F1® 2020 | Features Trailer

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    Buckle up… here’s *everything* you can look forward to with F1® 2020’s features trailer! Are you ready?
    Get all the details here: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-feature-trailer
    Deeper F2™ Integration
    Choose from a full season, half season, or three-race F2™ experience, before getting started on your 10-season driver career.
    We’re also adding the 2020 F2™ season as a free update later in the year.
    Shorter Season Options
    F1® 2020 is all about giving you more ways to play. One is shorter season options. Choose between the original and full 22 race season (including Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort), or shorter 10 or 16 options. Now you can focus on the tracks you really enjoy.
    Rear-view mirror
    Not only have we given you more options to play F1® 2020, we’ve also been listening to your feedback from previous games. This year, we’re introducing a rear-view mirror to help you race wheel-to-wheel against your opponents.
    Customisable OSD
    Want to move your circuit map somewhere else? Change where your rear-view mirror sits? Move everything to wherever you’d like on screen!
    Simplified ERS
    Based on feedback from F1® drivers, we’ve simplified the ERS to make it more realistic. All you need to do to activate it is press a button!
    Podium Pass
    New to F1® 2020, the Podium Pass allows to you Race, Earn and Unlock. Each season you’ll be able to unlock free customisation items by racing in your favourite game modes and earning XP. Custom cosmetic items include car liveries, race equipment such as gloves, overalls and helmets, and podium emotes. Want even more customisation? You’ll be able to purchase the VIP upgrade to gain access to higher-level rewards and additional in-game challenges.
    Pre-ordered F1® 2020? You’ll receive enough credit to unlock Season One VIP, and each season will contain enough currency to purchase the following VIP Podium Pass.
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder

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    1. Ryan


    2. Formulaviation

      Now i can't say I'm single anymore F1 2020♥️

    3. needThai Forex Trading

      Is there a Manager mode that have AI drive for you ?? Like in Motorsport Manager game ??? PlayStation F1 need this mode please

    4. Fernando Esteban Rodríguez

      4 months yet i didn't find that song someone pls tell me which one is ;-;

    5. Stephen Anthony

      Song - Foals the runner

    6. Steven Ayres

      Ferrari overtake button...?😂😂 *patched* that have we?😂

    7. Lokeshwaran Manimaran

      Fifa music

    8. Javi Gomez

      What's the name of the song out of curiosity

    9. Mert Kaplan

      Does anyone know the song?

    10. j m

      Can play with f2 cars in the grand prix mode

    11. Peter Griffin

      I have a question. I have F1 2019 on ps now( 25€ for 3 months), should I upgrade to F1 2020? Which I can only buy for 70€ or 80€

    12. Johan Kaufmann

      How to use the emotes Can anybody help me?

    13. Mohamed Chowdhury

      Who’s here after the game was released? 🏎🏎🏎😊😊

      1. Navi86

        ABR Horizon this game is the game of the summer ! It’s fantastic.. Now Mercedes have black liveries 👌 fantastic job !!

      2. Mohamed Chowdhury

        Navi86: Yes they do sound good much better than F1 2019 I assume F1 2021 is only going to get better!

      3. Navi86

        Great game! I love engines sound of this edition !

    14. Γιάννης Πασσάς

      If someone buies the schumacher edition, does he get some pitcoins free or not?

    15. Filip R.

      My team is amazing

    16. Joaquin Alonso

      Name of song?

      1. Joaquin Alonso

        @Navi86 thank you

      2. Navi86

        The runner-foals

    17. emil jørgensen

      what is the song from the trailer

      1. TheRedHatDrummer

        The Runner - Foals

    18. Efe Tasgin

      So we need to pay for an update okay

    19. Perhe Niinimäki

      I have this game

    20. Sick Ismael

      Why the sound on pc and ps4 is not the same, on pc it's better. Ps4 doesn't have the scratch sound from under the car when touching the ground, why it's different, on pc it feels like it's more real than ps4

    21. Iñigo Liedana

      Whats the name of the song?

      1. TheRedHatDrummer

        The Runner foals

    22. Sam Oosterman

      Will they add mugello?

    23. Jonas Garcia

      I'm just glad EA didn't create it

    24. Navi86

      Great soundtrack!!!

    25. Jacob

      Imma buy it

    26. GV Phoenix

      That’s epic but because it’s basically done can u start working in F1 mobile games like F1 mobile but pls add pits stops and for F1 2016 mobile make a new version like 2017,2015 or even 2018,2019

    27. JC Santos

      Qual o nome da música????

      1. JC Santos

        @TheRedHatDrummer obg

      2. TheRedHatDrummer

        The Runner - foals

    28. Embrik Uyakumpala

      The game that looks at a FIFA soundtrack and picks a song and uses it in the trailers

      1. Embrik Uyakumpala

        abbsnn cose huh?

      2. abbsnn cose

        the ferrari is 5th why did it get a front row

    29. rbvdho 14

      This... gonna... be..... EPIC

    30. LeBrainDamage

      Bro this song is in fifa 20

    31. Jayden Taffe881

      Just got the game and i love it, but quick question, when will you update the williams car to it's new livery?

    32. Naeem Ali

      OMG , what a Joke of game, they have gone backyard in force feedback and physic , from lap 1 to 5 , can't feel any heat or change in tire grip , force feedback doesnt even load in high speed corner , no wonder they can release it sooner every year , for GOD sake this is the pinnacle of Motorsport , why the driving model is like need for speed arcade ... Very sad Mr Greco and Lee ...... Lot of content and no soul or passion left in your F1 game , wish i wouldnt have wasted 70$

      1. Naeem Ali

        I wanted to apologize for my statement above.. I didn't know by default all the force feedback setting were set very very low so I couldn't feel anything... After changing the game just come alive.... Awesome Game.. Very sorry

    33. pajker

      This is a song from Fifa 20

    34. Jens Leck

      F1 2020 is so nice on XBoxX, thanks Codemasters. Never seen such Beautiful Game before🏎💤🏁

    35. szewei85

      Haha cool

    36. Santi_ 2

      Name song?

    37. Mike Souza

      FIFA songs jajajaja

    38. tomcatGB

      (The customisable OSD) on a PC not working for me....

    39. Andrea Bertani

      Guys please play the career mode it's is a simbol for this gane

    40. Gamer Boy

      Very good video and sound with new F1 cars and Tracks, good job😀

    41. Guenther Steiner

      the ferrari is 5th why did it get a front row

    42. SammyInABox 1

      There’s Will buxton too you forgot codies

    43. aola wili

      "Choose your season length" Awkward laugh

    44. Omega96

      I know it probably has a backround, but it would be so awesome to have some historical racetracks and racetracks from other competitions (like Nascar/ 24h-Le Mans) drivable.

      1. john donavan

        If it had nascar or le mans it wouldn't rly be f1 2020

    45. Sxpirit R

      Wait why is Vettel on pole?

      1. aola wili

        is this cross platform

    46. Asahi

      To be honest I really want a minor update where the Classic Formula One cars available in the game have the branded tires they used, Goodyears. To me with the Modern cars in game having the Pirelli logo on the tires, it feels blank for the Classic Formula cars to have blank unbranded tires, rather than white or yellow Goodyear branded tires. Just my opinion, though.

    47. Little Light

      Less punishing off track seems scary thb

    48. karmacoma

      I bought f1 2019 for online multiplayer and rankeds. In 20 games, in 15 of them I got disconnected, or some players with desync destroyed everybody's experience. In my 15 online gaming experience I ve never seen such a fail. In my 6-7 hours of f1 2019 i went back to ACC. This game was 10euros per hour for me. Fair enough. I wont get into f1 2020

    49. Mep :D

      i hope there are some hidden things that we wont see until the game releases

    50. SlacKerZ1 zzz

      Still no VR why

    51. Andxz

      fix online, can take me sometimes 30 minutes to get into a lobby without it being buggy

    52. Andrej Stankovic

      Black mercedes please

    53. Daniil Panov

      Brawl Stars: We need to add Brawl Pass Codemasters:Brawl Stars had Brawl Pass, we will add Podium Pass. Brawl Stars: "On 10th July" WTF?!

    54. STU86ART

      This video ive seen a few weeks ago. Whys it say 3 days ago

    55. Joaquin Goncalves

      Formula 1 + Fornite Dances = Celebrations win

    56. ersguteratze

      Where are the Corona Mask's ?

    57. Ben Marvel

      Yeah....I don’t think I want to floss when I win a race in a F1 game.

    58. ZpG Killua

      is this cross platform

    59. flasam22

      Please add the new liveries

    60. dont even know gaming

      I hate how they have a some sort of battle pass

    61. Actic

      Still no VR-Support?

    62. V19 Family

      Who known the music pls?

    63. shender._

      Lol this song is from fifa

    64. IDontKnow FC

      This song is in fifa 20

    65. Raziel Zavaleta

      Hermosooooo ya quiero jugarlo

    66. dario spina

      Sry but the pass in F1 is a terrible idea

    67. John Aaron Gicana

      Finally I can create a team that is more faster than Ferrari

    68. Stephen Cruse

      There's leaked footage. The my team is complete sham. There's no video presentation and you can't choose your own driver. You have to select a number of 5. Also you are limited to 4 liveries. Codies lied

    69. Aamir Fatehi

      0:20 *Happy IntoTheBarrier noises*

    70. Will Donegan

      Why is there never any real customization like in motogp the same helmets for 5 years smh

    71. Barosan Gaming

      So when is early acces?

    72. AlvaroElFly11

      Sing: FOALS - The Runner

    73. unoriginal name

      Finally a virtual mirror

    74. ATR

      It's going to be an awesome game

    75. Adam Bruce

      Loving the fifa 20 song there boys :)

    76. Dtm_thatboydylan 51

      I hope all the car livery’s have been redone to much the real cars

    77. Levi Norbert

      will you able to color your visor ?in previous games i alwasy wanted a cool helmet whit a colorfull visor so i relyed on mods from the comunity so hoping we will have more option to customize

    78. Timo S.

      Is the Mercedes and Williams livery in the game or comes a update for this liverys?

    79. 777X Gang

      Most important feature is at 1:01 you’re welcome

    80. Daniel Williams

      Name of song?

    81. Fahad a

      Split screen racing Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Man

    82. Just Flow

      THE QUESTION i have is, will there be a download that makes the Mercedes cars black???

      1. Timo S.

        And the Williams livery

    83. ZF Panda

      I hope next year they bring in VR

    84. Anatoliy

      Will be balance patch after Austria 2020?

    85. K G

      U should fix drivers transfers and teams position after several seasons bc I think that nobody wants to race with Hamilton in Hass, Vettel in Williams etc

    86. Hariharan Vijayakumar

      Does it have DAS?

    87. Ashley Burns

      Haven't played F1 in a while have they implemented any like ghost feature for the 1st or 2nd turns so everyone is not smashing into eachother when the race starts

    88. Black guy

      why 10 year career!? i want to play longer and not having start new after 10 season

      1. gabc777

        Dude, it’s not like u would finish 10 years

    89. Sacrifice_

      hurts to see the podium pass

    90. Naiqht

      Podiums Pass = NoBuy

    91. ariorahaa

      Can we use DAS in this game?

    92. Geert Matthys

      Yo can you PLEASE add any classic car from 2005, the Mclaren, the R25 or hell the Toyota is fine by me.

    93. TTV Testicular

      I swear bro I better get the VIP pass for ATLEAST the first podium pass for buying the premium edition

    94. SimRallyDriver

      Are the cars updated qau colors? because still no black Lewis F1 CAR?

    95. SRL_LimitLess

      Codemasters: *Completes game* Williams and Mercedes: Are you sure about that

    96. Navi86

      Biggest f1 game of all Times ! Great physics and gameplay and soundtrack !

    97. King King

      Split screen is good

    98. Helmut Müller

      Nooo thats song is on Fifa remove it please, i’m going crazy

    99. Michael Buloose

      Ohh my god, what this song?

    100. Luis Diego muriél Estrada

      This Song was in fifa a Hit!