F1® 2020 | Podium Pass Series 3 Trailer

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    Welcome to Podium Pass Series 3! We have 30 brand new tiers of free and VIP items for you to unlock.
    Let’s show you what’s coming in our brand-new trailer!
    Find out more here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-podium-pass-series-three
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    1. Liasos88

      0:29 Wow take my money already

    2. AlexHouse alex

      And Try 4 Times And Still They Don't Give Me And So I Bought Them Codemasters I'm From Xbox

    3. Michael Tabbal

      Fix the gaaammmee

    4. Fatih Zengin

      We dont want to podium pass. We want to realistic track limits. %0 percent realistic track limits.

    5. Motorsport Gameplay

      could the F1 2021 become a medical car at the start of the race be there behind and when a crash happens it will come next to it and the marshals will also come

    6. Diego John Da Silva Moreel

      Can you put the new tracks from this f1 season in f1 2020 game?

    7. Mr. Alexey

      How can I get things from S2?

    8. Felice Battello Casillo

      F2 2020?

    9. FireStormHR

      It is really disappointing we are already at content drop three, but the myteam dutchgp reset acclaim bug is still in the game

    10. Baby Boy

      add a option where the player can Change the number color

    11. A random muffin

      F2 2020 ?

    12. N3X VIJA

      When will they add the 2020 F2 content?

      1. The Tigeroza

        @N3X VIJA Oh okay. Thanks :)

      2. N3X VIJA

        @The Tigeroza They did put it on the official website but they have not put any date

      3. The Tigeroza

        I’m looking for info everywhere and literally there’s nothing to be seen yet.

    13. Reto Luzi

      F2 2020?

    14. Giovanni Keppler

      F2 2020 ?

    15. JP01

      Would be be cool to see different celebrations when the driver leaves the car after winning the race, he just raises his finger to the air and that's it

    16. F1 Johannes23

      F2 2020?

    17. Jafmasterflash 7

      Fair play I even got this season pass as these liveries are pretty awesome 👏🏻

      1. vRobinw

        And maybe a fresh helmet for next season👀👀👀

    18. Jonas van Gelder


    19. Astro Sleep

      Ngl I'm doing this for the liveries cos they always look dope