F1® 2020 Racing Line Guide

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    The Racing Line is a useful guide to have, but why is that line the one suggested to you? Learn more about how to take corners with this guide 👍🏻
    00:00 - Intro
    00:20 - What is the Racing Line?
    01:52 - The Traditional Racing Line
    03:14 - The Alternative Racing Line
    04:26 - Hitting your Marks
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    1. Turgml Tommy

      Can you please replace the tracks i miss imola and nürburgring

    2. Amir Azraei

      F2 review!

    3. Mattia Cisternino

      Unfortunately, I'm gonna wait till I have a steering wheel to play without the line, because with a controller imo it's difficult. I have no problem with abs and no tc

    4. Oday Saleh

      Codemasters plz improve the f1 mobile to be more better add pitlane and race controll do something to this game people are hating it because it is not improving to something plz its very nice

    5. TNT star

      F2 2020... who knows when Will stay at the Game?


      Deixem o F1 2019 PS4 Gratis por favor !!!!!😔😔

    7. Damos Gaming

      Just a little feature idea for one of the next games Car can catch fire when crashing and if you don't rewind you have to get out of the car (whether with fire or not)? You see that the inspiration for this was at grosjeans crash

    8. Andre Luiz Muniz Alexandria

      Gostaria de saber se o jogo 2021 terá as pistas da temporada

    9. Aiden F.

      Pls f2 2020

    10. diamedd7b

      Version 1.13?

    11. maxf117

      subtitle in french please.

    12. Samu VDM

      Been racing without racing line since i started playing. Its so much more satisfying to drive without racing line. And yes, it is possible to be quick without racing line on a pad!

    13. NicokuXV

      Si te gustan los juegos de autos estas guías son lo más inútil que vi en mi vida

      1. isaac gaming 21

        A mi si me sirvieron

    14. Esteban Catalini

      F2 2020 please

      1. McPlayer8t

        Husse I am well aware, I’ve been loving it! 😀

      2. Husse

        @McPlayer8t update: f2 2020 dlc is our

      3. McPlayer8t

        Yes, I agree. I assume they are waiting until the season ends to get the ratings and such right, though some confirmation would be appreciated.

    15. F1-AMG44

      When will you add a wet racing line? This game is pretty unreal in rain...

      1. cringe furry man

        @Edward Jam imagine caring for what assists someone uses

      2. McPlayer8t

        Each to their own.

      3. McPlayer8t

        To be fair, it’s not that hard to turn a few assista off. I can drive without traction control, but I prefer to use it anyway, it just feels nicer. The racing line can be more difficult to learn, but I managed it in the old V8 Supercars games, so it’s not impossible.

      4. RiaxRichOFFICAL

        @Edward Jam Lemme introduce you to: PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HAVE FUN! STOP RUINING THEIR FUN BY LOOKING DOWN ON THEM AND PURPOSELY DEMEANING THEM. just let people have fun goddamnit

      5. Notux

        @Edward Jam Imagine caring if someone uses a racing line or not

    16. Astro Sleep

      For online users who have no idea what a racing line is

      1. The Tigeroza

        That’s why I prefer playing only with my friends in a private lobby because they never crash into me on purpose.

      2. Damos Gaming

        Cus they're doing pingpong

      3. The Tigeroza

        Yes, because they want to play bumper cars or something.

      4. Joshua Fancher

        Omg right they just crash all the time

    17. Simão Lopes46


    18. Joshua Fancher

      Here before the idiots start begging codies to add new tracks knowing it takes a lot of work and it’s not so simple🙂

      1. The Zeon5

        I still like the game in general tho, probably one of my favorite F1 games behind F1 04 and Grand Prix Challenge for the PlayStation 2.

      2. The Zeon5

        I know it’s a lot of work to add these new tracks, but it would awesome tho.

      3. Lucasart328

        so thats excuse not to have new tracks