F1® 2020 Hot Lap: Azerbaijan

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    Join us as we take Antonio Giovinazzi’s beautiful Alfa Romeo out for an exhilarating hot lap around Baku City Circuit in F1® 2020, ahead of this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix.
    First appearing on the F1® calendar in 2016, the twisting city circuit has become synonymous with tight races and lots of racing action. Starting with a tight turn one left-hander, THAT corner at the castle, and one of the longest straights on the F1 calendar, Baku City Circuit is definitely memorable!
    This is ahead of this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix, where F1® drivers Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly make their Virtual Grand Prix debuts on F1® 2019. Virtual Grand Prix veterans Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, Nicholas Latifi, Antonio Giovinazzi, and - fresh from his back-to-back victories at Monaco and Spain - George Russell make their return this Sunday.
    That’s not all! Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte will also be taking to Baku’s twisting streets, as will AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, rally biker Matthias Walkner, and Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois - his fourth Virtual Grand Prix appearance.
    You’ll not want to miss this - the racing action will be getting started on Sunday 7th June from 5pm BST, with the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition race, before the Virtual Grand Prix gets underway at 6pm BST, and you'll be able to live here on F1®’s TRlocal channel.
    Read more: www.formula1game.com/2020/news/F12020-Baku-Hot-Lap
    Be the 11th team in F1® 2020 - out 10th July 2020. Find out more and pre-order here: www.formula1game.com/2020/preorder
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    1. Blind Thinker


    2. Jamka Aslanov10

      I am azerbaijan and I have seen 2 races

      1. Yusuf Said Şahinler


    3. KaraGaming 156

      Hey Codies! Teams have changed their liveries Just so you notice. I think its only Williams and Mercedes

    4. Mr. Mosso

      Amazing the track feels wider than before

    5. Lanz Vasily

      turbulencia a altas velocidades = mas real

    6. Lanz Vasily

      estaria bueno que pusiera turbulencia cuando el auto va 320 km/h

    7. white ttlove

      i buyed usd 42.19. for schumacher.

    8. Belisle Mathieu

      Can't see s**** with the halo

    9. Jasper Gerrits

      Will we ever see a massive graphical improvement of this game or are we gonna have low res low spec friendly stuff all the time?

    10. Jesus Clemente

      Anyone knows if codemasters will have the option to remove the steering wheel as they do in Dirt rally 2.0?

    11. Super max

      I would like to see a bigger curb throw the castle section like in really life that would be so cool

    12. Tamas Csefalvay

      Giovinazzi can barely see the track from his car, the team should put a pillow under his butt.

    13. harvey sarai

      Is this game going to be on ps5

      1. Yasuho Hirose

        M63T It isnt, its been confirmed for xbox one, ps4 and pc or am i being woooshed wait ps5 has backwards compatibility

      2. Yasuho Hirose


    14. Revanth

      Why don't make the visibilty a bit better from cockpit?

    15. Niklas Eßer

      Curb after turn 1 is still very high

    16. David B.

      It will only be a realistic game if we only get to play six different tracks AND if Seb shows his middle finger to Binotto during every pitstop.

    17. Patrick Kenworthy

      This game has literally turned into FIFA. Nothing changes each year they just keep adding bs game modes and classic cars for a larger price...

      1. a human with purpose

        Have you been living under a rock? 😂 Do some research before commenting 😂😂😂

    18. Uncxntested

      Can you please do an Australia track next please!

    19. Ernesto Aguilera

      Will there be a physical copy for sale? Or do you have to download it?

    20. Jeremy Thibault

      Mmm...we cant really see thr road in fpv, hope well have an option to ajust the seat

    21. Joe M60

      Really, who buys this F1 2020 upgrade? It looks like F1 2019 Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

    22. David Ellis

      Wow looks looks just like f1 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019.

    23. 4zap7

      It would awesome to get a cool down lap after a race and maybe even be able to drive up to the podium slot. Obviously it be optional

    24. Moz MWhite

      I used to like Aberjabberjan, but the amount of times I've hit concrete on those last sweeping s turns, man, screw this track now.

    25. David Șendroiu

      ,, I am stupid"

    26. First Name

      I wanna see Suzuka and Spa.

    27. Liam Cleary

      I don't want to be negative, but the lighting is too flat overall. Better lighting/darkening will make this much more realistic. Still seems a bit arcade looking.

    28. Fatihul Dhiya

      This f1 engine sound is WaY BeTtEr ThAn F1 2019 Game

    29. Бакинец

      Very good 👌🏼🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    30. mr1982

      My favorite track!

    31. Motorsport Is Best F*ck The Rest

      Sorry Codemasters but when you see a onboard from Bottas in Baku last year there are a lot of differences between this virtual and the real.

    32. harryjs2000

      We need more helmet design capabilities! Maybe we could make a design using shapes. Also I would love to see the teams sponsors being added to your career helmet.

    33. Rahil Sanghavi

      The track is definitely wider

    34. The Acer

      You are here for 1:16 ;)

    35. Tim Buktu

      Why are the outer tyre so shiny shouldnt it be like the middle part . IT should only be shiny when coming out of the garage

      1. StoCal 666

        Do you think it could have something to do with the car setup!? 😆

    36. Timothy Murauzi

      I love how there's a 2020 sticker in the cockpit just incase the driver forgets which year it is😃

    37. szewei85

      Haha cant wait

    38. Abel Timothy

      i hope that our gloves in career mode will also contain our own abbreviation just like this one does

    39. Matheus Freitas

      Alfa Romeo Honda powered lol

    40. Roshan Roy

      The Engine sound is similar to 2019 redbull

    41. JLucas

      I hope Monaco is wider too

    42. Iceman

      If you hold your phone vertically it sounds like a Ferrari, if you hold it horizontally it sounds like a Red Bull

    43. Saul Ibarra Gomez

      Que la borde el @Reyguiri

    44. Unoriginal Name Gaming

      I don’t understand why or how but when I first got f1 2019 4 weeks ago, my first race was in Austria and let me tell you... I’m too fast on that track for my own good

    45. Fernandino Alonsini

      Does it still drive like a turd without any aerodynamic forces?

    46. Karrott9

      I need to get a wheel for this game. What PS4 wheel should I look at? Then again I may to get a wheel to be sure it is compatible with PS5.

    47. Dan Trendall

      Invalidated lap - Exceeded Track Limits

    48. Mpelo Ndamba

      I wish one day Codies can consider developing specific classic season full grid cars as DLC (e.g. 2012)

    49. JokerComic

      When will F1 2020 be able to pre order on PS4?

    50. Paulo Paim

      I'm Stupid!

    51. COOLER envy

      F1 2019 looks more realistic

    52. Lecat yt

      Can we just get an onboard cam on the sidepod cant see half the corners with cockpit view and the free camera

    53. Cristóbal Vergara

      didn´t activated the DRS :c

    54. Cameron Potts

      Okay who EVER made this GAME. LOVES ACE COMBAT 2 and I love ACE Combat 2 also. The pre Brief Music and track music is ALL Ace Combat 2 inspired I will be buying this game Love Godlike yea yaya ;D Tha racing game I got into was GT4 and I Had tha first GT

    55. Liam Webb

      Curbs are still way too high

    56. ThatAudiGuy

      When is codemasters fixing the derpy sounds when in spectators camera

    57. Mariiin

      I WANT THAT GAME !!!!!!

    58. Joshua Fancher

      The track seems wider😊. I like it

    59. Tony

      warm up lap*

    60. MIKEMO

      I think I want to get this game when it comes out. I played F1 2018 when it went free on Steam about a year and a bit ago. I was pretty impressed with it but didn't see the need to buy 2019 with only minor upgrades. My living room set-up on PS4 Pro is currently more comfortable than my PC set up at the moment so I was wondering if anybody can comment on the quality of the PS4 version over the PC version? I thought the graphics on F1 2018 on PC were fantastic so I'd hate to play a somewhat lesser version by switching to PS4. If they are comparable versions then I'll likely get the PS4 Schumacher copy. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

    61. JoseMa

      When preoder for latam??

    62. Dávid Tóth

      Williams and fast tracks are not a good friends right now.

    63. Minotaur Manu Racing


    64. Burak C.

      Isnt the cockpit view too low to see front especially in breaking or that is the view which drivers get in real??

      1. Burak C.

        @Jeremy Thibault 👍

      2. Jeremy Thibault

        Burak C. Niice ty for the info mate

      3. Burak C.

        @Jeremy Thibault Actually there is an option for it 'offset vertical', i was just wondering if the normal cockpit view settings in game are realistic or not

      4. Jeremy Thibault

        I hope we'll have an option to ajust the seat

    65. Ginger Knight

      this track is wider, or there needs to be a "blooper reel"

    66. Basses Mehdi

      Replay mode look more clean !

    67. antonius tok

      U better fix ur pit entry motion than making this trash video

    68. GreatGamerKZ

      +0.000 I thought it’s supposed to change throughout the lap tho

      1. KyR0 K1nG

        It changes a few thousandths under braking sometimes

    69. Happilyinsane 88

      No VR no buy

    70. Maxy Nob

      No hay nada de diferencia. Creo que va a ser un robo. Después en unos meses cuesta a mitad de precio o menos. Esta vez a mí no me cagan.

    71. Thunder DragonGT

      codemasters, you make one thing and ruin it with another thing. turn down the music on the hotlap jeeez

    72. Frank Hernandez

      that car looks too planted

    73. Lucas Lima

      1:35 you can't see the turn...

    74. xxxalexxx

      love this track,lots of tecnic...finished 2 after max at level 95

    75. Madrabaz Ja

      Look at this crowd! Where is the social distance?


      If you're old enough to have played Pong at the bar, you have to have tears of happiness.

    77. Dimascorpion

      Just add some more sparks and glow to the led on steeringwheel. In night circuits it looks bad without glow.

      1. gbw28

        Dimascorpion more sparks? There’s too many at the moment!

    78. Cory Swinfield

      What will happen with the Williams livery in the game? Seen as they said it will be different because of rokit🤔

    79. Jason Hawkins

      Look it's the same game as 2019...no thanks!

    80. J._. Bro

      Infinite ERS 😂😂

    81. Hyperdix

      When is F1 2020 available to pre-order in the PS store? I know there is something going on, although I wish to know or you'd have any update yet?

      1. Hyperdix

        @Boney_Bonester well basically the game is coming out early once you pre-order the anniversary edition. I see what you mean although I just want to pre-order 😉😂

      2. Boney_Bonester

        I don’t get this why does it matter it will come on eventually

    82. Julio Cesar Rodriguez Barajas

      1:19 you never gonna to update that kerb, right?

    83. sallevador Radman

      The driver imputs are so smooth. They make Baku look easy. It's almost like the guy is in sync with the car. I am freaking squirley as all hell playing F1 2019.

    84. Nicolás Siciliano

      Its gonna be a pretty difficult drive with the pilote view, cause when you Brake its looks like you go down and you Can't see the apex of the curve. I really dont know if that is the real effect of braking a F1 car, it would be more realistic if you go forward while you brake. Other thing and very important one, every F1 game looks like all the circuits are totally flats and no bumps at all, Automobilista 2 has that bumping effect when you drive un Cockpit view, thats makes a very realistic view. Please Codemasters, read and aply the users sugestions.

      1. Jeremy Thibault

        Yeah i know, we cant even see the road while turning...

    85. Ahmet Özdemir

      Why Sauber sounds like Honda?

    86. Joseph Friedman

      Wider than F1 2019. Maybe it’ll be more pleasant to drive on and I’ll be able to finish with a front wing. Lol

    87. Selichkin

      Еее!!! Ждём!!! 😍😍😍

    88. efeharam

      Pronto GioGio ? S🅱️inalla

    89. Roberto Racinetti

      Pre order en ps4?

    90. Black Wolf

      Thank you guys for choose my country and my city to show gameplay,it's make me proud,everything is looking great and i'm wating for the game


      looks like F1 2019 hehe

    92. Hilez Korra

      I just noticed that 720p50 isn't considered HD anymore on youtube, and still i can barely play the video without bufferings :'(

    93. Akshansh Sharma

      Anyone noticed it is Giovanazi

    94. Nerfmono

      Everyone saying the track looks wider, but to me it only looks like T16's exit (The left hander before the flat-out part until the finish line) is a bit wider. All the rest seems fairly similar to me, it might be the FOV of the footage that makes it look wider.

    95. Benja

      It’s wider! Maybe Leclerc won’t crash this time

    96. NYC 21

      Did you fix the drain cover?

    97. Srihari Desai

      The track is so wide that finally Alex Albon can overtake within track

    98. frank jones

      I hope the music in the backround made it in the endversion of the game

    99. Cris Outlaw

      Sick sound track in the background

    100. Carlos Saenz

      What is aramco???