in a lot of your F1 games, to get a completely disaster that is not worth even 1/5 of what I paid. Im glad real F1 drivers are playing it so that it is exposed like the joke it is

    95. Yuri Gomes

      F1 2019.2

    96. Jack cooper

      I don't know if anybody read this. But I think codemarsters should have pre-season testing on the F1 2020 game. And all the classic cars from larst years game including the missing ones in F1 2018

      1. Jack cooper

        @Gattocubo Channel I hope so

      2. Gattocubo Channel

        That's actually not a bad idea. Maybe they can put testing liveries and features (like Mercedes's DAS)

    97. Kanvred

      F1 2018 - 3

    98. Damian Pes

      f1 2015 v5... please new engine Codies

    99. Anne Kromhout

      It's way too green to be honest, Zandvoort is in the middle of the sand dunes.

    100. TYMZN

      Well Rip the Controller Players