F1® 2020 Track Guide - France

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    Don't let the blue lines confuse you, they are a useful tool in mastering Circuit Paul Ricard 🔎
    Learn how with this beginner's guide 🙂
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    1. Lee Hae Soo

      codemaster can u add damage and pitstop system at f1 racing android i rlly appreciate it if u add damage system and pitstop system to f1 racing android

    2. Jordan Melton

      Worst track on the calendar, looks more like a parking lot

    3. Yuvraj Singh

      These guides are really helping me

    4. mfgIcarlos

      Please add a racing line without tips on braking. Just a white line. (like in GrandPrix 1,2,3,4)

    5. blanton69

      The AI in the rain don't run this track well .. seen Hamilton wreck out the entire front field in the rain in the game .. so I don't like the rain but here I don't mind it as I usually get a podium.. but yes this is a good general way to run this track .. but I still screw up 5-6-7.. all the darn time

    6. Ben Stych

      This is not the way i do the french track ;)

    7. BlackSky 37

      Even though the real life counterpart fails to give us good races, in game this track is so nice to drive in.

    8. Racengineer Live Streams

      This comes during the fact that there is a Weekly event at France. huh. cool but paul ricard is dead so it is nice

    9. Snakez_F1

      underrated track!!

    10. Fast Lap Games

      Nice... Perfect

    11. Мартин Стефанов

      Where is trailer for f1 2021

      1. Abdul Muhaimin

        Just wait until June or July announcement

      2. Zaine Patel

        @Мартин Стефанов This isn't fifa where the game is released before the year the 2021 season hasn't started so why would they release the game now

      3. Мартин Стефанов

        @Zaine Patel what

      4. Zaine Patel

        this isn't fifa

      5. Sil Bakker

        That will take at least until the end of march/start of april

    12. A.David

      Even them missed some purple corners haha nice lap!!

      1. Tristan van Heest

        Its actually very difficult to get purple on some corners.

    13. Adam

      I dont like This track so much

    14. Michael casey Playz

      BTW love your game

    15. Middle Finger Hin

      Race guide: Forget there is no racing

    16. Michael casey Playz

      Thank you I am learning this track